10 Exciting Birthday Gift for 7 Year Old Boys, Party Ideas and Lots More (2018)

10 Exciting Birthday Gift for 7 Year Old Boys, Party Ideas and Lots More (2018)

Nerf guns to Avengers tees, big boy watch, fun toys and cool bike collectibles: these are the things that little boys' dreams are made of. We know because we dug around and turned the internet inside out while scouting for the latest, coolest and absolutely best birthday gifts for seven year old boys. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in and find the perfect present for your little one.

Three Step Guide for Gifting a 7 Year Old Boy

Go with the Classic Toys

Kids love playing with toys and it is indeed a good way of inculcating imagination as well as creativity among children. If you are looking for options for gifting a 7 year old boy then you should consider giving him a toy. There are several options available out there that you can choose from. Toys are always a classic pick and any kid would love receiving a toy. You can either gift an action figure or a car set as well. Look for toys that he can share and play with his friends in a group. He will be really delighted to receive a fun toy as a gift.

Boys Love Collecting, Add to His Collection

Kids aged 7 are fond of creative and funky gifts. You can choose to gift them with collectibles for their birthday. Collectibles for kids? Sure. Many toys are offered as a series; think cars, action figures, even toy guns and bikes. Find out what he likes to collect and then add to his collection; he will be thrilled. Collectibles like cars and bikes that are colorful and funky make a great gift. Some ideas for gifting collectibles are pet themed collectibles, robots, skitbots, and the ones that can be used in water. These creative collectibles not only make good toys but can also be flaunted in front of the friends. You can shop for such collectibles online or can even buy them from the stores. The 7-year-old is going to love the cool collectible that you gift him.

Give Him Fun and Educational Games

Gifting has evolved over time and has become more suitable for kids. You can buy gifts and toys that are educational and fun at the same time. For instance, educational tablets, card games, telescope, smart tv coloring book, lip reading challenge game, and science kits are few of the ideas that you can use. At the age of 7 years, these gifts will assist him in learning and developing skills that can help him in adulthood. Giving a gift that serves a purpose will definitely be a good idea. You can find these options in store and also online.

10 Great Birthday Gifts for a 7 Year Old Boy

Skillmatics Educational Game: Brain Games

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This game has written and wipe activity mats that help in building the core skills through fun learning methods. It has a total of 19 repeatable and engaging activities. The game includes 6 double-sided activity mats, a duster cloth, a magnetic pen, and a silly billy achievement certificate. The game induces problem-solving, strategizing and concentration skills among children. It helps them in thinking out of the box, solving equations and doing mental maths. It also helps in decoding patterns and learning trial and error. You can shop for this product from Amazon for Rs.241.

Marvel Avengers Boys Black Printed Round Neck T-Shirt

Which little boy does not get starry eyed watching super heroes? If he is a fan of the Marvel action heroes, give him this black printed t-shirt with an Avengers print. It is perfect for anyone who is a Marvel fan. You can present this as a gift to a seven year old boy. While shopping for it, you can choose the age bracket so that you get the size right. The printed t-shirt is made of polyester and has short sleeves and a round neck. It can be perfectly machine washed. The t-shirt has a print of all the actors from the movie Avengers on a black background. Shop for this awesome t-shirt from Myntra for Rs.499.

Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury Blaster Toy for Kids

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This Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury Blaster Toy is indeed a very cool gift to give to a 7 year old kid. This hardcore zombie strike blaster has 2 flipping drums and holds 6 zombie strike darts. It lets one fire 12 darts without reloading. The little boy can play it with his friends to fight with zombies and to have some fun with his pals. The toy is perfect for being played indoor as well as outdoors. It is orange and white in color and makes for an exciting birthday gift. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.1,790.

Camera Wooden Stationery Holder

If the little one has a fascination for cameras this will be a fascinating gift for him. He can arrange all his stationery items in this camera-shaped wooden stationery holder. It is ideal to store pens, erasers, and scissors while redecorating the desk. It is a cool gift for a seven year old and he can keep it in his room. The stationary holder is available in two variants, single and double. It is made of wood and has a smooth surface finish. The holder has a quirky design and the kid is going to love this funky and useful gift on the occasion of his birthday. You can shop for it from bigsmall.in for Rs.699.

Fantasy World Kids White Analogue Watch FW-017-GR0

This red, white and green fantasy world analog watch can be very well gifted to a seven year old on his birthday. It runs on a battery and has a mechanical movement. It has a printed round alloy dial and has a canvas strap along with a tang closure. The watch is also water resistant and comes with a warranty of 1 year. It can be wiped with a clean and dry cloth whenever needed. The kid will be excited to receive this as a gift. Shop for this awesome watch from Myntra for Rs. 559.

