Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl in India That Parents Will Welcome, and Tips on How to Be Considerate Through Gifts (2019)

Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl in India That Parents Will Welcome, and Tips on How to Be Considerate Through Gifts (2019)

There is such a thing as a horrible gift, even for babies. A baby girl does not automatically mean you head out and buy the largest stuffed toy you can get your hands on, and there are a lot many things you can gift besides onesies and diapers. Here are some creative and thoughtful ideas for a 1 year old baby girl that parents and baby will equally be delighted with.

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What Can You Gift a One Year Old Baby Girl?

Make Playtime Fun and Help Her Grow!

From a little bean to a laughing and playing toddler, witnessing a child’s growth is pure pleasure and a blissful experience. At each stage of her growth and development, the baby would be working towards a new skill set and it is good to support her progression with things that aid her along the way. For instance, when she’s working with hand-eye coordination, she would learn about objects with similar properties and hence sorting shapes is at best a trial and error for her at the most basic level.

Her motor skills would be encouraged when she has something that allows her to get one object fitting into another, like a stacking toy which can be worked around by fitting objects together or knocking them down. Instruments are any day wonderful for her auditory skills. Pull toys make for excellent motor skills aids, allowing the child to practice her balance while enjoying herself.

Tiny Tots Love Experimenting

The first few years of a baby’s life is a new and continuous learning process. From moving her tiny body, to handling objects, to understanding language and using it and more, it is tiring and confusing. She plays, learns and experiments! She is learning by using her senses, tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling; she watches and apes people around her and picks up their language or behavior.

Play is an important facet of her learning journey. Things that can support her in learning would be ideal as gifts for her. If a toy falls, the baby will start seeking the vanishing objects. Fill and spill toys are apt for introducing her to the concept of losing and finding things. Playing with non-toxic dough, drawing or painting, dolls can help her with her imagination, creativity and expression of feelings. Building blocks can help her identify different shapes and sizes and putting objects in order. Singing, playing musical instruments will support her listening and hearing and develop her understanding of rhythm.

Buy Safe and Long Lasting Toys

When choosing a gift for the tiny tot, look for things that are multi-functional, long lasting and engaging. Toys made of high quality materials like heavy plastics or wood can withstand more wear and tear with the child and if they look more realistic, they have a better chance of being used for long as well. It is a wise move to buy things ranging between 1-2 years. As per the safety norms any toy which can be a choking threat should be labeled for 3 years and above. So when a toy is apt for a 2 year old, it is more or less safe for a year old too. Though the tiny tot may not really use the toy as it should be, but then it would allow the baby to practice flexibility and creativity too!

Best Gifts for One Year Old Baby Girl

Stacking Toy

Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack is constructed on a simple design that provides for a rocking action and swings to-and-fro, when hit by the baby. It allows the child to learn how to stack the rings on the basis of their size and color on the base, thus encouraging the development of her motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The beautifully bright colors and different sized rings help her understand the colors and how to hold objects in her tiny hands. The toy has swirling beads and a shiny reflection. Made of plastic the toy’s dimensions are 12 x 13 x 19.5 cm and it is priced at Rs.189 on First Cry.

Bath Toys

Colorful and just the right size for the little ones, these bath toys are meant to engage her during bath time. Made of non-toxic material these squeeze toys make a sound on stress and are perfectly shaped and sized for her tiny hands. They provide for a fun way to learn, introducing the child to the animal kingdom with a variety of animals in a set of 12, like a cat, cow, dog, monkey, duck, penguin, fish, frog, rabbit, unicorn, teddy bear and chicken included in the set. Their compact size makes it easy for the child to play with them and provides for an entertaining and lively bath time. The Ramakada Chu Chu Bath Toys for Baby come in vibrant colors and made of lightweight soft plastic, priced at Rs.279 on Amazon.

Storybook Rhymes

This book from Fisher Price will enable the baby’s first words fun and easy. The book comes with a top handle making it easy to carry, 3 light-up buttons for words, numbers and shapes, easy to turn pages and visually attractive images, making her reading time vibrant and enjoyable. It comes with a battery and aims at developing the toddler’s memory, alphabet and number recognition skills and reading & writing skills.

The Storybook Rhymes will introduce the baby girl to familiar laugh and learn characters who will teach her about counting numbers, picking up words and learning letters, also getting to know about shapes and colors. And as you flip each page over, she will hear some popular and all-time favorite rhymes as well. The book is priced at Rs.1,529 on Flipkart.

Learning Walker

With dimensions of 41.5 x 33.5 x 45.5 cm, this activity walker is appropriate to make the baby girl’s first steps safe and memorable! The walker is programmed with sounds of nature and cheerful music with an included musical play tray which functions when the baby is walking. The toys included on the walker enhance her reaching and grasping power stronger.

