Latest Collections of 10 Trend Party Favour Paper Bags That Will Make Your Party to Talk of the Town (2020)

Latest Collections of 10 Trend Party Favour Paper Bags That Will Make Your Party to Talk of the Town (2020)

On any special occasion, party, functions or festival, it is advisable to share gifts. Return gifts are given as a symbol of the warm feelings that we possess. When you hand them your return gift in a beautiful paper bag, then it shows your taste and courtesy to thank them graciously. Check our latest collection of paper bags that will make your party talk of the town.

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Few Facts about Paper Bags

Party favour paper bags are a thoughtful idea for a party, return gift as you can put a few items like chocolates, candies, sweets, books, accessories and pencil set etc. As a return gift for birthday, party or any other festive occasions. Also, it is a nice gesture and a decent way to show your appreciation to the guests for attending your party. Before you decide on purchasing the right paper bag, let’s check a few important facts about paper bags.

Paper bags come in brown and white colours; while the former is used mostly in grocery stores, book stores, and cafes etc; party favour paper bags come mostly in white colour with some designs or quotes and are also available in multiple colours. Paper bags come in different shapes and sizes and are crafted for different load capacities depending upon the purposefulness. There are paper bags with flat bottom designs which have their base flattened up once the bag is opened, these bags are used for keeping objects like books, grocery items, clothes and other articles. And then there are pinch bottom design bags which have sealed and pointed bottoms and are useful for calendars, cards, candies and tiny objects.

Paper bags are environment-friendly, 100% biodegradable and can be recycled. Papermaking uses wood as the raw material which is natural and the decomposed paper doesn’t harm the soil, any animal or sea life. Woods store CO2 and once converted into paper; the CO2 remains stored in the paper and even after recycling it remains in the pulp. A paper bag would degrade within 4-5 months in soil without harming the land or water, whereas a plastic bag would take more than 400 years to decompose and release harmful chemicals and toxins in the environment. Few paper bags made of thick and strong paper can withstand more weight than plastic bags. Paper bags look more sober than a plastic bag and are also less hazardous when compared to a plastic bag. But there is a flip side of using paper bags as they aren’t waterproof, expensive than the plastic bags, take more storage space and are a bit heavier than their plastic counterparts.

Benefits of Gifting Party Favour Paper Bags

If you are planning to give a party favour for a particular occasion, then it’s imperative to choose the right party favour paper bag according to the event. Presenting a party favour stylish and decent is a nice way to bid goodbye to your guest before they take a leave. When you hand them your return gift in a beautiful paper bag, then it shows your taste and courtesy to thank them graciously. A beautiful paper bag would not make its way into a dustbin, but can be used by your guests as a carry bag and will remind them about you and the party. Not only this, a paper bag looks better than a plastic carry bag and you get the satisfaction of doing your bit for the planet.

Party Favour Bags for Birthday


Let’s check out few attractive, funny and cool party favour bags which are based on a birthday theme. You can choose the size and style according to the article you are planning to give as a return gift. Do check the size of the bag and compare with your party favour item to choose the right fit.

Birthday Bag with Elephant Theme


The pretty looking Elephant theme bag is an apt paper bag for a birthday party return gift and especially for kids as the beautiful colours and the cartoons would be loved by kids. Made by ITC board, glossy finish paper, the bag has a handy thread to hold it, has dimensions: Height 11-inch x Width 8-inch x Base 3 inch and a pack of 30 paper bags are available on Amazon for Rs. 550.00.

Printed Paper Bags


The printed paper bags are pinch base bags, hence useful for keeping small eating stuff like chocolates, candies, snacks, biscuits etc. And can be used for presenting return gifts for birthday parties. The printed paper bag is 9.5-inch X 7 inch and a pack of 50 such bags is available for Rs. 279.00 at Amazon.

Paper Pep Printed Party Bag

Another bag with a pretty design and soothing colours, the paper pep printed party bag has green birds’ theme and is apt for gifting small stuff as return gifts for birthday parties. The dimensions are 10-inch X 4.5-inch x 13 inches and a pack of 2 bags are available on Flipkart for Rs. 150.00.

Majik Solid Party Bag

The Majik Solid party bags would be loved by young girls; you can choose this party favour paper bag for your daughter’s birthday and present the return gifts to her female friends in this paper bag. The dimensions are 15.5-inch x 12.2-inch x 3.5 inches and pack of 5 is available on Flipkart for Rs. 387.00.

Jungle Theme Green Gift Bag with Tag

Very apt for small kids, this Jungle theme green colour gift bag comes with a handy thread and a tag that can be customized while ordering. The dimensions are 10-inch x 7 inches and can hold a weight of about 1 kg. This attractive bag is available on Untumble for Rs. 55 /piece.

Little Krishna Birthday Theme Stickered Gift Bags

This little Krishna theme bag is a nice paper bag in which you can keep the party favour gift of your kid’s birthday or other auspicious occasion related to your young boy. The bag is made of an artboard and is 10-inch x 7 inches in size. The bag can be customized and the price per piece is Rs. 36.00 on Untumble.

