When You Don't Have the Time to Wrap It, Bag It Instead! Give Out Gifts in Style with 10 Incredible Gift Bags for Return Gifts (2019)

When You Don't Have the Time to Wrap It, Bag It Instead! Give Out Gifts in Style with 10 Incredible Gift Bags for Return Gifts (2019)

Perfect for birthday parties, weddings, pujas and so many other occasions, gift bags are an easy and elegant way to wrap up your return gifts without the fuss of paper and tape. Want to see our favourite gift bags? Scroll down and take a look at the wide range of gift bags options for return gifts.

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Gift Bag: As Significant As the Gift

Gifts are a form of expressing one’s gratitude and love for someone. Gifts are a way to say things that often words can’t. I’m sure you’ve heard, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Well, that applies to the unspoken communication of gifts as well. It’s not just what you gift someone but also how you gift it to them. Every gift has a story attached to it and the gift bag is prime estate that must be capitalized on to add to the value of the gift. A great and thoughtful gift bag has the ability to enhance the experience and increase the joy associated with receiving a gift exponentially. Don’t just put your downright amazing gift in a sub-standard carry bag, that’s like having a Ferrari’s engine in a Maruti 800. You aren’t buying the Ferrari because of the power attached to it but also because of how sleek and drool-worthy it looks. Don’t gift someone a Ferrari’s engine in a Maruti 800 or vice versa; gift your loved ones a Ferrari. (They deserve it.)

Now that you know that you want to gift someone a Ferrari (both the engine and the body), I mean a great gift in an even better gift bag, how do you select which gift bag to use? There are other key questions that you must know the answer to:

What Size Are You Looking for?

Imagine buying the outfit of your dreams. The one which makes you look as pleasant as your mother thinks you look (yeah, that awesome an outfit). Now imagine that you go back home and you’re all set to drop jaws with your outfit and suddenly you realize that it doesn’t fit you. Maybe it’s a little too big or maybe it is too small for you. These things need to be just perfect, right? It’s the same with gift bags. You don’t want to give someone a gift bag that is colossal because then the gift seems too tiny and inadequate. You don’t want to give someone a gift bag which doesn’t fit the gift because that serves no purpose. It has to fit perfectly, no mistakes allowed. So, before buying a gift bag make sure that you look at different size options and find the one that fits your gift the best. Check out the different sizes of gift bags available out there on this website:

Abiusa Group

What Material Suits Your Requirements?

Another important thing that you need to consider when looking for a gift bag is whether or not the material fits all the requirements you have. It is imperative that the gift bag is sturdy and will not fail you. The last thing you want your guests to experience is a torn gift bag. To avoid this embarrassment, make sure you know what your gift is, how heavy it is, the contents of the gift are also very important to deduce which material fulfils your requirements and does the gift justice. For example, if you are gifting someone something that might have some liquid in it then you should steer away from a paper bag, just in case things don’t work, at least the gift bag will hold its side of the bargain and save you from embarrassment.

Do Looks Matter to You?

Even though functionality is more important, but aesthetics do play a huge role with gift bags. A gift is supposed to entice someone and get their eyes sparkling. It is supposed to make people envy the person you’re gifting it to. It has to please the beholder and make them ecstatic and restless to open the gift because if the gift bag is so eye-catching, then it makes people wonder how amazing the gift would be. Looks might, or might not matter to you but they certainly do matter to the person who's receiving the gift, that’s my two cents. Do keep that in mind.

8 Clever Ideas for Return Gift Bags

It’s your special day, people are doting on you. You’re laden with gifts and its time you show people how thankful you are with small gesture-Return gifts. We all love getting gifts for gifts, but this time you are going to outdo yourself. Now you know how important gift bags are, what value they add to your gift, and how to choose which gift bag to pick. Now is the time that you become the black sheep and set yourself apart from the crowd. Here are 10 Clever ideas that you can use for return gift bags:

Pouch Potlis

Source www.amazon.in

If your return gift is something that is compact like dainty jewellery, then Pouch Potlis is the way to go. They’re fashionable and will be in vogue for the next couple of years at least. So rather than giving out small boxes, think out of the box (pun intended) and give your gifts in Pouch Potlis. You can choose the material and design that suits your gift and your pocket the best. Velvet Potlis are for people that have deep pockets and for those with clenched fists you can look for cheaper alternatives like transparent Potlis made with cheaper fabrics. You can get these gift bags for Rs.354 per 12 pieces on Amazon.

Printed Paper Bags

Source www.shein.in

A paper bag says ‘Environment-Friendly’, but a printed paper bag says ‘Environment-Friendly and Trendy’. A plain paper bag is not very aesthetically pleasing, but you can’t go wrong with a printed paper bag. There are a plethora of options available. Word of advice: Choose a bag which has a story attached to it. It has to say something about the person or maybe give a sneak peek into what is in the bag. You can get 3 pieces for just Rs.150 on shein.in.

