12+ Ideas for Birthday Gifts for a 7 Year Old Girl that will Make Her Jump for Joy!

12+ Ideas for Birthday Gifts for a 7 Year Old Girl that will Make Her Jump for Joy!

A 7 year old girl is still growing and may have a lot of interests. A gift that is in line with her interests and may be even educational is a wise option. Put a smile on her face and make her brim with joy with these 12 gift ideas for 7 year old girl in 2020

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Tips for Picking Great Birthday Gifts for 7 Year Girls

Gifts that Combine Fun and Learning

Developmentally, 7 year olds are changing fast. Along with improved motor or physical skills, they are reaching higher levels of cognitive learning.

According to experts, 7-year-olds are becoming more advanced in their thinking - they are able to use logic, solve problems and communicate their opinion. Brimming with curiosity questions and wonder they are eager to learn, expressing interest in a lot of things around them. They are also turning more social – the kids are interested in spending time with friends and are learning how to tackle conundrums.

Toys/games that encourage her spirit of learning while giving her hours of fun - either alone or in groups – are highly recommended as they give a boost to her development, without making the process boring.

Look for Something that'll Open Up Her Thinking

At 7 years, the child is keen and excited to experience new things.

On her birthday, she may be overjoyed to see toys or games her friends have, or stuff she already loves. Although a gift she is guaranteed to like may seem to be a safe bet, expand her horizons with toys or games that are different from what she is used. They will help her experience new things and activities.

For example, even if the 7 year old has shown no interest so far in music, a guitar could be considered as a potential gift. Or how about a chess set even if she doesn't seem interested in puzzles. It can be a start of a brand new hobby or she may totally ignore it. But either way it helps you to gauge her interests.

Gifts that will Retain Her Interest for Long

All kids go through phases, for sure. They may be obsessed with one toy for months, and then forget it altogether! Nonetheless, we must at least attempt to gift the 7-year-old something she'll find interesting for more than a few weeks.

While this may be hard to pull off as no one can predict her reaction, do your best by researching online and reviewing gift buying guides for the age group. Look at intriguing games or activity sets that fit her personality and may appeal to her. If you aren't close family, ask her or someone close to her (like parents!) to get an idea of what will be the best choice.

Don’t Ignore Her Strong Likes or Dislikes

Although we've said before that we must go beyond a child’s current preferences, it does not mean we ignore her specific likes or dislikes. Most 7 year olds start having strong opinions on what they want to do, wear or play. So don't push something they clearly don't like as that'll only cause disappointment. Similarly, there is no harm in gifting her something related to her current obsession. The trick is getting a balance!

12 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old Girl

Here is a curated list of some of the best gift optin that you can give a 7 year old. They are grouped into different categories, so you will be able to find something that will fit perfectly for the 7 year old in your life.

Gifts that are Fun and Educational

Flying Start Magna Magnetic Tiles

The Flying Start Magna Tiles 96 Pieces Brain Development 3D Magnetic Tiles Construction Building Blocks Puzzle Kit can be an amazingly engrossing gift for a 7 year old. A popular, highly recommended game, the set contains sturdy and tactile magnetic tiles that can be used by the child to create different shapes as per their imagination.

Offering immense opportunity for learning, the game is designed to enhance the child’s creativity, motor skills, and problem solving and also inspire interest in STEM. Kids can create literally limitless designs either flat or 3D with the tiles either using their imagination or with some guidance from the accompanying idea booklet. The booklet provides detailed instructions as well as suggestions so kids don’t feel stuck and are encouraged to start experimenting.

Available at amazon.in for Rs. 7,959. If this falls out of your budget, then there are several lower priced models of the same game that you can find on the site.

Lego Classic Creative Brick, Multi Color 484 pcs

Legos have been a popular option worldwide for decades to foster creativity and motor skills in kids. Get the 7 year old this classic creative brick set that comes with Legos in 35 different colours. The set is perfect as an introduction to the joy of building awesome structures with Lego bricks. Since it also contains 18 pieces each of tires and wheel rims, there's a lot more flexibility and can set fire to the child’s imagination! She can build, trains, cars, animals and so much more! Available at amazon.in for Rs.2,789.

If you are looking for something more 'girly' and structured then check out the Webby Dream Girls Beach Villa Building Set. This product features a villa, a yacht as well as a plane and 4 dolls that are to be built using the bricks. An instruction manual accompanies which can used to create the set. Available also on amazon.in for Rs.1,044.

Smartivity Big Electric Giant Wheel (DIY, STEM)

A 7-year-old already displaying signs of interest in science will love this Smartivity STEM DIY kit. A great option to boost interest in STEM, this fun DIY kit incorporates basics of fascinating concepts like engineering, centre of gravity, motors .

The set comes with 14 puzzle pieces that are made of engineered wood, which are to be used for make a working model of an electric wheel. The accompanying step-by-step instruction book offers support for the process as does a learner's log which gives the explanation of the various scientific principles. The log also suggests additional activities that the child can use to experiment further and understand the concepts. This set can be purchased for Rs.1,814 from amazon.in

Yucky Science Slime Madness Kit with Borax, 6 Years and above (Multicolour)

Introduce the 7 year old to chemistry in absolutely fun way. The Yucky Science Slime Madness Kit can be used to make 5 different types of slime at home by mixing together just a few simple chemicals.

