10 Surprisingly Overlooked but Essential Gifts for a 6 Month Old Baby Girl (2019)

10 Surprisingly Overlooked but Essential Gifts for a 6 Month Old Baby Girl (2019)

If you are not a parent of a baby girl yourself, buying gifts for a infant or a toddler can seem like a huge challenge. We help you understand what 6 month old baby girls are like, what they can do and how to select gifts for them. We also have a list of the best toys, games and personal care products you can buy.

What are Suitable Gifts for a Baby Girl?

Clothes and Baby Supplies

It’s quite easy for parents to figure out what to buy for new born babies, however it can be a little difficult for non-parents to fathom what to get them. If it’s the first time you’re buying a gift for a newborn baby and you’re clueless as to what to get, we’re here to help you navigate through this situation.
Babies are adorable, and buying gifts for them can be fun and exciting, but for a baby girl who is just 6 months old you’ll have to get the parent something practical. For example diapers, cloth diapers, personal care products, bibs, or pretty clothes. The parent will definitely thank you for these thoughtful yet practical gifts.

Age Appropriate Toys

Newborn babies don’t really need any toys to play with since they’re still developing their senses. However, soon enough babies will discover their hands, and by the time they’re six months old they have better vision and start seeing things clearly. To stimulate their senses you can buy colourful rattles, cot mobiles, or a play mat. It is important to continuously stimulate their mind to help them grow. So before you buy a gift, research a little to learn the different stages of development so that you understand what an age-appropriate gift is for the little baby girl. If you don’t have the time to research, don’t worry. To make your search easier, we have a list of gift options you can choose from for your beautiful angel.

Think of Long Term Needs

Gifts for newborn babies are adorable and you’ll probably want to buy everything on the shelf. But you’ll have to think long-term when buying gifts for six-month-old babies. Babies grow up really fast; you’ll want them to use the gifts you buy for more than a month at least. Think ahead and get them something that they can use for the next 6 to 12 months at least, but at the same time don’t go far too long and get them something that they can use 2-3 years down the line. Baby walkers, stuffed toys and baby jumpers are a safe bet. With gifts like these the parents can use it right away plus utilize them for the next few months as well.

So, What Can a 6-Month Old Actually Do?

You must be wondering what actually a six-month-old baby can do. It’s important that you understand this so that you can buy an appropriate gift for the little baby. Babies between six to nine months learn to sit without support, start crawling, and they start to move around a lot. Also at this stage they start using their hands, they learn to pick up larger items with both their hands and they like to bang objects together or throw them around. At this age it’s important to introduce them to toys which stimulate their motor skills, like baby blocks and musical toys. Another option you have is to buy a gift that will help them move around without the help of the parents, like a baby walker or a baby jumper. What’s important is that you buy a gift that’s useful, durable and can be used in the long run.

10 Useful Gifts for a Baby Girl of 6 Months That Will Delight Parents


Teething usually starts at around four to six months. When babies are teething they’ll put literally anything within arm’s reach into their mouth. Teething toys are a great way to keep them distracted, but it’s important to find a teething toy that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It has to be easy for the baby to hold; and remember it has to be a product that has been tried and recommended by parents. Such as the Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether with Bristles that has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. The fish shape makes it easy for babies to hold and it comes with a hygienic carry case. Buy it in pink for Rs.231 on Amazon.

Activity Gym

The first few months of a baby’s growth is the developmental years and it’s meant to be full of life, imagination and holistic. It’s the time they gain control of their environment and start developing crucial skills like sensory and motor skills. You can encourage the baby’s development with play mats and activity gyms. These play gyms are good educational toys and can be enjoyed by babies of any age. The Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn, Polar Playground available on Amazon has more than 13 activities that will help babies improve their core leg strength, reaching and stretching, and spine and neck development. It’s priced at Rs.16,861 on Amazon.


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With their ability to see clearly AND wanting to put everything in their mouth, newborn babies will absolutely love colourful rattles. You can go one step further and get them a teething rattle that will keep them engaged. One thing you must remember when buying gifts for babies is that they inevitably put everything in their mouth, so make sure you get a toy that’s not harmful and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. There are many number of rattles you can buy but if you are looking for a plush toy that doubles as a rattle, look no further than this adorable 9 inch Giraffe Rattle for baby girls. It is pink and white and sits unaided so can be put up on the shelf when she is not using it. It has 4.6 or of 5 star rating based on 1094 ratings on Amazon where you can buy it for Rs.2,186.

