If You Want to Give an Auspicious Gift to a Baby Girl, Give Her Gold. 10 Beautiful Gold Gifts for Baby Girl in India at Affordable Prices (2019)

If You Want to Give an Auspicious Gift to a Baby Girl, Give Her Gold. 10 Beautiful Gold Gifts for Baby Girl in India at Affordable Prices (2019)

Struggling to figure out what to give that cute little baby girl? We suggest you give her something made of gold as a gift as that is something that the parents will too approve! Here is a curated list with loads of wonderful gold gifts ideas you can consider. Read on to acquaint yourself with our unique and lovely suggestions.

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The Significance of Giving a Gold Gift to Baby Girls

Apart from a good financial investment, gold holds a very important place in our lives. Gold has sentimental values, religious beliefs and social security attached to it. It is a universal symbol of virtue and purity. The radiance of gold is related to the illumination of the solar light. The shining hues of gold signify love and good health. That’s why presenting gold gifts to baby girls is considered auspicious. Through the gold based gifts, elders can bless good healthy, clarity and wisdom to the little angels.

Gold Gifts Are Timeless

Gold has served the purpose of money in all national currencies over time. This metal is highly precise and valuable everywhere in the world. It has tangible value, the value of other goods and services might diminish over the due course of time, but the monetary value of gold always remains solid. So, by gifting the valuable gold ornaments as a gift to the little girl, you are securing her future. Gold will serve as a solid asset for the girl if and when she needs it.

Value of Gold Increase with Time

The gold coins were used for the first time in 800 B.C., and since then gold has become the integral part of the world economy over time. We are not providing a history lesson on gold here, we are just trying to tell you that gold has been crucial because of its constant increase in value. When you are ordering a gold ornament for your baby girl today, then you are investing for her safe and productive future. The increase in the gold value can be noted down from a simple example. Suppose, if your daughter was born in 2009 and at that time you have presented her a gold chain worth Rs. 14,500, now, after ten years, the market price of that gold chain is Rs. 24,500.

Gold Gifts Are Memorable

Gold items have a very long life, you can today unlock your mother’s jewellery box and can easily find beautiful gold jewellery which she wore on her wedding day. The gold gifts always stay with you like one blissful memory. By sharing the gold present with your baby girl, you are creating a beautiful memory which she is going to cherish in her whole life. In the future, you might not be with her to share her important life events, but your giving a gold item is always going to be with her. To make your gold gift more memorable, you can present her some uncommon items like lucky clover necklace, my lucky stars necklace, gold lustre ceramic dishes, etc.,

What Type of Gold Gifts Are Good for Baby Girl

When you hit the market or search online for the beautiful gold-oriented gifts for your baby girl, you will be amazed to find out the number of different options available. There are all sorts of jewellery, ornaments, and other gold accessories options available in the market to choose from. You have options like pendants, earrings, necklaces, gemstone gold plated gifts and much more. However, if you want to leave a heartwarming impact on your baby girl’s life with a gift, then you can explore the following gift areas.

Religious Symbols

If you want to bless your baby girl with a divine gift, then you can give religious symbols crafted in gold to her, so that it will be a symbol of divine protection and prosperity. So design a religious symbol of the religion you belong to, and you can present it to your little angel. Every religion in India holds a separate religious symbol which has a powerful story behind it. Some options you can consider: the Om is a powerful symbol for Hinduism, khanda in Sikhism, Faravahar in Zoroastrianism, The Ahimsa Hand - Jainism, The Wheel of Dharma - Buddhism, The Cross - Christianity.

Family Heirlooms

A family heirloom is something which is passed on in a family from one generation to another. Suppose your grandma owned a prized diamond necklace which her grandmother had passed on to her and she passes on that necklace to you, then this necklace is your family heirloom. So, if you have any kind of gold heirloom present in your family line, then you can present that to the new baby girl of your clan. Family heirlooms are part of forwarding your family values and wealth to the next generation. In the world, various styles of family heirlooms are present like musical instruments, recipes, photos, diaries, letters, etc.,

Name Symbol

In India, on the 12th day of the baby’s birth, a special Namkaran ceremony is organized where the baby is given her name. On this ceremony, elders give their blessings in the form of gifts to baby also. So, if you are invited to such kind of ceremony, then you can present the new baby girl an alphabet symbol of her name. Mostly, family pandit gives the first letter on which the baby’s name is going to start as per the religious books. So, you can get name pendant or can add alphabet charm to the bracelet to personalize the gift for baby girl.

Shining Gold Gifts for Baby Girls

Are you confused and can’t understand which gold gift you should order for your favourite baby girl? Then, by keeping a few things in mind like - durability, budget, religious importance, safety and a number of other features, we have created the list of gold gift items which you can present to a baby girl. You can pick any of the following gorgeous and cute gold ornament to become a special person in the life of a baby girl.

