10 Cute and Pretty 1st Birthday Cakes for Girls with Pictures, Party Theme Ideas and Lots More (2019)

10 Cute and Pretty 1st Birthday Cakes for Girls with Pictures, Party Theme Ideas and Lots More (2019)

It's your baby's 1st birthday party! Not surprisingly, you want a special cake that's perfect for celebrating your little one's milestone! We hunted high and low to zero in on the best 1st birthday cakes for baby girls, the top birthday themes and the most delicious and popular cakes with pictures, prices and where to order them online! Scroll on for the list we came up with.

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Top 3 Birthday Cake Flavours that Will Be Loved By Guests

Chocolate Cake

Cakes are simply loved by all the people, irrespective of their age. Also, cakes have become symbolic with birthdays. Even if there is a birthday party or not, cake is an evident part.

Cakes are available in a lot of different sizes, shapes and flavours. The most common flavour is chocolate. It is a universal flavour and it obviously makes the cake more delicious and tasty. People love chocolate because it is said to give receptors to the brain which creates a feeling of pleasure. Even kids love the flavour a lot. Plus there are a lot of variations available in the market. From dark chocolate to belgian truffle to milk chocolate, the variations are endless.


Cheesecake is a type of cake which is prepared differently in different regions of the World. Germany has a different version and so does Italy. The American one is more cheesy while the German one is pretty light.

Many people do relish the cheesecake a lot but the taste differs. You can get your cheesecake customised. Tell the baker to bake it according to your taste. Mention your preferences of crust or cheese clearly.

Cheesecakes are also available in varies flavours. You could get options from blueberry, pineapple to even raspberry. Choose something neutral and do not opt for a very odd flavour. Not everyone has a palate for different flavours.

Vanilla or Butter Cake

Vanilla cake is definitely a classic when considering other flavours. It is a sweet sponge cake which is relished by many all over the world. The best part of a vanilla cake is that anything can be topped on to it. From fruits to different sauces to cream or even ice cream. You could even consider frosting or adding candies and chocolate sprinklers on the cake.

This is also a very safe option to order. Just add some chocolate sauce and candy sprinklers and your guests will surely love it. The cake is also very soft and fluffy and is ideal for kids. The other alternative is that you can order two cakes. One for the kids and the other one for the adults. The cake with the adults can have fruits and cream on it. Also, a vanilla cake is always fits into the smallest of budgets.

Top 3 Birthday Cake Themes for Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday

Princess Birthday Party Theme

The party trends have changed drastically in today's era. Every single thing is defined by a theme. Even cakes can be customised and made according to the themes.

One of the most cute and attractive themes is that of the princess. Girls normally love the idea of fairy tales and though your one year old will not register much on her first birthday, the other kids and guests will love seeing the decorative cake. Also, the pictures would turn out great and once she grows up, she would love to see those.

There are variety of princess theme options available from Cinderella to Frozen. Make sure to choose the best one. You can also ask the guests to come in pretty gowns and suits to make it more thematic. Also, pay a little attention to the decoration by adding more of pastel colours of balloons and ribbons.

Adorable Cartoon First Birthday Party Theme

Cartoon characters like Mickie or Minnie Mouse are loved by all kids. All little ones get attracted by their cute features and antics. Thus, choosing a theme around may well be a surefire hit with the little ones.

You can get the cake customised by giving it the character's shape or by getting a photo printed on the cake. That would completely depend on your budget. Furthermore, you can add different decorations which are of red and white colour. You can ask the kids to be dressed up like Mickey/Minnie Mouse and the adults to follow the colours of the Disney character. You could also give Minnie Mouse masks to your guests. Make the party a little interactive and fun by adding games for kids and adults both.

Balloon Birthday Party Theme

Have you ever seen any child not in love with balloons? Well, no one. Even as adults we love to see balloons. The best part about balloons is that it is available in all shapes and sizes. Also, there are a variety of colours and prints to choose from.

Also, for a one year old it is a simple and pretty theme. You could make a balloon birthday banner which could be the centre of attraction. You could get the cake also made in the shape of balloons. This would be pretty easy to customise.

