Struggling to Find a Gift for Husband on His Birthday? 10 Exciting Options To Make Him Happy (2018)

Struggling to Find a Gift for Husband on His Birthday? 10 Exciting Options To Make Him Happy (2018)

Worried about finding a outstanding gift on your husband's birthday? Don't stress, we got you! At BP-Guide India, you will find 10 awesome gift suggestions that will save you endless scrolling through sites for the perfect gift. We make it even easier with tips to help you figure out what gift will work best for your husband.

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Importance of your Relationship

Are you going to celebrate your husband's birthday soon? Let's try to understand why celebrating his birthday has a unique importance in your married life. You are married from a long time and in this duration, you should have understood many things to keep your relationship healthy. Celebrating his birthday is also about motivating him to achieve his dreams. When a man pursues his dream, he needs someone who will support him at all times, and that person is you! His birthday is a occasion where you can make him feel special, supported and loved. On this day you can make him realise that you will always have his back in good and bad times.

You have immense mental strength and resilience which helps you to bring in warmth, understanding, and balance in your relationship. Your caring instincts are so strong that you can sense the trouble and find a smooth way out of the problems. On the occasion of his birthday, you got a chance to shower your love and care for him. Being a responsible wife, you must keep motivating him to do better. This way you can lead a healthy and active relationship forever.

Tips on Buying Special Gifts for your Husband

Something with a Personal Touch

You might have been celebrating his birthday for years. On this special day, give him a gift which he can cherish all his life. Your gift should be sincere, unique, and could express all your feelings for him. Your husband is the closest person in your life, and you would always want to thank him for being in your life. If you are planning to buy a gift for him, then you must choose a gift which can express your inner feelings to him. He will feel that you always think of him and care about his happiness.

You can buy him a romantic journal where you could write all those things you love about him, or you can get a personalised photo frame engraved with a lovely text. You can also make small chits with a personal message on each and hide it in your house where he could find it easily. This is the loveliest thing that you can do on his special day.

Choose Something Practical

Men love practical gifts more than materialistic gifts. They are inclined towards products which are useful and meaningful. It really doesn't matter whether a gift is too simple and common, he would definitely love if the gift is something that he can use in his lifestyle. Search for something that could facilitate his work or something he needs. Observe his daily routines, and behaviour, that will help you in knowing his needs. If you will give him a useful and suitable gift on his birthday, he will feel that you care about his needs.

You can buy him a nice wallet, luxury watch, or necktie which will complement his professional look. If he is a working man, then gifts like a docking station, valet organiser, or safe locker could facilitate his job and make his life easy and convenient. He will appreciate your efforts in getting a perfect gift which saves his energy and time in work. It's definitely the best idea to make him feel special on his birthday.

Keep Budget in Your Mind

Before going out shopping, you must stick yourself to a budget. Don't try to overspend on gifts as it will create problems. You must buy a gift which can help you to express your feelings for him. His birthday is not a yearly obligation and you must take it as an opportunity to dedicate this day to the love of your life. Being a responsible wife, you must limit expenses on his gift as you have to manage your family too, and you cannot spend a lot of money on buying gifts for him. It will help you to save money which you can use for something productive, or for family wellness. Don't hesitate to tell the shopkeeper about your budget so that he can show you the products in your range. This will save your time and energy.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Husband's Birthday

Cocktail Shaker Kit

Does your husband drink? On his birthday, you can give him an add-on to his bar. If he loves to drink beer with his friends, then this cocktail kit will provide a royal feel to the party. This set will also enhance the decor with its beautiful royal look, and it will definitely look gorgeous on the bar table.

The set contains 13 pieces made of wood, glass, and steel. It has 1 shaker to mix different drinks very well, 4 handle jars, 4 straws,1 jigger, 1 wooden muddler, 1 bar spoon, and 1 clip. This is the perfect gift for your party lover husband on his birthday. Wrap the box with a beautiful wrapping paper and attach a small love note to make it even more special. You can get this set for Rs.1,299 on

Beard Comb And Brush Set

Men loves to keep beard and mustache as they think it is something that shows their maturity. If your husband is also a pogonophile, then this beard set is perfectly made for him! He can use this to keep his beard intact and nice. It will keep his beard clean, and he will look more attractive.

The set includes a wooden brush made of bamboo having boar bristles. He can use it for facial, bead, and hair conditioning. This brush is stylish and has the quality of life. The set also contains a wood comb which he can use for beard combing and styling. Beard shaping tool guide is included in the pack to guide him for perfect beard shaping and combing. Get this combo for Rs.961 on Amazon

Messenger Handbag

This messenger handbag is perfect for professionals and travel enthusiast. If your husband is an active working man, then he needs a bag where he can keep all his valuables. It's time to replace that old bag with this latest fashionable messenger bag which allows him to keep all his belongings safe. He can also take it with him when travelling. This bag will prevent his laptop and tablets from damage as it is made of high-quality plush and neoprene which is soft and durable.

