10 Silver Gifts to Buy for an Indian Baby and Why Silver is Such a Symbolic Metal. Also Learn How to Buy and Care for Silver (2020)

10 Silver Gifts to Buy for an Indian Baby and Why Silver is Such a Symbolic Metal. Also Learn How to Buy and Care for Silver (2020)

Gifting newborns in India is the tradition and it is considered auspicious to gift something in gold or silver. We have curated 10 great genuine silver gift options that you can give the newborn as a sign of your good wishes. We also cover practical ways in which silver items can be maintained. Go ahead and find out more!

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Significance of Silver Items for Babies in Indian Culture

Silver items are popular baby keepsakes that are gifted in Indian culture. Relatives and friends pick out cute and valuable silver items for a newborn baby as a tradition. This practises dates back to ancient times - silversmiths would carve rattles and baby feeding vessels out of silver because wooden items used to break easily. This soon became a trend with the privileged few collecting silver items as a status symbol, since silver is costly.

Soon, people came to know about the health benefits of silver and many couples and families invested in silver items for babies because it was considered safe to play with and chew upon. The famous saying ‘born with a silver spoon’ came with the idea of health and not wealthy, but over time, the saying got a different meaning altogether as silver got costly and it was considered an asset.


Even today, babies are fed with silver spoons because it is believed that silver has a toxic effect on harmful bacteria. Often, silver coins were placed in baby feeding bottles to destroy bacteria. It was also used in antibiotic creams during WWII as it was believed to be a purifying agent.

Babies are fed with silver spoons with a belief that silver kills the possible bacteria in the food, thereby preventing babies from any diseases. These silver spoons are often gifted by family members and relatives to a couple with a newborn kid. It is a good gesture because it shows that they wish well for the baby’s health and also want to gift a costly baby keepsake.

Silver Anklets

Babies are often adorned with silver anklets in Indian culture. Particularly in earlier times, these anklets or ‘Payal’ was believed to enhance the beauty along with having several other health benefits. It is said to give protection against swollen heels as they regulate the blood circulation. Moreover, silver anklets are also believed to be energy healers. The energy in silver is re-vibrated back to one’s own body and by wearing silver anklets, the baby remains energetic. It is also said that silver metal helps to activate the lymph glands in the body and boost immunity. According to scientific principles, silver reacts well with the earth’s energy and so, is mostly seen in anklets.

Silver Jewellery

Babies are also made to wear silver nazariya – beaded bangles that are believed to save babies from the evil eye. These precious silver jewellery pieces are preserved as baby keepsakes and often transferred across generations. Some babies are also made to wear silver chains along with pendants. Such precious baby jewellery is mostly given by grandparents, relatives and friends during the birth of a new baby, to convey their happiness and good wishes.

10 Silver Items for Baby Online

If you also want to find some precious and beautiful looking silver items for a baby, then you can browse from our online list. We have selected these silver items online from trustworthy sites.

1. Baby Tumbler

A baby tumbler is one of the most useful silver items for a baby that you can get online. A tumbler can be used to give the baby water, milk, juice and soup. This cute little silver tumbler from svtmjewels.com features an image of Chhota Bheem who is a hero amongst little children. This Chhota Bheem image is painted with an enamel coating on the tumbler and will not fade away even after multiple washes. It also features an easy-to-grip handle. The tumbler is priced at Rs.4,728. The product has a gross weight of 71.70 gm. It is made from 92.5% white silver metal. All the gold and silver products from SVTM Jewels are certified and hence you can trust the authenticity of the product.

2. Baby Nazariya

Source www.amazon.in

Shiyara Jewells presents this appealing black beaded nazariya for babies available at amazon.in. It is priced at Rs.499 for a pair and can be used for both boys and girls. This pretty nazariya is crafted from 92.5 sterling silver. The tight clasp hook prevents the bangle from opening. It is plated with no nickel rhodium for protection and shine. The nazariya prevents babies from evil eye. This one has soft edges that will not hurt the delicate hands of your baby. The product also arrives in an elegant looking complimentary box – ready to gift!

3. Baby Bangles

Grab these Sterling Silver black beaded heart charm nazariya bangles for kids from taraash.com for Rs.4,110. These come in a pair and are made from 92.5 sterling silver. This pretty bangle set is decorated with heart charms on four sides. It is extremely soft and will not harm the delicate skin of the baby. You can gift this special gift to your newborn baby or for a birthday, naming ceremony or such other occasions. Each bangle features dimensions of 4.2 x 0.4 cm. You also get a warranty on this product against manufacturing defects.

4. Baby Ice-Cream Bowl

This silver ice-cream bowl set will the perfect gift to a new born baby. Made from 850 silver purity, this bowl weighs 49.36 gm. Coming from malabargoldanddiamonds.com, this product promises purity and authenticity. It is priced at Rs.4,457. The lovely bowl can be used for feeding the baby desserts. It has an appealing shape with a stand at the bottom. Such silverware can be kept as baby keepsakes for years to come as silver value has only increased over time.

