Cool Things to Do in Bangalore: If You're into Adventure Sports or are Wanting to Try Something New, Head to These 6 Places in and Around Bangalore

Cool Things to Do in Bangalore: If You're into Adventure Sports or are Wanting to Try Something New, Head to These 6 Places in and Around Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, isn't just known for its IT sector and famous conglomerates, but, it has another side which would appeal to your adventurous side. This side of Bangalore would fill your heart with awe and wonder, with its mesmerizing natural beauty and all the activities it has to offer.

Exlporing a Different Side of Bangalore

Bangalore is a popular tourist destination in India and is known for its parks, lakes, and even the IT sector (often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India). Well connected to most cities in the country via air, rail, and road, it is also not just a beautiful destination to visit but also has pleasant weather almost the entire year which makes it ideal for a short weekend getaway, as well.

There is also a lot to delight the modern day traveler including quirky cafes, bars and pubs, shopping complexes, and more. However, there is a different side to Bangalore, as well, that not many people are able to experience. There is an adventurous side to Bangalore which has lot of activities and experiences to offer which will make your trip a memorable affair. Read further to know more about some cool activities you can do in Bangalore, how to book for them, and some tips on making the best out of them.

6 Cool Activities You Must Try In Bangalore

While Bangalore is famous for several things including the shopping compelxes, temples, and more, there are several cool, off-beat things to do as well, in and around the city. These are activities and experiences such as trekking or cycling or even water sports that you can enjoy with friends and family or even go solo. These activities promise adventure, thrill, learning and a lot of fun. Moreover, they offer you a chance to explore the city in a different manner so that you can have several memories of your visit. We have researched and compiled the 6 hottest activities and experiences, in and around Bangalore, that you must definitely try once.

#1 Bicycle Road Trip to 'Sholay' Village

Almost every Bollywood fan has watched ‘Sholay’ a couple times, yet, not many know that the film was shot around Ramgiri hill which is just 45 – 50 kilometres from the city of Bangalore. If you have wanted to see the village and the location where majority of the film has been shot, then it is possible. There are several cycling expeditions arranged to what is popularly referred to as the ‘Sholay Village’. The tour includes reaching a specific point and then getting on to individual bicycles and cycling up to the village. Some other places on the road trip (spanning about 25 kilometres of cycling) include a 400-year old Banyan tree, Manchanabele Dam and authentic Kannadiga lunch.

There are several operators offering this tour and the average cost comes to about Rs.3,000 per person. The amount includes pick/drop from Bangalore, mountain bike with helmet, lunch, guide, and a support van for any kind of emergencies. Don’t forget to carry a small personal first aid kit, just in case, and, your camera, of course.

#2 Water Sports at Manchinbele

Manchinbele is located 40 kilometres from Bangalore city and while earlier the dam was meant for irrigation purposes only, the place is now very popular for water sport activities like rafting and kayaking. You can also find great shooting experiences here. This is a great option to visit with friends for a day-outing and enjoy the team-style adventure activities and experiences that are there, to offer. If you don’t want to indulge in water sports, even then this place is a must visit for a calm evening or simply have a picnic.

You can either book a cab to go to Manchinbele and then enjoy the activities separately, or you can also book a package tour to the place, including most of the activities, and, in some cases a packed lunch as well. Prices range from Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,500. You can check for group discounts if traveling with friends and family.

#3 Safari at Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is a must have experience. There is a lot to see at this ecological park which is one of the pioneers in preserving wildlife in their natural habitat. There is a zoo, butterfly park, and several other immersive activities that one can enjoy. There is also an option to enjoy boating. The highlight is the lion and tiger safari where people can go inside a designated safari area in a secured vehicle and witness the king of the jungle in all its might. You can also spot several other species. This safari experience is one that you will cherish for long.

The park is open on all days of the week, from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. The rates are different for the safari at the park depending on the kind of vehicle you opt for. For non-AC vehicles the charge begins from Rs.260, for AC vehicles it starts from Rs.500 while you can book a 6-seater jeep starting from Rs.3000. The charges are also different on weekdays and weekends. It is best that you check on the website to see the updated timings as they have different timings during the winter as well.

#4 Micro-Light Flying at Yelahanka

Everyone has dreamt, at least, once about how it feel to fly an airplane. Well, you can actually turn that dream into a reality by flying a micro-light airplane at Yelahanka in Bangalore. It is a small airplane that is ideal for small airfields and used for recreational purposes. It is suited for 2 people, you and the instructor. You actually get to sit and taxi the plane down the runaway, if found suitable, you can also get permission to land the aircraft. This could probably be the most amazing experience of your life.

