Have a Fussy Young One at Home? 10 Super Fun Gifts for Girl 12 Years Old to Make Her World Go Around

Have a Fussy Young One at Home? 10 Super Fun Gifts for Girl 12 Years Old to Make Her World Go Around

Children of all ages can be fussy but the most tumultuous years are about to begin, and as a 'tween', your once darling angel may already be showing the early symptoms of a rebellious teen. Give her gifts to show her you still love her unconditionally, whether it is her birthday, or otherwise. We have round up some great gift ideas for 12 year old girls and she sure to like something from here.

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What A Shopping List for 12 Year Old Girls Must Include

Educational Toys

Has the thought of you buying a birthday gift for a 12-year-old-girl given you the shudders? We understand, that’s why we’re here to help you. Buying gifts in itself is a tricky business. On top of that buying a gift for children between the ages of 10 – 15 years is an astronomical task. You want them to like the gift that you’ve bought them, not discard them after tearing the gift wrapper open!

You need to understand that children between the age of 10 to 15 are still growing, their minds and bodies are experiencing complex changes, and they absorb information like a sponge. What do you want to achieve with the gift you select for the little girl? Do you want it to be remembered and cherished or do you want the little girl to learn something new? For someone who is turning 12, it’s always better to get something that’s educational, something that will help them develop new skills or improve the existing ones.

Quirky Hobby Based Gifts

Whether you’re a parent looking for gifts for your 10-year-old daughter or you’re buying gifts for your favourite niece, you want only the best for kids – be it school, toys or clothes. When you’re thinking of buying a gift for children, select something that encourages their hobbies or helps begin one. It’s important to buy them a gift that develops their interests and hobbies. Let the little girl enjoy what they love the most, because hobbies help the overall development and free expression in a child.

Fashionable Accessories

Little girls love accessories and to play dress up. Almost all girls play with their mom’s makeup and dress up in their mom’s saree whenever they can. You could introduce them to fun, cute accessories like Unicorn-themed handbags, rainbow tassle bracelets, hair bows and hair clips. These cute accessories will not only make the little girl happy, her mom also will be delighted to dress her little daughter using these fashionable items.

Educational Yet Fun Gifts for Young Ladies

India Map Puzzle

Source www.amazon.in

Learning about the geography of India will become much easier with the Funskool-Play & Learn India Map Puzzles. Education puzzles like this will encourage learning in a fun and interactive way. It’s been designed to teach children about patience at the same time make him or her learn about India in detail. It comes complete with detailed information about the states, union territories and state capitals. You can buy this set on Amazon for Rs.159.

Solar Planterium

Source www.amazon.in

With the Smart Picks Solar Planetarium System the little 12-year-old angel can learn all about the solar system. She can apply all the knowledge she’s gained at her school by assembling her own planetarium kit. What’s more, she can paint it herself too, and it comes with glow-in-the-dark paint. This wonderful educational DIY kit is available on Amazon for Rs.296.

Chemistry Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Do you want the 14-year-old girl you’re buying a gift for or your daughter to be a strong girl? Then this Kutuhal Do It Yourself Chemistry Kit Educational Learning Toy is perfect for her. The young girl will be thrilled, especially if she loves science. This kit comes with 20 dilute chemicals, lab glassware and equipment to perform more than 20 activities. It also comes with an illustrative manual with around 20 activities covering different concepts, type of reactions and major topics of chemistry. You can purchase this item on Amazon for Rs.822.

Pictionary and The Game of Quick Draw

Everyone loves Pictionary, from adults to little tots like the 12-year-old you’re buying a gift for. It’s fun, improves ones drawing skills, and also encourages people to be quick on their feet. Moreover, if you give this as a gift, the little girl can play this game even when she grows up to be a young adult. You can purchase this product on Amazon for Rs.899.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Source www.ebay.com

Most kids these days have their very own smartphone or tablet, if not both. Often it's a case of parents getting tired of never getting their hands on their own gadgets and passing off the older models to the kids just so they can play with their own toys in peace. The drawbacks of technology aside, there's no denying how educational a tablet can be. provided it's use is carefully monitored and the safety checks in place, your 12 year old can browse, learn new things, watch videos and movies, read and do so much more on a tablet.

