Here's All You Need to Know About Saree Ceremony and What Gifts to Take for the Girl on Entering a New Phase in Her Life (2019)

Here's All You Need to Know About Saree Ceremony and What Gifts to Take for the Girl on Entering a New Phase in Her Life (2019)

Know why a saree ceremony is held and what kind of gifts to give to the girl for whom the ceremony is being held. We have suggested some very appropriate gifts that are available online, which you can take with you for this ceremony.

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Things to Understand Before Going to a Saree Ceremony

Reasons for Celebrating a Saree Ceremony

A saree ceremony is celebrated after a girl menstruates for the first time, i.e. gets her first period. It is considered as a milestone in a girl's life as she becomes a lady. It is also called a saree ceremony because, during this ceremony, the girl wears a saree for the first time.

This ritual is widely celebrated in southern India as the transition into womanhood is definitely an important step for a girl. People believe in deeming the girl physically and spiritually. It is basically a ladies' function and a lot of different rituals and celebrations are carried out in the function.

Rituals of a Saree Ceremony

The saree ceremony is celebrated with the blessings of relatives, friends and cousins. The girl for whom the function is kept is supposed to wear a half saree. Basically, when the function starts, the girls wears a langa voni.

Langa voni is a traditional dress of the South of India. It is also called as the half saree and involves a flared skirt, blouse and a dupatta draped as a saree. The girl is then supposed to change her langa voni and wear a gifted one from her relatives.

Gifts have a lot of importance during saree ceremony. There are only a few certain kind of gifts which can be given to the girl and which are appreciated by her family. Out of those, the half saree is something which is of utmost importance as she needs to change it in the other half of the ceremony. Usually, the elder women of the family gift a langa voni to the girl.

Customs of a Saree Ceremony and Who Celebrates It

The saree ceremony is celebrated when a girl hits puberty. It is widely celebrated in the Hindu culture but mostly in the southern parts of India only. This ceremony is also known as Ritu Kala Samskaram.

Actually, the custom of presenting langa voni first happens during the naming ceremony of the girl which is known as namakaran. A ceremony called annaprashana which is also called the rice feeding custom is carried out with namakaran. When langa voni is given during the saree ceremony, it is usually the last one.

The girl is supposed to wear langa voni or half saree until her marriage. She is usually expected to wear the half saree during different occasions and functions. After marriage, she usually wears a proper saree.

What Exactly is a Half Saree?

A half saree comprises of a langa or a skirt which is usually tied on the waist by a string. The cloth of the langa usually comprises of 2 to 2.5 meters of cloth. It is 6 ft 7 inch to 8 ft 2 inch in length. The skirt has a basic flare.

Voni is a dupatta which is usually draped diagonally over a choli or a fitted blouse. The blouse is usually the same as the one worn with a saree. It is normally made out of silk or cotton, depending upon the occasion.

The langa and voni are of bright colours and usually contrast each other. The drape of the voni is the same as the saree and at a glance, it looks like a typical South-Indian saree. Half saree can be called a variant of the usual ghagra choli from the North of India. The difference between the two is mainly the drape of the dupatta.

10 Gifts to Give a Girl When Attending Her Saree Ceremony

Perky Blooms

It is usually safe to gift flowers to someone, irrespective of the occasion. Flowers normally look good and smell amazing. They have a positive feel to them and most of the people love receiving flowers.

Thus, if you are going to a half saree ceremony and are clueless as to what to take, then order these Perky Blooms from The bouquet contains 10 roses in perfect representation. The roses are all of a different colour, which makes it look all the more pretty.

You could take a box of chocolates with the bouquet. Do not forget to add a best wishes card with your name on it. Flower Aura delivers fresh flowers all over India. This particular bouquet will cost you Rs.499.

Ghasitaram Gifts Sweets

All occasions or festivals are incomplete without sweets or chocolates, especially in India. Thus, if you are super confused about a gift for a half saree ceremony, then just take some Indian sweets. Also, what better than kaju katli?

Order Ghasitaram Gifts Sweets - Pure Kaju Katlis from The kaju katlis are packed in a fancy orange box. The package weighs 400 grams.

The product is completely vegetarian and does not contain any preservatives. It is vacuum packed so that the sweets stay fresh for a longer time. The sweets contain less sugar than usual and hence can be consumed by diabetics as well. It is priced at Rs.719.

Net Lehenga Choli

The girl is usually expected to wear a langa voni after the saree ceremony in all the major occasions until her marriage. Hence, gifting her one is a good idea. This Lehenga Choli from Myntra is a great option for gifting.

The lehenga or the skirt is made out of poly silk. It is a bit flared and can be worn during festivals or other functions. The blouse has 3/4th sleeves and has a round neck. It is fully embroidered and thus, it looks very dressy.

The blouse is made out of banglori silk while the dupatta is made out of net fabric. The dupatta also contains embroidery. The whole set is semi-stitched and can be stitched up to size 44. It is a lehenga choli but can be draped as a half saree. The half saree is orange in colour and is priced at Rs.1,799.

Sukkhi Glorious Gold Plated Bangle for Women

Sukkhi Glorious Gold Plated Bangle for Women from is a great option. Gold or silver is considered a symbol of blessing and good luck. Thus, it is a good idea to gift the girl gold bangles during her saree ceremony. Also, since she has undergone a transition into womanhood, she would have plenty of different occasions to dress up for. The dimension of the bangle is 0.00604 cm. The metal used to make these bangles is a non-precious metal. It only contains a plating of gold.

