10 Best Gift Bags of Plastic: Gifts Packaging Bags for All Occasions, Choose Any and Make Your Loved One's Gift Even More Memorable

10 Best Gift Bags of Plastic: Gifts Packaging Bags for All Occasions, Choose Any and Make Your Loved One's Gift Even More Memorable

Gift bags are incredibly versatile and can range from delicate fabric bags to standard paper or plastic bags. Add some tissue paper and ribbon and you have a complete gift, packaged up and ready to go. Scroll down to see our 10 best plastic bags to put your gift in.

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What to Look for in Plastic Gift Bags

Choose a Good Design (Or As Per Theme)

The gift bags you choose have a charm of their own. They should be relevant to the theme that you are aiming at. You should always go for a gift bag that has a good and attractive design. This is because the gift bag is the first thing that the giftee is going to look at. A good design of the bag will help you make a nice first impression as well. If you are shopping for a party, then go for a gift bag that has a funky vibe to it. You may also go for a minimalistic design and it does not always have to be a lot of patterns. Just make sure that whatever you choose looks presentable and catchy.

Be Mindful of the Size of the Gift Bag

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Depending on when you wish to use the bag, the size of the gifting bag is also an important factor. If it is a return gift then you may go for a small bag. Return gifts for kids usually fit in the small-sized bags and you can also choose it for adult return gifts. On the other hand, if you are actually gifting something to a friend or colleagues then you might have to look at the size of your gift to choose the gift bag size. Always go for a bag that is slightly bigger than the actual gift. This will make carrying the gift easier and the gift bag will actually serve its purpose.

Be Careful of the Quality of Plastic

Another factor that you have to consider while shopping for a plastic bag is its quality. Do not rush into simply buying a plastic bag without checking for its quality. There are gift bags that are really low in quality and should be simply avoided. A good quality plastic gift bag will stand the pressure of its content and at the same time will be durable. Do not just look at the cost of the plastic bag. Always prioritize the quality over quantity and you will be good to go. Otherwise, you will end up embarrassing yourself if the plastic gift bag tears off.

Choose According to the Occasion

The right plastic bag has to be suitable for the occasion. You cannot show up with a glittery plastic bag for a formal event. Therefore, always keep the occasion in mind while you shop. For instance, if it is a kid’s birthday party then you can very well go for a shopping bag that has cartoons made on it. For instance, a gift bag with a picture of Spiderman will be suitable for a kid’s party. On the other hand, you can keep the design casual in case you are planning to gift your friend or colleague. If you are gifting your spouse then a romantic themed plastic bag will do the work.

Top 10 Plastic Gift Bags That You Can Buy

Gallant Birthday Jumbo Giftbags Assorted

Are you looking for a stunning plastic bag wherein you can store the gift you got for your friends/ family? Then this green colored plastic bag is perhaps your best pick. The gallant jumbo bags are available one per package and are ideal to gift someone on their birthday. It is sturdy and can easily hold any gift that you wish to give. The funky design of the bag along with a Happy Birthday message on it is indeed a great choice. The pop of fresh colors along with a birthday wish makes it ideal. You can shop for this from mybirthdaysupplies.in for Rs.169.

Santa Gift Bags & Tree Gift Tag

With Christmas being around the corner, this gift bag is a perfect choice for the festive season. It is a Christmas themed bag with red and white colors. The design of the bag depicts the outfit of Santa Claus and is very attractive to look at. The golden and black belt on the red background creates an amazing look. You can easily put your Christmas gifts for your family members as well as friends inside of this gorgeous gift bag. It also has a tag that comes with a Christmas tree design on it. Shop for this awesome bag from firstcry.com for Rs.311.

Printed Plastic Bag with Happy Birthday Cake And Flower Print

This plastic bag is perfect for the birthday celebration. It can be used on a kid’s birthday party. You may shop it to give a gift to someone or even while giving a return gift. The plastic gift bag can be filled with goodies and prizes or gifts. Watch the reaction of the kid’s face as they hand the decorated bag to their friends. It has a Happy Birthday cake print and is made of a high-quality plastic. The floral decoration along with the perfect blend of hues makes it ideal for a birthday party. You can shop it from firstcry.com for Rs.43.

Spiderman Theme Birthday Return Gift Carry

If you are looking for a plastic gift bag for a kid’s birthday party then this Spiderman theme return gift carry is perfect! The loot bag comes in a pack of 10 and if you are planning a return gift then you can order these bags in bulk to give the wonderful gifts inside this bag. Boys will especially love the Spiderman theme bags and would flaunt it in front of their friends. Cheer up the kids and give them this amazing gift bag filled with your return gift. It is very lightweight and can carry any return gift easily. You can shop for this from returngiftwala.com for Rs.63.

