Awesome Gifts for Girl 10 Years Old and Top Tips to Help You Select a Gift for Her

Awesome Gifts for Girl 10 Years Old and Top Tips to Help You Select a Gift for Her

Looking for a gift to give to your 10 year old girl? No more worries. We have curated a list with the best of the best that your little girl would love. Not only is it fun but also useful and educational in some aspects. Not sure how to select a gift in the first place? We have got you covered there as well.

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What Does a 10 Year Old Girl Really Need?

There are many answers to this question because every 10-year-old girl is different. You need to figure out what exactly fits her and what's suitable for her needs. At this age, a 10-year-old is on the cusp of adolescence and have the ability to understand the various points of view. They are capable of expressing their thoughts on various subjects. 10 year is a fairly advanced age where she develops reading skills, fashion skills, crafting, and research skills.

Even though a 10-year-old girl develops such advanced qualities in her, she is still a young child who simply wants to run and play around, and doing activities of her interests such as reading books, solving a puzzle or playing music.

To really understand what would be the most suitable and perfect gift for her, spend some time with her to know her needs, interest and hobbies. You can take help from her parents by directly asking them. This would help you choose a perfect gift for her.

Three Handy Tips to Select Gifts for Her

Inspirational Gifts for Young Girls

Every parent wants best for their child in every sphere of life. To accomplish this goal, you must listen to your 10-year-old girl's needs, interest, hobbies, and passion. Get her something which could help her to excel in the desired field.

At this age, she is able to take actions and express her thoughts, ideas, and have well-organised opinions and is deeply involved in trying to perfect them. She is approaching an age when logical thinking and reasoning are maturing, therefore you must look out for something which will support her to do the same. Look out for the gifts to inspire and motivate her.

Know her choices and what she loves to do; if she enjoys listening music then encourage her to play a musical instrument; if she loves reading then discuss about the books she has read and you can also introduce newspaper and magazines appropriate for her age to encourage her interest. The things that she will learn at this age will stay with her for a long time, so prepare a good gift to inspire her to do better every day.

Gifts Having Educational Values

Finding a perfect gift or present for a 10-year-old girl is a challenging task. You have to perform an in-depth research about what would be the best gift to give keeping in mind the quality and purpose of the gift. Buying gifts for 10 years old might be a difficult job for you but after you go through the list prepared by us you will realise it's not so difficult at all.

Before giving a gift to a 10-year-old girl there are few questions you must ask yourself like for what purpose am I giving this gift to her, would this be a useful gift to her, what do you want to achieve by presenting this gift to her? You must consider that she is only one year away from the middle school where the level of academics will advance so try to give something which could prepare her for this transition.

Try giving a gift which can help her to boost confidence and develop new skills. A gift like Math puzzle would be a great option to enhance her logical and abstract thinking whereas a butterfly garden gift will help her to understand the miracle of the world.

How Much Should You Spend on Gifts for Her?

Preferences and interests of a 10-year-old child keep changing from time to time. There is one moment when they crave for a particular thing and next time they forget about it and demand another one. Hence, it is important for you not to spend a lot on their gifts.

Keeping the budget lower will allow you to give her many varieties of gifts so that when she loses interest in one thing there are other options available at the time. However, you can spend some extra money on gifts which are useful and would be used in long run.

Unique Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

Luwint Children LED Finger Light Gloves


Many kids despise wearing gloves in Winters just because they feel uncomfortable in those gloves. The reason being the material of the gloves allows no breathability and feel uncomfortable in their tender hands.

To overcome this problem we brought a Luwint LED Finger gloves which is something super cool and fun to wear. These gloves are made of synthetic wool which has great breathability to create optimal comfort. Gloves can be stretched to any size. It provides great comfort and keeps hands warm without any problem.

This high-quality electronics glove features an interior pocket for battery insertion which remains unaffected by the weather and temperature. There are total 7 LED colours in gloves which also feature 6 different light modes. Buy these pairs of gloves for Rs.2,482 on Avoid using it in rain and snow as they are not waterproof.

Freezer Gel Water Sipper Bottle

This is a perfect gift for summers, now your 10-year-old girl doesn't have to worry about beverage or water being warm during summers. These freezer gel summer bottles are the great solution to this problem. Freezer gel inside the body of these bottles will help to maintain the cold temperature of any beverage for a longer period of time.

This bottle can hold up to 500 mL of liquid. Tight lid across the rim prevents the liquid from spilling while she can enjoy her drink through a straw. These bottles are a good replacement for those heavy metallic bottles and thermos. You can order these bottles in different colours according to her choice. Buy this amazing bottle for Rs.394 on

Nerf N strike Bow Strike Blaster


If you want to gift her something that could get her outdoors and learn a new sport then encourage her to be active and get outdoors by giving her a Nerf N strike blaster. This toy is a great gift for fun as well as a learning product for her. You can get this in a combination of blue and yellow in colour.

