Magical Gift Ideas for Girls Turning 7 Years Old (2018)

Magical Gift Ideas for Girls Turning 7 Years Old (2018)

Little ones grow up so fast and that tiny tot you knew is all grown up and turning 7 years old. You know the baby gifts of cuddly bears and cute dolls will no longer do. Here are all the smart, fun, creative, intellectually stimulating and exciting toys and games that all the cool 7 year girls are playing with in 2018.

Here's What You Need to Know When Shopping for 7 Year Girls

Parents simply wonder when they see their little 7 year old girl grow up so fast. She is bubbly at one time while she would be pensive and thoughtful at some other time. She would like to cuddle up to her parents at one time while she would like to be left quite alone at other times. There is nothing wrong with your angel, she is simply going through varying new emotions. She is facing stress at school besides dealing with a growing social life. She wants to be independent but is not yet able to express herself fully. This is why choosing the best gifts for 7 year old girls is not an easy task. But we are here to help out. At this time, the perfect gift girl 7 year old would help to calm her, besides enhance her creativity. It needs to entertain her without taking away her thinking capabilities. Check out the options we have chosen for your little princess.

Personal Gestures Done Out Of Love

Sometimes the gifts that girls like most are not available at any toy store - a 7 year old girl would always like a hug above all else. This is especially required when she has fared badly at school or lost a game. At this time, a hug reminds her that she is still perfect for her parents. Her marks in school will not decrease the love of her parents towards her. Another gift 7 year old girls would like is a listening ear. The fact remains that people are too busy to spend enough time with their children nowadays. Hence the child has no one to share her joy, fears and anxieties with. If a parent can go to work a bit late and spend time with her little one that would be the best gift for her little child.

It is true that parents love their child, but they need to say it. This does not have to happen once or twice a day, rather, it has to happen all the time, as often as possible. The picnics do not have to be on specific days and after a long planning, good weather should be a reasonable excuse to take a day off from work and go out with the family. A simple thing like eating meals together can do wonders for a family. It is something that brings people closer. This can be family time where everyone discusses their day.

There must be a no-screen day for everyone. Just being present physically is not enough, everyone should be mentally present too. This means that there must be days when the family is together without being glued to a phone or TV or laptop. Even a little girl would like a day without rules at some time. This means that it is not necessary to scold her each time she gets back late from the park or does not brush her teeth before sleeping. All these moments are the gifts that a 7 year old will cherish for a lifetime. Toys and games are secondary, and must be selected with the same love and care.

Customised and Meaningful

It is easy to go to the market and buy toys for 7 year olds. But this happens year after year and eventually the child gets bored of it, she simply picks the gift and shoves it into a closet after playing with it briefly. She may never take it out from there again. So what is the solution? The fact is that kids are looking for moments of love and care. This is something that toys in the market cannot provide. Only parents and friends can do this. There are many activities that parents can do along with the child to make her feel special. This includes making a picture book of her favourite photos. Each photo can be accompanied with a little write-up about when, why and where the photo was taken.

A 7 year old can sit and make a quilt along with her parents. This would be a quilt made of memories. It is something that would never be available at any toy store. If you decide to buy her one instead, have is customised to a colour or theme she likes, such as her favourite Disney princess, or have her named monogrammed into it. This personal touch makes the gift special for the child as it stops being just another blanket she uses but a blanket made specially for her. Gifts for girls do not have to be bought only on her birthday or a festival, each day is special for her. In case she loves books, there can be a monthly subscription bought for her favourite books. This way she gets a new gift every month.

Get her a mug or cup with a beautiful message, perhaps a picture of her or her name on it. This would make look forward to her morning ritual of having milk. The message does not have to be a preaching lesson. It can be a simple 'we love you' or 'the most beautiful girl in the world'. This is the age when the little girl starts having her own taste in dresses and jewellery. Therefore jewellery and other other accessories can be bought that can be shared by both mother and daughter. It is good fun to choose jewellery for each other while going out. Let the child set the menu for the day. Even if the food is kiddish and not very nutritious, everyone can enjoy it for one day and make the little girl feel important.

