Organise the Most Spectacular Birthday Party for Your Child. 10 Mouth-Watering & Healthy Snacks for Kids That will Make the Party Fun and Memorable (2020)

Organise the Most Spectacular Birthday Party for Your Child. 10 Mouth-Watering & Healthy Snacks for Kids That will Make the Party Fun and Memorable (2020)

Children look forward to their proposed birthday party celebration with great anticipation even months before the actual birthday. Selecting the best snacks for the birthday party which are both appealing yet healthy for the kids can be a daunting task. But worry not, you have come just to the right place. We have curated this list of delicious and healthy snacks that will be loved by all the kids in your child's birthday party and will create a memorable experience for all of them.

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Healthy Snacking Need Not Be a Drag, Even in Parties


Is your child's birthday coming soon? Then this article will help you with the best snacks that will make your kid and his friends super happy. Parties mean a lot of fun. But with fun, it is a lot of work too. There are many activities involved that comprise of decorating the house, preparing the snacks, and looking for return gifts. This preparation for the party is surely is not an easy task. However, when it comes to food, there are numerous interesting snacking ideas that the kids will love. We all know when it comes to kids, they are very picky about what they eat.

Hence, it can be difficult to determine what they would love or not. Every child has different tastes. However, one thing that remains common is that kids love anything that looks attractive and is colourful. In fact, for kids, the visual appeal is more important than the taste. This does not mean that you need to compromise on the taste. If your child and his friends come asking for a second helping, give yourself a pat on the back. However, it is very interesting to dish out spectacular food items and satisfy those small stomachs. Read on to know more about how you can make the party a hit.

Don't Want Kids Eating Junk? Try Cooking These Healthy Snacks for Your Kid's Party

#1: Pancakes – What Indo-Americans Love the Most


Light, fluffy pancakes can be the best party food for kids. They are easy to make with very basic ingredients and techniques. Pancakes can be made by beginners too, due to the simple recipe. For the unversed, pancakes are flat, thin and fluffy cakes prepared with a starch based batter and poured on a hot griddle or pan in circular shapes. Pancakes have a lot of health qualities too.

The whole wheat flour provides you with fibre. A few pancakes mean getting plenty of carbs. Since carbohydrates are the fuel of the body, that also means that pancakes are a good source of energy. Kids definitely need energy for their growing bodies and hence pancakes are the safest option. Top your pancakes with some whipped cream and fruits and you are ready with your party food.

#2: Dosa – Common yet Most Loving

Dosa is like a rice pancake which is made from fermented batter. This delicacy from south India is a wholesome party option which will make you feel full and content, without adding any unnecessary calories. The fermented batter makes it easy for your body to assimilate and digest it. You could also add your own spin to the recipe by incorporating wheat, jowar, bajra or oats. The taste will leave the kids amazed and you won't be getting any complaints from the other parents for feeding their children unhealthy food. Some coconut chutney with the dosa will complete the dish.

#3: Tawa Pizza – All Time Favourite Junk Made Healthy

Pizza usually seems like an unhealthy option but it really depends on the toppings you put on it. It may seem like an indulgent option but it does possess some nutritional value. Assembling a pizza at home is an easy process. It will be an easy party food since it's healthy as well as filling. A greasy and cheese filled pizza might not be the way to go though. It might make the kids feel lethargic and uneasy. Just some stir-fried veggies and chicken will elevate your dish to another level. A little drizzle of cheese on your pizza hurts nobody, especially children. You will be termed ' MasterChef ' by all the kids.

#4: Wraps – Healthy & Tasty

Wraps are the safest and some of the healthiest options for party food. There are many versions of wraps, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. Over the years, they have become extremely popular and widespread. Wraps are healthy and also, easy to make. Just throw in some veggies, paneer, soya chunks or chicken inside the rotis and you are ready with your dish. Leftovers can also be used inside these wraps to avoid food going waste. Kids will gobble this up quickly and will feel full and active. The veggies provide proteins and carbohydrates to your body, filling you up with energy.

#5: Noodles – Most Famous Chinese Junk

Kids love Chinese food so why not make some healthy noodles to spice up your party. Noodles are easy to make and serve. However, noodles are generally considered unhealthy if consumed in large portions. The way to solve this problem is that instead of reaching for your instant noodles taste-makers, you can whip up your own tomato sauce or your preferred sauce at home. The toppings on the noodles are what matter hence add some mushrooms, chicken, potato, broccoli, baby corn, etc. into your noodles and add your own spin to some regular old noodles. This mix of veggies, sauce and noodles is a healthy blend for children.

#6: Fried Rice – Indian Kids Just Love It

Rice is a staple food item at most houses. For a delicious yet healthy party food option, fried rice is the way to go. Fried rice is the easiest party food for children. It is the simplest recipe and can be followed by a beginner too. Just remember to use a little amount of olive oil instead of heaping scoops of normal cooking oil for added health benefits. Mushrooms, paneer, broccoli, baby corn, bell peppers, chicken, egg, potato, spring onion, etc. can be incorporated into the fried rice for a scrumptious party meal. The starch and proteins help kids remain active and full of energy.

#7: Sandwich – Easiest yet Yummy

Sandwiches are a must have at kids' parties. They are easy to make and also a mess-free dish for kids to eat. Sandwiches are also very universal. A lot of ingredients can go into a sandwich. They can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian according to your preference. A good load of vegetables can go inside sandwiches and it will still taste delicious but will also be sneakily healthy. To make a sandwich healthier for kids, choose some whole wheat bread and stay away from white bread. The kids won't understand the difference and they will still be consuming something healthy.

