How to Find Suitable Gifts for Girls 12 Years Old and 10 Gifts They Will Love (2018)

How to Find Suitable Gifts for Girls 12 Years Old and 10 Gifts They Will Love (2018)

Gift suggestions for 12 year old girls that they will actually like. At 12 girls are moody, very clear about what they like, and though still in their tweens, can give a teenager a run for their money. You do not want to be giving them boring, or worse, outdated presents! Read on to find how to select gifts for gifts for 12 year old girls, and if our tips don't spark your imagination, pick from one of the tried and tested gift suggestions instead.

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How to Find Suitable Gifts for a 12 Years Old Girl?

Explore Online Websites

A 12 year old girl nowadays is very different from someone who was of the same age a decade ago. Children now have more access to technology and they are no strangers to the internet. A 12 year old girl today is influenced by movies, popular TV characters and pop culture personalities. You will often find them singing along or humming to the tunes of popular songs. Hero worship is common amongst children of this age and they often mimic or try to dress like pop singers and movie stars.

When searching for the perfect gift for a 12 year old girl, internet is the place to look first. Do your research on popular personalities that the child likes and follows. You will find plenty of websites selling products targeted at pre-teens and young girls. Find out about the hottest products on the market. But primarily keep your child’s personal interests in mind.

Look for Something Educational and Fun

12 year olds are pre-teens, therefore their interests revolve around a queer mix of pop culture idols, animated characters and superheroes. They are on the verge of becoming a teenager but have still not completely given up playing with their dolls. Helping them find out who they are is crucial at this point. As the adult in their life, It’s your duty to see that they don’t become too engrossed with superficial things and focus on developing themselves.

Children get easily bored, so while picking out educational gifts for them you have to ensure that they are fun as well. Not all children have the same temperament. But with the correct educational aids and games, you can bring out the best in each child without forcing anything. Pick gifts according to the child’s interests. If she is interested in the English language then get her word making games like scrabble, if geography is her passion then get her a world map puzzle. You could get a chemistry set for the budding chemist or a painting set for the painter.

Tips to Choose Great Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

Remember Their Favourite Characters and Movies

Every kid is unique, but there are few movies and popular characters that are a hit amongst a particular generation. To make your 12 year old go ecstatic over your gift, find out what her favourites are. Giving her something related to her idol is a sure shot way to win over her heart. Just make sure that whoever she idolises has a positive influence on her. You don’t want her mimicking bad behavior or immoral things propogated by some celebrities. 12 year olds are usually pretty innocent and so are their preferences. Giving her memorabilia from her favourite movie would be great idea.

Know What's in the Latest Trends

Children are almost always aware about the current trends. They can smartly narrate what kind of clothes and accessories are in currently and know all about the celebrities who are currently in the limelight. To be tuned in to their wavelength, do a little research on the net. Find out about the current trends by doing a bit of browsing online. Children are easy to please once you are clued in on their interests. A t-shirt with the picture of their favorite star, a cool pair of sneakers or a cute trendy backpack is enough to win them over.

Try Choosing Age Appropriate Gifts

A 12 year old girl is on the verge of developing both physically and mentally. Therefore she may start to show interest in clothes, makeup and jewellery. It’s ok to let them try their hand at some of the things, but you should also know where to draw the line. Always choose gifts which are suited to her age. Don’t gift her high heels; it’s not good for the health of a growing child. It’s best to stick to sneakers and flats. You can let her try on light makeup like a fruity lip gloss, but any heavy makeup like eye shadow, blush or mascara is a big no no.

Avoid gifting books with adult topics like crime and ones with explicit sexual references. There is a rich selection of books for young adults. You could gift the Harry Potter Series, The Peculiar Children Series by Ransom Riggs and classics by Roald Dahl like Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Consider Her Hobbies and Interests

What does your little girl like to do? Is she a sporty little girl always playing outside in the sun or will you find her cuddled up on the couch with a book on a day off from school? Is she begging you to take her for guitar lessons or is she helping you around the kitchen asking questions about spices and cooking techniques? A child’s hobbies and interests are often the key to finding the perfect gift for them. Encourage your little one to follow her interest by giving her a related gift. A brand new set of story books for the bookworm, a small guitar for the mini musician and a set of plastic kitchen knives for the gourmet enthusiast are some examples of hobby related gifts.

10 Best Gift Options for 12 Year Old Girls

The best gifts are things that you can use in your day to day life. Here are some great gift ideas for a 12 year old girl.

Emoji Cushions


Emojis had a humble beginning and were made out of alphanumeric characters and punctuations. With the introduction iPhone and Android, Emojis got a colourful makeover and are now the subject of an animated feature film. The popularity of Emoji themed accessories are a proof of this fact. Get a fun squishy emoji cushion for your 12 year old. Pandora Premium Quality Soft Whatsapp Smiley Cushion has a diameter of 33 cm and is the perfect accessory to brighten up your little ones room. Buy it for ₹169 from

Colored Hair Chalk


Children love switching up their looks and changing their appearance. While using colouring dyes on a child’s hair is something that we would advise against, these hair colouring chalks can be safely used to make your child’s hair whatever crazy shade she wants it to be. These chalks look like regular ones but can be used on wet or dry hair. They are transferable when wet and easy to wash off. You can let your child play around with these without worry as these are non-toxic and easy to use. Buy Kabeer Art Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Color in 12 Assorted Colors from for ₹ 249.