Seven Year Olds Love Colours, So Pick Vibrant Colours

The best gifts for 7 year old girls will always be in vibrant colours. This is an established fact that women have an affinity for certain colours. This can include varying shades of pink, lavender, blue, purple, and so on. This is why even the advertising and marketing focused on women is done in these colours. Due to this reason, the gifts for girls should always be in vibrant colours. As people grow up they may move towards subdued or subtle colours but a young child whose mind is still developing, is attracted by vivid hues. Hence toys and games for children are often in bright colours.

Creative, Customised & Meaningful Gift Ideas For 7 Year Olds

It is so easy to go to a toy store and buy gift girl 7 year old. But she would feel immense pride when she tells her friends that she has gifts that no one can ever have. This is because they have been created just for her. Parents can always gift a baby book to the child that has all the memories like her first tooth, her first step, and so on. These are memories that will always be cherished. A little book of poetry written for the little one will always be an amazing gifts for girls. In case parents are not good at writing poems, they can simply jot down some simple thoughts and feelings for their little one. There can be nothing more welcome than a tiny note attached to the tiffin box daily for a 7 year old girl. It can have a joke, a little message of love or encouragement or just some helpful tip to get through the day. The little one will love this daily treat.

Personalised Mugs and Sippers With Her Picture

A great personalised gift for girls can be a mug that has her photo on it which she can use to drink from or even use as decor on her dressing table or study table at home. The SnapGalaxy Happy Birthday Message Photo Mug can be a perfect gift here. It is made of ceramic. It has a capacity of 325 ml. It can be customised with a photo as well as custom message at the time of placing the order. This is the perfect cup for having milk or cocoa in the morning before going to school. Nothing can be better than having it in a customised cup that has the little girl's photo on it. This personalized mug is available for Rs.250 on Amazon.

Sweet Greeting Poster Designed by Siblings


One of the best gifts for a 7 year old girl can be a birthday card that has been made by her siblings. On one hand, it displays the love that the little girl is getting from her family. This will be in her favourite colours, and there would be a mention of her favourite things in it. This is a wonderful way to enhance the creativity in the house. After all, there are a number of interesting things in the house. Any beads, sequins, buttons or even fresh flowers and stems can be used to decorate a card or a poster. Crayons, spray paints and glitter can be used to make the card lively and colorful. Such a gift will be treasured by her years later, long after all the toys and games have been put away.

Picture Collage Summing Up Her Seven Years

Another interesting gift can be a picture collage of your little girl containing photos from the time she was a bay till the present day. This will have memories from her birth and her growing years, a reflection of her young life on paper. It will be something highly important for her hence it is best to get it framed so that it does not get spoilt with age. In case it is in the form of a scrapbook, the pages can be laminated to ensure that they do not get spoiled.

Another option is to make a time capsule. This would be in the form of a metal box that would contain the favourite items of the child at that time. In addition, there would always be a note that would record the date and time when that metal box was buried in the ground. It would be an amazing experience to dig out that box after several years and go through each precious item that is placed inside it.

Sketch Pens and Art Material

Gifts for girls can include colour pen sets along with art material. You can buy her pencil colours, crayons, sketch pens, watercolours, craft paper, quilling material and so on. There can be blower pens, glitter spray and much more. If she already has enough colouring material give her canvas, plain white sheets or picture books. The 7 year old girls can even paint on cloth, tiles or glass based on their interest. Girls this age love to draw, colour and make simple craft objects. They are a lot more confident using art material and love to explore their creative talents any chance they get.

You can consider buying the Maped Fine Nib Sketch Pen Set which is available for Rs.375 on Amazon. It is a set of highly versatile and bright coloured sketch pens that would be loved by little girls. Besides, these are non-toxic colours that are environment friendly too.