Alternatively, you could also keep a cupcake counter which is totally customised in the form of balloons. Children would love relishing it. Also, try and have a balloon cluster on the entrance and stick them near the table. You could also choose a pastel or dark coloured theme of the balloons.

10 Adorable 1st Birthday Cakes for Baby Girls

Jungle Cake

Kids simply love all types of animals. They are learning to recognise different animals and so it will be a fun way for them see all these animals in bright colours. So look for a cake designed with different animals around the jungle theme would be a delight for the adults and kids both.

The Jungle Jamboree from bakingo.com is a wonderful option to order. It is a number fondant cake. It is available in different sizes according to your preference and the best part is that it is available in a lot of different flavours. You can choose from strawberry, pineapple, black forest, chocolate and butterscotch flavours. The cake is completely eggless and the shape of the cake can be customised according to the number. So, for your one year old you can order a cake of the shape of the numerical one. A standard 3 kg cake is priced at Rs.3,999.

Pink Princess Crown Cake

Your precious little princess will love a princess crown cake. If not the traditional pink you can try a variety of colours. Look at ordering the Sofia Theme Cake Fondant Finish from justbake.in. The cake features a simple but elegant design.

The cake is available with egg and also without egg. The cake can be ordered in whatever quantity you want. It is available in ample of flavours from black forest, black currant, white forest, classic chips and much more. The cake is specially handmade by the best of chefs. The cake is priced at Rs.2,400 per kg. If you want to order an eggless cake then add Rs.50 per kg.

Three Tier Butterfly Garden Cake

If you want to do something different for your one year old, then opt for a butterfly theme. There are a lot of different customisation options available in the market. You can get a three tier cake baked and just add different decorative butterflies on it. If you are looking to order a smaller cake then ask the baker to emboss the print of butterfly on it.

The other good option to do is bake a butterfly shape cake. If you are good at baking, then you can plan to bake all the shapes different and then put it together and then do the icing. This is possible only if you are planning to throw a house party with minimum number of guests.

Check out this Butterfly theme cake from cakezone.com is a great option. The cake in 3kg size, and allows you to choose between the egg and non-egg version. The flavours available include over 15 including chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, black current, orange and a lot of other flavours. The price for a 3kg cake is Rs.3,819.

Ladybug Cake

Getting a ladybug cake is one other grest option for a one-year-old's birthday party. The theme is very vibrant and something that will completely go in sync with the kids. You could also plan the rest of the decorations of the party around that.

The Ladybug Cake from Cakeowl is a great option. It is a cute cake shaped like a ladybug, designed with flowers at the bottom. The flavours available are orange, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and black forest. The cake is available in 2 kg of size and is priced at Rs.3,900.

Sweetheart Cake

If you want to keep it simple then opt for a sweetheart or heart cake. It will be readily available in ample of different flavours. The best part is that it is budgetary as well, compared to the other customised cakes. If you love baking then it is pretty simple to bake as well. You could just bake a vanilla sponge cake and add Nutella and chocolate sauce on it. Kids would definitely relish it.

Order the Red Velvet Heart Cake from winni.in. The base of the cake is in brown or red in colour. The top layer has frosting with butter cream or cream cheese. The red colour is acheived by adding food colours or beetroot powder. It is available in options of 500 gm and 1 kg. The 500 gm cake is priced at Rs.1,159.

Minnie Mouse Cake

If you are planning a Minnie Mouse themed party then make sure the cake is also customised accordingly. Minnie Mouse Exuberance from floweaura.com will not only make your kid's heart jump in joy but also yours. The unique part about this cake is that it comes in a completely different colour scheme of pink and golden.

It is a fondant cake which is designed keeping in mind the Disney theme. It is topped with a fondant headband which is completely covered in edible golden sparkle. It is made in sweet delectable flavours. It is available in flavours like strawberry, chocolate, blackforest and vanilla.

The cake is available in 2 kg, 3 kg and 4 kg. The cake will definitely give you some Instagram worthy pictures with your little one. The cake is bit on the higher side as it is priced at Rs.3,698.

Mermaid Cake

One other unique theme is the mermaid themed party. Kids definitely love the idea of half mermaid and half princess. An ocean themed cake would definitely look wonderful. Mermaid in Ocean Cream Fondant Cake from justbake.in is the perfect option.