Jute Pouches

Jute Pouches are another great option to can be used as gift bags. They have a rustic feel attached to them and are very durable. They are reusable and very stylish too. It’s a bliss to get a gift in Jute Pouches. Also, this gives you brownie points because people will think of you every single time the receiver’s use this bag in the future. This bag cost Rs.65 per piece on wedtree.in.

Translucent Drawstring Gift Bags

Source www.amazon.in

If your gifts are amazing flaunt them. Translucent drawstring gift bags are perfect for this purpose. People can see through the bags but not quite. This gets them excited to open the gift bag and pounce on the gift. Much like Pouch Potlis, they’re great for giving palm-sized gifts and dry fruits. So if you’re looking to make a big impact with a small gift, then Translucent Drawstring Gift Bags fit the bill perfectly. You can get 100 pieces for just Rs.522 on amazon.in.

Euro Tote Bags

This European descendant of the Shopping Bag is made of high-quality paper and rope. It is the perfect option if you’re going for a high-quality and premium feel with your gift. This is perfect for things like shoes, wallets, perfumes, sunglasses and watches. It is simple and elegant just like the place it comes from. The price of this bag ranges from Rs. 360- Rs. 850 approximately.

Personalised Bags

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like customisation. It shows that you genuinely care about someone and will go lengths to make them feel special and wanted. There are numerous online stores that customise bags and deliver it to your house (technology, right?). These are a tad bit costly but the smile that it’ll bring to the receiver’s face is worth every penny. Word of Advice: Say more with less on the bag. Try and use a sentence which the receiver always uses, and make sure to write his/her name on the bag. You can personalise 10 paper gifts for Rs.800 on printstop.co.in.

Recycled Bags

Be Environment-friendly. Don’t judge, love the person that you’re giving the gift too but also mother nature. She gave you the best gift ever, the gift of life. Use Recycled Bags! People love people who use recycled products. People who use recycled products, don't just earn the respect of others but also influence other people to join the movement and nothing is cooler than being a leader. Make sure that you recycle as much as you can. That’s the least we can do. That’s what a real gift would be. You can get these bags from customearthpromos.com at Rs.60.

Zipper Poly Bags

Source www.amazon.in

If your gift is tiny and precious and you want to go all out with showing it off or maybe you spent most of the money on the gift, then Zipper Poly Bags are for you. Nothing too extra, nothing too tacky. It does the work and lets the receiver see what is in store for them. This is great with rings, earrings, dainty necklaces, pendants and other jewellery. You can get 500 pieces for Rs.2,551 on amazon.in.

Tips to Earn Brownie Points with Your Guests

Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for the efforts that they put into something. Well, here are three things that you should adhere to, to earn some brownie points with your guests:

Opt for Eco-Friendly Bags

Eco-friendly options are thoughtful. They show that you care about the people around you and the environment. This will not only work wonders for you but will also add to the gift.

Be Aesthetic

What pleases the eyes, please the soul. Make sure that when you buy the bags, you keep in mind how they look. Just because a bag is eco-friendly doesn’t mean that it would win the hearts of your guests. Pick an eco-friendly bag which is aesthetic and is pleasant to look at. It has to have that wow factor to win the hearts of your guests even before they see what’s inside.

Add a Personalised Touch

Customize the bag. Add a bit of you to it. It’ll not just show that you’ve put in efforts but will also give the bag and the gift some character. People may or may not remember the gift but they surely will remember who gave it to them. Add a note, write something that strums the strings of the reader’s heart, be honest and vulnerable. Maybe add some stickers or labels. And if you think you might need to explain what story the bag has then feel free to play advocate and speak for the bag. It’ll help put things into perspective and is bound to win your guests over.

A gift bag is a difference between a good gift and a great gift. And if being good is something that you’re okay with then, by all means, do that but I’m sure that if you’ve made it till this part of the article then you are one of those who actually care about the gifts that they give and the people that they give those gifts too. Go the extra mile. Do something special and create a memory. Let the people around you feel gratified and loved, make them feel important and special. And they’ll do the same for you. Don’t just give gifts, give love and in return, you shall receive it.

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You're busy but you're thoughtful, that's why gift bags for return gifts are a great idea!

It’s no secret that everyone loves receiving gifts from their loved ones. This simple gesture is fulfilling on both a material and a spiritual level. Once you have selected the return gift, choose the gift bag accordingly. The size of both gift and gift bag should complement each other. You don’t always have to come up with something extremely original or unique when choosing gift bags. Sometimes the simplest things work best. There is always one condition though, they need to be of good quality. So if you want to give return gifts in gift bags make sure they are reliable.