Looking for Birthday Venues in the Garden City? Here are the 10 Best, Affordable and Fun Places in Bangalore to Celebrate Birthdays (2020)

Looking for Birthday Venues in the Garden City? Here are the 10 Best, Affordable and Fun Places in Bangalore to Celebrate Birthdays (2020)

Birthday signifies the commencement and joy of every life. Birthdays call for celebrations. If you are planning to celebrate your loved ones or your kid’s birthday party in Bangalore It’s not easy, now those day, birthday party venues in Bangalore are in huge demand these days. Outdoor party venues are mainly preferred to home parties as they save the host a lot of energy. Indeed! Planning for a birthday party has never been so easy and the while, it’s priceless to see the glow of happiness and ecstasy on your kids’ faces. Here are some fun and affordable places to celebrate birthdays in Bangalore with the best birthday activities for your kid’s on their birthday.

Importance of Celebrating Birthdays

Birthdays are important days for most of us. They signify the beginning of life on Earth. It should be taken as a day to celebrate the birth of a special someone in your life, to reflect on their past life and to give thanks for everything till that day.

Everybody loves a party and when it comes to birthdays it is loved by the birthday person as well as the people who love them. It is a chance to throw a party for the person we love and care about beyond words.
It is not only a day to celebrate a new beginning, but also to celebrate the joy and sacrifice of their parents who dedicated their lives in bringing up that individual and to spend their precious youth in caring for them. It is also a day to rethink the life the person has spent and to make goals for the coming years, to thank the people who have loved me beyond words and to ponder on the things that can help the person in improving themselves.

It is also a time to get together with family and friends and enjoy to the maximum with lots of food, fun, balloons and of course gifts.

A birthday should always be celebrated to acknowledge the day when a new person came into the world and the impact, he brought in with him.

Best Birthday Party Places in Bangalore

A birthday is a day full of fun and if you are hosting a birthday party you are the lucky one as you get to show your love through planning a birthday for your loved one. It is a tiring task as well as planning a birthday party takes up a lot of time and energy, but it is all worth it when you see that big smile of appreciation on your loved one’s face.

If you are in Bangalore and looking to celebrate a birthday of your loved one you are in luck! There are so many amazing places in Bangalore where you can plan a perfect birthday party. Bangalore is known for its natural beauty, buzzing nightlife and of course for some great party places. Here is a list of some places you can hold a great birthday party and make it a memorable event.

Birthday Party Places for Kids

The Spinning Wheel

If you are in Bangalore on your kid’s birthday and want to invite his/her friends and family members for a great birthday held especially for kids then the spinning Wheel is a great place to be.

Planning a birthday party is quite easy there. The place offers a beautiful venue with decorations, games, caterers, photography as well as a DJ. They also organize theme parties and famous themes are Barbie, Harry Potter, Frozen etc. They also provide personalized return gifts, wonderful games and have a great entertainment zone with awesome games for kids to enjoy to their fullest.

The Spinning Wheel offers facilities like providing you with a great venue spread over 2500 sqft area. They organize great theme parties and some of the most favourite among kids are Barbie, Harry Potter, Frozen and many more you can also go with an activity-based party like Mosaic, Best of waste etc. Having a birthday party at The Spinning Wheel can be an amazing experience for kids of all ages.


What are the various services on offer?
(E.g. The venue, decorations, entertainers, caterers, photography, DJ etc): The Spinning Wheel is an amazing place to host experiential birthday parties, and get-togethers. We organize theme based (Barbie, Harry Potter, Frozen and others) or activity-based (Mosaic, Best of Waste, and others) experiences for kids of all ages.

The party usually is for 2 hours and the venue can accommodate about 50 people at a time and offer various packages for birthdays

You can choose from the basic fun package which is for Rs. 500/child, the imaginative fun package which costs Rs. 750/child and the extremely creative package which is for Rs. 1000/person.

Rates may change over time

Play Factory

Another great place to host your child's birthday party and turn it into a special day full of fun and excitement is the Play Factory. It is India's first Trampoline Park and is the second biggest in the whole of Asia. Imagine your kid going wild with his friends within 10,000 sqft covered with trampolines.

You won't have to worry about putting him to sleep after an exhilarating party. It is great for kids of all ages and you might also enjoy it here if you like to try out some of the trampolines here.

The Play Factory offers 2 great birthday packages for kids.

