Get Creative with Party Favors! Necklaces and Trendy Accessories are the Way to Go. 10 Stunning Yet Cheap Necklaces to Add to Return Gift Bags

Get Creative with Party Favors! Necklaces and Trendy Accessories are the Way to Go. 10 Stunning Yet Cheap Necklaces to Add to Return Gift Bags

Candles, adorable succulents in cute little pots, fancy edibles and pretty little bags were all very popular but they are so last season. If you want your party to be a success, your ideas need to be a little more with the times and the winds of change are pointing towards wearable, party accessories that the girls will want to flaunt. Eclectic neck pieces, pretty necklaces and dainty pendants can put together an outfit really well, so do your guests a favour and scour the markets for cheap but lust worthy pieces. Here's a list to get your creative juices flowing.

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Occasions On Which Party Favor Bags Can Contain Necklaces

Birthday Parties

Party favor bags can be given on almost all occasions. However, what you add in the bag depends on the occasion. When planning a party favor bag for your birthday, choose 2 to 3 items.It is important to also focus on the budget as you might be spending for the party as well. Pick an assortment of pieces so that it looks nice. You can surely give necklaces for party favor bags on your birthday.Try looking for funky necklaces as they will fit in your budget and look nice as well. There is no need to go over the top while gifting as a return gift. You can either club earrings or rings with necklaces in the bag. Apart from that, you can go for a lip balm as they are usually budgetary.

Diwali Parties

Diwali Parties are a good time to give party favour bags. As it is, Diwali is a time where everyone exchanges gifts. You can gift it while you host a party. Make party favor bags according to the occasion.You can add indian sweets or dry fruits in the bag. You can also add some instant coffee sachets or green tea boxes. Apart from that, try adding jewellery in the diwali party favor bag. It will look nice and the recipient can cherish the jewelry for a long time.Try adding necklaces when thinking about jewellery. Pick up some nice heavy pieces. They need not be real jewellery but pick nice branded imitation jewellery. Look for different options online.

Friendship Day Parties

If you are hosting a friendship day party, then consider making a return gift party favor bag. You friend will definitely love it and appreciate your gesture. You can create an assortment of different budgetary items. Try adding a handcrafted soap or a small tube of face wash. You will find plenty of options in this category. Pick something that suits your budget and choice. You can also go for jewellery options. The best one is definitely a necklace. Consider simple silver chains with pendants. There are necklaces that are designed especially for Friendship days. Try finding those and add them to your party favor bags. Your friends would be more than happy to receive them.

How to Look for A Budget-Friendly Necklace

There are a lot of necklace designs available in the market. You will surely be able to find some pieces in your budget if you look around both online and offline. However nowadays the best option to look for necklaces is to find them online. There are a lot of different websites offering different patterns of necklaces. Some have long chains while some are chokers. Decide the style you want to opt for in your party favor bag. We recommend opting for 3 to 4 different designs instead of choosing just one design for all the party favor bags. Check different websites and then add the necklaces you like in the cart. After that you can shortlist necklaces in each different cart. Later, compare necklaces form different cart and then again shortlist. In the end, order the piece you like the most.

Party Favor Necklaces to Choose From

Romp Fashion Elegant Silver Double Leaf Pendant Necklace Chain Set

Adding casual neckpieces to party favor bag is always a good idea. Check this Romp Fashion Elegant Silver Double Leaf Pendant Necklace from It is a delicate chain with a beautiful and a unique pendant. It is made out of high quality and premium material called alloy. It is also durable and resilient and thus, can be worn daily. The chain and the pendant both are available in silver colour which go with most of the outfits. The pendant is that of leaves. The pattern of the leaves is very delicate and beautiful. Two medium sized leaves are added in the chain to give it a trendy look. It is advised to keep the necklace away from sprays and perfumes. The product is priced at Rs.186.

Big Multi Stone Necklace For Women Metal Necklace

Neckpieces go great with one pieces. Thus, you can add some beautiful pieces in your party favor bag. One necklace that you should surely consider adding is the Big Multi Stone Necklace for Women Metal Necklace from It is made out of various stones. All of them have different colours and different shapes. A silver coloured chain is attached at the back of the stones. The neck piece looks beautiful and is appropriate for wearing in parties. It is totally made out of metal. It is advised to keep the necklace in a plastic bag to avoid decolourisation. Also, avoid using water on it directly. This necklace would look great with a solid colour dress like black or white. It is priced reasonably at Rs.100.

Ceramic Wolf Teeth Adjustable Pendant with Long Leather Cord


There might be boys visiting your party and it would be totally unfair to leave them out while putting together your party favor bag. Elite Store Ceramic Brown Wolf Teeth Adjustable Pendant from is a great choice for boys. Well, this one is a unisex necklace and is suitable for girls as well.The necklace has a complete hippie feel to it. It basically has a pendant which replicates the tooth of a wolf. The pendant is attached to a leather cord. The length of the cord is around 230mm to 400mm. It weighs only 25 gm. Also, the cord is completely adjustable as it has two loose knots on each side of the pendant. Hence, it would fit most of the people. The necklace is also totally nickel free and lead free which make it completely skin friendly. The product is completely handmade and is priced at Rs.99.

