Nothing Makes Children Happier Than a Surprise: 10 Small and Educational Gifts for Kids Which Ensure a Fun Learning Experience (2019)

Nothing Makes Children Happier Than a Surprise: 10 Small and Educational Gifts for Kids Which Ensure a Fun Learning Experience (2019)

Has your little one been longing for a new toy? Here are our top 10 gifts for your little minds, which make sure that their learning doesn't come to a halt while having fun. Present these to your children or gift them at a kid's birthday party, these are only the best-curated gifts which have been listed down after thorough research and are sure to make the children super-duper happy.

What Are the Best Small Gifts for Kids Should You Buy This Time?

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for your young one may not turn out to be an easy task. Do you want to go by the strange toys or the classic toddler trucks? With so many options which are available to choose from nowadays, the whole process is quite overwhelming. If you are not sure where you need to start from, well, not to worry! We're here to guide you in every step of the way. Whether you have got a teething baby, an aspiring musician, there is something for everyone!

Sometimes you may find that the best or trendy toys are not always about what is new. It's essential that you get to choose fun, unique, and educational small gifts for your kids. There is nothing cuter than the excitement of a kid when they are opening their new present. Whether your child loves music, or is an aspiring Formula-1 driver, or even a budding fashionista, getting him/her some cool toys would help them grow into their passion.

For whichever occasion or celebration you're looking for a gift, ensure you do a little research while choosing the perfect gift and we, at BP-Guide are here to make that easier for you!

Keep These in Mind Before Deciding the Perfect Gift

Going down by the variety of gifts available in the market, selecting the perfect gift for your little one may not turn out to be an easy task. Here are some of the general things to keep in mind before starting to look for gifts for kids.

Is the Gift Appropriate for Your Kid's Age?

This is the first thing that you need to consider. You wouldn't want to find a fantastic gift only to realize later that it's still some years beyond your child's comprehension. It is also imperative to note that when you are buying gifts for other children, getting them a gift which was intended for younger kids may insult them as kids are very sensitive to these kinds of things, hence ensure that you're getting age-appropriate gifts only.

Buy a Gift that Grows with Your Child

Do not just throw away your precious money on toys which would amuse your kid for a limited period. Take your time to research and find toys which will are able to grow with your child. There is quite a wide range of gifts that do start from one level for the baby, and later on can easily be transformed into something quite different and more challenging for your child. Therefore, do not just buy for an occasion, as this may turn out to be quite an expensive affair for you. Buy something which becomes a part of your child's life.

Where Your Child's Interests Lie

Ensure that the gifts are able to help your kids to advance their interests. An excellent gift is the one which allows your kid to learn. Being young, they have a quick grasp of things and can learn things a lot quicker. Therefore, ensure that you get to take advantage of this. Invest in the toys which make your kid be able to solve some problems.

Your Budget

There are all kinds of gifts out there, from regular to very pricey ones. Gone are those days when you had to overwhelm yourself to buy your child an unusual and expensive gift. Now, all you only need to do is to identify the product that you want, and you can find a plethora of similar options with a much lesser price range.

Top 10 Small Gifts for Kids in 2019

1. Little's Junior Rings


An attractive educational toy that increases your toddler's abilities in recognizing various colours and sizes while fun. It would help your baby grow naturally while also developing concepts of colours, shapes, and sizes through fun-filled play activity. It also helps in the development of the finger skills of the baby. The product consists of five various rings with various colours and sizes which are intended to help the children with visual as well as cognitive development. It's suitable for infants who are six months old, and it comes in bright shades which are very easy to use and identify. This product is available for only Rs. 175 on

2. Happy Birthday Music Box


A birthday is never complete without the customary happy birthday song. Well, now bring a fresh new lease of life to the song with this device. It is handmade out of very high-quality birch plywood. This exclusive music box does play the tone of the iconic song when the handle is turned. All you have to do is turn the handle and let the cute song play. Have this lovely music box for your child's birthday from for Rs. 899.

3. Parteet Can Shaped Pen & Keychain


Has your child recently taken a big step in switching from pencils to pens? Show your support with this cute pen set which comes in shapes of little Pepsi and Coca-Cola cans with complimentary keychains of similar shapes. The pens are ballpoints and ensure a smooth and uniform flow of inks without any gaps or smudges. They are lightweight and highly portable. The pens are super easy to use for even those little hands of your kids. Kids are going to love this cute gift! Avail yours from Amazon for Rs. 359 for a pack of 24.

4. Shoe Stationery Holder


Habits which are acquired early last for a lifetime and keeping in this mind, we bring you our next item which would make your kids learn to organize their stationery. This unique stationery holder comes in the shape of a sneaker and looks very cute. Your kid would love it and bring in a habit of keeping their stuff safe. It can also be used as a pencil-box and a spectacle holder. Amazingly, it has been made with high-quality canvas, and it's almost certain that you would fall in love with these little sneakers. You can purchase this product for Rs. 799 from

5. Buddyz Piggy Bank


Make your child learn the importance of savings from an early age. Your child can deposit a few coins every day in this piggy bank and then with enough amount; you may get them their favourite toy which they've been longing for, and it's win-win for both of you! This adorable piggy bank comes in various colours and is available to purchase from for Rs. 85 only.

6. Funnytool Beauty Makeup Toy Set


This set is a fun item to be able to spend hours on. The little princess of your house can practice combing her hair and going to love playing with this toy set. It consists of a toy hair dryer, mirror, lipstick, earrings, shadow colours as well as other accessories. Suitable for children aged 3 and above, the product is made from high-quality plastic and durable enough to last for a long time. Get this for your baby girl from Amazon for Rs. 288 only.

7. Cute & Trendy Sunglasses for Kids


For your fashionable little one, this would be the perfect gift! Make your kid look more adorable with these sunglasses, which are also claimed to protect your child's sensitive eyes from the harmful UV rays. These look trendy and are light-weight and highly durable. They come with a case too for keeping them secure when not in use. Get these cute pair of glasses from for Rs. 400.

8. Cute 3D Minion Coffee Mug


Do you have a hard time getting your kids to drink some milk? Your kids aren't going to run away from mil anymore when their favourite cartoon character is there to accompany them. The mug comes with a smooth finish and incredible attention to details. It can also be used as a showpiece or to hold other stationery as well. Cost of this product is Rs. 1,099, and is available to buy from

9. Pocket Learning Laptop


Suitable for children aged between three to seven years, this small learning laptop enables the children to learn alphabets, spellings, words, and numbers. It also includes fun and interactive educational quiz games to test how much the children have learned. This educational gift costs only Rs. 262 on Flipkart.

10. Cartoon Printed Haversack Bags


These cute bags can be used as return birthday gifts after your little one's birthday party. They are very light to carry and come printed with kids' favourite cartoon characters. Kids would love to carry these little bags around all day. A pack of 12 bags is available on Amazon for Rs. 425

Bonus Tip: Check for the Material of Gift Before Buying

One of the essential factors that you need to pay attention to is the material that makes the gift. Toys made from the fabric must be evaluated for safety and should be labelled as flame resistant. For painted gifts, make sure that the paint used is lead-free. And last but not the least, ensure that the crayons and paints say ASTM D-4236 on the package which means that they have been well evaluated.

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Make Sure You Add the Right Amount of Fun + Learn

Remember not to take away the original purpose of the gifts which is, to let kids have some fun. What we mean is, don't go for gifts which are only intended for educational purposes. Go for those which bring in the combination of both Fun + Learn, and you may just be able to make the children learn a lot more than you anticipated!