Spoil Her Rotten with These Insanely Cute Toys and Gifts! 10 Gift Ideas for Girl Kids in 2019 That'll Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again!

Spoil Her Rotten with These Insanely Cute Toys and Gifts! 10 Gift Ideas for Girl Kids in 2019 That'll Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again!

Girls just want to have fun, and so gifts for them should help them do just that! Kids are great to shop for as they enjoy doing so many things. Find great gift ideas for kids that are sure to make any little girl very happy. Also find useful tips and tricks to help you select gifts that are suitable for children.

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Buying Toys for Kids from a Child's Perspective

Buying gifts for kids often becomes a quest for the smartest toys that will turn them into child geniuses, but it shouldn't always be such a serious affair. Sure, their growth, development and stages of learning are all important things too, but does one always need to go through this checklist when stepping into a toy store? No!

Kids are loads of fun. They are past the toddler age and can run around, play by themselves, laugh, giggle and do silly things. They are are at that adorable age where they still think you know everything, and enjoy playing with you; they haven't yet begun inching toward their tweens when they learn to roll their eyes and become impossible to please, and you should make the most of that time.

What Type of Gifts are Suitable for Kids

  • Fun Toys to Play With
    Play time is an important aspect of childhood, and through it kids learn things about their surrounding, develop and sharpen skills, and stimulate their mind. As long as toys are fun to play with and keep them engaged, that's all that required. Young girls are naturally curious and easily delighted which makes it fairly easy to shop for them.

  • Unique Gifts to Stimulate Curiosity
    Kids are amazed by new and interesting things, so look for toys which have a slight twist or new angle. She already has plenty of toys to play with but a new toy that does something slightly unusual will fascinate her and her imagination will get a boost as well. Even adults, who aren't as easy to fascinate, get a kick out of new, interesting and unusual things, so you can imagine how such things will peak a child's interest.

  • Things That Match Her Interests
    As children grow, they start developing a keen sense of personal space and start identifying things as personal possessions. While they do have plenty of things which are meant for their use only, they want to be treated as young adult, and have things that grown ups do. Such as their own bag when going out of town, or a smartwatch like the kind their parents have, bed linen in their favourite theme or animated character. They do enjoy many different things but are starting to form clear ideas about things and activities they like better than others. Some activities and toys engage their attention more than others, so they will be very pleased to receive gifts tailored to their interests.

  • Safe for Kids
    All gifts, toys and items for personal use must be made from material safe for children. Kids are slightly bigger children than toddlers but they need to be protected and kept safe all the same. Look for manufactures age recommendations when shopping, check if they are made from quality, non-toxic material, whether toys contain parts that may create a choking hazard for kids, and if they are well crafted and sturdy enough to bear a child's wrath. She may look bigger but she is still a kid and still prone to putting things in her mouth. So rule out all possible danger before buying a gift.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Kid Girls in 2019

Talking Bear with a Private Message

A soft cuddly toy that also happens to talk makes it to the top of our list for obvious reasons: every little girl needs a cuddly best friend! This one has been cheekily named Ted Talks as he can play a recorded message of up to 20 seconds.

Give her this stuffed bear with your message and every time she presses the bear she will be able to hear it. The good thing is that it isn’t one of those loud toys; the sound device inside the bear is small and produces a low volume so she will have to hold it close to her ear to hear it. A secret message only for her; that should please her plenty. The bear can be unzipped to access the sound box and at the push of a button she can change the message whenever she wishes, or even remove the box.

Order the toy at Oyehappy for Rs.2,250.

A Play Tent House

Kids love playing in tent houses and the little kid will be thrilled to receive this Prro Tent House with cute animals printed all over it; she can imagine she is out on a jungle safari! It has to be assembled when it arrives but can be done so with minimal fuss.

It is a full sized cottage style tent measuring 37.5 x 29.5 x 42 inches but weighs a mere 500 gm. She can enter through the ‘front door’ which has a flap serving as door, poke her head out through the round window, use it indoors, or play with it outside. It can be easily dismantled and packed, making it suitable to carry for picnics and outings.

Buy it on Flipkart for Rs.1,477.

Girly Trolley Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Girls these days are hardly content having mommy pack her things in the boring big bag that she and daddy use. She wants her own bag when they go out of town for a holiday! She can push or pull a toy around, means she definitely needs her own bag. Never mind that the parents will eventually find themselves lugging it when she gets bored, or when she wants them to carry her as well! They can console themselves saying she is learning to be independent and responsible for her things.

This Owl Series Children's Luggage by TBags is just the thing she wants. The hard case bag is specially designed wheels can climb stairs when pulled by a child, it is lightweight and sturdy, at 16 inches it can be used as cabin luggage and has a personalised identification label printed on it. It has two compartments lined with net for ease of organising things.

It retails at Amazon for Rs.3,790.

Princess Print Bed Sheet

Indulge the little girl with colourful and girly bedspreads so she looks forward to sleep time. She will feel like a princess sleeping on this matching bedsheet and pillow set. The colour pink and princesses are two things that most little girls adore.

Made with polyester cotton, the sheet measures 60 x 90 inch, while the pillow cover is 18 x 28 inches. The fabric is soft on children's skin, is machine washable and has a smooth finish. It is ideal to be used in any weather. Buy the Swayam Princess Print Kids Bed Sheet on Swayam India for Rs.1,715.

