Make Your Child's Birthday Party Memorable by Gifting One of These 9 Affordable and Fun Party Favors to the Little Guests in Attendance! (For age 1-3 years old)

Make Your Child's Birthday Party Memorable by Gifting One of These 9 Affordable and Fun Party Favors to the Little Guests in Attendance! (For age 1-3 years old)

Your little dove is growing up faster than you can imagine! The milestone needs to be celebrated. But, are you confused about how to organise an amazing birthday party for your kiddo? We are here to help you. Find in this guide, essential tips and party favour ideas for that exciting b' day bash!

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What are the Essential Do's and Don'ts of Party Favors?

Start with Making a List of Everything and Anything You Need

When we plan to arrange a party or any other event, the first thing that we must do is to make a list! This list should include all the items that you will need for the event and specifically mention those, which you need to buy. It will be convenient for you to add up their individual costs and estimate the budget. This way you already know what to get from the market and how much of each item do you need.

When selecting the party favours, follow the same process. Make a list of the items you want to give as return gifts, whether they need packaging or do you want a small note added to each one of them? Look out for the market price of the gifts and estimate a budget. It will amount to big savings if you compare the products from different retail websites beforehand.

Always Plan According to Your Budget


Party planning and arrangement can quickly go overboard without you even noticing it. When you go to the market, and start buying the party essentials you can very easily order two or three packages of the same things, thinking that you might need them or nothing should be scarce! If you have 20 favour gifts to give, you’ll probably order 25 packing papers just to stay safe!

But at the end of the day, you’ll see how you’ve just hoarded things like decorative items, disposable plates and cutlery, which will far from useful till the next year’s party. Hence being strict on the list that you make and the budget that you estimate becomes essential. Stick to the budget and even cut down on unnecessary items.

Do Not Ignore the Thought Behind the Return Gifts

Gifts and even return gifts become special only when there is a thought behind them. If your gift is just another random show piece with no actual use for the recipient, be assured that neither will they remember you for how great your present was nor will they really keep it. It will soon circulate in the rounds of gifting just like the ‘soan papdi box’ does during Indian festivals! Therefore, to make the gift special, add some thoughts behind it.

For a toddler’s party favor gifts, consider buying presents that will be of some or the other use to the baby. There is a plethora of options available in the market, for gifts which are both affordable and useful for the kids. For example, buying a pencil grip maker is an amazing idea if your recipients are in the age group of 2-6 years old. It is both useful and also retails for a reasonable price in the range of Rs. 150-300 on Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce websites.

9 Thoughtful and Affordable Party Favor Gifts for the Birthday Party of Your Toddler!

Some Personally Made Goody Bags

If you want to keep a hold on the amount of money you spend in buying the favour gifts along with presenting some useful stuff, try making your individually crafted goody bag! A budget-friendly toddler special goody bag could include pencils, cute erasers, small ping pong balls, kids safe stick-on tattoos, trendy sticker packets, colourful chalks, tiny containers of play-doh clay, and packs of 10-12 crayons or colours.

All these items can be bought easily at your nearby stationery and they don’t even cost much! You can skip or add any such items based on your budget per child. To make the goody bag more wholesome, you can add a few chocolates or candies or even a homemade cookie! This return gift will not only be unique but will also easily win all the kids’ hearts.

2 in 1 DIY Block Pen Stand Which is Both Fun and Useful

When kids start their academic journeys, the most fascinating things for them are the stationery items. From cartoon character inspired pencils to coloured erasers having fragrances, kids love buying quirky and out of the box stationery essentials. The 2 in 1 DIY Block Pen Stand is the best return gift for such an age group.

It is a multi-utility holder which can be made using small blocks given in the package. Kids will not only love the vibrant colours of this pen stand but also cherish the process of making it. It is a toy with usefulness, easy and extremely fun to make! You can buy this from the website of at a price of Rs. 75 per piece.

Cute Dinner Set for the Kids to Play with

This one is a gift for both the little angels and their mommies! Getting food into these little energy packets is the hardest thing for their mommies. But, with this 5 in 1 colourful dinner set, the toddlers are sure to be engaged. In this set, you receive a large size dinner plate with four divisions for easy food placement, a glass with colorful prints on it, a bowl with holders on the sides to carry hot food easily, a fork with blunt edges for easy use by the kid, and a normal sized spoon.

The glass can hold a volume of 220ml while the dimensions of the plate are 12 x 9 inches. The whole set is dishwasher safe and BPA free. You can buy this set for Rs. 199 from the where they offer additional discounts on orders of more than 10 sets too!

Vibrant Story Books which can Add Value to the Little Kids' Bedtime Stories


Kids love bedtime stories! From their wild running imaginations of giant lions to the way they hope a king or a queen looks, bedtime stories give toddlers new thoughts and images to grapple with and learn about the world. Story books not only add to their knowledge of things and beings, but they also help them grasp human values in a much better sense. Most of us remember moral lessons which were accompanied by great stories, isn’t it?

