Choose from the Top 10 Toys for 9 Year Old Kids to Find the Perfect Gift for a 9 Year Old Boy's Birthday (2019)

Choose from the Top 10 Toys for 9 Year Old Kids to Find the Perfect Gift for a 9 Year Old Boy's Birthday (2019)

Finding a gift for a 9-year-old is tricky business. A nine-year-old may be a child but they do have a lot of opinions and are critical about their likes and dislikes. With the help of our gift guide, you can pick out the perfect presents that would please any nine-year-old boy.

How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Gift for a 9 Year Old Boy

Pick Gifts Based on His Interests

Boys at the age of 9 think like an adult and behave like one as well. They are usually pretty sure of how they would like to celebrate their birthday and what gifts they’d like. The attention span of a nine-year-old is short, as is for most other kids of a certain age. Look for something that he can retain for long, vs. a play toy that may just get him momentary pleasures. Do your research, have a quick look over of his personal space, observe what he enjoys doing, and make a note of his skill set.

Look for Gifts for the ‘Geek’ in Him

Toys for a nine-year-old boy aren’t just toys, but windows of opportunities that train him, help him master his skills, inspire his creativity & learn and play at the same time. Have a one-on-one with him and ask him what he’d like. Chances are, he’d already been ready with a long list of stuff he’s been waiting for, some of it too expensive for your pocket. Well, you cannot buy all of it but at least you’d have a fair idea of what he prefers. A DIY science kit, a memory game or something that allows him to experiment, learn and develop his mental faculties, focusing ability and motor skills would be an excellent choice to consider.

Keep Up with Changing Trends

Trends or fashion as we know it, change at the drop of a hat these days, and kids at this age are more or less drawn to things that can get them into the ‘cool club’. They like to keep abreast of the latest trends in the market in the realm of traditional gifts, entertainment, electronics, and sports. Keep an eye out for favourite teen sensations, TV series or movies, or popular game.

Entertainment gifts would focus on books, movies, and music. Keep yourself updated on popular literature. You can gift the child an assortment of books he’d enjoy reading. The music and movie category should usually have stuff he can watch or listen to without parental guidance and that, which is appropriate for his age, minus the violence, abusive language, etc.

Balancing the line between being a kid and a tween, your nine year is most likely tech-savvy and hence would also have his quirks and addictions to gadgets and devices. Handheld games, portable audio players that come in a reasonable price range or phones for basic calling use & playing games could be options to consider. Most importantly, whatever you buy for him, doesn’t really have to be gender specific. It can be anything that gives him a platform to grow into a bright young individual and be hugely popular in his circle of friends. If he loves playing sports in an individual capacity or is a team player, kits relevant to his preferred sport, or accessories would be interesting.

10 Unique Birthday Gifts for a 9 Year Old Boy

IQ Puzzler Pro


Using a combination of balls in different colours, this puzzle game comes with a challenge to complete the constructed designs from the included instructions booklet. From an easy to expert levels of challenge, the game has 120 levels of difficulty to play, with a varied range of 2D puzzles and 3D pyramids. The package size is 8 x 17 x 2.7 cm. Meant for a single player, the game would test his skills and build his IQ, and the best part is that it is compact and will make for a great travel game. You can buy the IQ puzzler from for Rs.2,252.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Holographic Mixed by Me Kit

The birthday boy will enjoy playing with this custom coloured Thinking Putty with a Mixed by Me Kit from the Crazy Aarons series, which includes tins of clear putty-5 in number, glitter concentrates and sparkle effects – 3 each and a mixing mat with ideas for design. All he needs to do is mix n match some colour, sparkle or glitter concentrates, stretch & fold all of it together. The fun begins when the mixing is complete. Playing with the putty can be a different experience each time, for it can be stretched, bounced, popped, sculpted, torn or kneaded. He can also design his tin cans! This kit is 0.45 pounds in weight, and available at for Rs.3,300.

Infinity Loop Flow Ring


This captivating and interactive kinetic spring is one the latest craze in the play toy industry. Perfect for whiling time or when bored and highly addictive, it makes for a perfect gift for your birthday boy. Made of a single piece of high-quality spring, this unique toy pops up from flat. A word of caution: the toy has sharp edges and should be handled carefully. 5 inch in diameter the toy can expand up to 10 inches. It is available at for Rs. 613. To play with this unique creation, take the steel coil and slip it over your hands, letting it flow across your arms easily, giving way to an enthralling bubble of movement. Very tactile, this ring will cascade about any object. It can be folded flat and pop open in an instant.