Theme 1 is a regular birthday celebration, which costs Rs. 1135 per child. The activities under this theme consist of 60 minutes of Trampoline time, 60 minutes of indoor cricket or football, 3 laps in a drift car. The food offered in the package is a buffet with pizza, pasta, chicken fingers and ice cream. They also provide a birthday cake on request and decorate the venue with a banner and some decoration. T

The second theme is the Premium birthday celebration, which is for Rs. 1482 per child. Your kid can enjoy 60 minutes of Trampoline, 10 acts of the rope course. They offer a food buffet at the same as theme 1 and provide a birthday cake on request.
You can also get a photographer, exclusive theme decoration and fruit juice on some extra cost for both the packages.

Funky Monkey

Another great venue to celebrate a kids birthday in Bangalore is the Funky Monkies. It provides a beautiful and colourful party place for your child. They also offer exciting games and activities for kids during the party in their two separate play zones for kids above 3 years and toddlers. Fun activities like climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing are the most favourite things to do for kids and they get hours of endless fun at Funky Monkies. They also have a multiple lane wave slide, trampoline, ball pools and a rock-climbing wall. The kiddy zone has offer mini carousels, play structures and soft play shapes for them to explore and master their motor and coordination skills while playing.

Having a birthday party at Funky Monkies allows you to sit back and relax while your kid enjoys the day with his friends. The birthday party coordinator will help and guide you in organizing the greatest birthday for your child and the play supervisors take care of the kids while they run freely in the play zone.

They have a kid-friendly menu like pizzas, pasta, chicken nuggets, ice cream and more. They also help you with the return gifts if you desire. You can visit the website of Funky Monkies and contact them for details on the cost of organizing a party at Funky Monkies.


Another great place for your kid's birthday party in Gubacheez. It is spread across an area of 1700 sqft and has great slides, trampolines, shooters, a ball pool, a wall climbing adventure, a wonderful art corner, a creative pretend play area as well as table tennis and carom board. It is fit for kids of all ages. It also provides an indoor soft play for little kids. They organize great theme birthday parties which you kid will enjoy to the max.

Gubacheez is spread over 4000 sqft including a soft play area of about 1700 sqft. The venue can accommodate about 70 kids and 40 adults at a time. It is one of the most favourite places for kids birthday party as they organize wonderful parties with balloons, party hats and decorations. You can choose between an indoor hall or the play area for celebrating a birthday here at Gubacheez. Your kid gets to play in the soft play area for 2 hours and one hour is designated exclusively for the party.

They have three options when it comes to the meal plan for a birthday party all with great kid-friendly food like burger, pizza, french fries, sandwiches, ice cream and a ton more. The cost of celebrating a birthday party here is per child. For kids 4 years and above, you need to pay Rs. 770, the cost of kids 4 years and below the cost is Rs. 630 per child and the cost of adults is Rs. 385/ person. You can visit the site and book the venue for a great birthday party.


If your child loves sports, then organizing a birthday party at Decathlon would be a great idea. The name Decathlon itself is a brand when it comes to sports-related equipment. It is one of the biggest sports stores in India and is now organizing parties for kids who are in love with sports. Your kid will love a sports-themed party, they have a cemented ground and a green turf where exciting games are organized for kids during the party. Games like spoon marble race, football, basketball are some of the most favourite sports for kids here. They also have trained staff to accompany the kids during the sports so that you can sit back and enjoy the party with your child.

Best Birthday Party Places in Bangalore

Four Seasons Hotel

You want to make the birthday of your loved one memorable then hosting a party at the Four Seasons Hotel would be a great choice. Four Seasons gives a great experience which reflects the true soul of Bangalore. It offers a great outdoor deck, extravagant cocktails in its beautiful indoors, a destination bar and much more. The Four Seasons Hotel is situated on the 21st floor and provides a wonderful dining and drinking experience. You can sit and relax with your loved one and special guests in the garden or by the poolside and chat away into the night.

Celebrate one of the best birthdays at Four Seasons Hotel and turn it into a memorable event.

Breakout - Escape Games

Breakout Escape Games are a place for the young at heart so head out and plan a party for your best friend there. Remember the days when you and your friends, loved playing pretend games of cop and thug or solving mysteries well Escape Games is the place where you can relive those memories once again. If you like to take on challenges and have a blast with your friends with it's then planning a great birthday party at Breakout can be one of the best things you can do for your friend.