The Penguin: Cutout Board Book is a picture-based book for toddlers in the age group of 1 to 3 years. It has 10 pages with vivid, vibrant and engaging pictures sure to keep the little one occupied. The reviews for the same on Amazon rave about the good quality of the pages and the cut, making it very easy and safe for babies to play with. The dimensions of the book are 20.3cm x 25.4cm x 4.7 cm and it retails for Rs. 99 on The book will have a sturdy packaging along with being hardcover in itself.

Colouring Books to Bring Out the Artists in Them

Parents seeing their kids excel in academics in the later years is a heartfelt Asian dream. Studies show that children who learn art and craft in the early years have a better understanding and grasping power as they grow up. Giving them the freedom to draw their heart out or colour sheets like the rainbow might be the first step in this direction!

On the occasion of your kid’s birthday party, say goodbye to the little guests with an interesting colour book in their hands. You can add a small set of crayons or pencil colour to make the package complete. A book pack containing 7 colouring books with different themes like a birthday colouring book, animals colouring book, vegetable colouring book etc is available for Rs. 105 on of You can gift a set of 7 books to each kid or split the numbers based on your preference.

Funny Neon Coloured Goggles


In the age of Instagram trends and snapchat filters, goofy photos of kids posing with quirky toys and props have become an all-time hit. Toddlers dressing up as their favourite cartoon characters or posing with huge hats on their head have become a rage on social networking platforms. To add fun to your child’s birthday party and click such amazing photos and video, gift Neon Colored Fun Goggles to the little ones at the party. While the kids can pose and have fun wearing these over-sized colourful goggles at the party, let them take their favourite ones home as favour gifts! This will not only make the party extremely lively and interesting but also make the kids remember how out of the box your return gift was!

A set of such funky, neon colored goggles are available at Rs 360 on The set has twelve goggles, all in variety of shapes and colors. The material used to make these is safe plastic, and can easily be worn and used by toddlers.

Glow in the Night Stars and Moon Set to Lighten up Their Rooms

Staring at the night sky in the open fields is the most soothing and relaxing experience that one can have. But nowadays finding an opportunity to actually indulge in such an activity has become rare. For today’s generation, this has become more of a privilege. To help kids understand the charm of counting bright, sparkling stars in the night; gift them a set of glow in dark stars and moon stickers for the room ceiling. This might not give them the feeling of lying in an open field with the cool breeze all over but will certainly lure them into the magic world of shiny, bright celestial moon and stars.

You can buy a set of such moon and stars stickers from at a reasonable price of Rs 88 only. The stickers are removable and re-usable with the help of the glue provided in the packet. They can stick to any given surface and have a very easy installation process. The best part is that these stick-ons do not leave any kind of nasty marks on the walls when removed. 1 set of these stickers contains 8 pieces and are ideal for kids’ bedroom, nursery, study room or living room.

Friends to Accompany Them to the Bath Tubs


Bathing time may be fun for some kids while some others dread the mere thought of going under the shower. On the occasion of your kid’s birthday, give the kids new friends to enjoy shower time with. Using baby bath toys is a great way to make bathing time fun and exciting for the little ones. Initially, these can be used as tools to help the baby learn about different animals and birds while playing with them simultaneously.

These are made up of soft and safe rubber and are available in the set of 14 on This package retails for a price of Rs. 279 and consists of tiny, colourful animals and birds as bath toys.

A Set of Multicolored Stack Toys

Stacking games are generally the first set of games that babies play with. They are fun, colourful and easy to play with. They are the safest and the easiest toys to gift as birthday party favours. A beautiful teddy stacking ring set is available on for a retail price of Rs. 88 only.

The set has 1 ring stacker along with 5 different coloured rings to stack on it. The toy is made up of colourful, non-toxic material making it safe for the use of babies and has specialized shape for easy grip and hold. Such games are proved to help babies by improving their eye and hand coordination skills. Isn’t that a win-win situation altogether?

Pro Tip: What to Keep in Mind while Selecting the Return Gift for Toddlers?


When you have a particular bracket of age group to focus on while gifting, it becomes important to analyze what kinds of gifts will stand suitable for them. For kids, colours and functionality matter the most. If you’re planning to gift anything which has dull or a gloomy colour scheme; just drop it.

Choose toys and presents which have vibrant shades of reds, blues, yellows etc. furthermore, look into functional the gift is. If it is something which is more like an object to be kept as a showpiece, skip gifting that. Buy something which induces curiosity and fun in the kids. Not mention that while doing so keep a watch at the safety instructions of the toys. The mentioned age limit is for the safety of the child, it isn’t something that should be ignored.

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