Silly Straws

Kids love to do silly things to have a good laugh, and sometimes gifts and toys should be able to do just that - let them be kids and do all kinds of funny things. Girls like to play with fun things just as much as boys and will have a ball with something like these silly straws. Children love drinking with sippers and straws and this one can turn any beverage into an activity. Shaped like a pair of drinking glasses, one end of the clear plastic-tube starts in the glass, goes up behind one ear and around an eye before bridging over the nose, round the other eye and looping over the other ear before coming down to the mouth where she can sip from.

It’s funny and interactive, and even a glass of milk which is usually met with a bad face will be met with enthusiasm. She can watch the drink as it goes around its unique path before entering her mouth. Does she constantly need to be reminded to drink water to stay hydrated? With these she will hardly ever need to be told again.

Buy these around the face straws in pink, white, blue, green or orange for Rs.199 on Big Small.

Electric Light Blocks

All kids play with building blocks but your niece/daughter is the cool kid so she must play with construction blocks that light up. The base is battery or USB powered and blocks added to this will light up when connected. Otherwise it works pretty much like most other builder blocks and will even connect with other construction blocks of the same size, such as Lego Duplo blocks.

She will literally light up with ingenious ideas! She can use it to make sculptures, geometric patterns, skyscrapers, glowing robot or even a nightlight. The blocks light up in four modes - permanently on, flashing, auto switch-off after 15 minutes and fading. Available in sets of 36 and 102 blocks, the box includes one base for the smaller set, two for the big one; also a USB cable, a DC cable, 3 AAA batteries and an instruction manual along with building ideas to start her off.

Buy it at Uncommon Goods for Rs.2,055 for the 36 block set and Rs.5,479 for the 102 block set.

Princess Party Photo Props

It can be hard to tell whether it is young girls who enjoy dressing up in fancy costumes or their moms who love dolling up their little princesses. Either way it is an enjoyable experience for all involved. Open any kid’s closet and it will have at least a few pretty dresses reserved for parties. So why not give her something to complement her dresses, or props to complete her princess look.

These Princess Party Photo Props are a mix of wigs, lips, necklaces and crowns mounted on sticks to be used for parties or to take photos. There are 12 pieces made from paper and wood in all, which match to create 6 sets depicting six recognisable versions of fairytale princesses. She can use any of the six sets or mix them up to create unique looks.

Buy the set at prezzybox.com for Rs.394.

Gel Highlighter Set

As a kid, she is still only learning to write. Her writing still has a long way to go in terms of accuracy and neatness, and spellings pose problems of their own. But that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy scribbling with pencils, sketch pens, markers, crayons and whatever else she can lay her hands on. Colouring books, doodle pads and often various other surfaces give testimony to how much she enjoys playing with colours. Highlighters are popular with kids as they are usually in bright, neon colours, they make chubby lines and are easy to grip.

The problem with most highlighters though is how quickly they dry up. Not these gel versions. These are usable for up to two years because they are gel based. She will also enjoy how she has to rotate the bottom to bring out the highlighter stick, much like lipsticks. The set has three gel highlighters in green, yellow and pink, which come in a plastic storage box.

Buy the set for Rs.170 at Giftzila.

Mermaid Slippers That Light Up!

Cozy and insanely cute slippers that double as toys? What's not to love. These LED Light Up Mermaid Slippers have fantastic detailing, from their braided yarn hair to the scaly, fishy tails. And for an extra dose of fun, their cheeks light up when their outstretched hands are pressed! Your little one will enjoy wearing these comfy slippers around the house. Plus it gives her imagination plenty of fodder as she sees herself as a mermaid about to set off on an underwater adventure.

Ideal for the cooler days when you don't want her getting her feet cold as she runs around the house engrossed in play. You won't even need to remind her to put on these fun slippers. They are available in children's sizes 11 to 3.

Buy them for Rs.985 on Prezzy Box.

Car Toy Set

Source www.amazon.in

Who says toy cars are only for boys? Girls shouldn’t miss out on all the fun that toy cars provide. The great thing about these construction theme vehicles is that they are unbreakable! Yes, you heard it right. So they are great for her to play with even on those days when she wants to fling everything in sight.

The 4 piece friction powered automobile set includes a JCB, a cement mixer, a tractor with trolley and a dumper. They are made from non-toxic materials and perfectly safe for her to play with. They are a great way to introduce her to construction and she can pair it with her other toys when she is playing, maybe even imagining herself to an engineer at a construction site.

Buy the Sunshine Unbreakable Automobile Toy Car Set for Rs.699 on amazon.in.

Useful Tip: Personalise the Gifts for Her

Source www.gifts.com

Kids are quick to form personal boundaries and identify things as belonging to them or to someone else. They derive great pleasure in things which are marked specifically for them. A great way to make any gift even more appealing to a child is to personalise it. Giving her a book? Write a message in it for her, or buy one where she can write her name. If you are giving her a blanket, stitch a name tag or have her name monogrammed on it.

Personalised gifts, especially personal items for daily use hold a special place in any kid's heart. So if you are still not sure what to get, buy something she uses daily or something she will use often and personalise it for her. Towels, bathrobe, cutlery set, a small bag with her name on it, pretty handkerchiefs, jewellery box, personalised diary or journal, magnets and pendant necklaces with her name are all wonderful gift items that can be personalised. If you are not sure, ask her parents what her favourite cartoon character, colour or hobby is and buy items with these themes; you will not go wrong.

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Encourage Simple Joys

Buying things for children is such a delightful experience and even the most cautious spenders loosen their purse strings when it comes to kids. It's easy to see why. Little girls are such a wonder that everyone wants to pamper them and buy them pretty things. It's important to keep in mind though, they are at an age where they will find pleasure in the smallest of things, and it is good to encourage this. Buy them nice things but do not deprive them of the pleasure of simple joys.