A Baby Shower Is Incomplete without a Return Gift that Will Share Your Joy with Your Loved Ones(2020)! Learn All About Baby Shower Return Gifts and Some Amazing Places to Buy Them from Online!

A Baby Shower Is Incomplete without a Return Gift that Will Share Your Joy with Your Loved Ones(2020)! Learn All About Baby Shower Return Gifts and Some Amazing Places to Buy Them from Online!

The purpose of partying is to gather all the near and dear ones of the mom-to-be, so they can present her with gifts and wishes to welcome her to her journey of motherhood. The host then acknowledges these guests by a return gift to share their joy of the new baby. Make this gift memorable by choosing from our list of baby shower return gifts!    

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Tips on Planning a Baby Shower

Smart Party Planning

Planning a baby shower is not less than planning a wedding! However, breaking your back when organizing one isn’t really wise, as compared to planning a duo smartly! To begin with, a theme needs to be decided on, which makes it easier to tie up any further details together. With careful consideration and some personal detailing, the overall impact of the baby shower could be breathtaking.

To keep your guests busy and entertained, it is important to have some fun games pre-planned. From having everyone decorate plain onesies for the new baby to perhaps putting together a fabric square for a baby quilt to a variety of other baby shower games, it’s a nice way of toasting to the mom-to-be and making recommendations or wishing her and her child well.

Also, the décor of the party could range from the very basic welcome sign to a beautiful centerpiece made of flowers or balloons. The party décor need not always be elaborate but should be visually appealing and welcoming. For party eats, load up the buffet with the expectant mother’s favourites, or a menu that matches the party theme, with a colour palettes that symbolizes the new baby’s advent. Don’t forget to do your guests a favour as token of love from the hostess for their wishes and presence. From DIY favors to single blooms to candy giveaways and more, there are a number of unique baby shower return gifts to choose from.

Hosting a Segregated Baby Shower

Baby Showers over the recent year have risen in popularity more as an occasion to enjoy being together with loved ones than rituals and customs to be followed, especially in the Indian society. Whether you hold a party independent of the traditional “Godh Bharai” or as a joint event, the joy and expectation are always manifold!

A baby shower is typically attended by the expectant Mother’s close friends and family members and any other guests to be invited should ideally be discussed with her, keeping in mind your budget and of course the venue constraints. Whilst earlier it used to be a ‘women only’ event, it has become common to host Men on the guest list, which obviously changes the party chemistry. So before you end up hosting a combined shower, go over the finer details of who you’d be hosting and the experience to follow.

Ideally for a Co-Ed Baby Shower, the Dad-to-Be’s personality should also be considered and equal attention should be paid to the theme and games factored in. It’d be good to choose activities and games that will involve the men as well. There should be no alcohol and there should be enough room for the men to discuss and share their cute Dad stories or advice.

Party Favors

Appropriate, quirky and different party favors can make the baby shower memorable. Of course, the buy has to suit your budget as well. To ensure you have the favors in place, stick to the theme of the party; for instance, if you have a photography theme, then choose small frames for film roles for party favors, for a musical duo, you’d perhaps explore a musical trinket-cum-keychain or a CD.

Skip the usual malls and retail stores for your party favors and explore places like craft fairs for something that’s unique and exciting, which could also be handmade! One of the most essential aspects of choosing your party favors/return gifts should be that they compliment your guests. If most of the guests invited are moms then look for something that is suitable as a gift for Mothers, thus vary the choice according to your audience.

Baby Themed Return Gifts for Baby Shower

Baby Shower Candy Bottles Gift Set

The Baby Shower Candy Bottles Gift Set comes with a durable pack of 12 plastic bottles in colours blue or pink. Designed like a small baby feeding bottle, the bottles are ideal for filling with jelly bears, candies or dolly mixtures as party favours. They can either be strewn over on tables as décor pieces and later used as party favours for guests, or straightway be gift wrapped as return gifts. Measure 9cm in height and 4cm in diameter, these small candy bottles can also be combined with plastic pacifier gifts for an additional charge. The Baby Shower Candy Bottles Gift Set is priced at Rs.949 and is available at Desert Cart.