Emoji Paper Bags

Emoji are quite popular among kids and youngsters as nowadays people talk with emojis more than real conversations. The paper bags have glossy lamination and are made of good quality paper board, have dimensions: 12 X 9 X 3 Inches and capacity of 2kg. The Emoji Paper Bags for Gifting are available on Indiamart for Rs. 15.00 per bag.

Paper Bag Zone, Multi Paper Bags

Made of multiple layers of paper, this paper bag is birthday theme based and the bright colours make it quite attractive for a return gift. The size is 25.4 W x 31.8 H x 8.9 D and has enough space to hold articles inside it. A set of 10 paper bags is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 789.00.

Printed Laminated Paper Bag in Birthday Design


This almost square bag has dimensions of 6 x 9 x 7 inches and is apt for keeping big items like sweet boxes and big boxes. The bag is strong and can withstand a weight of up to 4 kg and is made of laminated paper. A set of ten bags can be purchased for Rs. 159.00 from Paytmmall.

Disney Tinker Bell Party Favour Goodie Gift Bag


Disney characters are loved by kids and this bag would be loved by girls and you can keep small articles like cosmetics and jewellery etc. In these small bags of 6 inches. These paper bags have beautiful lace handles and a pack of 12 is available for Rs. 1,644.00 on Paytmmall.

Festival, Marriage and Auspicious Occasion Return Gift Paper Bags


For special occasions like marriage, anniversary, engagement and festivals etc. You need different, better and maybe stronger paper bags for presenting party favour gifts. We have picked few such bags which may be useful as party favour paper bags for parties as well as festivals.

Small Plain Paper Gift Bags for Small Gifts


The small plain paper gift bag is appropriate for kitty parties and is available in different colours. The bag has a beautiful bow attached, which enhances its attractiveness quotient. The bag is suitable for light and small gifts like chocolates, candies etc and the size are 16 cm x 12 cm. The small plain paper gift bag for party favours by Alumni Crafts is available for Rs. 558.00 (12 pieces) on Amazon.

Printed Party Bag

The printed party bag has golden colour designs with dark pink colour and is apt for giving a return gift at weddings, bridal shower, ceremonies, home warming or parties and is ideal for keeping small clothes, accessories, belts, candies, watches, sweet box and cosmetic etc. The flat bottom makes enough room to keep stuff and the satin ribbon handles eases up the carrying part. The bag is 10 inches in height and set of 5 bags are available for Rs. 253.00 on Flipkart.

Sri Ganesha Printed Party Bag

Lord Ganesha is believed to take away all the problems and is worshipped by Hindus before starting any new work. The beautiful golden embossed Ganesha on this handmade printed paper party bag is what makes it special and ideal for keeping party favour gifts on auspicious occasions and festivals. The dimensions are: 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm and the paper bag look very attractive and stylish. A pack of 5 paper bags by PPJ is available on Flipkart for Rs. 396.00.

Fully Designed Gift Bags

The bags look like an art piece carved in the form of a paper bag. The beautiful colour combination and the bird designs give it a very pretty look and make it perfect for gifting party favours in small parties like kitty parties or home warming parties. The bag is 10-inch x 7 inch and can withstand weight of up to 1 kg. The bag is made of artboard paper and can be customized to print the name, date and notes on a stick on in the centre. A set of 30 paper bags can be ordered for Rs. 2,700.00 from Untumble.

Flamingo Gift Bags

The big ‘Flamingo design’ which covers the white bag across, make it looks very attractive and will surely surprise your guests. This bag can also be customized with a stick on in the centre and this 10-inch x 7-inch bag which is just 30 GM light, can easily withstand a weight of about 1 kg. A beautiful party favour paper bag for auspicious occasions, bridal shower and small parties, this Flamingo gift bag can be purchased from Untumble for Rs.40.00.

Art Papyrus Printed Party Bag

A wonderful combo of three similarly-looking bags of different sizes and is useful if you plan to gift different items to members of the same family. The red colour flower design printed bags have dimensions 25 x 33 x 10 cm, 17.5 x 22.5 x 10 cm and 16 x 11 x 6 cm respectively from larger to smaller paper bag and all the bags have satin handles which makes it easy to carry them. The pack of 3 party bags by Art Papyrus is available for Rs. 199.00 on Flipkart.

Personalized Paper Bag

The custom Kraft paper bag with Vista Print allows you to fully customize the paper bag with your logo and quotations. You can get up to 4 colour printing on the 160-gsm matte white paper, the small size bag has dimensions of Breadth 19 x Depth 8 x Height 21 cm and the medium-sized bag has Breadth 24 x Depth 11 x Height 31 cm. The bag can withstand the weight of up to 5 kg and comes with a twisted circular handle which makes it easy to hold and carry the paper bag. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to receive a return gift in a customized bag and this will make the gift a memorable one. A pack of 10 small-sized bags is available for Rs. 500.00 on Vista Print.

Merry Christmas Paper Bag

The Merry Christmas paper Bag is ideal for Christmas parties and you can keep snacks, small packets, cookies, candies, chocolates and small toys etc. As return gift for Christmas party in this bag. The beautiful Christmas decoration design on white paper looks attractive and dimensions are 23 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm. A pack of 10 multi-paper bags by Vestta is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 250.00.

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