Malabar Gold Bracelet

For a baby girl, you can get a beautiful gold bracelet as a gift. The design of this bracelet is very elegant. This bracelet won’t have any rough edges or sharp corners so it will be very safe for a baby. It is a branded bracelet design created by Malabar gold designer with 22 KT of the yellow metal. This plain women's bracelet weighs around 3.55. On the precious occasion of baby girl’s birth, you can order this gold bracelet from malabargoldanddiamonds.com for Rs. 19,817.

Tweet Tweet Pendant for Kids

If you want to present something super cute to your newborn baby girl, then you have to get this tweet tweet diamond pendant in 18 KT gold. This adorable pendant has been crafted in the shape of a bird which has beautiful pink and diamond feather. It is a designer pendant that can be inserted in a plain gold chain. This is only a pendant, you have to order the gold chain separately. However, this is a perfect gift if you are an uncle or aunty of the new baby because this pendant is highly affordable. You can effortlessly order this diamond pendant from bluestone.com for Rs. 6,606 only.

Bunny Stud Earrings

If you can't find the right gold gift for your little one, you can gift baby something which she can wear later on. Like these sweet bunny earrings, the baby might not be able to wear earrings right now, but later when she grows up, she can surely wear them. This pair of bunny earrings are very delicate and gorgeous. You can order the earrings in 14KT or 18 KT of gold according to your budget. Moreover, you have the option to select the earrings in rose gold and yellow gold. From caratlane.com, you can order this bunny earring for Rs. 5,000.

SMARNN Gold Plated Kada Bangles for Newborns

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to gift something traditional to a new baby, then this gold plated black and golden beads studded nazara is your ideal pick. It is believed that the black beaded Kada protects the baby from all negativity and demons. It is a classic gift for 0 - 18 months baby. This kada has a smooth finish without any sharp edges to protect your baby girl’s sensitive skin. One pack nazara has two beaded kadas for both arms. This traditional gift can be ordered from Amazon store for a mere price of Rs. 299.

Chris Dolphin Pendant

This is another adorable looking gold pendant for the most adorable baby girl of this world. The charming gold pendant has the shape of a dolphin. Dolphin is the most irresistible and friendly sea creature. You can customize this dolphin pendant in both white and yellow gold. Moreover, according to your budget, you can design pendant in either 14 KT or 18 KT gold. You won’t get a gold chain with this pendant. This dolphin pendant with 18 KT of gold will cost you around Rs. 4,545 from caratlane.com.

Malabar Gold Anklet

For the tiny feet of a baby girl, you can get plain gold anklet with small charms. Whenever the baby girl wiggles her tiny feet, the enchanting sound of gold bells will uplift her mood. According to Hindu beliefs, it is assumed that the sound of a girl child’s anklet brings prosperity and happiness in the home. This delicate anklet has been crafted out of 22 KT yellow gold with a net weight of 10.79. This is an authentic Malabar design which is only available on malabargoldanddiamonds.com. You have to pay around Rs. 38,524 for this gold anklet.

Tanishq 22KT Gold Bangle

The skin of the baby is very soft and sensitive, one small scratch can cause damage to baby’s undeveloped skin. That’s why you should consider a simple and plain elegant gold bangle for baby. The edges of the bangle are smooth and bangle is void from any embellishments. This gold bangle is designed with 22 KT of plain yellow gold. To get this designer gold bangle from Tanishq, you have to pay Rs. 18,224.

Om Textured Pendant

If you are planning to present a gold gift to a new baby girl born in a Hindu family, then this om textured pendant is going to be perfect. You can give your blessings to the newborn baby through this OM pendant. This is a beautifully engraved pendant and a good choice for religious gifts. You can place an order for a yellow OM gold pendant from kuberbox.com at a very affordable rate of Rs. 8,540.

18K Gold Plated Floral Cursive English Name Pendant

You can present a gold plated floral English name pendant to a baby girl. On the gold pendant, you can carve 10 characters number only. The name is carved very beautifully in the cursive writing style on the pendant. You can customize the spelling of baby girl’s name and present to her. She is always going to remember this sweet pendant. You can customize this name pendant from pipabella.com for the very affordable price of Rs. 1,499.

Alex and Ani Charity by Design" Best Friends Bangle Bracelet

If you want to gift something of limited edition, valuable and yet trendy to the baby, then you have to get designer charm bracelet. This bangle has beautiful charms attached to it. You will get bangles in the pair of two for both hands of the baby. For this designer bracelet, you might have to pay around Rs. 37,776. This charm bracelet is available on the global Augrav store.

Bonus and Safe Gold Gift - Gold Coin

If you are looking for a thoughtful, meaningful and joyful gift for baby, then you can present to her something which never expires like gold coins. Gold coins will always stand the test of time. Coins are a unique gift that could open up the recipient’s mind to a whole new world of wealth-protecting assets and give you the opportunity to give something thoughtful to the new baby. Moreover, you can get a gold coin at different styles and prices according to your budget. You can check out the Tanishq website to order your ideal gold coin.

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