Party Games are Half the Fun of Having a Birthday Party! Here are 10 Party Favour Medals and Trophies to Give at Your Next Party (2019)

Party Games are Half the Fun of Having a Birthday Party! Here are 10 Party Favour Medals and Trophies to Give at Your Next Party (2019)

Organising your kids birthday party can turn out to be more hectic than you imagine, especially when you want it to be perfect and memorable. Here is a guide you can use as a tool for your next party to make it an event of a lifetime for your kid, and that too on a budget!

Step By Step Guide To Organise The Perfect Party

Decide on a Budget for the Party

Before planning the party, decide on a budget. It is quite easy to go overboard with these things. Once you start planning, you do not realise the amount you are spending. However, if you have a figure in mind, you will make conscious choice from the beginning.

If you have a lesser budget, then you can pick a costume theme only. You can have a simple party decor. Usually, most of the budget goes in thematic budget decors. However, you can adjust and have thematic return gifts.

At the same time, focus on the menu. Do not add a lot of items as kids cannot eat so much. Have one item in the main course but, make sure that it is your child's favourite. Have cold drinks and desserts. Kids are usually interested in those. In that way, you can save the unnecessary expense on main course.

Decide a Theme for the Party

If you are throwing a party for your child, you might want to have a theme. Children enjoy playing dress up and are excited to go to a theme party. Even the pictures of the party will look really nice and your child will have a cherished memory when he/she grows up.

Ask your child before deciding on a theme. Involve them in this process. They will be excited if you choose their favourite theme. You can pick a superhero character or their favourite cartoon. If it is going to be a girls party, then you can pick up a Disney Princess theme.

You can also have the whole decor of the party based on that. Get a customised cake made as well. You can also work on the return gifts and sync them with the theme. If you do not find anything based on the theme, then you can get customised party bags and add the return gift in it.

Create a Selfie Booth

Everyone enjoys clicking pictures thanks to the social media. Even kids like to click pictures. Thus, having a photo booth in the party is a very good idea. If you are going to invite their parents, then you might make a photo booth for them as well.

It will be fun for the mothers as well. You can match the photo booth with the theme of the party. If you are not having a distinct theme, then you might want to have a photo booth with cartoon masks and superhero shields. This is something that the kids will really enjoy doing.

Apart from that, you can have standees made with Disney characters. It completely depends on your budget. You can order certain things online as well. Also, have party caps and masks at the booth to add on to the vibe of the party.

Birthdays are Not Complete Without a Return Gift

Kids love return gifts. Most kids visit a birthday party just for that reason. Thus, it is a good idea to find something practical and useful for all the children. If you are planning to give a gift that matches the theme, then you might have to look for customised options.

You can look for milk mugs or water bottles and have a cartoon character or superhero printed on them. A lot of online stores do that. In this way, your return gift will also be in sync with the theme. Apart from that, you might get certain items that are available with cartoon characters from the market. You will just have to plan ahead so that you have time to look for them.

Also you can gift practical and useful items as well. Go for a nice story book set or an educational game set. In this way, children will learn something too. You can also gift stationery items as those will surely be useful in school to them.

10 Different Party Favour Medals and Party Rewards to Buy Online!

Pinka Heavy Silver Medal With Ribbon


If you are planning to arrange for some games for the party, then you can gift medals to the winner. Everyone gives gifts but, medals will be surely unique. Kids win medals in school during sports fest and other competitions. Winning a medal in a party will definitely be unique and exciting for them.

Opt for this Pinka heavy Silver Medal with Ribbon from It is made out of durable material and will surely last for a longer time. It stays solid even if the kids drop it or start playing with it. It comes with a v-neck ribbon in blue colour.

The ribbon is long enough for the children to wear. A medal always conveys appreciation and success. Thus, gifting it in a party will also convey the same. It will boost up the confidence of children. This one is priced for Rs.179.

Set of 6 Pieces Gold Medals


You can keep the golden medals for children who have come first. It can be just like the way it is in competitions. This will boost up their morale to compete against each other in games. Children will also be interested in playing.

If you are looking for a gold medal, then you might want to opt for these Gold Medals by It comes with a red ribbon. They have a diameter of 2 inches. They also come in a pack of 6. So, it will be beneficial if you are hosting 6 different games.

However, you can also choose to give just the gold medals instead of keeping silver and bronze. Since, 6 medals come in one pack, it will be cost effective for your to give away the golden one to all. It is priced for Rs.165 on Amazon.

Trophy Mall Shining Star Trophy With Customizable/Printable Paper


Apart from medals, you can choose to gift trophies as well. You can give away trophies for one particular game. If you are hosting a theme party, then you can gift the trophy to the best dressed person based on the theme.

It is a good idea to even mention about the trophies in the party invite. Thus, people will put extra efforts in getting ready for the party. Also, a competition makes things enjoyable and fun. Go for this Shining Star Trophy with customizable or printable paper from

The trophy is made out of metal and wood. It comes with a printable paper which is 11 inches long. You can write, "Best dressed at the party" there. The trophy is light and weighs only 150 grams. It is priced for Rs.199.

Fiber Trophy for Wishing All The Best or Like Award


If you are looking for a different and unique trophy, then opt for this Trophy Fiber All The Best or Like Award from Kids will surely love this one. The trophy is in the shape of a thumbs up or like form. It is made out of imported fibre material.