Rubic's Cube

Toys are much more than a form of entertainment. The best gifts for 7 year old girls will be things that help to develop her intelligence, emotional quotient as well as provide her with fun. Board games fulfill all these criteria and have another plus point - since your 7 year old would have to sit and play the game you will also get a break from her running around the house while she is playing with her board games and puzzles.

A good option can be the Rubic's cube. This is not a new toy but is a classic toy for both children and adults that will never lose its importance. This cube has 6 sides, each in a different colour, with 9 blocks on each side. The task is to arrange the blocks in such a way that all the blocks with the same colour are on one side. The kids can start by getting one side correct, then two and so on. But this helps kids to analyze and understand the logic behind this sequence. In this way, their intellectual capabilities are extended. The Funskool Rubic's cube has firm blocks that are comfortable to twist and turn when trying to solve the puzzle. Buy it for Rs.345 on Amazon.

Creative Tegu Blocks

Some of the best gifts for 7 year old girls are building blocks. But Tegu blocks are different, these are made from natural wood. In fact, when a child starts playing with these blocks, the difference becomes evident. These blocks also help a child to understand the importance of conserving the environment. The reason why these blocks are so popular becomes clear when one looks at the smooth planks as well as blocks. This is why at one point there was a waiting line of 2500 persons for these blocks. The Tegu blocks are focused on conserving the ecology of Honduras and developing its people which is why on every purchase of Tegu blocks, the buyer is asked if they would like to pay for planting 12 trees in Honduras or pay for the education of 1 child for a day in a school of Honduras.

The Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block set includes 42 pieces. All these are made from natural wood and include the highly popular magnetic wheels. There are nine unique shapes in total. These blocks are very sturdy and have been made to last. There are no rough edges here due to the lacquer finish. No plastic of any kind has been used in these blocks and it has no small parts, making them safe for children of all ages. The Tegu blocks inculcates the storytelling skill in kids, they provide open-ended, imaginative entertainment that will keep children engaged for hours. The Tegu wooden block set is priced at Rs.7,120 on Amazon.

Glittery Body Tattoo Kit

Small girls like things that are bright and glittering and one of the latest craze among kids today is body tattoos. Girls like to adorn themselves when they are alone or with friends or before going to a party. Buy her a glitter tattoo kit that includes various shapes so she can make tattoos for herself easily. It should have glitter in a multitude of colours so she can unleash her creative with bright colourful designs. This means that she will have the option to choose something that goes with her dress or some colour that is in complete contrast to their dress. No matter what the occasion is, a tattoo can make the entire event and the dress interesting.

The important thing here is to ensure that the glitters are completely safe and do not harm the skin in any way. Besides, these should be easy to remove as such things are usually not allowed in school. Besides, this way girls can wear a different tattoo each time. The BMC Friendly Animals Party Fun Temporary Fashionable Glitter Tattoo Body Art Design Stencils Kit is available for Rs.2,379 on Amazon. This has several interesting shapes such as elephant, fish, dolphins and so on, there are 12 designs in total. It also includes 2 brushes in different sizes for applying the glitter. Such a gift will be loved by all kids.

Few Extra Cool Toys for 7 Year Old Girls

There are so many options available to gift to girl who are 7 year old but it is important to ensure that they are safe, interesting and pretty to look at. A trendy option can be the password journal. The fact is that a 7 year old has ample dresses, shoes, bags and colours. Now she is growing up and has her own opinion and idea of things around her. A journal will allow her to talk with herself and understand herself in a better way. Give her a diary with a difference such as this one with a password to lock it. The little girl can write her feelings and then store them away from everyone. It also has a hidden compartment where interesting memorabilia can be kept and there are 6 matching keys and 12 stickers for tagging her notes. It would be a delight for the young child to open up this box after few years and going through the contens inside. The Mattel Keepsake Box is available for Rs.7,119 on Amazon.

