10 Gifts for a Baby Girl's First Birthday and Useful Ideas on How to Buy Gifts for a Baby

10 Gifts for a Baby Girl's First Birthday and Useful Ideas on How to Buy Gifts for a Baby

A baby's first birthday is a very exciting time for her parents. While the baby girl is too small to actually care about the presents she receives, toys and games that will aid her growing abilities, and create precious memories of this time are the best bet. Find here other such helpful tips and fantastic gifts ideas for a baby's first birthday.

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Turning 1 is a Big Milestone, Give Gifts That Match the Occasion

Select Toys Suitable for Her Age

As children go through different stages in their life their needs change over time. Age appropriate gifts are very important because while playing they also develop basic skills. Children develop spatial skills, hand eye coordination besides social skills and a gift should be compatible to all they've learned and are learning. Also, a gift should not pose any threat to the kid. Check for the age recommendation on the gift you're picking and also go through any precaution or step that might have been mentioned in the gift or toy you've picked up.

As mentioned, a gift should be age appropriate and that is why it is important to remind yourself what a one-year-old girl would be interested in. A kid who's just a year old is not looking to receive an expensive or a sophisticated gift. All she's doing at this age is exploring her immediate surroundings through touch, taste and smell. As her abilities increase, so does her exploration. So the best gifts for a 1 year old are toys she can ride on, outdoor toys, toys which light up and play music, building block and puzzles which will not only keep her engaged but also lend a helping hand in her physical and mental development.

But while picking up a toy always remember that she doesn't understand what is good for and what is not, and for that reason avoid any toys which might harm her in any way. Avoid small tiny toys which contain small pieces that can be swallowed or any toy having sharp edges toy which might harm her physically.

Long Term Things She Won't Outgrow Soon

Kids at a young age usually become attached to their toys either because these toys are the first possessions and take on the role of friends. There could be any number of reasons behind this attachment but keeping this in mind will make your work of choosing the gift a lot more easier. Choose a gift which is not only a toy but also something they can play with for a longer period of time. Choose gifts with a wide age recommendation so she can continue to use it for a few years.

If you're thinking of buying a handmade and painted gift item then make sure that the item is kid friendly. Some of the paints contain lead in them as one of their ingredients and so it is advised to go through the materials used in making the item. Also, be careful where you shop. Look for a toy which will last long and not break easily. This is important because children can be quite rough with their toys.

Make Sure the Gift is Practical

For a new mom taking care of her child is the utmost priority and presenting a gift which not only can be used by the kid but also by the mom is a very good option. Any item which has a potential of being productive to a mom and practical to a child is always welcomed by the parents. Below are a few examples of the gifts that you can consider buying for both the kid and the mom.

  • Bath products: giving baths to a baby is never less than handling a ticking bomb. You never know when the baby will start to throw her tantrums and so to make the bath time more fun a basket filled with lots of bath goodies is the best present. The items present in the basket may vary depending on the brand and store you've purchased it from but a basic bath goodies basket will have a tear-free shampoo, kid's skin friendly soap, bubble bath, and a baby lotion. And do not forget to add a small toy item such as a little boat or a floating duck to give company to the baby.
  • Shoes and mittens: While clothes are among the most popular gifts for kids, shoes need to be paid attention to. At this age, a child will probably try to stand up and will start to learn how to walk and so shoes are a perfect gift. Opt for a shoe which is comfortable to the little feet of the kid. Shoes for kids, nowadays, come in a variety of colors and designs and is probably a good practical gift which the kid can use on a daily basis.
  • Summer play items: During summer, kids love to splash around in water to cool off and because a normal pool is too big for a 1 year old, a small inflatable pool can be gifted to her. It'll also make the work of the mother easier as these pools will be safe for the kid.
  • Laundry basket, diapers and wipes: Kids do a lot of running around and jumping around and in these activities, they end up getting their clothes and themselves dirty. So, a laundry basket is something every mother will appreciate for her little baby. Also, gifting diapers and wipes make for a very practical gift but just make sure to buy a trusted brand as these items need to be soft on the baby's skin.

Most Memorable Gifts for a Girl's First Birthday

ABC Look What I Can Be!

As your baby turns 1, she starts to learn and explore a lot more not only with her eyes but also with her senses and mind. So, choosing a gift which gives her the freedom to explore the world stands out in all respects.

Get her an ABC Look What I Can Be! book to give her the best gift there is. Available on Amazon and priced at Rs.1,953, this book lets your kid become anything she wants to become. Personalised with her name, it shows her all the things she can become, even introduces her to the idea of traveling to outer space as an astronaut. With your little baby girl's name on every page, this book will keep her engaged and make her laugh with its funny and cute rhymes.