Disney Frozen Loot Bags

This gorgeous Disney frozen loot bag is very catchy. It has the characters from the famous movie Frozen. The beautiful blend of colors and the dreamy design will be loved by the little kids. Surprise the little ones by gifting this cute gift bag. It comes in a set of 10 so you can place a bulk order and prepare for the kid’s birthday party. It is also suitable for giving something to the kids in general. They would love to receive a great gift wrapped in such an adorable bag. You can shop for the same from partyone.in for Rs.99.

Winnie The Pooh Loot Bags

This funky loot bag has the famous Winnie the Pooh drawn on it. The bag has Goodies written on it and its design is very cheerful and joyous. The balloons, decorations along with the dancing Pooh give it a celebration vibe. Wrap your return gifts in this plastic gift bag and give it to the lovely kids. You must see their precious reaction after receiving a loot bag like this. It comes in a set of 6 which means that you can place orders for the entire party at one go. Shop for this birthday bag from partyone.in for Rs.79.

Hannah Montana Treat Sack Set Of 8

This treat sack bag is specially designed for parties and celebrations. You can use it to put the lollipops, hard candy, cookies, chocolates and much more. Kids love watching Disney shows and a bag with Hannah Montana on it will truly delight them. The design of the bag is very attractive and it is a handle-free sack bag wherein you can stuff all the treats to give to the kids. Each set contains 8 pieces. Prep up for the upcoming party with these awesome bags. Make the kids go wow by filling the bags with their favorite treats. You can shop for the same from partyone.in for Rs.50.

Disney Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Return Gift Carry

A Disney themed birthday gift carry never fails to surprise the kids. This plastic gift bag comes with a Minnie Mouse design on it. The graphic is backed up by a beautiful red color background with dots. This super cute plastic bag pack comes in a pack of 10. Be it your kid’s birthday party or any upcoming event that you are planning, you can easily keep any gifts or treats in this beautiful looking bag. Shop for it in bulk so that you can maintain the consistency. It is well suited for birthday parties. Buy these return gifts carry bags from returngiftwala.com for Rs.49.

Power Ranger Ninja Storm Loot Bag Set Of 8

Organizing a kid’s birthday party can be really hectic. There are so many things to do and you do not have much time. Most importantly, you have to come up with a creative idea to present a return gift to your guests. No matter what you choose, the presentation is key! You can make your return gift extra special by wrapping the gifts up with this awesome Power Ranger Ninja Storm bag. They are small in size and are perfect for those mini gifts that you can present on the kid’s birthday. Each pack has 8 different bags. Shop this from partyone.in for Rs 20.

Personalized Large Plastic Bags

A great way of making your guests or the giftee feel special is by giving them a personalized bag. It certainly cheers them up and makes them feel like the center of attention. You can buy these personalized large sized plastic bags wherein you can add the name of the person that you wish to gift to. The bags can be used as a return gift bag or even as a special bag for gifts. This awesome gift bag will not only make your guests feel good but will also help them remember you and your party. Each piece is worth Rs.3.50 and you can place a bulk order at packingsupply.in.

Add a Special Touch to the Plastic Bags

Add the Recipient's Name

If you are looking to do something unique while gifting something to someone then try personalizing the bags. Often times we really ignore how the gift is presented and our focus is only on the gift. But the way you give a gift to someone also needs to be special. After all, it is the first impression and the recipient is sure to form an opinion about you. To make the gift all the more special, you can add the recipient’s name to it. This will clearly indicate that the gift belongs to them and will also make them feel important. There are a lot of online stores out there wherein you can find customizable plastic bags. The next time you gift something to make sure that it is wrapped in a beautiful personalized plastic bag.

Choose Something That They Are a Fan of

A perfect gift is something that resonates with the recipient and their interest. This is why you should go for something that the giftee is a fan of. For instance, if the person that you are gifting to is fond of minions then you can actually give a gift bag that has minions drawn on it. Moreover, if the recipient is really into sports then something that depicts their favorite sport will be a good idea. If they are into football, then any graphic related to the players or the game will actually be good. For girls, you may look for the Disney character they are into if they are young. Anything related to their hobbies will actually make them feel happy.

Go Environment Friendly, Choose Paper Bags

A substitute for plastic bags can be paper gift bags. While buying anything it is important to note its impact on the environment. Plastic bags can end up contributing to pollution and can be really harmful to the animals as well as the ecosystem. Therefore, you can shop for paper bags. These bags are biodegradable and pose no threat to the environment at all. Moreover, the paper bags come in various designs and sizes and you are sure to find a good pick as per your requirements. A little change from your end can save the environment in the long run. Online stores like printstop.co.in are good places to shop for paper bags.

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Pay Some attention On Plastic Bag Too

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the common “Thank You, Come Again” plastic bag, but it won’t make you stand out from a crowd. With ingenious bags like these, not only will your recipient remember their gifts but also other guests that spot your shopping bags at the party will also be intrigued.