A Guide to the Most Unique Saree Patterns in India and 10 Beautiful Sarees You Ought to Have in Your Wardrobe in 2019

A Guide to the Most Unique Saree Patterns in India and 10 Beautiful Sarees You Ought to Have in Your Wardrobe in 2019

Sarees are probably one of the most popular un-stitched garments in the world. But the ever popular saree comes in a number of varieties. In this article we will shed light on the various kinds of sarees found in India.

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Choose Unique Saree Patterns to Stand Out in a Crowd

A Well Draped Saree is a Girl's Best Friend

Along with diamonds sarees are many an Indian girl’s best friend. The elegance and versatility of a saree are incomparable with that of any other garment. Moreover, saree is preferred by women of all ages due to its comfort and versatility. The saree can be worn for traditional occasions and for a formal environment as well. With fashion innovations, it has been trendy party wear as well When it comes to western wear, some of the dresses may not be flattering on some body types whereas a saree is suitable for all body types irrespective of any age, shape or size. Though the versatility of the saree remains undisputed, the task of choosing a good saree is a very tedious task. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to choose the best saree.

How to Choose an Unique Saree?

Saree is the archetypal traditional attire that most Indian women can carry off with ease. The saree looks good on all body types provided that a woman follows the necessary steps to drape the saree in a flattering manner. The probability of choosing a unique saree depends on various factors such as fabric, colour, pattern, comfortability and the personality of the individual. Here are a few tips on how to choose a unique saree.

While choosing a saree, it is necessary to keep in mind your body type and therefore our advice would be to opt for saree’s that flatters your figure. Girls who are tall and lean can go for cotton, stiff fabrics like organza and heavy silks such as Tussar to highlight their athletic structure. Curvy girls are advised to go with lightweight fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, net, crepe and lightweight silk. This will help them accentuate their curves. Another important factor to keep in mind while choosing a saree is to choose a pattern that compliments your body type. Girls who are on the leaner side can opt for large or closely printed patterns. Girls with curves can stick to singular small patterned sarees to highlight their figure and should stay away from large prints. Tall girls are recommended to choose saree with a wide border to tone down their height while girls on the shorter side should opt for sarees with a thin border.

Various Saree Patterns

When it comes to choosing a unique saree, Indian women are spoilt for choice. This is because each region in India specialises in producing their own indigenous type of saree. The six-yard sarees are cherished by women all over India. The patterns on the saree are unique to each region; the weaving pattern, dying patterns, fabric and the technique involved in designing them are all very diverse. When it comes to choosing a unique saree, there are many patterns to choose from such as rich Banarasi sarees, ethnic Chanderi sarees, eternally beautiful Kanchipuram sarees, elegant Bhagalpuri sarees, traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari sarees, alluring Paithani sarees, chic Gota sarees, colourful patola sarees, artful kalamkari sarees, enchanting Kasavu sarees, handloom Ikkat, tie-dye Bandhani saree, exclusive Muga silk and Pochampally sarees. Furthermore, each of these sarees is identified by their unique weaving patterns and their vibrant colours, making them a favourite amongst women all over the planet.

Tips to Order Sarees Online

We live in a fast-paced world and are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for all our needs. The option of choosing the perfect saree has been made easier as an increasing number of retailers are selling their exclusive saree collections online. However, one should always exercise caution when it comes to ordering sarees online. Here are a few tips that come in handy when buying a saree online.
Firstly, always choose a trusted site for ordering your saree. This will ensure the safety and integrity of payments and the quality of the product. The next crucial step is to compare prices before buying a saree and here one should always be aware of duplicate products. To ensure the integrity of a product, you can make use of the chat options available to clear all your queries with the seller. Many of the online sites offer products at a discounted price and customers should do extensive research before buying a saree. Finally, the most crucial option before choosing a saree is to make the payment through trusted payment gateways and check the safety and security certificates of the site before proceeding. Many sellers also offer the COD or Cash on Delivery option. If you are sceptical then go for that instead.

The 10 Best and Most Unique Saree Patterns Available in 2019

Rich Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees crafted with care from Varanasi always find a place in a woman’s wardrobe as the saree imparts a royal look on the one who drapes it. The traditional sarees are heavily embroidered with golden saree and are the preferred attire for brides. Banarasi sarees come in awe-inspiring hues, sheen and smooth texture giving a regal look to the women who wear it. You can purchase this rich woven Banarasi silk saree in pink colour for Rs.6,991/- from Utsav Fashion. The Banarasi silk saree is woven in traditional zari and makes you the centre of attraction at any event.

Ethnic Chanderi Sarees

From its humble origins from Madhya Pradesh, the ethnic chanderi saree is a favourite piece of saree. The saree is made of tissue silk with an immaculate sheer and available in gorgeous hues. Moreover, the ethnic saree compromises of traditional patterns such as a coin, floral, peacock and geometric motifs making it a favourite among the royals. Purchase this gorgeous dark blue floral designer chanderi zari silk saree with traditional floral motifs embroidered all over the saree. The saree is available for Rs.7,400/- from Indian Silk House Agencies. Pair this gorgeous saree with ethnic jewellery to shine bright like a diamond.

Alluring Kanjeevaram Sarees

Source www.nalli.com

Rightly known as the Queen of Silk, the alluring Kanchipuram sarees has its origins in the state of Tamilnadu. The traditional silk sarees are rich in colour; imparts immaculate sheen and incorporates antique motifs making the wearer regal in all aspects. The Kanchipuram sarees are preferred by South Indian brides to look like a princess on their wedding day. To be the star attraction at any occasion, you can buy this orange with red dual tone Kanchipuram silk saree with traditional Zari Butta work all over the saree. This gorgeous two-tone silk saree with unstitched silk blouse is available at Nalli for Rs.6,946/- only.