The kit contains all the necessary materials for making the slime including the chemicals, tools like beakers and bowls as well as an activity guide. The kids can also view videos on YouTube to get further guidance. The different kinds of slime that can be made include coloured slime, candy slime, galaxy glitter slime, yucky clear slime, and alien.

The kit offers an innovative way to get the child to experiment hands-on and improve basic understanding of chemistry. Available for Rs. 399 at amazon.in. A similar option is the BucketBolt Mega Slime Making kit available at amazon.in for Rs. 499.

Gifts to Spark Her Creativity

Fashion Craft - 6 in 1 Activity Set

This 6 In 1 Activity Kit can kick-start her interest in craft-making and jewellery making and spur her creativity. It contains materials to make 6 different types of jewellery including Paper Quilling Jewellery, Friendship Bracelets, Button And Crystal Jewellery, Shamballa Bracelets, Glam Hair and Parabands.

The set is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, creativity and concentration. It offers the child a fantastic opportunity to learn how to create beautiful things by herself, which’ll give her a great sense of pride. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 535.

Mitashi Jumbo Art Set, Multi Color

For the child who likes to spend hours colouring and painting, this Jumbo art set is a perfect gift. It contains incredible range of art products including colouring pen, colour pencils, crayons, water paints, staplers, pins and more, all neatly packed inside a case, making it easily portable.

The kit gives the kids a chance to play around in different art mediums and spend hours bringing alive their imagination. Get it at amazon.in for Rs. 424.

Gifts to Encourage the Love of Reading

National Geographic Kids: WHY ? - Answers to Everything (2018)

A 7-year old is at the right stage to appreciate the wonder of nature. This engaging and kid-friendly National Geographic book will not only introduce them to reading, but also help them know more about the world around them.

This updated version covers a wide range of fascinating topics presented in an interesting format. Information is provided in form of answers to common questions that kids usually come up with, so they’ll find it an easy read. Covering both silly and serious topics, children will enjoy reading the 1,111 answers that the book contains. Available for Rs. 440 at Amazon.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Book Slipcase

Jeff Kinney's award winning and highly popular series has been a beloved memory for several generations of kids. Whether the little one is a bookworm or yet to discover the joy of reading, the hilarious Diary of a Wimpy Kid set will be a much-loved gift.

In addition to all the books of the series, the book set also includes a do-it-yourself book that guides children towards the practice of keeping a daily journal. The book set can be purchased on Amazon for Rs. 1,799.

Stories from the Panchatantra: 5 in 1 (Amar Chitra Katha)

Introduce the 7 year old to our country’s rich heritage and culture through the wonderful Amar Chitra Katha comics. These comics have been a part of Indian kids’ lives for decades now and are an excellent way to get the kids interested in our ancient past.

This 5-in-1 hardcover collection set contains a small collection of stories from the legendary Panchatantra depicted in the inimitable graphical style of Amar Chitra Katha. It can be ordered on Amazon for Rs.294. ACK offers a large variety of title combinations ranging from mythology to history - so you can tweak your choice to the child’s interests.

Gifts for the Girly-Girl 7 Year Old

Barbie Fashions and Accessories, Multi Color

For some girls, nothing beats the joy of playing with dolls. This original Barbie set with a Fashion theme will be an option that is sure to delight them.

The box contains 1 Barbie doll, additional clothing as well as 15 accessories including purses, shoes, jewellery. The little girl will love switching around the styles using her imagination and develop her own favourite styles and looks. It allows her to play alone or in a group creating a world of her own with the dolls which is said to be great for boosting creativity.

Buy it at amazon.in for Rs. 920.

Toniq Kids Multicoloured Set of Pendants and Necklace

At 7 years, several girls are excited by the thought of owning their own jewellery.

A cute gifting idea is the simple and kid-appropriate Toniq Kids Multicoloured Set of Pendants and Necklace. The set comprises a thin silver-coloured metallic chain with an extremely simple design, as well as a box of multiple heart-shaped pendants with different alphabets printed on them. She can use the pendants to make up her favourite words or perhaps her name. Available at myntra.com at Rs. 599.

Disney Princess Combo Gift - Figurine 4 In 1 Pack + Backpack

For the Princess-crazy 7 year old this combo gift is a winner. The little girl will adore this combo of a 4 Disney princesses’ figurines set and a Frozen-themed backpack.

The small size Frozen Plush Bagpack has a fluffy external covering with the front panel featuring a printed image of Anna and Elsa. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for her during short trips.

The Barbie dolls can be purchased from jabong.com for Rs. 1199 while the bag that can be ordered from flipkart.com for Rs. 444. They can also be given separately if that's more suitable.

Connecting With Her is Most Important

As you can see, the choice in gifts is immense. Choosing the right gift for a child always feels a little tricky as we don’t want to disappoint them. Our tips will help reduce the chances of the child not liking her gift but if despite your best efforts, you fail, don’t worry. You can always make it up by taking her out for a special treat and spending quality time to connect with her!

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