This activity takes place at Jakkur Aerodrome and you can easily get a to and fro taxi to the place. You can book this experience at a cost of Rs.3,500 per person. Only one person is allowed at one time as the other person in the two-seater plane is obviously going to be the pilot cum instructor. You also need to make sure that you reach at least an hour before take-off to be able to get clear briefing and required details, and, don’t forget to carry a photo ID.

#5 Night Trekking at Ramnagara

Ramnagara is often referred to as the birthplace of rock climbing. Located about 50 kilometres from Bangalore city towards Mysore, the place is beautiful and ideal for adventure lovers. A night trekking here is a great experience; you can enjoy the calmness of the place while feeling the adrenaline rush of trekking in the dark of the night. Apart from taking a mesmerizing night trekking tour to the place, you can also enjoy activities like rock climbing and rappelling.

For movie-buffs, this place is also famous for being the shooting location for several parts of the film ‘Sholay’. You can also enjoy a bonfire at night along with camping in the hills as you wait for the Sun to rise. Watching the sunrise at Ramnagara is a beautiful experience as the sunlight wafts in slowly, slowly and a cool morning breeze blows all around with birds chirping and crickets clicking. You can also spot several different types of birds during the morning time.

You can book this experience with one of the many tour operators offering this including Thrillophilia. On an average the cost comes to about Rs.1,500 per person while includes trekking and camping equipment, breakfast after sunrise plus pick-and-drop from Bangalore. Most packages will also include a rappelling experience along with the night trekking. The activity begins around 1 AM (while pick-ups begin from 10:30 PM itself) and the entire experience concludes by around 9:30 AM.

#6 Go on a Night Wine Tour

If you are a passionate wine lover then you must go, at least once, on Bangalore’s famed night wine tour to one of the many vineyards in the city. There are vineyards spread across several acres of land and not only do you get to taste the wine but you also get to take a tour of the entire place. There are immersive workshops and presentations that explain more about the varieties of wine, process of wine making and other interesting things that you would find yourself raving about to friends for years.

To book a night wine tour in Bangalore you can look for the Grover Zampa vineyards. It is a huge vineyard spread across 400 acres of land. There night tours consist of small groups and they also do private tours. An hour long tour begins with information on history of wine, cultivation process and then you can actually see the entire process happening at the place. Later, you also get to taste different varieties of Indian and foreign wines. For prices of the tour, you will need to check with them.

3 Tips for Booking Activities and Experiences in and Around Bangalore

Booking activities and experiences is a slightly different thing than booking a tour or hotel or something similar. There are some things that you must consider while making a booking like when to book, what things to carry, how to get a discount and more. We have compiled top 3 tips to help book an activity or an experience in a hassle free manner and get the most out of it .

#1 Book in Advance

The most important thing to do, is to book the activity or experience in advance. Most of the activities or experiences will have limited capacity or might also have a cut-off date, hence, you should always book in advance. Also, if you are sure that there is something you want to try in a particular city then book it before reaching there. This will allow you to plan things accordingly and avoid any last minute surprises. Booking in advance will also ensure that you are able to plan for the activity and keep all the things, documents required.

#2 If Going for an Outdoor Experiences, Check the Weather Forecast

If you want to indulge in an outdoor experience or activity then be sure to check the weather forecast. While not always accurate, it is a great tool to anticipate the kind of weather conditions you might be up against. You can accordingly alter or even cancel your plans, save time and money as well. For example, if you are booking a camping experience and it predicts rain on the said dates, then it is best to not take the risk and cancel while the amount is still refundable. Checking weather forecast will also ensure that you can carry accessories and things depending on the weather; sunglasses and hat for sunny days, for example.

#3 Search for Discount Codes/Coupons Online

One of the things that you must do, but, often forget to do, is to look for discount coupons and codes online for the activities or experiences that you are looking to book for the trip. Almost all popular activities and experiences have some sort of online presence in the form of website, social media handles or they might be releasing coupons/codes on other partner websites. It is a great money saver tool to check out these options. Some websites that you must check include Nearbuy, Grabon, and Groupon. If you are booking an activity for a group of people, then you can also simply call them and ask for a group discount; most activity operators will be willing to give a good discount and you can bargain further.

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