Throwing a Party for a Little One Obsessed with the LOL Surprise Dolls? Here are 10 LOL Themed Party Favour Her Friends Will Love (2019)

Throwing a Party for a Little One Obsessed with the LOL Surprise Dolls? Here are 10 LOL Themed Party Favour Her Friends Will Love (2019)

Even a few years after the LOL Surprise dolls took the world by storm, their popularity has not waned. Instead, there is a whole range of toys and games that are now based on these little baby dolls. We scoured the internet to find cute dolls, stickers, games and other stationary based on the LOL Surprise dolls that you can give as party favours. Get ready to hear squeals of excitement as the little ones dig into their goody bags!

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Tips on Goodie Bags for Kids' Parties

Everyone wants to make the party memorable. They want that people should talk about their party even after it gets over. Well giving a memorable party favour is one of the best ways to make the party memorable. Apart from that you can have many fun full events in order to make your party more playful and engaged.

For example, you can send creative invitations for your party. This will be a start to make your party memorable and at the end, you can give away some happy LOL party favour gifts to everyone so that they won't forget it easily.

Getting Party Favours that will be Popular with Your Guests!

Being successful at a perfectly planned party that goes without a hitch is appreciated, and the icing on the cake is the return favours you’d hand to the little munchkins on their way out. It’s equally important that you fill these goodies with stuff that’s popular and well received by your little guests.

Send them back with party favours that will keep them talking about the party long after its over! To begin with, aim for favours that are practical and things that perhaps you’d want and use as well. If you’ve had a party with a theme, then try matching your party favours to the theme, which will extend the gift’s sentimental value and allow your little guests to enjoy the favours more. Your party favours get more interesting with an element of surprise to them, package them in a way that the guests can’t make out the contents, let them pick from a pile at random & then see what they get!

Edible Party Favours

It’s hard to go wrong with edible party favours, as they won’t be wasted or thrown, irrespective of the fact that they may be purchased or homemade. From a bag of cookies to a cookie mix layered decoratively in a mason jar, from an assortment of candies in a bag to a buffet of candies for the kids to choose from, edible party favours are a hit anyway with the kids.

Conjure up a bag of watermelon or other fruit-flavoured sugar candies/jujubes, add a printable tag and you’re all set! Or get a hold of a little basket, line it with patterned & colourful napkin and fill it with some crackers, marshmallows and chocolates making for an easy & delicious party favour. You’d also have cotton candies packaged as DIY favour, packaging it in a clear bag, a waffle cone with a tag that says you’re sweet. This makes your goodie bag a cute treat that won’t melt.

Other edible favours could include lollipops packaged creatively between two layered cutouts either in theme-appropriate shapes or colours or with a handwritten thank you message; a little basket filled with trail mixes, snacks and dried fruits; a bag of ocean-inspired sweet treats like fish-shaped crackers, gummies and jelly beans.

Creative Party Favours

Go creatively manic when it comes to styling goodie bags for the Kids as return favours. For instance, you’d stimulate their developing little minds with all things STEM, like filling up the beakers with candies, with DIY instructions on performing easy scientific experiments at home or science frosted lollipops, test tube bubbles, safety glasses, etc.

Keep them busy with an art favour bag which includes differently shaped crayons, Crayola notepads, fabric aprons for the little artist, or mini paint can puzzles. You’d also nurture their exploring curiosity with interesting things like plastic bugs or animals to look at closely under a magnifying glass, perhaps a binocular or a bug catcher kit with a net, tweezers and a bug jar!

All the kids enjoy running around the beach and getting their hands dirty making castles in the sand, so why not chalk up a summer fun favor for them with bubble wands, rainbow jump ropes, mini beach balls, and neon sunglasses, or perhaps encourage the camper’s spirit in them with a camp goodie bag, filled with a flashlight keychain, chocolate candy bars, marshmallows and some camping goodies.

