Looking for a Gift for a 1-Year-Old Birthday Boy? 10 Fabulous Gifts to Captivate His Attention and 3 Tips to Buy an Appropriate Gift

Looking for a Gift for a 1-Year-Old Birthday Boy? 10 Fabulous Gifts to Captivate His Attention and 3 Tips to Buy an Appropriate Gift

Your baby's first birthday can be celebrated only once - however cheesy sounds, it is true. For parents, it is a special day and one that would like to be memorable and joyful. Commemorate this occasion by gifting a thoughtful gift for the the little one. Perhaps you are looking to buy a gift for your nephew and not sure what a baby would like? Well, a handpicked list of gifts by our experts here at BP Guide can help you select the perfect gift.

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Experience The First Milestone of Life

The day that marks the completion of the first year of a boy’s life is always a remarkable day, a day usually filled with pomp and glamour. The first year is a significant time to develop and explore the world for the child. At this moment, he is exploring complex concepts like trial and error and social interaction. However, though you want to lay a foundation of cognitive development through various other things, all the learning happens in relationship. And the birthday of the little genius makes the new relationship memorable one.

It is a fact that celebrating the first milestone of the baby boy is way more about the parents than the child. However, that does not mean the cute munchkin will not enjoy his limelight and gifts, it’s just most likely he will not remember the fun-filled day.

It is the time when the boy is growing from a baby to an entirely busy walking-talking toddler in a few months, by learning all the new skills and activities. Thus, it is important to note, that a well-chosen gift for the boy on his birthday is as essential as spending quality time with him.

What to Look for When Choosing a Birthday Gift for a Year Old Boy

It seems to be easy to buy a gift for the baby boy, but when you step into the world of toys and presents, there are so many varieties in each of them. Here we have tried to simplify the confusion and give you a proper hint of how to choose the perfect gift.

What Exactly Will The Birthday Boy Want to Play With?

A one-year-old boy would love to play with simple things, yet those should be colourful and attractive. Lights and sound along with the bright object is attractive to a one-year-old. For instance, you can choose washable squishy soft toys or an activity centre with fun-filled exciting items to play. Try to buy something that is right for the child, which also encourages his cognitive progress. You need to keep in mind the child’s temperament, habits and behaviour if he is close to you while you shop for him.

Make Sure The Gift Is Suitable for The Child

The first year of the boy’s life is eminent as it is the time when the brain develops dramatically, and he learns and explores the world in his own way. It is a delicate time between infancy and toddlerhood when an infant rapidly develops. Playing is one of the most important things for the baby at this stage, and it helps to build his confidence, feel loved, happy and safe, and also develop his social, language, physical and communication skills. Choose a gift that will help him in this vital period of life to improve the motor skills and explore the unknown facts.

The Gift Must Always Be Safe to Use for The Little One

The toys you select for the baby boy will mostly be in his hand all the time. Hence, picking the toy according to the recommended age is essential. Some toys can have small parts which can cause choking hazards, so meeting with the safety standard is vital. Toys should be large enough, without sharp edges and also avoid heavyweight toys. Choose non-toxic materials and toys with lead-free paints and try to avoid toys which are loud and noisy. If they have any string that should be no longer than 18 centimetres and, always check with the recommended age in the box of the product before buying.

10 Amazing And Perfect Gift for A Year Old Boy

A first birthday is an absolute achievement in the life of both the child and his well-wishers. At this stage, he is growing and developing fast. He is doing all those new activities like sitting up, crawling, trying to walk around and even starting to pull and push things by himself. However, figuring out a perfect gift is a difficult job to accomplish. BP Guide will help you out here to dig into some fascinating gift ideas, perfect for the little genius.

Giggle Shape Red Sorting Bus

Source www.amazon.in

You can expect the one-year-old to be full of energy to do so the same thing over and over, which is a part of his learning process. Anything colourful like red is perfect to catch his eyes. Thus the bright and vivid red bus, which is nontoxic, two in one play companion for the pre-schoolers will be an ideal gift at this stage.