Do It Yourself Kaleidoscope Making Kit Educational Toy

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Till a certain age old toys like kaleidoscopes still manage to fascinate children. Buy him this kit which enables kids to make their own kaleidoscope. Once it is done, the kids can get mesmerized by the burst of color patterns and designs it creates. One can download the steps to do android application from the play store to view the instructions given out there step-by-step and the related theory. It has mirrors arranged at 60 degree angles which causes multiple reflections of the objects. Students can understand multiple reflections using the mirrors and understand how the kaleidoscope works. It will make an amazing gift for a seven year old kid. You can shop for this gift from Amazon for Rs.202.

Collectable Diecast Maisto 1:12 KTM 1290 Super Duke R Orange Motorcycle Model

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Kids love collectibles and this Diecast Maisto orange motorcycle is a perfect gift for any 7 years old. The bike is 1:12 KTM 1290 super dule and he can play with it for as long as he wishes to. Gift this to him on his birthday or any special occasion and watch him smile with happiness. He can take it with him while playing with his friends and this gorgeous collectible bike will always remind him of you. It can be played with both outside and indoors. You can shop for this cool gift from Amazon for Rs.784.

Shifu Orboot the Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe for Kids

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The Orboot globe and app take the child on a journey that is based on augmented reality. It is a fun, educational and interactive gift. The box comes with a globe, country flag stickers, passport, detailed help guide, and stamps. The app is compatible with Kindle 8 and above and with Android 3GB RAM and above. The app has several categories such as inventions, maps, monuments, and weather for the various countries across the globe. It sparks the curiosity and imagination of the kids while building knowledge, cognitive and linguistic skills. It is indeed a unique gift that you can give to a 7 year old kid. Shop for this from Amazon for Rs.1,999.

Toy House Two Wheeled Metal Folding Big Size Skate Scooter, Black

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Give this awesome outdoor, two-wheeled, metal, folding skate scooter as a gift to the seven year old. It has an adjustable handlebar that can be adjusted as the kid’s height grows. The scooter has a strong metal frame construction along with soft handlebar pads. The scooter can bear the weight for up to 50 kgs. It also has rear fender brakes that add to the safety and fun of the bike. It comes with a 6 months warranty. He can play with the scooter both indoor and outdoor. You can shop for this amazing black color scooter from Amazon for Rs.2,399.

Iron Man 3D Mug

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? He is a genius, and a philanthropist. While being Iron Man is not possible in real life, one can always use the 3D Iron Man mug that is indeed an awesome gift. It can be used to serve beverages and also works as a pen holder. This gift is sure to light up a day of any Avengers fan or Iron Man lover. It is sculpted such that it reflects Iron Man’s face. It is made from ceramic and has a sturdy built. The mug is not dishwasher and microwave safe. You can give this to a seven-year-old as a gift on his birthday and he may just start looking forward to his daily cup of milk. Shop for this awesome gift from bigsmall.in for Rs.899.

How to Make a Seven Year Old Boy's Birthday Special

Fill His Bedroom with Balloons

Fill his bedroom with balloons on the morning of his birthday. You may have to engage the help of the whole family to pull this off. Go for bright colors and you can also buy balloons that have a smiley face on them. Get creative and surprise him by filling his entire room with balloons. You can take him to his room after cutting the cake and see his reaction as he steps into a room full of colorful and bright balloons. He will be on cloud nine the whole morning and will definitely love this gesture of yours on his seventh birthday.

Another way to do this would be to quietly fill the room with balloons while he's still asleep so he awakens to this surprise. You will have to be quite and make sure you don't wake him before everything is in place.

Surprise Him with a Party Clown

You can try this awesome idea and surprise the seven year old with a party clown. You can look up for professional clowns that perform at kid’s birthdays. Birthday clowns definitely bring a lot of fun to any birthday party and all the invitees will also love the performances. They also make the kids actively participate in interesting activities and show them magical tricks. It can be a great idea to hire someone professionally for the task. You can look them up on the internet and do some research in advance to plan it. The little kid is surely going to enjoy the presence of a party clown at his birthday.

Throw a Themed Birthday Party Based on His Favourite Cartoon

You can arrange a party for the seven year old based on his favorite cartoon character or show. For instance, if he is into Ben Ten, then you can ask all the invitees to wear costumes based on that. You can send out invites that have it clearly mentioned on it to follow the theme. Let’s say he likes Chhota Bheem, then you can ask all of the kids who are invited to dress up like the characters in the show so that the theme is followed. It will be an amazing way of celebrating his birthday and he, along with the other kids, will absolutely love it.

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Boys do like their toys!

Grown up men are not over their big boy toys so what do you reckon the little ones are like? The first rule of birthday gifts for small boys is it should be fun. The second rule: more fun! As a sensible grown-up (we assume) you may be inclined to shun the toy guns and pick up something more educational. That is wise and you must get the little one toys and games that stimulate his mind, but don't overdo it. He's going to be a little boy only so long so let him run around, play and do all the silly and funny things that kids enjoy doing, and that also means buying him fun, silly toys.