Find the Cutest Sarees for Your Little One: A Guide to Buying Sarees for Kids and 10 Sarees You'll Love on Her (2019)

Find the Cutest Sarees for Your Little One: A Guide to Buying Sarees for Kids and 10 Sarees You'll Love on Her (2019)

Wearing a saree makes a little girl feel grown up and pretty. It's the ultimate wish fulfilment for her. But a 5-yard saree is of course not going to fit your little one. So we have compiled a list of some of the cutest sarees for children that will make her look just like a little version of Mommy!

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Tips on Dressing Girls in Sarees

An Ethnic Touch to Kids' Clothing

India is a land of varied and rich cultures which is passed down generation after generation through its heritage, food, clothing and more. Along with Indian women wearing sarees with a charming elegance, it sure is a delight to see little ones too donning the ethnic apparel , more so during festivals, ceremonies and special occasions. Saree shopping for girls has become easier today, with options spanning to ready to wear sarees which are easy to wear and manage with a variety of styles, beautiful and rich colors with ethnic motifs, delicate work, light fabrics and comfortable styling for children.

Ethnic wear works well for almost all kinds of traditional occasions, but gives an extra edge when the dress matches the latest trends. For example, polka dots and floral prints are quite a hit these days. Colors too are an essential part of dressing up your kids. Be sure to choose colors that complement your child’s skin tone. For instance, if you’re buying her a saree for a wedding, then pick colors which will match the wedding theme, in case of festivities, where there’s no particular theme, look for bright colors like yellow, pink, lime green, fuchsia, cobalt blue or orange.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Shopping is rather tedious when shopping for self, and when its for kids, it’s double the effort, thanks to their impatience and the chaos and noise in an outdoor environment. Hence, it is easy to shop online and choose from a variety of light and beautiful fabrics which are comfortable for the child. From an elaborate resham embroidery or patchwork on the border, zardozi, stone or sequins work on the length of the saree, you can explore different styling options like a lehenga saree with a readymade blouse, or a traditional one like a patola for the girls. From toddlers to teenage girls, there’s variety for all age groups.

When choosing fabrics for a saree, please ensure you assess the quality of both the inner as well as outer fabric and the weather condition of the place where your child would be wearing the saree. For instance for a summer location, look for a lightweight and free flowing fabric, in case it’s a cold weather then select a warm and cozy fabric. Also check for the child's comfort in the material. At times, children find some material irritating so be sure to buy good quality materials that suits the child

Accessorize According to Her Age and Size

Dressing up is pointless if there’s nothing to accessorize with it! Spend some time in adorning her outfit with careful consideration on not overdoing it. A styling check should look at avoiding too many pins, clips or embellishments on the clothing to avoid the kid from being hurt or hurting other kids with their access. From matching footwear, little trinkets, fancy headgear to lightweight colorful watch straps, you have a wide range of stuff to choose from. But whatever you choose to adorn her with, remember she is a child and not an adult. Play up her childish innocence rather than make her a miniature version of a saree clad glam doll.

10 Adorable Sarees for Girls Available Online

Full Length Stitched Saree

This pre-stitched saree from Bhartiya Pradhan is best for ethnic wear for kids. The brand offers kids’ apparel with a variety of vibrant colors, beautiful designs and attractive patterns. The saree fabric is a cotton blend and comes with a pre-stitched V-neck blouse in golden color that’s sleeveless, with a regular fit and a back hook closure. It has cute little bows at the arm top side of the blouse. The set is priced at Rs. 1,899. To accessorize her ensemble, you can buy an orange floral applique comb for a lovely hairdo and a crystal drop orange necklace set.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Silk Saree for ages 3 months to 12 years is made of the finest fabric which makes it a comfortable wear for your child. The saree is pink in color with golden zari work through the entire saree and a blouse in same fabric and design. Depending on the size you choose the saree is priced between Rs. 1,000-1,500. With a pair of Pink plastic bangles apt for special occasions in sizes 2.4-2.8” and a pair of Fishhook Filigree Design earrings in pink would make for a classy combination in dressing your girl the ethnic way!

Festive Saree

A beautiful orange colored saree for girls aged between 1-7 years, this readymade saree is easy to wear, with a soft lining and comes with a sequined blouse piece in pink. The saree has a thin gota border on each side and with matching accessories, it will make your princess look like a diva, all charming, elegant and fashionable! The ensemble is priced at Rs. 1,650. Complete the pretty picture your princess would be with this cute pair of fashion dangler earrings in a mix of orange and white colors and this beautiful heart pendant in a pink and orange mix of genuine Swarovski elements.

Traditional Rudhura Saree

Made of premium quality cotton silk this lehenga styled saree is pre-stitched with short sleeves and an abstract design. Made of art silk it is perfect for festive wear and is colorfully styled in Maroon, blue and golden colors with zari work and sequins along the length and border of the saree with a golden drape. It is priced at Rs. 1,048 on Available for ages 2-8 years.