The upper part is golden in colour and the bottom part is brown in colour. The bottom is made out of wood. The base length is 2.5 inches and the width is 2.5 inches as well. The total trophy height is 6 inches including the base.

It is a medium sized and lightweight trophy. It comes with a box so that you can store it properly. It does not come with a customisable tag but, the base has space. So, you can make your own tag and stick it on the base. It is priced for Rs.200.

Trophies for Party Celebrations


Trophies are a great way to appreciate the kids. However, gifting them during a party is even better. If you are looking for a nice trophy, then go for this Trophy for Party Celebrations from It is a great option.

The whole trophy is made out of fibre and metal. It is 10 inches long. The design of the trophy is amazing. It has three stars with a round. You can actually give a random award to a child who shows enthusiasm throughout the party. You can add a tag which reads, "Star of the party".

The trophy is very sturdy. The upper part comes in golden colour while the base is in brown colour. The product dimensions are 11 x 26 x 8 cm. It is priced for Rs.199.

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Assorted Colors Mini Award Medal Favours


You can also do something fun and get medals with cartoons on it. Kids will surely love receiving those. You can get them customised based on your theme from an online store. However, if you do not want to customise them, then you must opt for Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Assorted Colors Mini Award Medal Favours from

They come in a pack of 12. Thus, based on the games you are hosting and the gifts you are giving out, you can choose the amount of packs you need. They have a diameter of 1 1/2 inches.

The medals come with long ribbons. All of them are made out of plastic. The best part about these medals is that they are colourful and have Super Mario characters on them. You can even add one medal each in the return gift bag. You can get in from at about Rs 113.

Bubble Guppies Award Medals


Gifting medals with cartoon characters on them is always a wise choice. Buying Bubble Guppies Award Medals from is a wonderful choice. They come in a pack of 12.

All the medals are in different colours. They are attached with ribbons and so, the kids can wear them. The cartoon characters are really cute and the kids will surely love them. It is priced for Rs.200.

Customise Your Own Circular Wooden Medal

If you are looking for a different medal, then you must go for the Customise Your Own Circular Wooden Medal from It is a wooden medal with a white ribbon. The best part is that you can actually personalise this medal.

You just have to place your message while ordering. They will revert to you with a preview within 3-5 working days. You also get an option in selecting the wood. The available options include birch and mahogany.

The size of the medal is 3 by 3 inches. The thickness of the wood is 0.9 inches. It is made from natural wood and it will look really nice on the kids. It is priced for Rs.599.

Different Games To Keep The Kids Busy

With a lot of kids running around the place you will definitely need a lot of activities pre-planned to keep their energies in check and to make sure they have fun. Here is a list of all the activities you can arrange in limited time or place. These timeless games are a favourite with all the kids.

Prize Walk

There are various games that you can organise at your child's party. Then, you can give away the medals at the end. One of the interesting game is prize walk. This game is ideal for kids who are from 2 years to 4 years of age.

You have to just write numbers from 1 to 30 on a chart paper. Stick them on the ground in a circle. Then, make smaller chits with the same numbers and shuffle them in a basket. Play some music and ask children to walk on those numbers.

Ask them to stop on a number when the music stops. Then, ask someone to pick a chit from the basket. The number that is picked out from the basket wins. You can actually do a variation where the number that gets picked out has to perform an act and the best act wins.

Sleeping Lions

Kids love playing games and thus, you must think of innovating games to catch their attention. One such game is the sleeping lions. If there is a big group of kids, then you might definitely want to play this game.

The whole idea of this game is that the contestants playing it should lie down on the floor motionless. Then, one person will walk around and try to catch their attention. They might crack some jokes so that the contestants laugh or move.

The last person to remain motionless wins the game. You might want 3-4 people guarding the group to understand who is out of the game. It is a fun game and kids surely enjoy playing it.

Sack Race

If you have a garden or some outdoor space at the venue of your party, this game will rock it for you. All you will need is burlap sack or a large pillow case for each player. Players must stand inside the sack and then race.

The first person to cross the finish line wins. Although, kids will look very cute jumping in those sacks. You can actually arrange a relay race as well. This will create more excitement for sure. This is a common game as many people know about it. Although, conducting it on a birthday party will surely be fun.

Mickey Mouse Game

If your child loves Mickey mouse, then you must make them play the Mickey mouse game. You will have to make plain mickey mouse masks for this game. Then, distribute one mask to each child.

Ask the kids to colour and decorate the masks. Give them some time for that. Once, the masks are done, you can move to the next segment of this game. Although, you might want to serve some snacks and refreshments in the between.

The next segment is about drama. Kids will have to wear the masks and mimic like Mickey mouse. The tone of Mickey mouse is different and children will love to copy that. the person with the best mimicry and pretty mask wins.

How Low Can You Go?

You can surely arrange for 3-4 different games for children. You will need a stick or a long broom for this fun game. All you have to do is hold the stick from two ends. Play some music and start the game.

Kids will have to pass under the stick by bending backwards. They cannot touch the stick or even fall down. If they do that, they are out of the game. Two adults will have to hold the stick for the kids to pass under.

However, the catch in this game is that the stick will be lowered after every round. You will have to keep going until everyone is out and you have a winner. At the same time, the game can go on until it is difficult to pass below the stick. At that point, if you have more than one child remaining, they all are winners.

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