5. Baby Silver Set

If you want to gift something really expensive and precious, then vummidisilverware.com brings the highest quality of silverware for you. This unique and refined silver set priced at Rs.36,766 contains a silver plate, a glass, a silver bowl and a silver spoon, perfect for gifting to a newborn baby. The items are made with the finest quality silver and feature a classic finish and brilliance. The items also have a pretty little dolphin image on all of them to make them apt for a baby. The dolphin image is enamel coated and will not wear off even after multiple washes.

6. Baby Rattle

Rattles are a quintessential part of everyone’s childhood. Why not make a baby’s childhood precious by gifting him a cute little rattle in silver? Other rattles may break after some time, but this silver rattle will retain its significance even after years to come. It will also grow in value over time and resonate with cute childhood memories. Such is the beauty of a silver toy! It is preserved with much care and is often passed down generations in the same family. This cute little silver rattle can be purchased online from mybabybabbles.com. It is priced at Rs.3,317 and features a cute little duck figure on the top with a soft and comfortable-to-grip handle at the bottom. It is made from sterling silver of 23 gm. The rattle makes an adorable duck sound when shaken. It measures 4 inches. The item can be personalised for an additional cost of Rs.300. You can get the baby’s name engraved on the rattle to make it a precious memory and gift forever.

7. Baby Feeding Bowl

This leaf-shaped baby feeding bowl is made from 92.5 purity of sterling silver. It can be shopped online from joyalukkas.in. The bowl is priced at Rs.5,831. It has a gross weight of 79.65 gm. It features dimensions of 4.1 x 10 cm. The bowl has tiny stand-like buttons attached below to give it an additional grip. Notice the delicate carving on the bowl to give it a leaf-like look. This pretty bowl is a good choice for a baby’s birth ceremony. It is also easy to clean and easy to feed the baby from.

8. Baby Frame

Capture your baby’s first smiles or such priceless moments forever by framing them in this pretty little twig-shaped silver frame. Available at episodesilver.com for Rs.1,159, this is one of those rare gifts that you are always looking for. Notice the delicate carving of the twigs around the frame. It features dimensions of 15 x 5 cm. The frame comes in an elegant box ready to gift.

9. Baby Feeding Bottle

Grab this adorable baby feeding bottle from FirstCry for Rs.13,799. It features a cute little bear image on the front. The bottle has a BIS mark for authentication. It is made from 90 – 92.5% of sterling silver. This bottle is a part of a full silver plate set but can be bought individually too. It is a perfect gift for a baby shower. The bottle also comes with a premium ultra-soft silicone nipple. It features dimensions of 5 x 14 cm and has a capacity of 240 ml. the silver weight is 110 – 120 gm approximately. The bottle comes in an elegant silver leatherette and blue satin velvet box and is ready to gift. You also get a free silver care kit with this item to prevent the bottle from turning black. The bottle is also very easy to clean and wash after every use.

10. Baby Feeding Sangu

This baby feeding sangu is the best feeding equipment for a naughty baby. We have all had cute childhood stories of being fed milk and juices with this sangu. Gift your near and dear ones this silver sangu for the occasion of a baby’s birth. It makes a precious baby keepsake and is also most useful.
Buy this sangu from silverstore.in for Rs.1,199. It weighs 19 gm and features dimensions of 4 x 7 cm. the mouth of this baby feeder has been rounded to prevent the baby from getting hurt. The easy-to-grip handle also makes it a very convenient feeding device. It is also easy to clean and dry after every use.

Bonus Tip - How to Keep Your Silver Items Sparkling?

Silver articles look lovely only when they are shiny and clean. Silver tends to get oxidized and turn blackish when exposed to air. Here are some tips on how to prevent your silver items from turning black and also tips on cleaning silver items:

Tips on Preserving the Shine:

  • Try to packing your silverware in a plastic polythene wrap or a cling film to prevent it from oxidation. You can cover them in a plastic wrap after every use.
  • Silver items tarnish due to moisture. Chalk prevents oxidation. You can wrap a piece of chalk in a cheesecloth and place it in the bag containing your silverware. This will delay the tarnish process.

Cleaning Tips:

A pure silver item does get tarnished when exposed to air. To regain and restore the sheen, there are a few easy tips, which can help you keep your metal shining forever.

  • Baking soda:
    Just pour some baking soda on an old toothbrush and scrub it over your silver article. You will find all the black residue disappear within moments to reveal a sparkling surface beneath.
  • Tamarind:
    Tamarind also helps to remove the blackish residue off the silver item. Just soak some tamarind in water and use the soaked piece to scrub your silver article. You will soon find your silver item sparkling just like new.
  • Lemon:
    Take half of a cut lemon and rub it over your silver vessel. It will quickly remove all the black stains and reveal a shiny surface below.
  • Colgate:
    Rubbing Colgate on silver items is also found to be equally effective in making a silver article shine.
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Traditional Gifting

These age-old traditions of gifting silver items during a baby’s birth are quite appealing. Although, many scientists today may argue about the proven benefits of silver, this practice has been going on since many years now. Also, these items are precious. Just gifting cash gifts may sound unappealing and if you want to gift something that can be a keepsake for long, then silver is the best choice. So, browse through our list and choose the silver item that best appeals to you!