Book on Optical Illusions


Seeing is not always believing! This amazing book contains mind-bending and eye-twisting visual puzzles which will blow anyone’s mind away! With 93 pages of colourfully organized mind tricks, baffling puzzles and unbelievable illusions, this enchanting book has it all. And to top it, all puzzles and tricks come with amazing explanations of what you see and why. It is a wonderful way of associating and linking the visual faculties with your brain. Some noteworthy tricks and puzzles from the book are dizzy zone, loopy lines, confusing colours, impossible aqueduct, expansion of joy and silly sizes. It weighs 480 gms with dimensions of 29cm x 25cm x 0.5cm. The book is available at for Rs.821 in paperback.

The Edible Chemistry Kit

Parents usually tell their kids not to play with their food. Well, this is one activity where he can play with his food! This edible kit has an amazing combination of fun and creativity which can be used to experiment with the contents of the package. From learning about bases, acids, solutions, formulas and indicators, gels, polymers and reactions to playing with their hands and taste buds, the kid will enjoy creating fizzily carbonated concoctions or just plain colour changing jellies. All contents from the kit are 100% non-toxic and safe to ingest. Priced at Rs.1, 278, this Edible Chemistry Kit is available at



Here’s an exciting game that requires grit, a steady hand and real skill to master. Appropriate for 1 or more players, Suspend aims at improving one’s interpersonal and cognitive skills and the hand-eye coordination. With a set of 24 game rods, 4 frame rods, a colored die, a wooden connector and a wooden base, the aim of the game is to build and pile the rods on the base by using different points of balance to challenge either the player himself of his partner. It is good fun balancing and as long as the pieces are hanging, the game is on! Available at for Rs.1,259.

Brain Box World History Game

A fun memory game with 71 colourfully illustrated cards depicting the world’s offerings and more fun things to remember. The aim of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question with the role of the dice before the timer runs out. If the answer is correct, the card is retained by the one who answered the question. At the end of the 10-minute game challenge, the player with the most number of cards is the winner. This time the eternal game comes packed in a magnetic box with 1 rules card, a sand timer and 1 die, in addition to the 71 cards and all its contents are made of 70% recycled material at a minimum, designed in the UK. You can buy it at for Rs.849 with an additional shipping cost of Rs.21.

Lights from Anywhere Marvin’s Magic Kit

An exciting gift from Hamleys that will be a fun experience for a budding magician, not to forget that he’ll be the cool cat with some mysterious tricks up his sleeve in front of his friends. With the use of the kit, he can create and control a special light between his fingertips, without being a full-fletched magician and make it baffle his audience. The light can appear from anywhere, jump from one hand to another or enter one ear, and come out of the other. The magical kit includes magical changing cards, a spiked coin, a colour block escape, fascinating cards for predictions, magic balls and Svengali cards. It is powered by 2 button cell batteries (not included in the package). You can buy it at for Rs.1,497.

The World Box Traveller kit

A fun travel themed keepsake which can be a wonderful gift to record memories and tales of different trips comes with a passport kit for entertainment purposes and can record: the immigration date stamp, visa stickers and different travel mementos like monuments, flags or languages of different countries. This world box travel kit includes a 3 ft x 2 ft interactive world map with 300 stickers of countries/animals/flags/currencies & monuments which can be placed on the designated locations on the map. It also comes with a travel scrapbook to fill in with tales of different trips taken and 5 country collectible cards. Price at Rs.899, it is available at cocomocokids.

A Hover Ball

A hover ball is a magical soccer ball which is safe to play with and does not scratch, bumps or bang, in addition to being a wonderful sports gift. It is made of non-toxic plastic with a foam edge that can glide over any smooth surface making it a fun activity for kids to play both indoors or outdoors. It can be played within the driveway, on the sidewalk, or on wooden floors without worrying about any damaging effects. The ball has an LED light powered by 4 x 1.5v aa batteries (not included in the package), which can be switched on at night, making the play even more exciting. The ball is 19 x 19 x 6.6 cm in dimension. Priced at Rs.480, it is available at shopclues.

Bonus Tip: Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Gift for a 9 Year Old

You should keep in mind a few things while choosing a gift for a nine-year-old child. It is important to choose a gift that is non-toxic, something that facilitates the kid's learning curve and also makes for a wonderful play experience. The gift should be one which can be used on a regular basis and will attract the child's attention for a long time.

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Pick a gift which will fascinate and hold the interest of a nine year old

While picking a birthday gift for a nine-year-old boy you should always make sure that it's intriguing enough to hold his attention, at least for a while. Children get bored easily. So pick a gift which is creative, fun and a learning experience for the child.