Planning a Surprise for Your Little One for His Birthday? These Rainbow Party Favor Ideas are What You Need for Him to Have a Good Time! (2019)

Planning a Surprise for Your Little One for His Birthday? These Rainbow Party Favor Ideas are What You Need for Him to Have a Good Time! (2019)

There isn't a doubt about how much kids love colours. Just give them a blank sheet with lots of crayons, and they would show you what creativity is! For your creative little one, plan a rainbow-themed party for his or her birthday. BP-Guide brings you some fresh and fantastic rainbow party favour ideas; all you have to do is choose the ones that you like the most.

Go for Rainbow Theme for Kid's Birthday Party

It is Colorful & Chirpy

Rainbow party favour ideas are one of the most colourful ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday. There would be so many different colours in the party decorations as well as in return gifts that everything would seem magical, especially to the kids. The bright décor brings everything together in a happy and chirpy way which is why rainbow themes are one of the best options to choose from.

Inclusive for Boys & Girls

The best thing about a rainbow theme is that it does not focus on a specific gender. For example, we generally go for a pink theme for girls and a blue theme for boys, but the rainbow theme can be used for both, and it is such a wonderful thing.

All kids can feel will feel inclusive in the party and so will their parents. Everyone can enjoy the party in the same manner without a specific gender garnering all the attention while the other one feels left out.

Find Various Decorations & Return Gifts Ideas

Whether it is rainbow party favors or unicorn party favors, you generally get a lot of different options in them. The fact that these themes include all the colours in them, you can easily choose a lot of different types of decorative pieces and return gifts for your kid’s friends. And of course, this would save your precious time as well.

If you are looking for some decoration ideas for this party, then we have jotted down some recommendations for you in the last section of this article.

10 Super Fun Rainbow Party Favor Ideas

Rainbow Chocolate Wrappers

Our first recommendation for this list of rainbow-themed party favors here a wholesome way to make a gift special. These rainbow theme chocolate wrappers are great to turn even the small details such as chocolates into the multicoloured rainbow theme.

This particular set of rainbow chocolate wrappers is perfect for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar (34 gms). You can use it for candies and chocolates of similar size belonging to other brands too.

You get 10 such wrappers in this pack here which would be enough to cover the chocolates for the kids in the party. You can then give out these chocolates as a party favors to the kids in your little one's rainbow-themed party. This pack of 10 chocolate wrappers is available on for Rs. 253.

Multicolour Dinosaur Shaped Eraser

If you are planning on creating rainbow favor bags on your own and are looking for rainbow-themed gifts, then these dinosaur-shaped erasers are ideal for kids parties. Add these to other matching stationery items, and you have a gift that's not only super useful for the kids but also matching with the theme too.

In this pack, you get 12 of multicoloured plastic eggs. These eggs are printed with the kids' favourite cartoons on them which would be perfect to woo the kids. Each of these eggs contains 5 dinosaur-shaped erasers in them. If you look at this box of assorted coloured eggs, then you will find how nicely it keeps up with the rainbow theme. Even the colourful erasers look very cute. Basically, this is one wholesome package you shouldn’t miss out on. You can buy this pack of 12 plastic eggs on for Rs. 499 only.

Rainbow Themed Wristband

The next item we have for this list of rainbow-themed party favours is rainbow-themed wrist bands. The design of these bands is similar to that of the chocolate wrappers mentioned earlier in this section.

There is also a twist in these bands as you get the opportunity to customize these wrist bands with names too, but with additional charges. Talking about this pack, you get 10 simple non-customised wrist bands in this pack.

These wrist bands are quite cute, and kids would love to wear them even on a daily basis. They are made out of thin cardstock and don't cause any uneasiness whatsoever. You can buy the pack from for Rs. 300.

Multi-Coloured Pencils

Continuing with the rainbow party favours ideas, our next idea is even more fun and amazing. Stationery is one of the prime choices you can make for kid’s birthday parties, and this is why we picked this pack of multicoloured pencils for the kids.

A single pack contains 6 of the swirly print multicoloured pencils along with one sharpener too. The kids are going to love this stationery item for sure.

You have the option to give out one pack to each of the kid, or you can take out the pencils and distribute one or two pencils to each kid as per your desire. These pencils perfectly match with the rainbow theme, and they are cute to look at too. You can buy one pack containing 6 pencils on for Rs. 159.

Multicolour Photo Frame for Kids

One of the cutest and quirky party favour product that we found for your little guests is this photo frame. These frames are available in multicolour and hence are perfectly for this rainbow theme.

You get four different types of multicoloured frames in this pack here. Apart from having different colours in them, you can also spot cartoon cutouts decorated on them, which makes these frames unique.