Party Wear Cream with Red Border, Silk

If a simple white saree with red border is what you are looking for then this one from Amazon is just the perfect fit. Priced between Rs. 850 to 1,150, this saree is constructed from silk blend fabric in cream and rose-red colours, rich with red threadwork, floral pattern, leaf, Keri and border work. This saree is available for girls aged between 3 months to 14 years. The set consists of a readymade saree, an underskirt and a blouse. The blouse is elasticated which makes it fit easily. The saree is attached to the underskirt with readymade pleats and can be slipped into like a skirt and then the drape can be arranged to your liking. The skirt has a drawstring waistband.

Butterfly Pallu Net Saree

A readymade saree in net and faux Georgette is shimmering with a butterfly drape and a cotton lining in orange and peach. Adorned with lehariya print, gota lace, resham, Dori and patch border work, the saree comes with an art silk blouse with a red cotton lining. Available for ages between 1-14 years the set is priced at Rs. 5,316. Team it up with an orange plastic bangle set and a pair of butterfly rhodium alloy stud earrings to enhance her pretty personality.

Lace Border Georgette Saree

A lace border Saree in Light Teal Green colour, this faux georgette is decorated with lace, patchwork on the border and sequins throughout the saree. It comes paired with a pre-stitched blouse in faux chiffon fabric in light teal green colour. The blouse has a sweetheart's neck and is sleeveless. Available for ages between 1 and 10 years, the set is priced at Rs. 3,101. You can accessorize the saree with net bow hair clips and crystal drop set of earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Velvet & Net Saree

A pre-stitched half n half saree made of velvet and glitter net in royal blue, the dress comes pre-pleated for girls aged between 3 months to 14 years prices varying between Rs. 1,699-1,999. Adorned with intricate floral work, leaf, Keri and heavy lacework on the border, the readymade set includes a blouse, an underskirt and the saree.

Georgette Embellished Saree

Available for girls aged between 2-14 years, this Georgette embellished saree in Pink is appropriate for ethnic wear made of soft fabric with a golden gota Patti work on the border and a sheer drape with paisley designs in white with the beautiful rose pink colour through the length of the saree. It comes with a sleeveless blouse and the set is priced at Rs. 1,499.

Embellished Paithani Art Silk Saree

Art silk stitched sari in Paithani style from Bhartiya Pradhan is embellished and styled in the traditional nauwar (9 yards) style with a stitched blouse in the same fabric. Keeping in mind the little one’s skin health, the saree has been lined with cotton. You can purchase the saree for Rs. 1,499, which is available for ages 6-10 years.

Saree Styling Tips for Little Girls

Kids fashion just like the adults’ has evolved over the last few years. In addition to some readymade options for a saree for your princess, you can also look at making a saree at home for her, with some easy steps mentioned in this video below. Besides dressing her up in an ethnic ensemble, there are some other important things you should be mindful of when choosing her dress style. Here are few quick tips to ensure you choose the best of everything for your princess when dressing her up!

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Comfort
    While buying a saree for your girl, always check the fabric quality. The texture should be breathable and the cut and style should allow her to move around, run or play comfortably. You should be able to discern easily if it is easy to get in and get out of without discomfort, and is made in a way that would avoid easy rips, tears or stains.

  • Colours, shapes and patterns
    Choosing trending styles can prove to be expensive at times because what's in today may not be fashionable tomorrow. Rather stick to simple classic pieces and choose to experiment with some interesting fashion accessories instead. For instance, an ordinary white and blue stripes top would look great with a Lil’ red bow on the back. You can add an eyelet trim on the bottom, to make it look extra adorable. You can dress up her simple ballet flats with funny cat face cutouts made from felt or embellished with sequins. Little touches here and there and you have a diva in the making!
    Most kids prefer vibrant colours, and you can allow her to lead when it comes to picking out colours that look good on her because little kids can carry off any bright colour with ease. Help her mix and match to get an end result which is aesthetically pleasing

  • Weather
    When dressing her up, please ensure the choice of clothing is appropriate to the outside weather conditions or that of the venue that you’d be visiting. Summer dresses are all strappy, short sleeved or easy to breathe cotton fabrics mostly, while warm conditions or monsoons require a cosy pair of clothes to keep her safe from unpredictable weather changes.

  • Child's opinion
    It’s heartening to dress up your princess, but there’s no harm in letting her have a say in what to wear. Pick out a couple of options for her to choose from. This will make her feel confident and also help her learn to make decisions. As she gets older, let her exercise her views, even if it means that she chooses something drastically opposite to her personality. In such a situation, it’d be wise to help her understand why her choice isn’t appropriate in a non-judgmental way.

  • Matching accessories
    Kids don’t usually like being saddled with heavy stuff, be it clothing or jewellery and accessories. Hence it's best to choose simple and light accessories matching the saree. A simple gold chain, or metallic necklace which is skin friendly, or a silver pendant will go well with the saree. You’d make her wear silver anklets to add to the ethnic ensemble, along with a few metal bangles. Avoid glass bangles for fear of her getting hurt with cracks in the bangles. Appropriate footwear and a little potli bag would complete the ethnic look.
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Use old Sarees to make new ones for your child

A 5 or 9-yard saree may be too big for a little child but you can always cut up old ones for your kid. if you have a saree with a stain or tear, that you don't wear anymore, take it to a tailor and get it repurposed into a little saree. You could make pre-stitched sarees this way as well.