Crunchy Fashion Rhinestone Butterfly Pendant Necklace

If you want to add a trendy and elite necklace in your party favor bag, then choose this Crunchy Fashion Rhinestone Butterfly Pendant Necklace from It is a delicate silver coloured chain with a pretty pendant. The pendant is made out of a unique shaped butterfly. The butterfly is decorated with different rhinestones which makes it look attractive. It also has a small pearl hanging on the edge. It has a perfect blend of eye catching jewels with the right amount of sparkle. Anyone would be more than happy to receive this necklace. This necklace can be paired with casual tops. It is an ideal necklace to pair with office wear clothes as well. The brand recommends to keep the necklace away from any kind of sprays, perfumes and water. It is priced at Rs.199. You can find pearl top earrings or rhinestone earring tops to add in your party favor bag with this particular necklace.

VR Designers Alloy Necklace

There are only certain kind of necklaces which can go well with ethnic wear. One such necklace is VR Designers Alloy Necklace from It is completely made out of beads. It contains multiple beaded lines which are secured together at the end. The necklace is of orange colour and is made out of alloy material. It contains an adjustable lobster claw clasp. The necklace would look unique and elegant if worn in a festive gathering or party. You can also pair this necklace with a solid colour tee while going for a coffee date. Keep the necklace away from water and sprays. The beads of the necklace are very small. They replicate the size of mustard seed. This particular necklace is priced at Rs.112. You can consider adding rings or bracelets in your party favor bag with this particular necklace.

Kanika Fab Multi-Colour Crystal Jewellery Set


You can add a necklace and earring set in your party favor bag as well. It would look really nice and the recipient would have more items in their party favor bag. One such item is the Kanika Fab Multi-Colour Crystal Jewellery Set For Women from This necklace has beads, stones and crystals. It is designed in such a way that it would completely match with ethnic outfits like sarees or salwar kameez. It is made out of various colours and hence, would match with almost all outfits. The earrings are drop earrings and are made out of yellow coloured beads. The metal used in the necklace set is brass. The set is totally light weight and can be worn for long hours. It is pricedn at Rs.145.

VR Designers Glass Necklace

There are certain necklace designs which look good on party wear outfits as well as casual outfits. VR Designers Glass Necklace from is one of them. It is made out of glass beads which gives it a very nice look. The beads are of sky blue colour while the chain is of golden colour. It is made out of three strands of cylindrical beads. All the strands are of different lengths which makes this necklace very attractive and unique. The biggest strand is 17 inches long. Three inch extender is added with the lock. The necklace is priced at Rs.134.

Fida Arts Black Plastic Choker Necklace


Fida Arts Black Plastic Choker Necklace For Women and Girls from is a wonderful product. Chokers are completely in fashion and they look really nice with most of the dresses. Pairing this choker with different lengths of silver chains would look very fashionable as it is the current trend. This particular choker is black in color and thus, would match with all the outfits. It is made out of plastic and requires zero or no care instructions. It would look good on girls as well as women. It is stretchable and hence, fits everyone. You can consider adding two to three different chains in your party favor bag with this choker. Wearing chain with a choker is called the layered look which is trending currently. It is priced at Rs.99.

Shafiqua Jewellery Traditional Antique Style Classic Combo


If you have mid-aged women as invitees in your party, then consider gifting an ethnic necklace to them. This Shafiqua Jewellery Traditional Antique Style Classic Combo from is the perfect gift for them. It is a combo of necklace with earrings which would go with sarees and heavy kurtis. The whole necklace is made out of beautiful white coloured pearls. It is a necklace which is made out of two beaded strings. The earrings are also beautiful and complement the necklace completely. They are made out of rhinestones and one black stone. You can also wear earrings without necklace as it would go with some western outfits as well. It is priced at Rs.199.

Black Lace 7 Piece Combo Choker Necklace Set


Shining Diva Fashion Jewellery Black Lace 7 pc Combo Choker Necklace Set for Women from is a wonderful set. It is a combo of 7 different choker necklaces. You can consider adding one to each party favor bag. This combo will help you save money and time both. It contains a mix of lace and belt chokers. One of the choker is pink in colour while all the others are black in colour. They are all made from premium quality material and are completely skin friendly. These chokers would go with casual and party wear western tops and dresses. Always keep them in a plastic bag and they would last longer. The whole combo is priced at Rs.349. You can order combos according to the guest list of your party. It is a good idea to order such assorted pieces and add in your return gift favor bag.

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Throw in a few other accessories

An accessories or beauty favor bag is going to be very popular. Team the neck piece with rings, a pair of earrings, some lip balm and hand lotion. Put your thinking cap on and make a list of things you'd love to get in a goodies bag. Then remove the ones that are the most subjective. You will still be left with plenty of fun ideas that can be very cost effective yet make your guests feel looked after. Try not to give out too many pieces of the same design, and if possible, give everyone something unique.