Tablets do tend to be expensive but if you're looking for a good one with a fairly affordable price, then look no further than Amazon's Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa. It has everything you'd want it a basic but good tablet - a rich 1920 x 1200 HD display, crisp Dolby audio, super fast Wi-Fi due to the dual-antenna, and also a front facing HD camera because she will want to take at least a few selfies! All this for a mere Rs.10,999 on ebay.in

Quirky Hobby Toys for 12 Year Old Girls

Polaroid Instant Camera

We talked about hobbies and how hobbies can help develop a child’s social, creative, moral and academic skills. Introduce the little girl to the world of photography through the Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera. It’s a instant camera where she’ll get to see the image immediately and can use it to decorate her room. It’s a easy to use camera and the little girl can go crazy with it. You can buy this polaroid camera on Amazon for Rs.7,117.

DC Superhero Girls: Finals Crisis Book

Introduce the 12-year-old to the world of comic books with this easy read – DC Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis. In the first-ever DC Super Hero Girls original graphic novel, you’re introduced to the students of Superhero High School as they find out that fun, friendship and hard work are all parts of growing up. This book is different from the fairy tale novels since it helps build character and confidence, and empowers girls to discover their true potential. Get this right away on Amazon for Rs.389.

Selfie Mic

Is the little girl you’re buying a gift for always belting out her favourite songs? Then we’ve got the perfect gift for you – Selfie Mic Music Set. Microphone meets selfie stick which will take her beyond a normal karaoke experience – she can record her own performance while she’s singing. Using the free partner app, she can choose from over 3 million fully licensed songs which are updated daily. This product is available on Amazon for Rs.1,774.

Fashionable Gifts for Trendy Young Girls

Alex Hair Chalk Salon

The 12-year-old is known for her vibrant personality? Allow her to make her hair as vibrant as her personality with the Alex Hair Chalk Salon from Amazon. This kit comes with 5 hair chalk pens, 24 metallic beads, and 24 hair elastics. She can invite her friends over for a slumber party and help them create a fashion statement using the special tools available in the kit. This product is priced at Rs.989, and when you give this to the little angel, you’ll become her favourite aunt or uncle.

The Fashion Sketchpad

You could also give her a sketch book – a beautiful sketchpad that she can use to design anything she wants, especially of she’s interested in fashion. The Fashion Sketchpad is filled with 420 figure templates or croquis in 20 different fashion-forward poses. She can draw or design any dress she wants on these figures. It’ll be a good stepping stone for the little one of she’s really interested in fashion design. You can get the sketchpad on Amazon for Rs.1,098.

Cat Purse

Yallfairy Girl's Pu Leather Sky Blue Sling Bag, a perfect accessory that can be worn with any outfit for a 12-year-old angel. She can showoff her cute handbag to all her friends since it features a dainty bow and a feline detailing at the front. She can carry all her essential items in her bag whenever she goes out too since the bag is spacious. You can get this cute bag from Amazon for Rs.4,451.

Bath and Body Works Gift Set

Adults love fragrance-filled shower gels because it can be a really great source of relaxation for the mind, body, and spirit. Introduce the little girl to the wonderful world of feminine products like Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set. This ultra-feminine scent is a sensual blend of crystallized amber kissed with raspberry champagne. The top notes: Asian pear, fuji apple, ume plum mid notes: Japanese cherry blossom, butterfly lily, Kyoto rose, mimosa petals, white jasmine. The dry notes: vanilla rice, imperial amber, silk musk, cinnamon incense, himalayan cedarwood, creamy sandalwood. You can get this on Amazon for Rs.4,622.

Day at the Spa Kit

Pamper the little one with a Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set. It’s a 30 piece set which includes inflatable pedicure pool, battery operated nail dryer, satin eye mask, pedicure slipper and toe separators. Additional items include nail file, buffer, 4 bottles of nail polish, 1 bottle of glitter polish, 6 sets of printed press-on nails, stick-on nail art, nail stand, cotton balls and satin spa bag to hold all of your supplies. With this spa set she’ll feel like a grownup; you can buy this kit from Amazon.

Don’t Spend too Much on Gifts for 12 Years Old Girls

While you’d want to buy something extravagant and pretty for the 12-year-old girl, just remember that you don’t have to spend too much on a gift. Kid’s interest and preferences are ever changing, this is the age they explore things they like and develop their personality, so keep these things in mind before your invest in something that requires long term commitment. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that she’ll soon go through puberty, she’ll grow, and her body will change among other things. Buy her something practical, something that catches her interest now.

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Strike a balance

An educational gift should also be fun for her, an indulgent gift mustn't be over the top, and though she feels she is far older than her 12 years and wants things that the big girls use, the gifts you do give her must be suited to her age. These are just some ways to give her a balanced gift. Kids also receive far more presents than the average adult, so pick your moments when it isn't a birthday gift; a gift given as a reward for good behaviour or an accomplishment will hold more value than gifts given for no reason at all.