Decorative Paper Angels Set

Measuring 5.5” x 3.25” approx. this set of colourful and vibrant patterned paper, Angels is an adorable baby shower return gift for your guests and is believed to bring good luck to your baby. Perfect for décor and to bring in a sense of peace and calm to any space, these Angels have been lovingly crafted with intricate hand drawn details and don’t require any sticking. One just needs a single slot to assemble the entire set together. The Decorative Paper Angels Set comes with 6 pre-cut paper Angels in a multi-colored pattern and are priced at Rs.249 per set. You can purchase them online at Sky Goodies.

Sweet Bee Ceramic Honey Pot With Wooden Dipper

Sweet as honey, babies are delightful and fill our lives with happiness galore! Here’s perfect honey of a gift for your guests, which besides being a practical and utilitarian ceramic honey pot is also quite adorable as a décor piece. Shaped like a bee-hive, the white ceramic honey pot is accented with the typical yellow & black coloured honey bees on the lid and the pot base. Also included is a wooden dipper, which is made of ceramic and looks like a honeybee’s wings, peeking through a notch in the pot’s lid. Priced at Rs.349 apiece, the Sweet Bee Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper can be purchased as a return favour for a baby shower from buybjuycart.com.

Unicorn Key-Chain Poof

Attractive and cute, the Unicorn Pom Pom key chain is apt for a return gift on a baby shower for its adorable and stylish design. Available in bright and lovely rainbow colours with blue, pink, white and yellow as base colours, the plush unicorn key chains would look great on handbags, keys, as décor items in your guest's house or on the move as well. Each key chain comes with a plush and sturdy metal clip for display and portability is extremely lightweight and serves as a beautiful giveaway. Order in single or multiple colours for a price of Rs.389 per piece from Flipkart.

Mini Dream Catchers

These days dream catchers are a big hit as giveaways or gifts, as they are known as good luck charms or a harbinger of good dreams, capturing nightmares for its recipients. Here’s a quirky set of dream catchers from the Tassel Life with a strawberry, polka, pineapple, birds and flowers printed on them, vibrant and colourful to amp up the ambience of any home’s décor. The fluffy dream catchers with different coloured tassels blend beautifully in any space and bring a sense of elegance to any interior. Priced at Rs.1,399 for a set of 5, these dream catchers have been crafted with love and measure 4” in diameter at the round top, with a length of 15”. These are available in other designs and sets as well. You can buy them from thetasslelife.com.

Panda Phone Holder

Everyone loves Panda, for they are fluffy, lazy to the core and super adorable! Crafted beautifully from silicon, the Panda Phone Holder is made with the panda relaxing on a mat and is bound to win hearts for its stylish design. Curated exclusively for all kinds and sizes of cellphones, this mobile stand can hold the weight of most devices, both horizontally and vertically and is ideal for placing the phone on it to watch your favourite movies, browsing through pictures or simply tuning in to some foot-tapping numbers on the phone! Measuring 11.3 x 7 x 9.7 CM in dimensions, and available in realistic colours of black and white, you can purchase the Panda Phone Holder from uncommongifta.com for Rs.299 apiece.

Cupid Angel Tube Wind Chime

Children are considered 'Angels of Love' in life. Here’s a perfect return gift that symbolizes the advent of a baby in the form of a Wind Chime. Serving as a mascot of good luck and happiness, this Vintage Hanging Bell ornament can be used creatively as a décor gift for your guests at a baby shower. Made of premium quality material, it is durable and is crafted with plastic, aluminum metal tubes and measures 70 cm approx. The Hanging Wind Bell has cupid Angels in clear plastic with Golden lining hanging with the metal tubes and strike a musical cord even with the slightest of breeze. Priced at Rs.498 apiece, you can purchase this now from Flipkart.