This toy comes with 3 safe designed darts along with 1 blaster. She could fire only 1 dart at a time. The darts have protective end-piece on them to prevent any serious injury during play which makes it completely safe for her. With a price tag on Rs.1,421 on, this is definitely a steal.

Your Decor Water Bottle


In the world of flavoured liquid and beverages, it is extremely hard for parents to keep their child hydrated with plain water. To sort out this problem you need something which can keep her hydrated in the most productive way. Buy her a decor water bottle and the problem will be gone. Moreover, this bottle is also BPA free.

This creatively designed water bottle comes in two styles- fun flowers and hippy peace signs. You could get one according to her wishes. This fully tailored bottle is perfect for those who love to create and colour. The bottle is fully made of Aluminium covered with black and white designs where she could showcase her skills in colouring and arts. In a complete set, you will get 5 markers, 20 peel and stick gemstones, 1 water bottle, and 1 carabineer clip.

This is an excellent gift for her to reinforce her creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. Buy this cool water bottle for Rs.1,425 on

Children's Watch with Changeable Straps

Who doesn't like a lovely watch on their wrist? Gift her a Spinoza Multicolour watch which comes with 11 different coloured belt straps. It will look classy and elegant on your 10-year-old girl. Give her this watch and introduce her to the world of fashion and technology. 11 Coloured straps allow her to sport a new look every day.

The different coloured straps are beneficial for her as she can change the strap according to her outfit to look even more pretty. Available at Rs.178 on

Deluxe Art Set by Darice


If your 10-year-old girl loves art then this Deluxe Art set by Darice is ideal for her. Let her express her artistic dream with this set. This kit has high-quality artistic tools which she can use to bring colours into her world. It will help her to improve creativity and build social relationships. The portable case makes its easier to take it anywhere.

This set includes 24 markers, 24 crayons, 24 coloured pencils, two clips, one white watercolour tube, a palette, paintbrush, drawing pencil, sharpener, eraser, 24 oil pastels, 12 watercolour cakes and many more. Isn't it an amazing gift? So many things inside a simple case.

Gift her this special gift which will not only foster her creativity but also endless fun every day. Buy this for Rs.1,192 on

World Map Pillowcase

If you want to give her something useful which she can use every day then this world map pillowcase is the best choice. It is educational as well as inspirational. This pillowcase is printed with the map of world, animals and sea creatures that reside in various regions.

You will get 10 fabric markers along with the case. She can use those markers to colour the map and animals printed on the case. Pillowcase is 30 inches long and 20 inches wide. It is made of pure Turkish cotton that which gives it the soft texture. The fabric markers can be washed out from the case when washed with warm water thus giving an advantage of colouring it over and over again.

Giving this as a present to her is an awesome idea to motivate her through artwork. You can get this piece for Rs.1,572 on Amazon.

Butterfly garden

What is better than a Butterfly garden if you want to teach your 10-year-old girl about the miracles happening in the world in a unique way? Bring this awesome butterfly garden home for your little girl so that she can better understand the scientific phenomena in a specific and entertaining way.

Place a request for live caterpillars and after they arrive follow as instructed. In 3-4 weeks she can observe beautiful butterflies and as they grow bigger release them where they belong. Set them free and watch them as they go off to create more butterflies. Buy this cute gift for her for Rs.1,502 on Prezzybox.

Mini Volcano Lamp

Give her something iconic and mesmerizing which she can use to decorate her room. Mini Volcano Lamp is a perfect gift for her for this purpose. This is a great gadget to adorn her study table. Volcano lamp gives the mesmerizing look of a real volcano and red glow created by hot molten lava beads looks wonderful.

Its light weight makes it portable, safe, and suitable for room decor. It measures 10 inches in height. This amazing gift would cost you Rs.1,408 on Prezzybox.

Maze Money Bank

Introduce the quality of saving money and cognitive skills by giving her a unique Maze Money Bank. Regular use of this money bank keeps her brain sharp. Once the money is in the box, she could get the money back out, only after solving the 3D maze.

Doing this reminds her to spend wisely and help her sharpen her mind as well as induce her to learn many skills. This transparent box is made of plastic which reduces its cost. Get the deal done for Rs.549 on and give her an inexpensive but very useful gift.

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If you think teens are difficult to please you've never bought a gift for your tween. They are opinionated and think they are grownups and know exactly what they want. But they are still children in our eyes. There comes the problem. When buying a gift for your 10 yr old, make sure you have listened to her wants and needs. They might not want any educational gifts but trendy clothes and bags. While it is imperative to listen to them, it is up to us to know their needs and not wants. While it makes you a villain in their eyes, they will appreciate it in the long run.