Elders can talk about different shapes and colours with the child and ask him to match the forms with the correct slots. He can follow your instruction and thus post the toys inside the grooves. Let your child be imaginative and take the friendly animals on the bus for a joy ride on the bus or as a freewheeling toy around the room. Encourage the child to think creatively as this toy will boost his function to look, listen and touch as well as develop balance. The red bus is priced at INR 849, and you can purchase it from Amazon.

Super 2-in-1 Deluxe Horsey Rocker

Source www.amazon.in

It is such a delight to see the baby boy trying to stand up or walk a few steps. Another thing he just loves doing is to ride and rock. The 2 in 1 cute Pony Rock ‘O’ Ride is an attractive dual purpose rock horse which gives a great experience to the kid.

The colour is bright blue, and the corners are smooth with no sharp edges. The little one can sit comfortably and grip the handle quite well. It is crafted from a high-quality plastic and durable enough for the kid to use, which makes it an ideal pick for the boy. The price for this rider is INR 2,199 at Amazon.

Go Appu Go Musical and Educational Kids Activity Table

Source www.amazon.in

Children love music, they sleep with the lullaby, jump to the beating notes and feel happy with any soothing sound. Some kids love music even more than the other. Who knows that the one-year-old boy will not be a music maestro shortly? A musical educational activity table is a perfect gift for the baby boy which he can play and enjoy with his friends too.

The musical table has a flash drum, piano, and an electronic flip book. It encourages the little musician to express himself and interact socially. It also helps in developing the fine motor and the gross motor skills of the baby. You can buy it from Amazon and the price is INR 2,799 for this gift item.

Larasso Ularma Water Drawing Painting, Writing Doodle Mat

Source www.amazon.in

Do you want to see the little boy as a budding artist? Then this is the smart gift for him to enhance his talent. This is a safe cloth material perfect for the delicate baby use, made with high quality of craftsmanship. It is fit as a travel toy and indoor activity. He will be engaged with the colourful images that spring up, which then slowly fade away.

The package contains a water drawing, painting and writing mat board 1x29x19 cm size, and a magic pen. The magic pen creates images and lines easily. Just open the pen and add water inside. It has no ink, and it is chemical free. The doodle disappears automatically, and the kid can use it again and again. It makes no mess, and it's travel-friendly. The price for this item is around INR 548, and it is available at Amazon.

Whirly Squigz

Send the little explorer to the land of delightful sensory adventure with this bright and beautiful whirly squigz. It is guaranteed to bring a smile on the face of both young and old. Encourage the baby boy to build his excellent motor skills, with the cause-effect learning technique. It is also a mesmerising experience for his hands and eyes. Let the baby hold them, explore the unique contours and chomp on them. Keep it clean so that he can soothe his sore gums with them too. He can stick them to any smooth, flat and non-porous surface like the tabletop, bathtub wall, or even a window. Give them a spin and ask the baby boy to follow that, as it will thrill him to see how fast it spins much more than the eye can see.

The whirl, spin is made of 100% high-quality food grade silicone which is pleasant to touch, colourful to attract, perfect and safe for teething babies. The pack comes with 3 colourful silicone spinners, each features a suction cup on one side and swirl textured dome on the other. The bearing is made of high-quality plastic, and it won’t rust or damage in the tub. It is BPA free and thoroughly tested for safety. It is also durable enough for regular use. The price is INR 1758, and it is available at fatbraintoys.com.

Spin Again

Imagine a stacking toy with a spin! – Yes, it is. This is a visually stimulating toy for the little one to practice their hand and eye coordination and baby engineering skills. It is made of coated plastic and is BPA free. It has 8 pieces in the package, and it is around 16 inches in height.

The kid can drop the vibrant discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole and spin fast and smooth to settle down onto the reversible base. The boy can pick the wobble base or turn it over for a solid seat. Each disc has dual colour, and from most significant to the smallest in order, they come in the vibrant colour shades like lemon, utilising fun shades like magenta, lime, and teal and some traditional shades like sky blue and red. The discs can interchange between daisy style and stars-burst shapes. The child can make a rainbow with them, separate the round-edged shape discs, and can spin each disc all the way to the base. Let the boy stack, twirl and turn again! Check it out at fatbraintoys.com and the price is INR 2397.