This bag is water resistant because of the material used in constructing it. It has the detachable shoulder strap, and he can also suppress its handle to form a laptop sleeve instantly. The bag has a draw-bar box, and its compact size allows quick get through security checks saving his time. You can buy it for Rs.3,884 on Amazon.

His & Hers Couples Engraved Double Ring Pendant Necklace

Your husband might miss you when he is in the office. He might feel stressed and alone because of office workload. If that's the case, you don't have to worry about this as we brought a very beautiful gift for your husband which will remind both of you about each other and the strong bond you share. It will remind him that there is someone in his life who wants him to be the best. This way he would be able to keep himself calm and focused on work.

These necklace are engraved with the beautiful words "I will always be with you" which will remind him of you whenever he sees it. Necklaces are made of silver-toned stainless steel which prevents it from tarnishing for many years. Size is perfect and beautifully crafted. Get one from Amazon for Rs.1,474.

A Shoe Cleaning Kit

Being well dressed is the lifeline of a looking professional, and it does include proper clothing with neat and clean matching footwear. Foot wears are noticed first whenever he goes out for a meeting or any party. If you want him to always look smart and attractive with good clothing accessories, you must present him an important accessory for footwear that he will always use, and that is a shoe cleaning kit.

This kit contains one footwear protection spray, one brush, and one luxe microfiber cloth. Apply the spray on shoes before heading out, and it will prevent them from stains and liquid spillage. He can remove dust and liquid very easily with the help of soft and durable microfiber cloth. Get him this newest discovery for Rs.1,305 on Amazon

Conundrum Wine Decanter

Conundrums are the most popular products among drink lovers. It doesn't only enhance the taste and smell of wine or any other drink but also give a royal feeling by using it. If your husband loves to drink beer, then this conundrum is the best gift you can ever give to a beer lover.

This cool and elegant conundrum on Prezzybox has a brushed steel base. Two-phase of aeration and oxygenation system allows him to have the full flavour and smell of the wine inside. It can hold 375 ml of liquid in it. Its design is beautiful and looks attractive on a bar table. You can get this conundrum for Rs.2,537 on Prezzybox.

Personalised Cushion


Cuddle your husband with this personalised cushion on On this birthday, give him this special cushion engraved with your favourite photograph together. This is the most romantic gift that you can give to your husband on his birthday. This kind of gifts are the easiest but beautiful way to show your love for him. The cushion is made of Satin and measures 11 inches in length and 11 inches in breadth. Your personalised cushion will be in square shape engraved with your desired image. If you are planning to buy one for your husband, then don't forget to send your favourite photograph while ordering it. Get this personalised gift for Rs.420 on

Personalised Rotating Pen Holder


If your husband is a working man, why don't you get him something for his working desk in the office? Proper desk setup enhances creativity and calms the mind. You can help him to set up a clean and professional desk with this rotating pencil holder. It will not only beautify the decor but also helps him to keep all writing accessories at a single place.

You can personalise it with 4 amazing photographs on its outer sides. It will remind him of all those moments you spent together, and he will be happy to have them with him in his office too. The box measures 3 inches in length, 3 inches in breadth, and 4 inches in height. The box is completely made of wooden thus durable. If you are ordering it for him, then send your 4 favourite photos to the along with your order id. It would cost you around Rs.649 on

David Off Deodorant Set


Fragrance completes the personality of a man. It enhances the mood of a person and helps in lifting the spirits. People wear colognes to project their mind better in the right direction. Wearing suitable perfume boost the confidence and helps him to fight all the odds in his routine. Giving a perfect cologne to your husband on his birthday can help him in keeping the stress and anxiety away.

This David off water fragrance on will serve the purpose. You will get two cool water fragrance bottles; one is for your husband and another one for you. His bottle contains 75 ml of liquid perfume, and yours has 100 ml of perfume. This perfume is prepared from the blend of peppermint and lavender along with coriander, jasmine, oak moss, and geranium. The base note is prepared from the mixture of amber and musk which are responsible for a masculine and ideal smell. You can buy this set for Rs.2,899 on

My Life Story So Far Journal

You may have spent many years together, and it's obvious you have many special and romantic memories that you always want to preserve. So, why don't you give him a nice keepsake where he could preserve all special and memorable moments to be remembered in the future together? Giving him a keepsake can help him to store every valuable moment he lived each day. This journal will help him to note all his special memories so that you both can enjoy them in the future.

This journal is organised in 9 sections, and each section contains thought-provoking prompts that spark the colourful personal memoirs of their life. He will also get another section where he could write things that he wants to achieve next. Give this to him on his birthday, and then he would have his own memory book. Get this journal for Rs.2,214 on

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Choose only the Best!

Birthdays only comes once a year. You must give the best that you can for your husband as he is your lifetime partner. Giving him the best gift doesn't mean that you have to spend all your money. You can give him the best gift without breaking the bank! Choose something that can be memorable and important for him. Remember, it's the thought that counts.