10 Party Favour Ideas for Kids of all Ages and DIY Party Favour Ideas for When You're on a Budget: Planning Parties Shouldn't Be Hard!

10 Party Favour Ideas for Kids of all Ages and DIY Party Favour Ideas for When You're on a Budget: Planning Parties Shouldn't Be Hard!

Celebrating your baby's 1st birthday is a joyous moment even if your baby would not remember or understand the occasion. It's a moment to look back and cherish! You would also want to thank the guests for celebrating the milestone with you. We put together 10 party favour ideas for kids of all ages (Even a couple for adults). In a pinch! Do not worry! We have 4 simple DIY party-favours that you do yourself.

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Party Ideas to Consider for 1st Birthday

Gender Oriented Theme

Before deciding the party favour ideas for 1st birthday, the first step is to consider the theme of the birthday. Not keen on any specific theme, then simply stick to the gender-based theme. For example, everything will be pink and more girly for baby girl’s birthday while more blue colour and boyish props would be used in a baby boy’s birthday party. This is the most obvious and easiest theme you can go for. It is also easy to set up the party for this theme.

Disney Inspired Party

Everything about Disney is perfect for kids and makes this theme a popular one while planning the 1st birthday party of your kid. A broad Disney theme birthday party is particularly a cool idea as it gives you flexibility. You can ask all the parents to dress up their kids in different Disney character costumes and you too can hire people dressed up as Disney characters to entertain kids. Make sure that the props and the food match the theme.

Mermaid Theme

Another popular kids birthday party theme doing the rounds recently is the mermaid theme. Whether it is about dressing up your kids as Ariel or Ariel’s Father, it is all fun when the theme is so interesting. Include more blue and sea green colours in the décor and don’t forget to keep up with the right kind of food options too. This can turn out to be a really fun party for kids.

Carnival Party Idea

The carnival theme is another cool concept to execute as it gives a very lively and fun dimension to the party. You can hire merry-go-rounds, clowns and put up various food stalls making the party really epic.

Minion Theme Party

Minions have become a widely popular cartoon character, thanks to the recent movies based on them. Not only parties, but you can find a lot of kids stuff based on minions theme like school bags, water bottle, tiffin box etc. A minion cake and using lots of yellow in the party would make a perfect minion theme for the 1st birthday of your child.

Party Favour Ideas for 1st Birthday for Babies and Their Parents

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

How else can you celebrate a kid’s birthday than giving out chocolate chip cookies to everyone? You are celebrating the 1st birthday of your child which means there will be parents coming along with the babies as they are too small to be there all by themselves.

So, such kind of party favours would be perfect for both the big kids as well as their parents. But there is something about these cookies which sets them apart from other types of chocolate chip cookies often found in the market.

They are wheat free as well as gluten-free to avoid all chances of potential allergy issues for everyone. You get them in a nice box and they are completely packed, available in 120gm quantity. Buy these gluten-free cookies from The Celiac Store for Rs. 125.

Assorted Chocolates

Source www.amazon.in

The next inclusion to the list of party favour ideas for a 1st birthday would be for parents again. We always try to find something which can keep up well with the occasion as well as the theme so we found this box of assorted chocolates which is simply perfect for everyone.

This pack here contains 12 pieces of assorted chocolates of premium quality and packed in a really nice box. These are completely vegetarian and can last for about 3 months if stored carefully. The ones here are a special type of handcrafted and homemade Ooty Couverture chocolates that every parent would love to try. Buy these premium quality chocolates on Amazon India for Rs. 250.

Watch Shape 3 in 1 Set (Set of 6)

Here is a gift that's perfect for kids who are going to start their schooling. The 3 in 1 watch is not only cute but quite useful for younger kids. Cute gifts are always cherished the most by the kids especially when they have a surprise element and this gift has it all in it.

This is basically a watch-shaped toy for kids which also includes a sharpener, eraser and a brush for them. So, this is definitely not an analogue watch as kids are too small to understand its functioning. But this 3 in 1 gift is definitely quite useful for them and interesting to use too. It is available in various colours and here you get a pack of 6 which is super affordable too. You can buy this 3 in 1 gift on romwe.com for Rs. 70.

Wooden Cartoon Photo Frame

Source www.giftoo.in

We have here a gift which is not only suitable for 1-year-old babies but will also be loved by their parents too. As a young parent, couples keep on trying to find something which can fit well into their kid’s room but such items are quite difficult to find sometimes.

But not anymore, as you can give them what they actually would love to use in their kid’s room. And this time it is a wooden cartoon photo frame. It is small in size which is 13 X 13 cms and has cartoon theme on it along with some beautiful and popping colours painted on it. They can place the picture of their kid in it and place it in their room. This photo frame is available on Giftoo for Rs. 56.