Elegant Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

Bhagalpuri silk sarees have their humble origins from Bhagalpur, Bihar and is commonly known as Tussar silk sarees. A woman can add grace to their personality by draping an elegant Bhagalpuri silk saree. The saree comprises of a beautifully woven pallu and a contrast border with elegant motifs all over the body. The saree is comfortable for daily use and is the preferred saree for casual outings, formal wear, festive and social events. The elegant pink coloured festive woven Bhagalpuri silk saree with black border is available for Rs.399/- at Peachmode. Pair this elegant saree with traditional or chic jewellery based on the event you are planning to attend.

Traditional Nauvari Sarees

As the name signifies, the traditional nine-yard saree is a popular choice among Maharashtrian women. As this saree is longer than the normal saree, it is draped around and tucked at the back like a dhoti style saree. If you planning to attend a traditional wedding, you can buy this colourful yellow and pink Nauvari Peshwari silk saree for Rs.9,500/- at Nauvari Saree website. Furthermore, you have the option to customise the saree according to your height, waist size, hips and also the draping style.

Awesome Paithani Sarees

Paithani sarees are also the preferred choice of attire of Maharashtrian brides due to its colourful weave and intricate patterns. This distinction makes the saree unique and makes it a hit among the younger crowd. The colourful saree incorporates colourful natural motifs such as trees and birds. You can upgrade your ethnic game by purchasing this pure Paithani dark green silk saree with zari weaved peacock motifs for Rs.14,229/- at Utsav Fashion. Pair up this regal saree with minimalistic jewellery to highlight the elegance of this saree.

Enchanting Gota Sarees

The enchanting Gota sarees are a hit among the millennial women due to its stunning work and intricate borders. The intricate borders are made with layers of exquisite lace, elaborate embroidery work and finally attached to the saree to enhance its richness. These Gota sarees are popularly known as designer sarees and are a favourite canvas for young and famous designers. Many of the modern women are breaking the traditional stereotypes and opting to wear these gorgeous sarees as their choice of the wedding ensemble. You can buy this elegant peach Gota Patti saree with a fuchsia blouse for Rs.7,400/- from the site Label Kanupriya. This gorgeous georgette saree has embroidered Gota Patti and Zardosi motifs all over the body. Combine this saree with minimalistic jewellery to dazzle like a celebrity for any special occasion.

Vibrant Patola Sarees

The vibrant and colourful patola saree finds its origin in the state of Gujarat. These sarees have a rich traditional history and come in bold and vibrant colours with quirky patterns all over the body. The rich handloom sarees are available in vivid hues such as purple, green, red and yellow with intricate detailing. The Patan weavers weaving methods in making this saree is a family tradition and is a highly guarded secret. You can buy this gorgeous beige patola style south silk saree with mina Jaali motifs for Rs.5,199/- from Ajio. The saree comprises of saturated colours with detailed intricate designs and finely textured weaves making it the pride of any woman’s wardrobe.

Artful Kalamkari Sarees

The artful Kalamkari saree has been gaining prominence among the younger generation women due to its simplicity and comfortability. The motifs on this artful saree are hand printed with exceptional care by experienced artisans. The inspiration for these motifs comes from Hindu mythology such as popular deities, animals, cave art, and sculptures. These sarees are becoming increasingly preferred for casual and formal events. Buy this gorgeous kalamkari print cotton saree for Rs.1,494 at Ajio. This traditional saree comprises of peacock and floral prints with contrast borders. Pair this artful ethnic saree with traditional silver jewellery and make everyone go in awe of your chic style.

Classic Kasavu Sarees

The Kasavu sarees are traditionally known as Mundu in God’s own country and occupy a place of prominence in its tradition. Most of the older generation women in Kerala wear this Kasavu saree on a daily basis. The saree comprises of a white or an off-white body with thick golden borders. The royal women of Kerala had their golden borders weaved with real gold thread to signify their royal status. Nowadays, the saree has taken a modern turn with many colours intertwined with traditional gold border making it a hit among the younger crowd. You can buy this classic off-white pure cotton embellished Kasavu saree for Rs.2,199/- at Myntra. Pair this classic saree with traditional gold jewellery and jasmine flowers to mesmerize the crowd.

Choose a Traditional Khadi Handloom Saree!

In this article, we have explored the various saree patterns and highlighted the uniqueness of these six-yard wonders. Though India is a diverse country with numerous cultures and traditional values, the one thing that binds everyone together is traditional khadi which is synonymous with the country’s struggle for freedom during the Nationalist Movement.

Gift yourself or your loved one with a traditional khadi silk saree to embrace the diverse culture. Khadi sarees are traditional handloom sarees handcrafted in traditional looms by experienced weavers. You can purchase this elegant Khadi silk saree with a woven Tussar aanchal work for Rs.3,449/- from I Wear Khadi. This elegant saree is handcrafted with immense precision and love by rural artisans. Wear this saree with élan to encourage and appreciate the fine skills of the artisans responsible for curating this elegant masterpiece.

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Preserve old sarees

Sarees are not just a garment, but a piece of woven art. Most of us have sarees belonging to our mother's and grandmothers tucked away in a corner of the closet. But these sarees are part of a legacy and need to be preserved. Old sarees often contain patterns and designs which are no longer created. Preserve the sarees as best as possible. There are various restorative methods which can be employed to give life to old saris. Look them up online or contact an experienced tailor to guide you.