Baby’s day – Cloth Book

Source www.amazon.in

You want the small munchkin to be safe and cosy with his toys and what can be the better one than a soft baby cloth book? This is a small and travel-friendly book which can keep him engaged for a long time span. It is made with colourful fabric and squishy material and comes as visual storytelling about a baby’s casual day when he wakes up, eats breakfast, plays hide and seek, swings high in the air, takes a bath and goes for a good night's sleep.

It is a safe toy to give without any worry to the baby, and it develops the attraction towards ‘books’ and motivates their motor skill when they flip the pages and look for attractive colours. This safe and sturdy gift option is available at Amazon and the price for this adorable cloth book is INR 959.

Kid’s School Bus – Sitting Stool cum Storage Box

Source www.amazon.in

With the growing baby, it is a challenge to organise and keep the toys in one place. The best option is to keep a thing which the kid can use, and the parent can hide and arrange the toys too. This stool cum box is a multipurpose thing which fits as décor and storage. It is a beautiful gift for the kid to play and sit on it. Teach the kid how to be organised in the first year of his life and take it as a fun activity. Let them feel surprised and funny when they use it to clean their own room quickly and easily.

This car-shaped stool box saves the space of your room, and it can be folded completely flat when not in use. It is large and sturdy which can hold up to 250 pounds of things, and the size is 19.2 x 12.6 x 11 inches when it is fully assembled. This stable and durable gift item is available at Amazon and the price is INR 771.

Activity Centre Walker

Source www.amazon.in

It is a great feeling to watch the infant boy take new steps towards his toddlerhood and giving the best support as a gift is the best thing to do at this vital point in his life. ‘Baybee 2 sit-to-stand push and pull baby smart activity learning walker’ is a great fun play for the child which also has a removable musical piano tab. This encourages the child’s musical and auditory discovery and cognitive development of different colours and shapes. The child can touch the concave-convex shape and texture which will develop his touch skills and muscle. This activity walker will open up his imagination and creativity and improve the memorising ability. The child can play the music box and paint WordPad on it.

It is an excellent gift for the one-year-old baby which helps to develop the gross motor skills. The dimension is 15 x 31 x 46 cm, and it weighs around 1.89 kg. It can play 2+ melodies, and each character has a unique sound. The price for this walker is INR 1999, and it is available at amazon.com.

Oombee Cube

A cute and colourful gift with exceptionally educating features, perfect for the one-year-old little explorer. He just needs to grab, explore, sort and discover. He will be automatically drawn towards the six vibrant, textured, rubbery shaped tethers. He can easily explore the contours, squeeze and chew them as they are made of 100% food-grade silicone, safe for the tactile exploration to teething. It is a game of matching the shapes which is ideal for a one-year-old baby boy.

Encourage him to fit the cubes in the cut-out spaces – circle to circle, oval to oval and triangle to triangle. It comes with 6 rubbery shapes cubes which are BPA free silicone and made out of 100% food-grade material. The corners are extra thick, reliable, and secure. The strings are short enough and safe for the kid and long enough for his little hands to grab and explore freely. It is a shape-sorting fun game which encourages motor skill, sensory learning, physical exploration and spatial-visual skills. The price for this innovative toy is INR 1357, check it out at fatbraintoys.com.

Spend Precious Time with The Birthday Boy

Early childhood is precious and fun to witness. It is the perfect time to create the actual bonding which will last forever between the baby and the elders. Whether you buy a gift that is expensive or within your budget, never forget to spend some time with the birthday boy and play with the toy you just gifted him. It will add value to the gift and give you immense happiness.

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One year old is a cute age for a baby. Still a baby but with the vigour of a toddler and with explorative skills of a toddler that gives a heart attack to any parent. This is what you primarily need to keep in your mind before choosing a gift. Non-toxic paint, no small parts, no sharp edges are some of the points to keep in mind when you are looking to buy a gift. Also, it's never late to start on learning and educational toys. This is one area where you can never go wrong at all. But if you are going for walkers or the like, you better check with the parents before buying the gift. Not all parents are comfortable with walkers. You do not want your gift lying unused.