Best Birthday Gifts and Toys Idea for a Cute Little 3-Year-Old Boy (2018)

Best Birthday Gifts and Toys Idea for a Cute Little 3-Year-Old Boy (2018)

Children's toys are not how they used to be. Therefore finding a gift for a three-year-old boy is difficult without the knowledge of the current trends in children's products. That is exactly why you need to refer to our gift guide. Our comprehensive catalogue lists some of the best toys and games on the market to make shopping for a three-year-old boy a breeze for you.

How to Buy the Right Present for a Three Year Old Boy?

Pick Simple Toys

It is much better to go for simple toys rather than something highly technical and complex while choosing a gift for 3-year-old boy's birthday. This age is all about discovering new things. Try not to confuse him by gifting him something which is difficult to operate. Also, make sure to not spend much on it because you know eventually he is going to break it anyway.

Go for Educational Items

We believe that you should make most of the nurturing age of a child and let him give the chance of exploring it fully. In such case, educational items are the best options as presents on his 3rd birthday. Even if he learns a thing or two through them, then it can turn out to be a great foundation for him to learn and understand something new and unique.

Notice His Activities to Discover His Choices

The best possible way to think of birthday gift ideas for a 3-year-old boy is by noticing his everyday activities. Kids are unpredictable but they start to develop new habits at a tender age. Try to find out where his inclination is. I am sure it won’t take you long to figure out the kind of gifts which will interest him.

10 Gifts for Bringing Fun and Learning Into the Life of a 3 Year Old Boy

Funny Cottage Educational Toy


The first one out here is a very colourful and super engaging educational toy for the kids up to the age of 3 years. This one is a learning house which is quite like a full-package for any kid because of the versatilities involved and the multiple games in it.

This toy includes a music organ toy, counting beads, shape guessing game, shape fitting toy, door opening game, rocker rotation game etc. The plastic used in the toy is completely non-toxic and it won’t hurt your kid at all.

These little games are just perfect to polish the motor skills of a kid and help to make him understand the things in a better and fun way. These kind of gifts are just perfect for a 3-year-old kid and with so many other surprises in it like animal sounds, puzzle pieces and a lot of musical compilations are going to entertain him throughout. You can buy this package for Rs.13899 from Amazon.

Einstein Box


Searching for toys for a 3-year-old boy birthday? Then take a look at the Einstein Box. It is an educational toy which is high on the creative factor. The box includes 2 books and 3 activities which specifically targeted at kids aged 3 years. These books help develop emotional and social skills in a child and also improves his basic vocabulary. The books are all about developing good habits and the pictures used in the books make the book more engaging.

The learning activities include 18 pieces of puzzle set, a plant growing activity kit and a fork painting set. You can find colour palette, workbooks and more in the kit too. This is just perfect for a curious child of 3 years ago to promote a healthy learning experience in his life. Check out this product on Amazon available for Rs.599.

ToyZone Magic Car


Educational toys are great, but sometimes the child needs pure unadulterated fun. The Eco-magic car from Toyzone is one such toy. This car consists of a 360-degree rotation of steering and it comes with light and sound effects too. This is just the kind of fun and exciting toy that your child needs. Your kid is going to be ecstatic after receiving such a wonderful gift on his birthday. This toy is completely safe and easy to use. The toy is designed to engage a kid and hold his or her attention. It's super comfortable and has a place for them to rest their feet in case they need it. It requires no batteries or pedals and works entirely by the rotation of just the steering. This Magic Car is available on Amazon for Rs.1403

5D Slime Gel


One of the trendiest ideas for a gift for a 3-year-old boy is the slime gel. This super light modelling jelly is just perfect for not only kids but teens too. It can be used to keep them entertained and busy for hours and the product is super affordable too.

The best thing about slime is its non-sticky property and the possibility to create literally anything out of it. The soft material looks very amazing and the colourful options look very much fun to the kids too.
You would be happy to know that the material of slime is completely safe for the kids and contains no amount of toxicity. This eco-friendly product is also harmless for the environment and the durability of slime as compared to play-doh makes them the most perfect choice for the kids. This slime gel can be bought from Amazon for just Rs.218.

Rechargeable Monster Truck


Nothing is more fun for kids than a racing truck that too of the monster size. This monster truck is going to woo your 3-year-old boy like nothing else and the fact that its rechargeable makes it super convenient to play with as well. It comes in a blue colour and can be controlled by a remote.

