Make Your Little Guests Super-Duper Happy at Your Little One's Birthday: Quirky & Useful Party Favors for the 11-Year-Olds (2019)

Make Your Little Guests Super-Duper Happy at Your Little One's Birthday: Quirky & Useful Party Favors for the 11-Year-Olds (2019)

All set for your kid's birthday party? Or are you missing something? Party favors are the perfect thing for ending your little one's birthday party on the perfect note. Bring some smiles on your little guests' faces as we're here with some cute and quirky party favors for your kid's party. Read on to find out more.

How to Plan a Return Gift Bag for an 11 Year Old?

Make a Stationery Bag


Kids love receiving return gifts when they go to a birthday party. If you put in a little effort in thinking about what will be useful for them, you can bag the right kind of gift. Try and think of practical gifts for them.

Kids go to school and so, they usually need a lot of stationery and supplies. It is an excellent idea to gift them something related to that. Also, there are a lot of varieties of supplies available in the market. Thus, you have good options to choose from.

You can choose to give a box of fancy erasers and pencils as well. These days erasers come in the shape of different cartoons as well. Ask your child their favourite character and give supplies of that. The kids would surely love it.

Add Their Favourite Chocolates & Lollipops

If you are planning to make a return gift bag, then try and add some chocolates or candies in them. All kids love sweets and chocolates. Thus, it is a good idea to add them to their gift to get them excited.

The amazing part is that a lot of candies, lollipops, and chocolates are available in the market. Thus, you can find one that suits your budget. If you are planning to add small candies, then add 5-6 numbers instead of just 1 or 2.

Make a Bag Full of Toys

If you are making a return gift bag, then curating one filled with toys is an excellent idea. They usually like playing with different types of toys. You can plan to add softballs as all kids love playing with it. Apart from that, you can combine puzzles and quizzes as well. Such games promote learning in a fun way. So, it is a good idea to add educational games.

It is also an excellent idea to add remote controlled cars or airplanes as well. Although, you will have to check your budget before adding them. Make sure to add some candies with toys with them.

Make Sure to Separate Girls' & Boys' Bags

If you are going to have girls and boys both coming to the party, then make sure to plan different return gifts for both of them. To begin with, try taking bags of separate colours. In this way, you will not mix up with both during the party.

You can choose to add toys such as cricket balls or softballs in the boys' bags and small dolls in the girls' bags. Also, the stationery can be of pink and purple colour for girls while blue and orange for the boys. If you are taking something which has a cartoon on it, then you can take superheroes for boys and wonder women for girls.

Although it is important to remember that certain things will remain the same in both bags, things like candies and chocolates can be the same. You can try and purchase candies and the return gift bags in bulk. This way, you can get a good discount as well.

Things You Can Add as Party Favors for 11 Year Olds

101 Bedtime Stories

Source Amazon

Kids love listening to stories. Thus, it is a good idea to include a storybook in a return gift bag. Also, they are in that age where they can read a story themselves too. You can make them practice reading in a fun way with storybooks.

101 Bedtime Stories from is a wonderful gift idea for a party favour. The stories are chosen from authentic tales which teach various moral values to children. They are illustrated and written concisely.

Kids will love all the stories in this book. It will fuel their imagination and also, excite them. This book is suitable for kids from 7 years to 12 years of age. The book is paperback and is of 64 pages. It is priced at Rs. 119 only.

Motu Patlu Kids Plastic Lunch Box


Gifting practical gifts to kids is always a good idea, especially things that they can use at school. This Hm International Motu Patlu Lunch Box from is one excellent choice. Also, this one will work for both girls and boys.

The lunch box is made out of plastic, although the inside of the lunch box is made out of stainless steel. It is 100% BPA free and is of the food-grade quality. It has a four-side lock to secure the lunch box.

This lunch box is amazing as it is an airtight box which will keep the food insulated for real long. It also has a small container where it is possible to add ketchup of salad for kids. The box is microwave and dishwasher safe as well. It is priced at Rs. 109 apiece.

Mickey Mouse Milk Mug


Gifting things that can help in their daily routine is also an excellent idea. Many kids do not like drinking milk. Thus, gifting them a fancy milk mug will persuade them to drink some milk. We've selected this Mickey Mouse Printed Coffee Mug from

The mug is lightweight and easy to carry. The material is 100% food-grade melamine and has a capacity of 300 ml. The dimensions of the same are 8.5 cm by 8.5cm by 9 cm. This will surely be a great addition to the kids' collection of mugs. It is priced at Rs. 102.

