10 Pristine and Lovely Gifts for 12 Year Girl and Ways to Add a Sparkle Her Life  (2018)

10 Pristine and Lovely Gifts for 12 Year Girl and Ways to Add a Sparkle Her Life (2018)

Make for a scintillating birthday with these 12-Year Old Girl Gifts. With educative, experience and interactive gifts, you can reach out to a girl and impress, inspire and add elegance to her life. At this age, you should also consider a gift that ushers her into her teens. All the same, the gift you give should be adorable, aesthetically pleasing and also useful. Detailed are some of the best and immaculate gifts to give a 12-Year Old Girl.

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How to Find Lovely Gifts for Your Adorable 12-Year-Old Girl

Well, if your favorite niece or your darling daughter is hitting the mark of number twelve soon. Then, we can totally understand your confusion about buying the perfect birthday gift for your 12-year-old girl. Because her preferences are changing daily, like one day she wants to save the world by becoming a doctor and very next day she wants to be a superstar. So, in that scenario, to find lovely gifts for the 12-year-old girl you can try out the following things:

Surprise Your Little Princess with Amazing Gifts on Special Days

Your search for the best gift for a 12-year girl can take you in the direction of surprise gifts. The twelve-year-old girls are a bundle of energy and they will get the spontaneous kick out of the surprise gifts on their birthdays. So, to surprise your little girl on her birthday, you can ask her to write down her wishes on the paper before her birthday. And, then out of her list, the gifts which you think are good, buy those gifts for her but don’t give her straightway. Let her little wait and when she loses all her hopes of getting her favorite gift, then surprise her with it. Moreover, to surprise your 12-year-old, you can always organize a surprise birthday party or slumber party with her all friends.

Get Ideas From the Internet

Guys, planning a surprise birthday party or buying surprise birthday gift for a 12-year girl is not a piece of cake. Yep, if you just search for the twelve-year-old girl birthday party themes or gifts online, then you will see how many options you have. Because princess themes parties are just outdated now, so before planning your girl’s party and buying gifts for her do some basic online search. And, look for what’s trending and would be loved by all hyperactive 12-year-old ladies.

Different Types of Gifts You Can Buy for a 12-Year-Old Girl

Casual Gifts

There are plenty of different types of gifts available for the young girls online. Well, if you have a close connection with the birthday girl, then you can buy gifts according to her style. But, however, if you are invited to your colleagues or bosses 12 years old’s birthday party, then go for casual birthday gifts. Because you don’t know her personally so buying specific gift would be no good. The casual gifts for girls can be like art and craft kit, lunch box, hair accessories, etc.

Gadgets and Electronics

Gadgets and electronics gifts are one of the trending gift categories for the girls. Today, every 12-year old wants a smartphone and other smartphone accessories for her birthday. Now, whether it is good for them or not that’s a debatable topic, but girls want smart gadgets, period. There are plenty of electronic gifts for a 12-year-old girl available in the market. Like, electronic guitars for a little superstar, kindle for a nerd, etc. However, just make sure that to buy electronic gadgets, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets. So, pick this gift category at your own risk.

Experience Gifts

If you want to give something memorable and lifelong cherishing gift to your growing girl. Then, dig into your memory lane and give an experience to your baby girl that you have learned in your life. Like, you can write a journal for your daughter or niece to let her know about your experiences of life so that she can learn from them. Moreover, this gift will have your personal touch and love in it.

Educational Toys

For birthday gifts for a 12-year girl, you can opt for the educational toy gifts that can help her in the studies. Because the important and crucial years of study are coming ahead of her. So, gifting something which will improve her focus and knowledge would be the best gift for a 12-year girl. Educational toys like scrabble to improve her word bank or sudoku to train her brain are some great options.

Tips to Consider When Buying Gifts for 12 Years Old Girls

The Gift Should Be Trendy and Fun

As you know the choices of today’s 12-year-old girls are a bit trendy as they regularly follow their favorite stars on tv and on the social media. So, they know everything about a trend that ’s why don’t forget to include the trendy birthday gifts on your shopping list for your birthday girl. Well, she might think that she is getting older and wiser, but no 12 years old can say no to the fun. That keeps the portion of fun and trend high in your gifts for 12-year-old girls.

Aesthetic and Attractive Gifts Will Go a Long Way

Bling, shine, and sparkles are few words that can spike up any young girls interest. So, in your birthday gift for 12-year girl include some attractive gifts as well. The attractive gift has three traits; bubbly color, shining vibe, and quirky looks. So, the best gift for 12-year old girl needs a bubbly color combination like pink, purple, yellow, etc with the vibrant and quirky look. Well, in short, the gift has to be cute and adorable in every way if you want to swoon a young lady.

Opt for Interactive Toys and Games

If you are looking for some quick gift ideas for 12 years old, then the safer option for you will be selecting toys or games for the gift. Well, every child loves to receive new toys and games on her birthday. So, spoil your little girl on her birthday with the toys like salon kit, walkie-talkie set, teddy bears, etc. And, don’t forget to include a box of chocolates along with your gifts to gain some extra brownie point in the eyes of the birthday girl.