The amazing crawling technology of the wheels makes it suitable to be used on off-tracks and even on bumpy roads too. The very high strength plastic used in the truck ensures its longevity even after rough use by your kid. In fact, this truck can be used on shallow water, muddy areas and even on small pebbles too. So, no matter what, your kid is going to love playing with the truck wherever he is. The truck requires 3 AA sized batteries which are included with the packaging along with charger and transmitter. The weight of the truck is a bit heavy but can be handled well by a 3-year-old easily. Buy this Monster Truck from Amazon for Rs.1240.

Play Doh Creative Kit


3 years is an age to develop motor skills, visual knowledge and more in kids and nothing turns out to be a better option than the classic play-doh creative kits for it. It is one of the most loved gifts for 3 year old boys as well as girls and perfect to bring out the best in them through its creative approach. The product is a collection of various colored doughs like yellow, green, blue and red. You also get various stencil to create desired shapes and sizes. These doughs are made up of non-toxic material and hence completely safe for the kids to play with. This gift is definitely something to be considered when giving to a 3-year-old as it can be very helpful in developing the sense of colours, numbers and a lot of construction skills in the kids. And most importantly, this one is a combination of fun and education which is just great for a kid of this tender age. Check out this Play-Doh kit from Amazon for Rs. 211 only.

Cube Musical Learning Toy


Sometimes it is so tough to find just the right birthday gift for the 3-year-old boy in India but this problem can be sorted out easily. This activity cube musical learning toy is the perfect gif for a three-year-old boy. It comes with many different attachments and activities kits and is worth every penny because of its perfect combination of fun, games and education. The box has 6 sides and each of them has different learning activities for the kids. This toy includes a shape sorter, musical piano, learning clock, turning gears, beads and a mirror. The piano comes with various different musical modes and the various other activities packed into it helps promote shapes recognition, music, constructive approach, watching and self-assessment. It is definitely one of the most wholesome gifts for a kid. This musical learning toy is available on Amazon for Rs.1695.

Electronic Walking-Dancing Robot Toy


Lightweight electronic toys for the kids are always something to be considered while thinking about the presents for their birthdays. This electronic walking dancing robot toy is one such option to be kept in mind which is so fun and creative for the kids as well as toddlers. This one is operated with the help of batteries the bonus of musical lightning being emitted from it makes it even more perfect for the recreational activities of kids. The robot performs 360-degree spin, arms and legs movements and of course dancing actions on various built-in songs in the system. The timely flashlights entertain the kids even more and are subtle enough to not cause any kind of discomfort in their eyes. However, the robot requires 3 AA sized batteries which are not included with the package and cannot be recharged too. You can buy this dancing robot toy for Rs.499 on Amazon.

Animals On Wheel (8 pieces)


3 years is an age when a child's cognitive skills are developing and therefore you should keep that in mind while selecting presents. This Animal on Wheels 8 piece set is a fun and educational toy which will make him curious about animals and pets. The animals included are so cute and adorable for a little kid. The animals included are 2 pieces of panda and one piece each of lion, elephant, tiger, cat, dog and sheep. Each animal on the wheel is quite strong and does not break even if its thrown on the ground. Unfortunately, the toy is manually operated and does not include any batteries. But consider it as a great thing as it will bring more involvement from the kids which further improves their motor skills as well as communication skills. It is available on Amazon for Rs.1295.

Number Recognition and Counting Game


Finally, we have this number recognition and counting game which is greatly useful for teaching Maths to the kid without him realising it. The game includes numbers from 1 to 20. Each number has 3 corresponding cards which display the number in words, numerals and number in the count. This is a great way for a kid to develop an interest in mathematics by making it seem like fun and games. This over-all development is important for the kid's future. Buy this mathematics learning kit from Amazon for Rs.849.

Some Alternative Gift Ideas for Your Child

There is no doubt in the fact that the above mentioned presents can be found easily and are affordable but in case, you have no time left, there are some bonus ideas you can work on. These are like the fail-safe plans you would love to take a look at.

Clothing Set


The most common and obvious gift you can pick is a really cute clothing set for him. In fact, it is something you cannot even doubt about. This clothing set consisting of bowtie T-shirt with overall pants is just perfect to make him look like a little gentleman on his birthday. And like always, never forget to buy it beforehand so that he can wear it on his birthday. Take a look at this clothing set from Amazon available for Rs.1100.

Life Insurance Policy

The best gift you can give a child is the security for his future and a Life Insurance Policy is the best solution for it. It may not be the most obvious choice for a gift for a three-year-old boy but is definitely the smartest. It's one of the best ways to secure his future and we would strongly advise that you get one.

From our editorial team

Give him something that challenges his intelligence and harbours creativity

Little kids often get bored with a particular toy very soon. Therefore buy him something that holds his interest and helps build creative skills. Give toys which can be used to construct and build things like blocks, playdoh etc. Help him if he needs it, engage him with play and in the process, he will end up learning new things.