Use these frames to decorate your kid’s room, and you can simply buy a pack and use them as party favours. And, you would be saving a lot of money here too. These printed photo frames are of size 19 x 16 cm, and you can buy one pack of 4 frames on for Rs. 150 only.

Rainbow Hats

Party hats might seem like an offbeat choice for rainbow party favour ideas, but kids love such items, especially the little ones of age 1-3 years. To keep up with the theme of the party, we found these rainbow hats which look so cute with all the colours on it.

The dimensions of these hats are perfect for kids. You also get a string attached to these hats so they can be fitted properly and remain intact throughout the party.

One pack contains 10 of such rainbow theme hats with a cute sunny print on them. Whether it is your little girl’s birthday or your little boy’s, these party hats are perfect for making all the kids a part of this celebration equally. You can buy this pack of rainbow party hats on for Rs. 296.

Rainbow Colour LED Cup

Our next item in this list for rainbow theme return gift is a light-changing rainbow mug. This is one of the most trending products right now on almost all online shopping sites, and you get exciting features in it too.

The mug is made out of glass and emits 7-colour LED lights through it. All you need to do is pour some liquid in it and switch it on. Such kind of mugs can also be used in adult parties too as beer mugs. You can buy it from for Rs. 239 apiece.

Crayon Box

While looking for the rainbow party favour boxes, we came across this crayon box and instantly decided to put it in this list here. Kids love stationery items, especially the young ones as they are still learning about new things and these colours surely intrigue them.

So, giving this box as a party favour would be one great idea. Not only that but also the crayons would also keep up with the rainbow theme as well. You get 4 such packs of crayon boxes in this return gift item here. Each of the box contains 8 primary colours in them. You should also know that these are completely non-toxic crayons and hence perfect for smaller kids as well. You can buy this pack of 4 crayon boxes from for Rs. 299.

7 Blades Rainbow Colour Fidget

These are the little things which make kids the happiest. Take a look at this fidget hand spinner here; it is the perfect example of what you can give to a kid as a party favour. Also, well-suited return favour for your kid'ss rainbow-themed party. Unlike the regular fidget spinner, this one has 7 blades instead of three. This hand spinner is a proven choice to get rid of anxiety and stress and perfect for kids too. But make sure that you give it to kids of age 6 and above to avoid any sort of mishap. Buy it now from Flipkart for Rs. 169.

Rainbow Wig

This might seem like an amusing return gift option but aren’t the party favours supposed to be cool and fun for the kids? This rock n’ roll Malinga multi-coloured wig is perfect to match the theme of your party.

The wig has got rainbow colours on it, and hence it would be perfect for clown dress-up in fancy dress competitions and school activities. This is a perfect prop for a kid’s birthday party too. The wig is comfortable to wear from inside and comes with this elastic so that it can fit on all head shapes and sizes. The curled hairs of this rainbow wig make it look even more fun and crazy, and it is by far the most unique option of the party favour in this section. Buy this wig now on for Rs. 199.

Decoration Ideas for Your Rainbow Themed Party

Rainbow Honeycomb Ball

This rainbow honeycomb ball is everything you want for your kid’s rainbow theme party. This is the most fitting decorative piece we could find for the party as it matches the theme and it has so many colours which look amazing. You can simply hang these balls through the roof, and it is going to look quite impressive. You can buy this pack of 2 honeycomb balls on for Rs. 324.

Rainbow Theme Mini Party Pack

What if you don’t have to buy the decorative items for the rainbow theme party separately? This would be great if you can get them all into one kit and we have found this product for you. This is called Rainbow Theme Mini Party Kit comprising of so many amazing decorative items. You get Rainbow backdrop, hats, welcome poster, other posters, balloons, etc. everything you would for decorations in this kit. Buy it on for Rs. 1,699.

Rainbow Themed Table Mats

We have got you covered with rainbow party favours ideas, but it’s time to focus on party decoration ideas too. So, we found this rainbow-themed table mats which area brilliant idea to arrange decorations for your party in a low key manner. You get 6 table mats in this pack which come in the sizes of 17 x 11 inches. You can laminate them to reuse again. Get these mats from for Rs. 600.

LED Rainbow Happy Birthday Cap

Now, this is a decorative piece which is perfect for your kid whose birthday you are celebrating. This is a rainbow theme party hat with “Happy Birthday” written on it. The hat is super soft and even have some fur balls all across its periphery. The cap also has 3 LED light flashing through it which looks very interesting. You can buy this hat on for Rs. 249.

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You Can Also Go For DIY Options!

Rainbow party theme is a not-too-complicated theme, and hence it shouldn't be much difficult to open the doors of your imagination, bringing in some creativity for preparing your own rainbow-themed party favours. One such simple and the useful idea could be to take plain paper plates and paint them with the seven colour of the rainbow. And not to forget, DIY ideas are going to be pocket-friendly as well.