Anyway, LOL is a new trend nowadays and kids love it! So here we bring some party favours that will match the theme of LOL party for your kids!

10 LOL Party Favour Ideas for Your Guests

We know there are lots of party favour ideas out there but why to get the mind confused when you have a lot of work and preparation for the party. No worries we have done this work for you and sorted out very crazy LOL Party Favours for you. These are some of the best ideas you can have and more important you don't need to step out of your house. They are just one click away. Check them all and select the best for you.

Lol Surprise Fashion Crush PDQ

The L.O.L Surprise Fashion Crush PDQ comes with 3 super surprises with clues to look out for with a spyglass, collectors’ poster, and do not eat Fashion Crush Jelly. Ideal as a party favour for age groups of 3-8 years, the package measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 5cm in dimensions.

The package is all about finding the pet which the L.O.L Surprise Dolls lost on a top-secret mission. The spyglass will help the investigators find codes and unlock surprises. Priced at Rs. 389, the L.O.L Surprise Fashion Crush PDQ is available on

Lol Surprise Glam Glitter Asst

The L.O.L Surprise Glam Glitter Asst includes 15 surprises – a spyglass, surprise codes, secret message sticker, bottle, mystery disguises, shoes, fashion accessories, outfits and a L.O.L surprise eye spy under wraps doll. The aim of the game is to find surprise clues with the spyglass from the Eye Spy Series SpyGlass, feeding/bathing the included L.O.L Surprise Doll to uncover water surprises and using the purse carrying case and doll stand, disguised as a capsule with a collector’s poster. Priced at Rs. 1,252, the L.O.L Surprise Glam Glitter Asst is appropriate for kids at age 4+, measuring 3.82” each in height and width. This gift set encourages the kids’ curiosity building skills. It is available on Flipkart.

Lol Party Favour Pack

This special L.O.L Surprise Birthday Party Favor includes party favours for about 8 kids and comes with a bag each of mini notepads, activity sheets, sunglasses, tattoos, stickers and wrist-slap bracelets. In addition, it also includes an exclusive ‘Life of Part’ 2.5 buttons which can be given way as a special gift or an activity reward. Measuring 11.3 x 7.9 x 1” in dimensions, the L.O.L Surprise Birthday Party Favor for 8 is priced at Rs. 2,336 and is ideal for kids aged 3 years and above. It is available on

LOL Drawstring Party Bag

Most young girls adore the LOL surprise series and these cute drawstring party favour bags will be a sure shot hit at their party. With each bag measuring approx. 13” in height and 11” in width, the bags are big enough to hold a variety of things. The bags come in beautiful and bright colours and designs with the vivid & vibrant LOL print, made of non-woven fabric and are durable & lightweight, featuring a drawstring closure, crafted in line with reusable and eco-friendly characteristics. Apart from being used as a party favour, the bag can also be used as a craft/candy/toy bag and so on. Priced at Rs. 4,102, the L.O.L Drawstring Party Bags are available on Amazon.

Lol Surprise Hairgoals Makeover

The L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Makeover Series with 15 Surprises is party favour that’s all about a fierce makeover with real hair or rare glitter hair with an assortment of beautiful colours and hairstyles. The Makeover party favour includes Magic Mirror, Secret Message, Hair Barrette Stickers, Salon Chair, Hair Curlers, Comb, Bottle, Fashion Accessory, Mystery Disguise, Outfit, Shoes, L.O.L. Surprise! Hairgoals doll, along with a new hairspray capsule that can transform into a salon chair, a display case, a doll stand or purse. Priced at Rs.1,319, the L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Makeover Series comes in hairspray can capsule, available on

Lol Surprise Sipper


With a capacity to hold 16oz liquid and white in colour with a durable construct the L.O.L Surprise Sipper is a personalized aluminium water bottle perfect as a party favour for kids, to which you can add their name of initiates. The sipper includes a sports cap & lop carabiner clip, is completely dishwasher safe and is priced at Rs.499 each. To add a gift message, just add details of what you’d like printed before placing the order. Available on Amazon.