A Princess Castle


All little girls must have their own princess castle complete with dolls, tall towers and interesting details where she can keep her dolls, imagine them to be princesses and live out her own dreams of being a princess. The Lalaloopsy Girls Mini Princess Doll Castle is perfect to gift a 1 year old girl. It will allow her to take the princess up and down on her own elevator and it comes with a zip line for the pet. It can be a fun toy to play with along with friends. Various Lalaloopsy Minis characters come along with the castle. Mittens, Peanuts, Jewel and Crumbs have their own themed towers. There is a balcony featured to look out for all of them. This is an amazing way to have fun as well as let her imagination loose. This helps in the development of intellectual capabilities of little children. The castle is available for Rs.5,593 on Amazon.

Children's Microscope

Often it is not clear what a child likes or dislikes, and at such an early age it can be difficult to know if a child has any special interests or abilities. This can be discovered by gifting them toys that are entertaining as well as educative. A microscope is a good option. Kids always want to learn about new and different things and would be very excited to see cells and molecules or study small bugs and flowers under its lens. A microscope can help them here.

The Annie Toys Kiddy Microscope is just like a real microscope. It makes use of a combination of lenses in order to enlarge the image and the height of the microscope can be increased or decreased in accordance with the height of the child. It has a light power switch so that kids can see in the dark too. The experience is similar to what the kids will get in a lab and will help to inculcate a sense of discovery in her. This way she can learn new things as well as have an enjoyable time. There are no batteries required and it has a slot to keep the slides in place. It is priced at Rs.549 on Giveter.

Pictureka Disney Board Game

Childhood is no longer as simple as it once used to be. Little girls are now growing up so fast and their minds are a lot sharper than they used to be even a few generations ago. She will not be satisfied with the traditional games any more. She wants gifts that have a twist in them, that challenge and stimulate her mind. The Pictureka Disney Board game will keep her busy for hours. It is a board game that can be played by 2 or more players. The game consists of 56 cards which include 55 mission cards with just 1 Pictureka card. The aim is to find this Pictureka card. It has a sand timer in order to keep the pressure on the players as they race against time to find the Pictureka card. This game is available for Rs.479 on Giveter.

Musical Exercising Gadgets

There is happy news for parents who are worried that their kids do not play any outdoor games. The fact is that outdoor spaces have reduced. Besides, it has become risky to send a 7 year old girl outside to play without any adult supervision. A skipping rope will never go out of fashion. It is a very basic game but is always lots of fun. Children can skip alone or make up games to play with their friends. The Simba - Musical Jumping rope is one of the best gifts for girls. It turns an ordinary skipping rope into a music player which plays pleasing music while they jump. Besides, it has a device which records the number of times they jump which can be good fun for when she is playing with friends and they can compare and compete for the highest number of jumps. This will also prompt little girls to be more active. This is a nice way to get physical exercise even if the child is indoors. This rope is available for Rs.404 on Giveter.

Beauty and Salon Kits

As the little girl grows, she starts focusing on her looks too. She wants to look beautiful just like her mommy. Taking her to the beauty salon may not be a very good idea as she is still too young for it but she can have her fun playing pretend salon at home. Buy her Funskool Pedicure Salon kit which has enough items to pamper the feet of a little child and make her feel like she is getting a pedicure just like mommy does. It contains a foot bath tray, tow separators, cotton swaps, nail polish, nail filer and other items like nail stickers to keep the feet of a little girl clean and beautiful. A 7 year old girl does a lot with her feet - she is jumping, dancing and running all the time. She may have a lot of energy as children usually do, but with such a toy she can be encouraged to sit down and take a breather, and give you some peaceful time at home too. Besides, with her own pedicure kit she may pester you less for taking her to the salon to get her nails done. The Funskool pedicure set can be bought for Rs.319 on Giveter.