Plush and Cozy Chair

Little kids often enjoy cuddling and snuggling with their moms but by the time she is a year old she can sit up on her own and play with her toys. A chair which allows her to be able to do this while also providing sufficient back support is a win-win gift. So while mom is not around to snuggle with, or she wants a nice cozy seat to sit and play with her new toys, a soft chair is a great place to do that.

Go for Soft Buddies Plush And Cozy chair available on Amazon at Rs.2,799 and enjoy story time with your kid while cuddled up together. Made of polyester, these cozy chairs are compatible with kid's soft and sensitive skin. These chairs can also be customised to print your little munchkin's name on it. They are available in pink and blue color. Make your kid choose between a pink bear or a blue puppy and see how this chair becomes one of her favourite things.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Magical Musical Mirror

A year old little girl would now be aware of different sounds and images and so this gift only increases her excitement. And the best part about this gift is that it will be her favorite gift even after she crosses her third birthday. Laugh and Learn Magical Musical Mirror is perfect for girls as they would enjoy the mirror embedded with lights around it and the music that it plays. This mirror also teaches baby about different sounds, textures, colors, greetings words and other activities. Your little baby girl will be hooked to it as it also has a small vanity compartment which is loaded with a play compact powder, lipstick, comb and two bracelets. She'll love herself looking in the mirror while wearing all of her accessories.

This Magical Mirror by Fisher-Price can be bought on Amazon at a price of Rs.4,559. It will develop her taste in music and styling accessories while making her learn different gestures. It's two modes - learning and music can be controlled by a compact and just opening and closing of the compact makes the music play or stop. This product has received a good number of positive reviews from a lot of moms and that is why it can be one of the gifts on your shopping list.

Baby’s First iPhone

Kids play close attention to what their parents do and try to imitate, and if you are often busy with your smartphone, she will want her own phone to play with too. If you want to keep your phone safe from a baby's hammering give them their own iPhone. Yes, that's right, an iPhone. We don't mean the pricey smartphone but a wooden version of the iPhone.

A toy iPhone available on Etsy online store will enable her to pretend she is mom or dad and make calls or pretend to jab on the icons etched onto its surface. This iPhone is eco-friendly and is made of wood and beeswax. As it is not the real tech item thus it has no pre-recorded sound or any music and so your kid's imagination will play those roles. Priced at Rs.1,008, this iPhone for your little baby girl will make her pretend play and boost her imagination. It's smooth and sleek design will not harm your little baby girl. Gifts like these will not only keep her engaged but also make her feel that she is just like her parents.

Peek-A-Boo Forest Soft Book

As a girl turns one, she starts to get fascinated by pictures and words and other worldly things and so to keep her engaged in this exploring mission of hers a book full of fascinating characters and colorful animals and is considered a good gift.

Go for Peek-A-Boo Forest Soft Book by Lamaze which contains all all of this. This book is designed especially for young babies and the pages are made from soft fabric. Remember that your one year still is not aware of words but she can recognize the shapes and creatures and so this book is exactly what she needs for her motor skills development. This sweet book priced at Rs.1,727 on Amazon. It has peek-a-boo flaps on each page which increase the excitement for little kids as they find themselves trying to find a mouse which is hidden behind a tree. This book is perfect for kids above the age of 6 months and will keep your little one busy and curious.

Full of characters like donkeys, dragons, pandas, bunnies and more, this book has 5 two-page spreads that encourages your kid to find the animals. There are different books in the series depending on the age of your child and it goes all the way to 1.5 years. This book is perfect for a child's first book and your little one will absolutely love itand will take an instant liking to it.

Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike

As your kid starts to grow and starts to learn how to walk, a trike would offer her more mobility and balance. Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike comes in the shade of red and can be bought on Amazon for Rs.11,061. This trike is portable and easy to handle. It has been made in such a way that it provides enough stability for a small child, and the strong construction ensures durability to avoid any mishaps. It also has an adjustable seat to make sure that your kid is able to sit on it and ride it comfortably even after she grows bigger, which she will very soon. This easy to handle ride-on item is one of the best gifts a 1 year old can receive. And as this trike will not get old very soon, your baby girl can enjoy her evening rides in this trike until the age of 3 years.

Toddler Music Band

Kids are more receptive to either visual or hearing stimulants and that is why presenting them with small musical instrument will not only get their attention towards it, it will also make them more attentive. Engage your kid in musical play with Hohner Inc. Toddler Music Band. This band consists of 5 musical instruments - a rattle roller, shaker maracas, jingle bells, wave drum, and xylophone. These bright colored instruments are fun to play with, designed for the small fingers of a toddler, and she will be delighted at the music she creates. Priced at Rs.2,549 these musical instruments are very durable and strong but are lightweight at the same time. Suitable for kids from age 12 months up, this band is available on Amazon. What starts out as a cacophony of tuneless music may induce and encourage musical talent in your little girl. If nothing else, it's an enjoyable way to express herself.