Lol SurpriseCreative Art and Craft Activity

The L.O.L Surprise Series is one of the most popular craze among the kids these days and further to that, these Creative Art & Craft activity books add to the fervour, packed with an assortment of excellent craft projects, recipes and entertaining activities. Available in the paperback version, the books are 3 in the collection to choose from with 48 pages in each, priced at Rs. 569 each as well, and can be brought from Flipkart.

Lol Surprise Party Rhinestone Sticker Set


The L.O.L Surprise Party Rhinestone Sticker Set comes with a set of 4 detachable sticker cards with favourite L.O.L character stickers that can be torn into quarters for some sticker book fun! Featuring the Merbaby, Queen Bee, M.C Swag and Fancy, this sticker set makes ideal party favour. Priced at Rs.2,516 each, the L.O.L Surprise Party Rhinestone Sticker Set is available on Amazon.

Safta LOL Surprise Hearts 19.4L

The Safta LOL Surprise Hearts XS is rucksack that’s easily transformed into a trolley bag. Measuring 42cm in dimensions and weighing 0.53gm, the bag comes with a side pocket on each side for holding a bottle, a double handle on the main zip for easy access, ergonomic and padded shoulder pads and back, with a front large-format pocket. With the capacity to hold 19.4l, the rucksack is available in different colours and apt for girls. Priced at Rs. 1654, the Safta LOL Surprise Hearts XS Bag is available on

L.O.L. Surprise! Oval Tote Storage Tin

The L.O.L. Surprise! Oval Tote Storage Tin from Amazon is a licensed official merchandise from L.O.L Surprise and comes with a handle, clasp and hinge, ideal for toy storage. Measuring 7 x 5 x 5 in dimensions, the L.O.L. Surprise! Oval Tote Storage Tin is a metal case to protect the toys and dolls from damage and is also viable for edible storage. Featuring the L.O.L Surprise graphics, the oval tote storage tin weighs 8 ounces, is pink in color with multi-colored graphics and is priced at Rs. 1,344 per piece.

Bonus Tips for an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

Organizing a birthday party for Kids is in itself a daunting task, and to organize one which is eco-friendly all the more imposing. However, with a variety of environmental choices available, it can be easily doable.

  • Disposable to reusable: You can choose party décor that’s made of handmade fabrics with different themes and colours, recycled paper, including banners & party napkins that can be used for the party.

  • Fresh instead of packaged: Buy fresh ingredients instead of packaged edibles and cut down on wastage immensely. Instead of frozen veggies or meat items, buy the farmer’s produce, as it’d be more nutritious and eco-friendly.

  • Do away with favour bags:Party favor bags use up a lot of waste materials like candies wrapped in plastic or cheap plastic toys, bags made of plastic, etc. A better option would be to use paper or fabric bags and filling them with utility items like notepads, chalks, pens, jigsaw puzzles, plant seeds or flower bulbs wrapped in cloth.

  • Games: You can craft your party games with materials that are already available at the party. For instance, use your sitting chairs to play a game of musical chairs with an eco-friendly reward to the winner, use chalk to play hopscotch or use board games, recycle old newspapers to make a piñata.

  • Cake: Instead of a bakery cake, make the birthday cake at home. This ensures that there’s no wastage and you get to bake a cake with precise requirements and decorate it just the way you’d like. You can also incorporate any scraps of the cake and use them wisely, like cake crumbs can become cake pops!
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Don't Let the Party Fever Come Down

When there is a party for kids, we have to take extra care. From the invitation to events and gifts, we have to prepare everything so carefully that no kid should either get hurt or feel bad during the party. Fight between the kids is a normal thing and we have to take care of this too. The packing of the gift is also very important for the kids. There should always an event of surprise and happiness for the kinds. Happy Partying.