Polaroid Instant Camera


A Polaroid camera will let your little girl explore the world of photography while having some fun time with her friends. Gift your 12 year old a Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera. This lightweight and small camera is easy to carry even by a child. It’ features include auto flash in low light auto adjust electronic shutter, manual exposure compensation, four scene settings which help capture the perfect shot in any light. This camera takes instant business card size colour photos and works with Polaroid 300 instant film and best with Polaroid AA Batteries. Buy it from for ₹7,537.

Funky Satchel Bag

Having her own handbag makes a little girl feel grownup and important. Buy this adorable animal shaped satchel for your little one from Romwe. Made from good quality PU, this bag has a teddy bear face on the front making it the perfect accessory for a child. It is big enough to hold things like money, candy, hair clips, etc. The long shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around and the snap button closure is perfect for easy access. Buy this super cute satchel bag for your little one for ₹650 only.

Cosy Bean Bag

A bean bag chair is comfy and a lot of fun. If your child’s bedroom already doesn’t have a beanbag then you should definitely gift her one. Pick one in a bright colour like this vibrant orange one from Style HomeZ. This XXXL bean bag chair with a weight capacity of 125 kg is big enough for an adult and can comfortably fit two kids. Made of leatherette it measures 34 x 38 x 34 inches. Easy to clean and maintain, it’s a must have accessory for child’s room and will make those slumber parties a lot more fun. Buy it from Pepperfry for ₹2,449.

Girl's Crafting Kit

Making a feisty 12 year old girl sit quietly for a moment is not easy but with this crafting kit from Splendid Jewellery Studio you might just be able to keep her occupied for a few hours. Splendid Jewellery Studio is a complete jewellery making kit containing all the materials to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair clips, hairbands, anklets and belts. Buy this kit containing 4 quilling tools and 500 quilling strips with 350+ beading strips of 20 patterns in 6 different shapes from for ₹1,399.

Infuser Water Bottle


Getting a child to eat and drink healthy stuff is a battle. Keep the child away from unhealthy sugared drinks and sodas and pack her back with a infuser bottle full of healthy fruits and juices. An infuser bottle filters the goodness of fruits into the water, making sure your child gets all the essential nutrients she needs. Buy the Orpio Sport Infuser Water Bottle for ₹1,399 from Amazon. It’s made of food grade BPA free plastic and does not leak or seep.

A Good Book


Encouraging your child to read is the best thing that you can do as a parent. Present your child with a good book to help her inculcate this habit in her. Miss peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is a worldwide bestseller. The books series is enthralling and filled with plot twists and turns. Buy the first book for ₹325 or the whole box set for ₹1,486 from Amazon.



If your child loves to look at the night sky and wants to find out all about planets, stars and galaxies then get her a telescope to pursue her passion. Buy her the Scientific Explorer Polaris Telescope from Amazon. This toy telescope is powerful enough for your child to observe the skies and objects in the distance. Turn every vacation in a fun ‘I spy’ game with this fun instrument. Buy it for ₹1,909.

Bath Gift Set


Getting your little girl into the shower will be a whole lot easier with this fruity bath set available on The BodyHerbals Orange Surprise Bathing Set contains organic orange flavoured bath products which are gentle to the skin and smells great. This set of bath products comes in a heart shaped box and includes orange shower gel with skin conditioners, orange bathing bar with natural chunks, orange glass candle with metallic cap, natural heart loofah, prange potpourri and an orange bath puff. Buy it for ₹1,099 here.

Activities That 12 Years Old Girls Will Enjoy the Most

A twelve year old may be interested in a variety of activities. They are at an age when they are trying to discover who they are and trying their hand at different things helps them to this purpose. We have discussed some of the things which might interest them.

Art and Craft

Children have art and craft classes in school which might get them interested in the process of creating something with their hands. Encourage your child if she shows interest in the arts and crafts. Buy her art supplies and appreciate her creativity. Always give constructive criticism. Don’t bring her down by dismissing her efforts. Don’t worry about these activities eating into her study time. Creating something is a learning process as well. So let her indulge in it.


Music is another way to creatively engage a child. If your child shows signs of being interested in creating music then encourage her to pursue it. If she is a singer take her for lessons, encourage her to learn an instrument of her choice. Don’t force her to do anything, let her try out things to find out where her natural talent lies.

Makeup and Beauty

A 12 years, a child may start becoming more conscious about the way she looks. She may express her wish to use makeup and start being pickier about the kind of clothes she wears. Don’t rebuke her for these natural inclinations. Explain gently how beauty alone does not define who she is. But it’s okay to let her try on some light make-up and buy her products to take care of herself. Some of the things that you can buy for her are bath and shower products, fruity lip gloss, small jewellery like pendants and some nice bags and shoes.


Nowadays everyone is a photographer because of phone cameras and instagram. But if your child shows real interest in photography then always encourage her. Get her a real camera, a digital or a Polaroid one, which she can use to practice her hobby.

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It's a balancing act

Know when to be her friend, when to indulge her and also when to be the parent and say a firm no. Because at 12 years your little girl will go from being a sensible, bright child to throwing a tantrum, and back to being a little girl who needs her mom or dad. In an age of very intelligent and smart kids who are also extremely aware of the world around them, it is sometime difficult to lose sight of what your role as a parent is meant to be. Parenting today is nothing like it was when you were a kid but when firm decisions have to be made, remember that you are the adult and she the child.