Pop Blocs Farm Animals

As babies start learning how to do more, and are able to move around more freely, they need a lot more stimulation and interesting things to play with. Keeping them involved in a fun and educational activity is a good way to keep them busy in a productive way. And there is no better way to combine play time with learning than with cute farm animals. The set consists of 5 linkable soft plastic toys that are each made up of two pieces. She can play mix-and-match with these animals as she likes. A pig, horse, cow, sheep, and hen will become your kid's best friends and she can get creative by pairing parts of different animals. She can invent a sheep cow if that is what she likes. Pulling out pieces is easy as they're lightweight but are still strong. This can build tactile strength, encourage sensory development, and emotional connection.

Your kid will learn about shapes and will develop important motor skills and finger strength. Available on Amazon at Rs.1,333 these lovely animals are of high quality and child friendly.

Personalised Baby Plate and Tumbler

Giving a baby personalised products for daily use are some of the best type of gifts. After a point a child as small as that doesn't need any more toys and things which can be used on a daily basis are a lot more useful. She would need her own blanket, grooming products, tableware and cutlery which have been designed for a baby, buy her these.

Besides, personalised tumblers, plates and cutlery for small children are extremely cute and her parents will be thrilled to receive such gifts. Such as the plate and tumbler sets by Spatz. These cute, personalised tumblers will keep the your little one's hot beverage hot and cold beverage cold. It Available in 10 different colors and can be printed with your precious one's name on them. When ordering as a gift make sure you get her name right. Priced at Rs.1,944 on Amazon these small little cups may not be used too often at the beginning but as she grows and learns to eat and drink on her own she will always want to use her own tumbler. Complete this gift by adding a personalised melamine plate as well. It is priced at Rs.1,556.

DIY Accessories

New mothers love to dress up their baby in cute clothes and put pretty clips in their hair even though the baby may have very little hair. For baby girls there are so many adorable options, from head bands and bows to cute clips, hats and mittens. But often these accessories are quite expensive, sometime costing more than accessories for adults. If you are skilled at crafting and enjoy making things by hand, make a set of hair accessories for the baby girl - her mother will be touched, and thrilled that she can doll up her precious baby girl.

You will need snap clips, a number of felt, thread, hot glue and designing pieces like buttons and beads. Cut out a small piece of felt which is of the size of the snap clips and glue up some of the colorful buttons and beads on the cut out felt and glue it to the clips. To make the clips more unique cut the felt pieces into different shapes and opt for different shades of color. Use good quality material which will not harm a child's sensitive skin. As a one year old she would have scant hair so perhaps its best to avoid clips and make accessories out of fabric.

Also, style her hats or bangles or any other accessories that you can make. Babies do not need much help to look cute; subtle, simple designs in child friendly colours are ideal. To top it all, DIY accessories are not very expensive to make and it can help you give practical yet budget friendly gifts.

It is a Special Day: Capture it Through a Photoshoot

A wall full of memories is always a good idea. Your one year old will have all her photos and she'll cherish those memories after she's all grown up. And so arrange a family photoshoot for her first birthday. You can have them taken outside in the garden, at your favorite restaurant, in a park or have a cosy setting at home.

Pre-plan this photoshoot with your family and get them ready. The photoshoot will become much more exciting and memorable if you choose a place of your liking. And if you're thinking of taking pictures at your home then make sure that your home is cleaned and make it look bright and clutter free. Go for a simple look that suits every person in the family. Also, you can change your clothes for different photos and match your attire to your surroundings. But do make sure that your attire and looks all complement each other.

Prepare your family beforehand and make sure that everyone had a good night sleep and are ready for the shoot. Looking tired in a photo would not be such a good thing. And to add a little bit of fun and quirky element to your family photo shoot bring along few props or your little one's toys. And along with these props do not forget to carry any essentials or items that your kid might need if you're going out.

If you intend this as a gift for a family of a baby girl, book the photographer in advance, or if you are skilled with a camera, offer to do it yourself. Tell them beforehand so they can be prepared. Spend some time taking solo shots of the birthday girl. Babies can be moody and she may need to be coaxed into a happy state so she can look her cutest best in pictures.

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The gifts you bring to a baby girl's first birthday party are more for her parents than the tiny tot. With the limited awareness of a baby, she would sooner play with the colourful wrappings than the things contained inside. New parents are ecstatic about their baby turning 1 year old, but they are also tired, sleep deprived and hard pressed to keep up with the demands of child care. So if you have to choose between loads of stuffed toys, frilly party dresses or something from the never ending baby shopping list, we suggest you try take a peek into the latter.