It is handcrafted with great care and definitely looks very aesthetic. It is full of different colours which will make the kids very happy. They can relate to the different sea creatures with the mermaid. Available in ample of different flavours. The cake is priced at Rs.5,500 per kg.

Rainbow Layered No.1 Cake

This is a very unique cake and it needs special skills to bake it with perfection. The cake has different layers which are rainbow coloured. Thus, when you cut it, you can see the different layers clearly. This will surely get you a lot of appreciation from your guests. If you order it online from igp.com, it is available in 1.5 kg and 3 kg options only. Because of being a rainbow cake it is made in different flavours and is obviously multicoloured. The 1.5 kg cake is priced at Rs.3,875.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

Children love poems. One of their favourites is definitely the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star one. Organising a birthday party on a nursery rhyme theme will surprise your guests. Decorate the area with stars and moon. Children will get really excited to see all those things.

You could bake a cake on your own as well, if you are good at it. Star shaped moulds are readily available in the market. Get those different sized moulds and bake the cakes. You could arrange those in an aesthetic way and that would be something really unique for the guests.

The Star Shape Cake from cakeexpress.com is a great idea. The minimum quantity to be ordered is 2 kg. It is available in almost all the flavours. The cake is priced at Rs.2,199 for 2 kg.

Hot Air Balloon 1st Birthday Cake

The hot air balloon themed cake is perfect for your little one. Let the decor be pink and white. Get the balloons in those colours and make sure to decorate the whole place properly. The room can be filled with hot air balloons and the kids will have their time playing with them.

Bake a cake on your own or simply get it baked form a bakery. You could choose the simple shapes like square, circle or rectangle to bake the cake. Get the cake icing done in white and pink colour. Then buy the cake toppers likethis one from amazon.in for Rs. 556 for a 6-piece set. These cute balloon toppers will add the perfect touch to the cake. The cake would definitely look pretty and go in sync with the whole theme.

Corny Cake Theme: Printed Photograph Cake

These days a new party trend has emerged. It is the one with the photo cake. Bakers are able to print any type of picture on the cake. From a person's photo to any thing like a superhero or an actor. With the help of technology and machinery a non toxic photo is printed and placed on the cake.

This trend has been pretty common but such cakes become highlight of any party. Choose a nice picture of your toddler and get it printed on the cake. All the guests will definitely rejoice in joy.

Photo Printed Truffle Cake from myflowertree.com is a wonderful option. It comes round in shape and is available in a lot of different flavours. The cake is priced at Rs.1,600 and the minimum order must be of 1 kg.

Best Places to Order Customised Birthday Cakes Online

  • Bakingo is a wonderful website for ordering cakes. They have a range of flavours and their cakes are baked to perfection. They deliver cakes on time and are available in cities like Mumbai,Delhi, Ghaziabad and Bangalore.

  • Ferns n Petals is one other website which is known for making delicious cakes. You can get cakes in your preferred sizes with an option of eggfree cakes as well. They have fondant cakes, themed cakes and cartoon cakes as well.

  • India Cakes specialise in baking photo cakes. They deliver it anywhere in India. The simplest thing to do is to send them your desired picture while booking the cake and they shall get it printed.

  • Flower Aura has a range of different cakes. From photo cakes, 5 star cakes, customised cakes to simple cakes, you will find everything here. The cakes have a range of flavours to choose from and all of them are delicious.

  • My Flower Tree has some great options in cake. They bake some cakes with different themes. You would definately find a cake which is going in sync with your theme here.

  • Winni is one other place from where you can get your cakes. They deliver in almost all the cities of India.They have doll shaped cakes which are fantastic for your little girl.

  • Design My Cake makes designer cakes. They have their own set of themes and you could choose from. They even have regular cakes which are priced reasonably.

  • Wish a Cupcake has some great designs for the cake. Thye deliver everywhere in India and they have ample of varities to choose from. Some of the cakes are reasonably priced, depending on the theme.

  • Cake Studio has number of flavours and designs to choose form. They have premium and designer cakes to choose from. Even they deliver almost everywhere in India.

  • Cake Express is known for making simple cakes with perfection. They deliver only in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad. The cakes arew reasonably priced.
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