Wear Your Patriotism on Your Sleeve, or Pallu, with a Tricolour Saree for Independence Day: 10 Sarees in Colours of the National Flag (2020)

Wear Your Patriotism on Your Sleeve, or Pallu, with a Tricolour Saree for Independence Day: 10 Sarees in Colours of the National Flag (2020)

Declare your patriotism with a saree that matches the sentiment! Whether you need to don a tricolour saree for an Independance day function or a related event, or simply want to wear one of the colours of the Indian flag to show support in a more subtle way, we have you covered. Find here beautiful saree options in all the colours of the Indian flag, whether for yourself, or for someone else.

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What to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Saree for Independence Day?

Choice of Colour

It is a good idea to gift clothes to people. Most people love receiving clothes as a gift. The best part is to gift them clothes when an occasion is lined up as they will be able to use it as well. If you want to gift something to a close friend, co worker or your teacher during Independence day, then opt for buying a saree. Now, it is quite obvious that you would think of giving a tricolour saree to them. But, keep in mind their colour preference from all the flag colours.

A lot of people might not prefer orange or green. Then, go for a nice elegant white coloured saree with borders of orange and green. Thus, make sure you focus on the recipient's colour choices.

Choose interesting flag colour combinations in the saree for Independence day. Sarees which are made out of weaving or contain ethnic motifs with tricolour combinations are also a good idea to purchase and gift. Focus on the traditions and ethnicity in patterns and fabric of the saree.

Brand Preference

A lot of people have preferences with the brand. Thus, keep in mind the choices of your recipient. If you are totally clueless about that, then strike a conversation with them and try asking them about the same.

You can also check reviews of a particular brand online and then decide if you want to make a purchase or not. Always try and gift from the top brands as people will judge you on the basis of your gift. Plus, it is always a good idea to gift sarees that have good fabric and patterns.

Quality of the Saree

While buying clothes, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the quality. Good quality products are appreciated by almost everyone.It will also leave a good impression of you on the recipient's mind.

You can buy a saree from the same store from where you buy your own sarees. In this way, you will be sure of the quality of the saree. Avoid trying out new brands or stores when gifting.

If you are ordering a product online, then order it in advance because that will give you enough time for exchange or returns. This is in the case of not liking the quality of the product. You can also check for some nice offers and discounts online.

Importance of Wearing a Tricolour Saree on Independence Day

A lot of people prefer wearing tricolour clothes on Independence day as each and every colour has some kind of significance. For example, the colour white is associated with the struggle of our freedom fighters. Saffron and green both stand for unity in diversity.

Thus, it is a good idea to represent all those things when celebrating Independence day. Women prefer to wear a saree because it is considered to be a traditional dress. Apart from that, most people wear khadi or cotton sarees because Mahatma Gandhi used those fabrics in the freedom movement.

There are a lot of inhibitions to wearing tricolour but it has almost been a standardised dress for many. It also shows the spirit of the national festival and matching with the Indian flag that day definitely evoke patriotism. Thus, it is a good idea to prepare in advance and opt for a tricolour saree on the Independence day.

10 Khadi and Tricolour Sarees for Independence Day You Can Buy Online

Uniform Sarees

Source www.amazon.in

Uniform Sarees available on amazon.in is a very good option. The fabric of the saree is premium poly soft georgette and is totally white in colour. The saree consists of a border of orange and green colour making it totally appropriate for Independence day.

The saree comes with one blouse piece.The length of the saree is 5.50 metres and that of the blouse piece is 1 meter. The blouse piece is either green or orange in colour.

The quality of the saree is really great and can be used further on for daily use as well. It is completely easy to wash and is iron free. Machine wash is recommended for this product and it is asked to avoid brush or stone wash. The saree is priced at Rs.750 on amazon.in.

Tri-Colour Saree with Blouse Piece

Source www.amazon.in

Aaradhya Fashion Women's saree from amazon.in is a wonderful choice. You can order it for yourself to wear as well as gift it to your friends and relatives. The best part is that it can be worn to office on Independence day as well as Republic day.

The saree is easy to wear as it is very light and is made of faux georgette. The colour of the saree goes on the off white tone and it has tricolour borders all over. The length of the saree is 5.50 meters and the length of the blouse piece is 0.80 meters.

The saree can be hand washed but the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning. The fabric of the blouse piece is also faux georgette and the colour is orange. This is a great saree as it does not even requires ironing and it is priced at an affordable range of Rs.569.

Mirage the Indo ethnic Women's Net And Raw Silk Saree

Source www.amazon.in

Mirage the Indo ethnic Women's saree from amazon.in is a great choice. This saree is not the typical kind of saree that people wear on Independence day. Instead, it has a party wear look to it and it very trendy. You can gift this to a fashionista in your life.