Indian Style Return Gifts for Baby Shower

Baby Ganesha T-Light Candle Holder

Handcrafted and hand-painted, the Baby Ganesh T-Light Candle Holder is a beautiful return gift for your guests, which includes a cute Ganesha idol, 1 black tray, a lotus-shaped t-light candle, a wooden flower and a small pack of colourful pebbles and stones. Measuring 22 cm x 35 cm x 14 cm in dimensions, and priced at Rs.599 apiece at Amazon, the Baby Ganesha T-Light Candle Holder will be a perfect add to any home’s décor and will be remembered long for its adorable vibe and the occasion when it was received.

Polka Potli Pouch and Bowl Set

It is believed that Vermilion or Haldi & Kumkum are favourable for a Mother and her child. Hence, its only natural that as a return gift, your guests carry with them gifts that signify that emotion and protect a Mother and Child from all kinds of negativity and to invoke blessings of the Supreme Power! Here’s a simple yet stylish return gift that includes a 4” Silver and Gold plated (Chrome) Round Bowl packed in a red velvet box, a Polka Potli Pouch made of satin in different colors, a cotton silk blouse piece measuring 80 cm available in assorted colours/textures and a bag of Haldi & Kumkum. Priced at Rs.285, the minimum order requirement for this Gift Set is 5 numbers, and is available at theoneshop.in.

Jewelry Box

Women love their belongings like jewelry a lot, and a baby shower may be a widely attended event, but makes the Ladies feel special anyhow! Here’s an ideal return gift for your women guests with a dainty jewelry box made of Wood and adorned with gemstones. With a beautiful Bani Thani Painting on the top cover that’s been handcrafted with fine and crushed real gems, it symbolizes the Royal and Traditional Rajasthani Craft on a glass base, made exclusively by Jaipuri Artisans. Each box is priced at Rs.499 at Mirraw and measures 15 x 11 x 3 in length, width and height.

Bonus Tips: Baby Shower Etiquette

One of the best things about organizing a baby shower in today’s time an age is that they have ceased to be the typical conventional event it used to be and is more fun-centric, especially for the mother-to-be and her guests. However, there are some party etiquettes for a baby shower that govern politeness. Baby showers are still a traditional irrespective of how they are celebrated, hence being gracious is the need of the hours!

Here are some basic tips to host a baby shower:

  • The Host – cannot be the expectant Mother or Soon to be Dad! As the idea of having the baby shower is to shower the soon to be Mom with gifts for her and her new baby, hence etiquette edicts that the new parents don’t throw their own party. It is best hosted by a close friend or dear female relative instead.

  • Timing – is of the essence here. Ideally a baby shower should be held after the 20th week and of course before the 38th week to avoid the risk of having your baby at the shower!

  • Expectation – from the Mother to be is just to be a courteous guest of honor and a gift recipient. However, it doesn’t hurt to help the host by way of supporting in the supply of delicious eats and party favors etc.

  • Opening Gifts – Most people enjoy seeing tiny clothes, plush toys, however if the gift pile is immense then the ritual of opening presents could get a bit boring for the guests or perhaps be embarrassing for those who’ve come with smaller gifts. It is best to open presents later and given that most baby showers are less than a couple of hours or so, it is best to enjoy that time meeting, greeting and sharing with people close to you.

  • A Second Shower – hold conflicting views actually. Usually people prefer baby showers for the first child, however with changing times, this thought seems to have evolved as well. Most people are now of the opinion that every birth should be celebrated, irrespective of whether it’s a baby shower, a baby naming ceremony or a blessing duo. You can go with what your heart feels to be right and celebrate accordingly.
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Choose the Gift Most Suitable for All the Guests Present Instead of Going for Unique!

People like to make every element of their baby shower stand out, that is why they generally choose unique items as a return gift! It is always to wise to spend money on stuff that is more practical. One of the most basic rules of buying a practical gift is to choose something that is suitable for all or most of the guests attending the party. If all the guests are women, you can go for something more feminine. But, if the guests are men and women both, then you need to choose something that can be used by both, like a mug or a decoration piece. Similarly, it is a good idea to check the general preference of the people invited.