Personal and Sentimental Gifts

Each gift comes with its own shelf life. Typically, gifts for girls will last one holiday season. Even if they last a lot longer than that, sometimes the best gift would be something that she will always remember. This is possible only when the gift has a sentimental value and is personalised for her. There are several options available in the market today for creating such personal sentimental gifts. This includes a t-shirt with a customized message or a pillow with the child's photo. Jewellery too scores high points with girls and personalised pieces that will suit a small child will be wonderful gifts. In particular, girls love bracelets, simple chain pendants and hair accessories.

A Family Trip to an Amusement Park

When you look at the larger picture, you realise that it is only for a short time that children live with their family. Kids grow up very fast, then they prefer to spend time with their friends and later they move on with their own life. This is why it is important to spend as much time with them as possible. These are moments that they will be able to cherish through their lives. A dinner outing or a visit to the local park is simply a treat. Depending on where you live, plan an outing to an amusement park, visit another city to go to a theme park she will be excited to attend. A wonderful for a 7 year old girl would be a trip to Disneyland. This will involve international travel but if it fits in your budget it will be a wonderful way to spend time with the whole family. Disneyland has something for everybody which is why it is enjoyed by the entire family. The days spent at Disneyland will be lifelong memories for everyone. Just make sure that the trip is announced to the kids in a unique and innovative way. This will make the trip even more exciting.

DIY Art Class with Your Girl

One of the best gifts for a 7 year old girl can be an appreciation for what she has done. This means talking about her skills and abilities. Kids love it when they are talked about in a positive manner and the est part is it does not require any money, but just a little thought. Kids are doing a lot nowadays. They are sketching, painting or making models. All forms of creative expression are very popular with young girls.

A gift can be something as simple as creating wonderful memories with her at home. Since girls enjoy drawing and painting so much, buy a whole bunch of art supplies for her. A good way to keep a record of her work and progress is to get her a big art book in which she can draw. A folder in which individual sheets can be stored is another great way. Set aside a day and time for the art class, have all your supplies ready and spend a few hours painting together. Teach her a few tricks about painting and creating forms, or make silly pictures and compare them for laughs. In no way is this meant to be a serious art class, the whole point is to have a lot of fun. Later she will have a collection of drawing and sketches she can look at or show to visitors.

Organise a Themed Surprise Party

Any child would look forward to her birthday. After all, it is her special day where for an entire day she is the princess of her world and the world revolves around her. A big highlight of this day is her birthday party. It can be a birthday party like any other with a cake, candles, some party games and her friends, or else, it can be something extra special.

It is not very difficult to make a special birthday party. If you pick a theme there are lots of ways to make it more interesting and enjoyable than the average birthday party. There are so many themes to pick from - there are general themes like pirates, princess, fairies and magic. In case the little girl has some special interests, that can be the theme of the party. For example if the child likes swimming, water can be the theme. In case she is fascinated by snow, that can be the theme.

It will also be fun to sit with the child and plan the birthday party with her. Being part of the decision making process with boost her confidence and make her feel important. You can let her select the theme, let her choose her own birthday dress and cake and ask her opinion on things being planned for the party. A few things you will have to keep in mind are the cake, very important! Think about whether you want to organise a party at home or select a venue. The decor, her birthday dress, the food and cutlery should all be synchronized with the theme. Birthday parties are no fun without games so do some research on what games will go with the theme. A lot of meticulous planning will be needed so give yourself plenty of time. As much effort as it takes, seeing the fun her friends have and her beaming face will make it all worthwhile.

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Steer Clear of Baby Toys

For people who do not have kids of their own, buying a gift for a child can be quite a difficult task as they are not very sure about the mental and physical capabilities of children at different ages. At 7 years a girl is still a child but in no way is she still a baby, however cute and small she may look. Cute stuffed toys and dolls will no doubt be appreciated by there are a lot more interesting things you can give her. This goes for parents as well - you may not want your baby to grow up but she is going to, so buy her suitable gifts.