VTech Baby Lil Critters Roll and Discover Ball

This Baby Lil Critters Roll and Discover Ball by VTech is pure fun that will keep any baby engaged. The beautiful 6-month-old baby you’re buying a gift for can strengthen her motor skills with this colourful ball. She can toss, shake, and roll this ball to hear cheerful sounds. It’s so soft to touch and the animal characters featured on the ball will encourage exploration and help with tactile development. The ball also has numbers and animal pictures on it which will help with early education, and develops motor skills as well. You can purchase this on Amazon for Rs.2,553.

Tobbles Neo

Little babies love to stack, topple and build again – allow the beautiful cherub to discover endless tactile experiences with Tobbles Neo. Its bright, sunny colours and grippable texture will make it a hit among the little people. They’ll find it gratifying to hold it in their hands and will want to investigate the toy. What’s more, the parents will definitely thank you for getting such a beautiful gift which will help stimulate their motor and sensory skills, and keep them distracted for a long time. This toy is available on fatbraintoys.com at Rs.1,930.

Bath Toys

Has your friend ever told you the horror stories of bath time? Some kids absolutely hate bath time and parents dread the whole deed because of it. But with this engaging sensory hoop bath toy babies will love bath time and might actually look forward to it. This floating basketball hoop on a stand comes with three sensory balls and is an amazing toy to improve the baby’s motor skills, sensory development, and hand-eye coordination. It’s made out of edu-foam and it’s fully-tested for safety. Turn baby’s bath time into a fun, playful experience. You can purchase this on Fat Brain Toys for Rs.1,429.

Leapfrog Rainbow Tea Set

A tea set that lights up while it brews up. What could be more fun for kids than throwing a pretend tea party with their stuffed animals for guests. This colourful and bright Leapfrog Rainbow Tea Set bubbles with tea and teaches children about colours, manners, sharing and counting too. The kids will love to see the “tea” in the pot moves realistically, and when the teapot is tipped it lights and plays fun music – making the whole tea party more believable. This 10-piece set is available on amazon.in for Rs.1,274.

LeapFrog AlphaPup

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LeapFrog AlphaPup is a multi-coloured pup that helps kids become familiar with letters and words. It has interactive buttons that will allow kids to learn how to pronounce the alphabets. Its cute floppy ears and wagging tail adds personality to the toy. Kids between the age of 1 to 3 years can use this toy, as we told you earlier this is a toy that kids can play with on the long run. Buy this on Amazon for Rs.1,849.

Baby Care Kit

A baby care kit is a convenient gift for any parent who has to travel with a little baby in tow. A pouch should have all the necessary accessories needed for a baby’s daily care – a soft brush, a comb, rounded-tip scissors, nail clipper, cardboard file, and a nasal aspirator. This baby kit available on Hopscotch has all this in a little pouch that the parents can carry with them anywhere they go. The brush’s bristle is made of real wool, guaranteed to be extremely smooth on a baby’s head. The small scissor is round-tipped and is made of nickel-free material. The nail clipper is ergonomic and the nail filer is made of cardboard to suit a baby’s soft nails. The nasal aspirator helps keep the baby’s nose clean and clear. This easy-to-carry pouch is priced at just Rs.1,499.

Baby Gift Pack

You can never go wrong with a baby gift pack from Johnson and Johnson. This gifting collection is carefully selected to help a new parent through her momentous journey of parenthood. This gift pack is carefully put together and comprises of Johnson’s Baby Soap 100g, Johnson’s Baby Powder 100g, Johnson’s Baby Oil 100ml, Johnson’s Baby NMT shampoo 100ml, Johnson’s Baby cream 50g, Johnson’s Baby Wipes 20s and a romper made of organic cotton. You can get this useful gift pack on Firstcry for Rs.429.

Consider Getting Something for Her Parents

Parenting can be physically exhausting, especially for new parents. You don’t necessarily have to get a gift for the newborn baby. You could consider getting something for the parents. Something that would help them relax and enjoy. You can pamper the new mother and the father with a spa day, there’s nothing like a massage to help them relax. If the parents don’t want to part from their newborn for even a few hours you can get them a bath and body set or a massaging body oil to get rid of all the body aches and pain. Think of something practical yet something that will be indulgent for the parents.

From our editorial team

Ask the Parents

As small as babies are, the number of things needed to care for them is by no means small, and new parents often have to juggle their finances carefully to fill these needs. Which is also why friends and family chip in and flood them with gifts. If you really want to make your present count, why not ask the parents what they need instead of inadvertently buying something they already have or don't need just yet, that will be a far more thoughtful gesture than an expensive toy.