The walker is made of high quality plastic that’s well-made and long-lasting, it has 4 wheels providing for easy movement, music that creates a joyful ambiance around the baby, a mini phone she can pick up and make a call, a music box, colorful shapes, a freehand board for her to experiment with her creative imagination and a tear protective mirror. The walker is priced at Rs.1,796 on

Alphabet Pillow

Contribute to the little one’s room décor by gifting her the alphabet pillows that exude sheer love and affection. Whether you buy a single letter or an entire set of pillows in her name these adorable alphabet pillows are all of 11” adding color and an element of fun for the baby girl, adding softness and comfort too. These pillows are all handmade and usually take 4-7 days. You can personalise the pillows with a font and design of your choice when placing the order. They are priced by letter, with each letter priced at Rs.849 and the character limit is set to 20. Order it from

Knit Booties

Made of wool, these cute knit booties would keep the little angel warm and cozy through the harsh winters making her comfortable and looking cute. The pair comes in a beautiful color combination of red and white with roses and green leaves knit into the booties making them look so endearing you’d want them for yourself too! The fit is regular and the booties are all handcrafted. They are priced at Rs.399 on First Cry.

Wooden Pond and Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

The pound and tap bench is quite popular among the toddlers thanks to the fun learning aspect attached to it, and make engaging and exploring a natural progression for them. With its smart structuring, the 2-in-1 pound and tap bench features and easy sliding xylophone that opens up impressively to pound and tap while playing musical favorites. It makes for encouraging the toddler’s hands, eyes and brain coordination, stimulating audio identification and fine motor skills improving her physical, auditory and learning skills.

The set comes with a tap table, 3 round balls, a mallet, one xylophone and a stick. The toy is handcrafted with finest quality materials and hand polished to a smooth finish, making it child friendly and completely safe. The Toyshine Wooden Pond & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone is priced at Rs. 1,077 on Amazon.

Baby Dohar

A conventional Indian summer blanket, the dohar is usually made of 3 layers of the finest cotton muslin material. With a super comfy and cozy feel and light weight characteristics, the dohar blanket allows proper ventilation. It is just the right size, big enough to snuggle up the little princess and compact enough to carry around easily.

The La Rose Dohar comes with a classic print of roses with Moroccan inspired lattice design and it can be easily styled as a winter blanket as well by inserting a plush through the zipper on the back of the dohar (plush available for an additional price). It should be machine washed. The baby dohar is priced at Rs.2,499 on Little West Street.

Play Mat

A non-toxic, educational and environment friendly crawl mat for the baby girl is 100% safe for her and she will enjoy playing on this colorful play mat with its illustrated design and soft cushioning. It not only will provide a soft landing surface when she’s physically active, rolling, tumbling or falling but also help her learn while playing!

BcH TM Baby Play Mat is a multipurpose mat that can be used while playing games or even as a tent floor when camping, it is easy to carry and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. It comes with a double-sided design, is waterproof and anti-skid. Its dimensions are 178 x 115 x 1 cm and it is priced at Rs.549 on

Baby Story Book

Authored by Margaret W. Brown, Good Day, Good Night is a beautiful book illustrated by Loren Long; it is a story that will offer the little one comforting thoughts and feelings in the calming world of the Little Bunny. The author is known for her wonderful ability to convey a child’s understanding and take on the world.

In this story, a lone bunny greets a new day, people and animals alike who he encounters from his rabbit community and also wishes them good night the same evening. On viewing the sun rise from a hill top, he delivers newspapers on his bike waving a greeting to all, encouraging them to wake up to new surprises and when the day is over, he wishes them a good night thus depicting his enthusiasm for life.

Priced at Rs. 581 for paperback and Rs.1,120 for hard cover on Amazon you can pick your choice for gifting.

Bonus: What Can You Expect with a One Year Old!

Babies grow really fast! From just after their birth, they start noticing, grasping, and gearing up to face the world. Here are a few milestones you can look forward to:

  • At the age of 1, the baby girl may show a keen interest in different scents, so getting her familiar with the fragrance of a flower or a freshly baked cookie or even a lemon may be interesting for her sense of smell.

  • Babies this age, are mostly prepared to stand independently albeit only for a few moments, but be prepared, because very soon she’ll be putting her folks through a rigorous workout with her first-to-1000th step!

  • One-year-olds are usually adept at doing a few things on their own, such as eating with their fingers, helping their parents dress them, and turning the pages of a storybook. The baby girl should be starting to use a few everyday items correctly, including a spoon, telephone, and hairbrush.

  • She will start comprehending symbols and identify Ma or Mom with her mother and/or pointing at things and meaning she’d like to have it. So this would be a perfect time to introduce her to more things.

  • She may also start being communicative verbally and start using words as well. Soon her addressing her immediate family or humming would be music to their ears.
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Even pretty gifts must serve a purpose

Steer clear of gifts which just sit pretty, serving no purpose at all. A toddler's home is positively overflowing with clutter and now that the baby is on the move, it will get only worse. If the family has pulled off a miracle and manage to keep their home tidy, don't make things difficult for them by giving extra large toys that the little one can't really play with or things that have limited use and occupy a lot of shelf space. On the other hand, useful things which can serve a variety of needs will be highly appreciated.