Cute Pouch for Kids (Pack of 36)

Source www.amazon.in

Kids and especially small babies can be stubborn at times and you can often spot them carrying their mom's purse around. We have the perfect solution for this issue in the form of party favours for babies and small kids.

These are cute multi-purpose coin pouches for babies and small kids which can be used by kids to store their stuff. These are cartoon themed pouches with really bright colours, the stuff the kids really like. They are easy to open and have one compartment with a zip-lock. It even has a short drawstring to carry them around. You get a set of 36 pouches in this pack which is probably enough for the entire party. You can buy these pouches on Amazon India for Rs. 1,399.

Some More Party Favour Ideas for 1st Birthday for Older Kids

Minion Themed Water Bottle

Talking about the bigger kids who may be attending the party, here are party favours that will suit them the best!

This minion themed bottle will be an instant hit with the kids. Minions are much-loved cartoon characters and this adorable theme on water bottle would be a perfect idea to give out to the kids. Provided by Disney, this water bottle has a capacity of 400ml and it is perfect for outings and schools. It is crafted in quality with long lasting material and also comes with a straw. This easy to clean bottle comes with a protective lid on top to ensure no water leakage. You can buy this really adorable water bottle from Shoppers Stop for Rs. 120.

Wooden Squirrel Pencil Stand

It can be quite a struggle to keep the stationery items of kids in place especially the pencils as they tend to have too many. So, while planning party favour ideas for 1st birthday, you can consider this factor in your mind.

And for this, we have picked a pencil stand. Of course, it matches well with the theme of the party and hence it has this squirrel design on the front. It also has this matching brown colour that looks really adorable. This is a perfect addition to any Child's study table.

It is made of wood and quite sturdy too. It has only one compartment which is perfect to keep pens, pencils, markers etc. in place. You can buy this super cute pencil holder from Firstcry for Rs. 85.

DIY Activity and Story Book Combo

The tender age of kids is perfect to develop the motor skills in them and your party favour could be related to this fact too. This is why we got our hands on one of the most interesting as well as a useful combo pack for big kids.

This is called DIY Activity and storybook combo pack which comes with so many interesting items. These are simply great for the learning and growth of the kids in a positive direction.

So, this kit here contains 1 Jungle Story Book, 1 Lolipop, 1 DIY Foam kit and 1 Green colour slap band. They all come packed in a simple white paper bag. If you want to buy this adorable combo pack then it is available for purchase on Party One for Rs. 135.

LED Table Lamp for Kids

Kids just love everything in the theme of cartoons and adorable animal characters. So, you better give them what they like the most and we have another suggestion on how you can do it.

We picked a really adorable as well as thoughtful party favour for the kids in the form of this LED table lamp. Now, this is definitely not a plain product as it comes with prints of under the sea scenery along with the famous clownfish "Nemo".

This lamp even changes colour and looks really soothing at night. If the kids do not like sleeping in pitch dark then this night lamp would be perfect for them. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate which are not included in the pack. You can buy this lamp on Funcart for Rs. 175.

13 in 1 Stationery Set

For the first birthday party favours ideas, we have one final recommendation for you. This is by far the most useful product and is going to be a big help for the kids at school.

This is a kit with high-quality stationery items which are packed together as a kit. Firstly, they look super adorable because of their animal and jungle print. Secondly, you get a lot of items in this kit which are total 13 in the count. Some of these items are 8 crayons, 2 pencils, eraser, sharpener and 1 picture colour book. These items are available in different colour options too. You can buy them on Return Giftwala for Rs. 99.

DIY Party Favours for 1st Birthday

If you are not planning on spending too much on the party favours for the kids, then it 's time to you show your creative skills. There are a lot of DIY ideas for planning the party favour ideas for the 1st birthday of your baby. We are recommending a few of them to you right below.

Mini Favour Bags

You can find a lot of interesting 1st birthday goodie bag ideas online. All you have to do is just make a paper bag on your own and fill it with some interesting things for kids. For this, you can include stationery items, chocolates, smiley badges, kids sunglasses etc. This can make a nice wholesome goodie bag as a party favour.

Party Caps

Party caps are another great item to be picked as a DIY party favour. In fact, this is so simple to make party cap on your own and you can find so many amazing ideas on Pinterest for it. Make sure to use good quality cardboard for making these caps to make them last longer. You can also include one balloon along with these caps too.

Homemade Candies

Many parents always remain skeptical about giving their candies. Store-bought candies can actually be very harmful to kids and this is why you should try to make some at home. You can wrap some of the candies and put them in a box to give out as party favour. This can be a great idea to save money as well as to give out something fun too.

Handmade Greeting Card

Another DIY thing as party favour ideas for the 1st birthday is to make greeting cards on your own. What you need to keep in mind is to address these greeting cards to the parents instead of the kids as they will be too small to understand your Thank You. You can also include chocolate with each greeting card as a Thank You gift.

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