Set of 4 Erasers

It is a good idea to include something fancy in your return gift bag. These eraser from is an amazing choice. They are shaped like houses and come in a set of 4. They come in colours of pink, purple, green and blue.

Kids will be super excited to use these erasers. You can try and add a drawing book or a pencil with the erasers in the return gift bag. Also, add some candies and make it a stationary return gift bag. A set of eraser costs Rs. 99 only.

Disney Princess Pencil Box


School supplies are a great gift for your child's friends. So, we found this cute pencil box on It is a themed pencil box having cartoon imprinted on it.

The package contains one piece of pencil box only. You can add a ruler, pencil, eraser, and sharpener in it. Kids will be really glad after receiving this gift. A complete box can be added in your return gift bag. It is priced at Rs. 89 apiece.

Smiley Cushions

Source Flipkart

If you want to gift something fun to the kids, then opt for this cute cushion smiley by MBS. It is inspired by a lovestruck smiley which kids will surely love. It is yellow with heart-shaped eyes.

The filling material used in this pillow is cotton. It is a decorative cushion which would complement your little one's bedroom. The dimensions of the pillow are 14 cm by 14 cm.

You can also gift the pillow alone by itself. Although if you are making a gift bag, you can add it along with other goodies. You can purchase it from Flipkart for Rs. 99.

Cadbury Choclairs Gold Home Pack

Source Bigbasket

If everything else fails, then always include chocolate toffees! All kids love toffees. Thus, it is a good idea to include a pack of those in your return gift bag. Pick this Cadbury Choclairs Gold Home Pack from

The pack contains 25 pieces of Cadbury eclairs chocolates. These chocolates can be common for all the return gift bags. With those, you can also add some toys or a storybook in the return gift bags. It is advisable to store these toffees in a cool and dry place. If you refrigerate it, the toffees will become hard. Thus, avoid doing that. It costs Rs. 50 for a single pack.

Faber-Castell Erasable Crayon Set

Source Amazon

Kids usually love drawing and colouring at the age of 11. Thus, opt for this Faber-Castell Grip Erasable Crayon Set from Amazon. They are triangular shaped plastic crayons and have a non-slip grip surface.

Kids will have full comfort and grip while using it. They will be able to draw and colour for hours without getting tired. The amazing part is that they can be erased with vinyl and natural erasers.

The pack contains 24 assorted coloured crayons. This is one practical and useful gift for all your 11-year-old guests. The pack is priced at Rs. 139.

Unicorn Theme Skipping Rope

If you are planning to gift something quirky, then you can go with this Unicorn Theme Adjustable Skipping Rope from This way, you can persuade the kids to exercise and play with the skipping ropes.

It is made out of fine quality plastic material, and come in a blister card packing. The dimensions of the product are 6 inches by 3.25 inches. The skipping ropes work for boys as well. You might want to find some in another colour with a different print on them. They are priced at Rs. 70.

A Sipper with Straw

Kids love things that are attractive and fancy. This Beautiful Watermelon Design Round Cap Sipper with straw from can be the perfect party favour.

Though kids cannot carry this one to school, it is an excellent option to keep them hydrated at home. You can fill it up and keep it near them while they watch TV or do their homework. This way they will remember to sip on water.

It is made out of PP plastic, which is safe for drinking water. It is spill-proof and very easy to hold. It comes with a straw which can be washed easily and thus, can be used again. The capacity of the sipper is 600 ml and is priced at Rs. 68.

Plan a Fun Party for Your 11 Year Old!

Make sure to keep the party as lively as possible. Kids love engaging parties. You can save a theme for the decoration if you want. It could be something your child likes. You can also keep a theme for the dress as well. This way, the party will look fun and will also have a great vibe.

Next, plan some proper activities for children. Engage them with fun games. Also, you can have an activity corner where they can make their puppets and wear them. You could also have a corner where someone is painting tattoos with colours on children.

Apart from that, it is important to have a nice menu for the party. Add items that kids would relish eating. The cake for the party can also be customised. It is a good idea to get a thematic cake. And most importantly, don't forget to add some nice music in the background.

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