10 Great Gift Ideas for 12 Years Old Girls

Okay, so now let’s go to the main section of the post where we will disclose some of the best gift ideas for a 12-year-old girl. The gifts for a 12-year-old girl that will make her super happy on her birthday and you her hero. According to a young girl the following birthday gifts are perfect for her:

Nail Art Kit

Perfectly fitting the criteria of a shining and colorful birthday gift for a 12-year-old girl would be this collection of 48 nail paints. The set of 48 glass bottles of shining easy to carry nail polish colors is the main ingredient of girly slumber parties. In this set of glitters and shimmers, you will get pearls, rhinestone and more. The girls will love to play with these nail art bottles and paint their nails. From the Amazon store, these shining beautiful nail art kit can be ordered for ₹450.

Emoji Cushion

Your 12 year old won’t stop hugging and squeezing this cute yellow colored attractive soft fabric emoji cushion if you present this to her. This cute cushion will surely become your girl’s favorite companion at night. This is the best birthday gift for a 12-year girl as she will be highly attracted to the extremely cozy and soft heartwarming emoji shape cushion which begs for a cuddle. This cuddle machine can be ordered for your sweet birthday girl from the firstcry.com for only ₹267.

Elegant Purse

Every girl loves to play dress up with her friends and look fabulous in her attire. So, if you order a cute stylish tote bag for a growing girl on her birthday. Then, she is going to love it definitely. So, on the twelve birthday of your daughter, you can gift her the beautiful chain flap bag to flaunt among her friends. This beautiful and trending pink bag from the Shein brand is the very suitable bag for the young girls as it’s not too flashy. So, your young girl can totally wear this elegant shein bag on her birthday. Plus from the official website of the brand, you can order the stylish pink for just ₹730.

Art and Craft Supplies

If you have a little artist growing in the family, then you can gift 12-year-old girl a giant art and craft for her birthday. In this ultimate art and craft kit of 58 pieces, your child will get all the important stuff to create a masterpiece. After getting this kit, your daughter won’t need anything else as this kit contains everything including 12 x watercolour cakes, 12 x colour pens, 12 x crayons, 6 x Oil pastels, 5 x paper clips, 1 x sharpener, 1 x white paint, 1 x 7cc glue, 1 x scissor, 1 x palette, 1 x eraser, 1 x pencil, 1 x brush and 1x ruler. And, all these art supplies can be ordered for ₹303 from the firstcry.com.

Story Books

The best birthday gift for a 12-year old girl would be buying her a nice storybook. The book can develop the ideology and creativity in your young girl. A book can become the best friend of your girl that will teach her some good life lessons. You can either get the yearly subscription of kindle for her or you can order the paperback version of books from the Amazon. However, in your book shopping list for 12 years old must include following books; The Harry Potter series, of course, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Anna, and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, etc.

Cozy Hoodie

Source www.shein.in

Now, cute pink hello kitty pullover hoodie can add another level of cuteness to your little girl. This simple and stylish hoodie birthday gift for a 12-year girl is perfect. As it is made up of the polyester fabric which is stretchable and is very comfortable to wear daily. This fall your daughter can feel comfort from this oversized pink kitty pullover and can relax. This adorable pink hoodie is designed by the Shein and available on their website at very affordable rates for ₹876.

Stud Earrings

This pair of earrings from NeedyBee will surely be on the wish list of your little princess. It flaunts a distinct design that replicates the regal charm of the crown of a queen. So, for your princess on her birthday order the crown embellishment of stone studs and make her the real queen. The quality and final finish of the crown studs are impeccable under the price tag of ₹107. Yep, from the shoppersstop.com, you can order these princess rhinestone studs for such a low price for your princess.

Makeup Brush Set

Source www.nykaa.com

So, if your 12-year-old likes to do makeup, then you can gift her the collection of makeup brushes from Nykaa.com. The makeup brushes are designed with pro makeup artist Sam + Nic Chapman Real Techniques brushes combined with high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever. For the sensitive skin of your little girl synthetic bristles of the brush are super soft and smooth. The set of makeup brushes for your birthday girl can be ordered from the Nykaa.com for ₹999.

Glitter Tattoos

The best gift for a 12-year old girl can be these colorful and vibrant glitter tattoos. With these temporary glitter tattoos, different art designs can be easily created by your 12-year-old and her friends on their body for fun. To create unique designs on the body this kit gives 4 Coloured body cosmetic glitter pots, 6 easy to use 3 layer tattoo stencils, Body Glue in the shatterproof bottle, Glitter application brush. This tattoos kit can be ordered from the firstcry.com for ₹224.

Mermaid-Tail Blanket

The gifts for a 12-year-old girl can also include the cute half-length mermaid blanket to cover her feet inside the long tail. It is made up of soft acrylic fabrics that can keep her warm in a room that has air conditioning. This perfect blanket for a day in with hot coffee/milky tea and movies or to cuddle up with a book can be ordered from the banggood.com in between ₹958-1843.

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Trendy, Fun and Educative Gifts For a 12-Year Old Girl

From casual to attractive, there is something for the 12-year old girl to thrill her senses. Flamboyant gifts make for a stylish girl and what better way to usher her into her teenage years? In addition, Educative and interactive gifts, especially the toys, grows the girl socially. Get this and more gift ideas and how they compliment the 12-year old girl to make for a superb gift.