The fabric of the saree is a combination of raw silk and net. The saree has a combination of orange and green in to it with borders of silver. It can easily be machine washed and is priced at a high range of Rs.6,299.

Pure Malmal Cotton Bengal Handloom Tant Saree

Source www.amazon.in

This saree comes with stripes in the flag colours - Blue, White & Green. This handloom Tant saree from Amazon is the perfect choice for Independence day celebrations. First of all, it is made out of handloom and so it is totally appropriate for the celebration. The other great thing about this saree is that it contains the flag colour blue and green but does not have that typical tricolour look.

Thus, it will make the person stand out in the crowd by slaying a statement. The total length of the saree is 6.50 meters, including the blouse piece. It is recommended to use good quality washing detergents so that they do not fade the colours out.

It is also advised to not dry it under direct sunlight. These sarees are dyed and thus it is a good idea to wash them separately. One more design element that this saree contains is tassels at the bottom. The saree is priced of Rs.1,600.

Wide Border Tri Colour Saree

Source www.amazon.in

This tricolur saree from Amazon is a very elegant piece. It has a bit of festive feel to it and can be further wore in functions and parties as well. It is a woven saree which contains a woven zari border as well.

The saree and blouse are made out of art silk fabric. Though plain and featuring only the colours of the flat, Still, the saree is beautiful on its own. It is recommended to dry clean the saree. The product is priced at Rs.1,299.

For a simpler pattern, choose this pure khadi saree available on Myntra that is available for Rs. 1999.

The Chennai Silks

The Chennai Silks from myntra.com is again a very heavy saree. But, we do dress up during all the other festivals, then why not on Independence day. It is again a completely woven saree with a woven border on it.

The best part is that weaving is considered to be one of the heritage arts of India. Thus, wearing a saree with this technique is completely appropriate on Independence day. It is a kanjeevaram pure silk saree. The colour of the saree is orange and it contains a bit of purple in it. It is a great saree to gift someone who is close to you. The saree is priced at Rs.3,794.

Chanderi Cotton Saree with Silver Zari

Source www.amazon.in

On Amazon is a great piece if you want to stick to wearing cotton on Independence day. It is a handloom khadi cotton saree. The saree consists of silver zari work on the pallu with the flag colurs. Still, the whole look of the garment completely resonates with the Independence day.

The sare also contains white coloured tassels in the bottom. The total length of the saree is 6.50 meters which includes a blouse piece as well. It is advised to wash the saree separately and it is priced at Rs.599.

Bhagalpur Silk Mix Temple Border Saree

Source www.ajio.com

Indie Picks from ajio.com is a complete contemporary saree. It has a modern feel with a twist of ethnicity to it. The saree is made out of bhagalpuri silk and has a mix of temple border to it.

It is a mix of green and blue which makes it look unique and pretty for Independence day celebrations. The length of the saree is 5.50 meters and the length of blouse piece is 1 meters. It is recommended to dry clean the saree as it is dyed. The saree is priced at Rs.2,699.

Indira Orange Khadi Saree

Indira Orange Khadi Saree from snapdeal.com is the perfect choice if you love the colour orange. The fabric of the saree is khadi while the fabric of the blouse piece is silk. The saree contains a multi coloured border on the edges.

A plain orange coloured blouse piece is also available with the saree. The length of the saree is 6.3 meters while the length of the blouse piece is 0.7 meters. It is recommended to hand wash the saree and it is priced reasonably at Rs.691.

Nisha Creation Orange Cotton Silk Saree

Nisha Creation from snapdeal.com is a beautiful saree. The saree is completely orange in colour while the blouse piece is blue in colour. The fabric of the saree is cotton silk while the fabric of the blouse piece is bangalori silk.

The whole saree is small golden motifs which make it look really dressy. Even the blouse piece contains jacquard work. The saree contains a golden border as well which consists of zari work.

The whole saree has a festive look to it which makes it a very good gifting option. It is an easy to wear saree as the saree pleats are made out of crepe. It is recommended to hand wash the garment and it is priced at Rs.669.

Things You Can Do to Celebrate Independence Day

Make sure you attend the flag hoisting event if it is happening in your office or neighbourhood. It will not only evoke feelings of patriotism within you but also make you feel good. Apart from that, if you can club a long weekend, then plan a short trip nearby. You can relax for a bit from work.

Also, if you are going to stay home all day, then try wearing coordinated tricolour clothes and clicking some pictures with family. You can also plan a movie marathon watching patriotic movies . This is also a great time to pick up interesting books about the freedom movement or our history.

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Wear it with confidence

If you've not worn a tricolour saree in the colours of the national flag, doing so for the first time can make you self conscious, no matter how strong the sentiments behind the choice. So pick a saree you can wear with confidence and don't neglect the accessories. A well put together ensemble will help put aside any qualms you may have about stepping out in a patriotic saree.