#8: Veggie Cutlets – An Ultimate Party Snack

A mashed blend of veggies or chicken and other ingredients and spices can be a healthy and easy party food option. Kids love fried food so to compensate for that, cutlets can be the way to go. Cutlets basically are different vegetables and/or chicken mashed together, rolled in flour and formed into patties. The cutlets can be pan-fried, grilled or shallow fried. The crispy cutlets will be a party hit. Kids will gobble these up quickly. The vegetables and chicken provide proteins, carbohydrates and fats necessary for kids of growing age.

#9: Paneer Tikka – Another Healthy Junk

Paneer tikka is an easy yet delicious dish which will leave the kids wanting it more and more. Preparation for paneer tikka is basic and simple with very little effort. It is a healthy option and will leave the kids feeling full. Paneer is a dense source of protein. Almost all of the essential minerals are present in paneer. Apart from being delicious, it also strengthens the bones and teeth which is an added bonus for kids of growing age. After marinating some cubes of paneer and vegetables, take a skewer and push the paneer and veggies through it. You can grill or pan fry this. This dish will definitely be a party favourite.

#10: Burger – The Most Favourite & Loved Snack Among Kids

Kids usually love junk food. Burgers are craved for by children. To add a healthy spin to it, you can make some at home effortlessly, without worrying about your kids' health. A few cut up vegetables like tomatoes, boiled potatoes, rings of onions, a mushroom, vegetable or chicken patties and some lettuce will complete your dish. Throw in a dash of black sesame seeds for some added crunch. The burger will be a party favourite as well. The burgers will fill up the kids' tummies quickly without leaving them unsatisfied.

Things to Know Before Deciding the Menu for the Party


Plan in advance as to what you would like to prepare. Additionally, keep the dishes simple and easy. This will ensure you do not spend the entire day in the kitchen. You can be with the children and spend quality time with your child too. Pick out dishes that are quick and easy to make. Furthermore, choose dry snacks over wet ones. Kids have a tendency to spill things over which can create quite a mess. Hence, it is best to go for dry dishes that are easier to portion out in small bowls. Whatever dish you choose to prepare, decide on the spice levels based on the age group. If your child is too young, keep the spice levels on the lower side. However, if your child is a teen, then you can add spice based on their preferences. If you have any help available, you can keep one or two snacks that can be prepared freshly.

Also, if the number of children attending the party is low, you can decide on the same. Once you decide on the snacks, also look for the accompaniments. Choose common accompaniments with every snack. Pick out dry meals or snacks which are easier to serve and handle. Additionally, it reduces the mess created by the kids.

How to Plan Your Child's Birthday Party in 7 Easy Steps


Arranging a birthday party is not quite as easy as it seems. But nowadays there are many options available that make it a fun and interesting process. Your main goal of arranging a birthday party should be to make sure your child is having fun and has tons of memories that he/she will cherish forever. Here are some tips that will help you organise the best birthday party for your kid.

#1: Decide on a Budget

The first step to organising a birthday party is to look into the budget factor. Decide if you wish to throw a big and grand party or you want to keep it a small affair. Deciding on the budget will help with planning better. Additionally, you will know what options are available to you. Do not worry if you are running low on budget.

#2: Involve Your Child

Once you decide on the budget, you are well aware of the available options you have in hand. Have your child suggest better ideas for the birthday party. It is a great idea to involve your child in arranging the party. Look for their choices and ideas since the basic aim is to make your child feel happy. Additionally, you can also include your child in doing the birthday party decorations. Ask them for their food choices too and what they expect.

#3: Send the Invitations


Give your guests enough time to prepare for the party. Hence, send out invitations at least a week before the birthday party. Also, make sure your guests let you know how many of them will be coming. This will give you an estimate of the approximate number of people attending the party.

#4: Decide on the Menu

When you arrange a party, one of the main elements is the food. Decide on a fun menu that is apt for children. Include easy snacking options as kids will love them. You can try to include fruit juices as well as they are one of the healthiest options available. Keep the portions small as the party is for kids. Some quick food snacking options are small sandwiches, mini pizzas, slices of fruits, or burgers.

#5: Birthday Cake

If you know baking and are confident about your skills, you can try baking a birthday cake for your child. However, if you are running short of time, you can simply get one cake done online. There are multiple online shops that create personalised cakes for every event possible. Get in touch with the ones near your home and decide on the best style based on the preference of your child.

#6: Decide a Theme


It is always fun to have a theme for a birthday party. You can ask your child if they would love to give some suggestions with regards to the theme. On deciding the theme, you can get decoration supplies accordingly. Make sure the decorations are loved by your child. Or else, let them pick the ones they love. There are many online stores that sell party supplies based on themes. You can check them out online.

#7: Plan Fun Games

A birthday party is incomplete without fun and games. Hence, include some exciting games that your child can play with his friends. This will add a fun element to the party. Rest assured the kids will love it. Adding games to the party will make it more interactive. You can also hire a magician if you have the budget for the same.

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Delicious and Healthy Snacks are an Integral Part of Your Kid's Birthday Party

Planning and organising for delicious and healthy snacks which are loved by all the kids is an integral part of your kid's birthday party. If executed well, they will remember your snacks long after the party is over. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which snacks you will include in your child's upcoming birthday party. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.