It is a set of two bangles. The bangles contain pretty floral designs on it which makes it look very dressy. The brand advises to store the jewellery in a ziplock pouch and asks to keep it away from perfumes and water. The price of the bangles is Rs.1,229.

WHP Jewellers 1 gram 24K (995) Yellow Gold Precious Coin

Gifting gold in weddings, Diwali and functions like saree ceremony is a good idea. If you are confused with jewellery or you feel that jewellery is out of your budget, then opt for a gold coin. WHP Jeweller Yellow Gold Precious Coin from is the perfect choice for a saree ceremony gift.

The coin is made out of 24K gold and weighs of 1 gram. The brand claims that the product comes without a certificate and has no buyback value. The warranty for the gold is conflict free.

The product is not eligible for returns if it has been tampered with. It is priced at Rs.3,688. Gifting this during the saree ceremony would act as a symbol of good luck and best wishes. It can also be a form of saving for the girl and her parents.

Homies International Long Earrings for Women

This pair of Dangler Long Earrings for Women from is a great gift idea. The earrings are heavy and dressy and can be worn with a festive outfit. They contain bronze stones with beautiful designs.

The earrings have strings which have jhumkas at the bottom. The pair gives a total traditional feel and can be worn with a saree, half saree or an Anarkali suit. The earrings also contain pearls at the end of the strings which makes them look really classy.

The earrings are gold plated and are made out of high-quality metal. They are 9cm long and 3cm broad. The quality of the material is again as per the international standards which makes them totally skin friendly. The pair comes packed in a beautiful box and is priced at Rs.549.

Ganesha with 1 T-Light Candle Holder

This is the beginning of a new phase in a girl's life. According to Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is worshipped during any new beginnings because he is considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. So, gift her this IVY Ganesha with 1 T-Light Candle Holder from

It is made out of a good quality material which is strong and durable. It is in a gold and bronze colour and comes with a T-light candle holder. Thus, it can be used as home decor or you can place it in the pooja room. The Ganesha is priced at Rs.499.

Handmade Wooden Jewellery Box for Women

If you are planning to gift something unconventional or unique, then opt for this Handmade Wooden Jewellery Box from She is growing up and she will definitely have her set of jewellery which she would like to keep in her own box. The box is made out of wood and weighs 200 grams.

The length of the box is 4 inches, width 4 inches and the height is 2.3 inches. It has a motif of an elephant in golden colour and carvings of leaf stems around it. It is a beautiful handmade box which can be used to store other things as well.

This is an appropriate gift if you are the cousin or a friend of the girl who is undergoing the saree ceremony. If you are a close relative, then pair this box up with earrings or a necklace. The box is affordably priced at Rs.295.

Lindberg Assorted Gift Box - Pure Belgian Milk Chocolates

If nothing else seems like a good option, then go for chocolates. It is the safest option and almost everyone loves chocolates, irrespective of their age groups. Lindberg Assorted Gift Box from is the best choice for a token for saree ceremony.

The box contains 16 different handpicked flavours. The truffles contain marzipan almond base, plain milk with dark filling, cookie cream, almond crack, raspberry, milk chocolate with kulfi, milk chocolate with raisin, milk chocolate with peanut butter, pure milk, cranberry, roasted almond, salted caramel, fruit & nut, coffee and orange.

It comes in a fancy box and thus, you do not have to do anything else, except for adding a greeting card. It is asked to refrigerate the box before eating the chocolates. The box weighs 165 grams and is priced at Rs.329.

Cash in Shagun Envelope

This is a great option if you do not know the girl very well or are simply confused about choosing an option. Give her your blessing and cash. Do not forget to add a one rupee coin with it as the coin is considered a symbol of good luck.

The best part about this gift is that the recipient can buy whatever they like. Thus, your money is going to be of constructive use. Sometimes, it may happen that you put in a lot of effort and buy a gift which the recipient might not like much and use much. In that case, this is a safe option.

Put the cash in a dressy envelope and give. Occasions Shagun Envelope from is the perfect option. It is made out of cloth and contains embellishments of floral motifs. The envelope is multicolour and is priced at Rs.229.

Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Face Care Box

Skincare is an essential part of every girl's routine. As she hits puberty, the typical girl faces an array of skin concerns like acne which can be quite difficult for her. Good quality skincare products which soothe her skin will be much appreciated. Thus, gifting her the Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Face Care Box from is a great idea.

The box contains pure rose water which is of 100ml. It can be used to remove makeup. It can also be used to wipe the face after travelling under the sun as it removes the pollutants and keeps the skin clean.

The other product in this box contains an aloe vera based face cleanser. It is also of 100ml. The products also contain rose and jasmine essential oils which give a great fragrance. It comes packed in a gift box and is priced at Rs.625.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate Saree Ceremony by Inviting Your Friends and Family

If your daughter has hit puberty, then you will have to plan a saree ceremony. Make sure you invite all your friends, relatives and neighbours as celebrations are fun with people. To avoid confusion or mismanagement, make a proper guest list.

You can also plan and do some dance numbers for your daughter. Ask her friends and cousins to prepare something for her and keep it a surprise. Concentrate on the food menu properly. Any party is successful if the guests like the food.

Decide the menu according to the time of the function. If it is an evening function, then make sure to add some fried snacks and masala tea. Apart from that, you can keep some theme where every guest has to wear a gajra and come. This will add a fun element to the ceremony and the pictures will look great.

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Celebrating Womanhood

This ceremony is a celebration of a girl's transitioning into womanhood. Make sure you carry the right gifts with you, which might be useful for the girl in this phase of her life or might help her understand and embrace this transition.