Breakout is Bangalore's first real Escape Games and you get to make teams and find the hidden clues in 60 minutes if you want to get out of the room like a winner. Your friend will have a blast at his party and will thank you for this awesome 2 hour of fun and play.

Desi Rasoi, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Your mom loves Desi food and you want to organize her birthday as per her taste, then plan it in Desi Rasoi. It is a great place to host all kinds of parties. It has a team of chefs who are experts in creating mouth-watering Desi dishes in style. They serve both veg and non-veg cuisines or you can get outdoor catering as well.

The Desi Rasoi is a beautiful place with lavish decor and has enough place to host around 200 people in one time. The management of Desi Rasoi takes great care of food and decoration for you to just come in and enjoy the party with your mom and her friends and relatives. She will be emotionally awestruck for the wonderful experience.

You can plan the party anytime between 7:00 a.m. To 11:00 p.m. And the price per plate is Rs. 400 (subjected to changes).

Waterfront At Holiday Village

Planning a party for someone special head out to Waterfront at Holiday Village. It is a beautiful place made in an area of 800 sqft with a poolside lounge which can accommodate around 50 people at a time. It is one of the best places to host a birthday party for people of all ages.

The place has a beautiful lush lawn which can seat around 1000 people at a time and also has a jamming Discotheque. You can dance the evening off before you head for your birthday dinner. It also organizes activities like a rain dance, snooker, indoor games, UV paintball, Beach Volleyball etc. Overall planning a birthday party at Holiday Village will be a great treat for your special someone.

The 13th Floor

If you and your friends like rooftop restaurants, then The 13th Floor will be a great place to organize a party for a friend or a loved one. It gives you a chance to enjoy the night while taking in the view of the beautiful city along with the pleasant weather. Nighttime is even better as you can see the beautifully lit city from up above.

The 13th Floor offers great food from Asian, North Indian and Thai cuisines plus great cocktails and other beverages set your mood for the party. Some of the facilities at The 13th Floor are Live sports screening and a DJ. All you need to do is the fill in the required form online and they will contact you for your details and help you plan a perfect birthday party.

Things to Remember While Planning a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party can be a task, you want to make the special day a perfect one for your kid, friend or your loved one, then you need to know the basics of planning a birthday party. Here are some tips that will help you in organizing the best birthday party ever.

  • Choosing a birthday party date is important. Check with the birthday boy/girl for their availability before planning the event. It is advisable to organize it on a weekend so the guests can come and enjoy the party without being worried about going to their work the next day.

  • Time is another important factor while planning a party. If the party is for a kid then an early afternoon is a good time, but for adults, the best time will be in the evenings.

  • Always keep a budget in mind while planning a birthday party. There are so many wonderful things available for parties, therefore, you might end up overspending, it is important to make a budget and stick to it.

  • Create a guest list beforehand so that you don't miss out any of the important people. It will also help you to decide on the venue according to the number of people invited to the party as well as the amount of food needed.

  • Think of the venue, ask the birthday person for their favourite places and plan the venue according to the guest list.

  • If you want to organize a theme party, think of the favourite themes or the likes of the birthday person and of course the budget of decorations and costumes. Some of the popular themes for kids are circus, carnival, harry potter etc and for adults, you can go for themes like black and white, casino or a fancy costume.

  • Make sure you send out the invitations at least 2 weeks before the party to give ample amount of time for the guests to plan it. You can include RSVP on the invitation cards for better arrangements.

  • Ask for help, it is not easy to plan the whole party single handily, therefore, ask for friends or relatives for help for decorations, buying return gifts, making DIY invitations etc.

  • Decorations are important for kids’ birthdays, so plan on the kind of decoration you want. You can decorate the venue yourself or hire help.

  • Making a party entertaining is also important. Think of creative games for the parties which are suited for all age groups.

  • Last but not the least, always have a backup plan ready.
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Never forget about Kids Entertainment!

When planning a birthday party, do not forget to include some entertainment and fun activities for your kids as well as for your guests. Kids love to have fun. Most of the time they prefer to play outside the home with the attachment of open air. You can feel their playful moments when they go for the place where a lot of kids gather for playing different games, creating different arts, dancing with DJ songs and many more activities. It might be in a local fair, birthday venues, or any invitation. Even in corporate events also. Pick one or more places from the article and make your kids birthday to an unforgettable day.