Make His Day Extra Special with the 10 Most Romantic Gifts Gifts for Husband on His Birthday

Make His Day Extra Special with the 10 Most Romantic Gifts Gifts for Husband on His Birthday

Unlike anniversaries and other celebrations, his birthday is all about him. For every other day he is the one looking out for you and your family, so on your husband's birthday surprise him with romantic and creative gifts. There are 10 unique and romantic birthday gifts for your husband as well as lots of tips on how to get him the right gift.

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It's His Special Day

It doesn't matter if it is a kid or an fully functional adult. Everyone loves to celebrate birthdays. In fact, not celebrating or not participating in the celebration has the chance to severely affect relationships. But, joining in their celebration, you let them know pf their value. It reminds them that they have friends and family they can celebrate with.

And this is especially so for your husband’s birthday. Sure, it is a day where he will be wished by all his friends and family, but the dynamics work differently between the two of you. The wishes from your side would be much more meaningful and would hold much more significance. Plus, it is also a perfect excuse to display your love and affection for him. So, this time, make his birthday a little more special with some unique romantic gift items for your husband.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Him a Birthday Gift

His Likes and Dislikes


His birthdays are all about him. Therefore, you should choose a gift that is based on what he likes. If that sounds pretty vague or unhelpful because your husband likes many different things, you can first try to remove the gifts from your list which you know would not be to his liking. There could be many things he might like, but there are also things that he might hate. So, strike off those disliked gifts from your list.

Buy Gifts Based on His Personality

A gift should suit you husband’s personality. If he loves the outdoors and is always involved in some or the other kind of activity, then it is best to give him a gift that would suit that kind of lifestyle. But, if he is more of a homely person who likes to work and think in isolation in his own office, room or garage, then it is better to gift him the thing that he could enjoy in private. A gift that doesn’t match his personality would not be something that he would be able to enjoy. Therefore, it is less effective giving your sports enthusiast husband a book or giving your poetry-minded husband golf clubs.

The Message You Want to Convey

One of the most essential aspects of a romantic gift is the message that you wish to convey. The message or the meaning behind the gift is what holds the true essence of the romance. Sometimes, the message becomes more important than the gift itself. Even a simple white t-shirt becomes special based on the message that is printed on it. Therefore, you must select the gift that would best describe the feelings and emotions. For this, customised gifts are pretty effective as they can better capture the emotions and the message that you are trying to say.

Set Aside a Suitable Budget

The most important decision maker of all. Your budget will determine what gifts you can actually select for your husband. If you are short of cash, then you may want to give something that you can make at home or at least supplement with homemade items But, if you wish to give him something truly unique and expensive, then it is best to start saving for it in advance to ensure you have the kind of budget you need.

But, remember that it is best not to break your life savings for your gift. There are various ways to show your love and affection and please your husband at the same time that would not force you to invest a lot of money on it.

10 Romantic Gifts to Buy Your Husband on His Birthday

Despite mulling over the various factors, If you are still undecided about what gifts to buy, then following are the few gift suggestions that you might like.

Crazy for You Set

This Crazy For You set is perfect for your office going husband. This is a gift set that comprises of 1 love cushion that lists the top 5 reasons why you are crazy about him, 1 tie, 1 tie pin set, 1 signature perfume and 1 designer tray. This is a perfect gift that would not only express your love for your husband and make him feel cherished, but the gift set is also pretty practical that would help him look extra smart in the office. The price for the entire set is Rs.1,890 For all the products that come with this set, the price for this gift is definitely worth every penny.

Wooden Engraved Photo

Chances are, that you husband would not be having such a unique gift. This Wooden Engraved Photo on Mapleis a unique gift in which his picture would be etched into a frame of maple wood using laser. Customers can customise whatever they wish to have engraved. The price for this gift is around Rs.999 on Hence, if you want to give your husband something truly unique, then gift him this unique wooden carved photo.

Special Hamper for Him

Another of those special gift sets for men that has a lot of the essentials that men would require in their daily lives. Special hamper for him is a gift set that comprises of Herman Hansen belt and wallet set, London Playboy vaporisateur spray (100 ml), and a table top in which you can insert any message of a picture of the both of you to keep reminding him of your love. These products are of premium quality, hence the price goes up to Rs.5,199. Therefore, it is a bit of an expensive gift, but the quality of the gifts do speak for themselves. You can order this from

Time Turner

Is your husband a geek? Or is he a lover of books? Or does he have an infatuation with world of Harry Potter? If so, then surprise him this birthday with his very own time turner. It is a long pendant like watch that is connected to a long chain. On the back of it is a place where you can frame your own picture into the time turner. The gift looks extremely elegant that is sure to tease his senses. With with the price tag of Rs.980 on Oye Happy it does not threaten to break your bank account either. So, if you are looking for something that would scratch his geeky itch and give him a cool pocket watch, then this time turner is a great option.

Poetry on Canvas

Is your husband an art lover? If so, then check out poetry on canvas. It is a package where you can commission an artist to create a beautiful portrait of your husband. You can select any picture of him or the both of you together and give it to the artist along with a set of instructions as to how to draw the portrait. There are various colour combinations that you can choose from which would make the portrait stand out like a modern pop art painting. This package comes at a price of Rs.8,850 on which is slightly on the expensive side, but if you choose to avail this gift, then it would truly be a one of kind gift that he would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Coffee and Coversations

Coffee and Conversations is a perfect gift for husbands who are ardent lovers of anything coffee. The wooden hamper comprises of a coffee mug with an in-built cookie holder, a Coffee Times Newspaper with a picture and an article on your loved one’s love for coffee, Two coasters made of cork to give a rustic feel, 4 stencils to make your coffee look like a work of art, packets of strong and light coffee powder and coffee beans packaged in a jute bag.

The set also comes with a newspaper article that can be customised with pictures along with their names. All such details can be filled while paying for the gift. If your husband is someone whose blood stream comprises of half parts haemoglobin and the other half coffee, then he is sure to fall in love with you again after you give him this coffee. This package is priced at Rs.2,220 on Oye Happy.

A Single Golden Rose

Are you the kind of romantic who wants to gift your husband a rose on his birthday? Well, then step it up a notch and give him a gold rose. The material is made of plastic and the rose is coloured gold. The advantage of giving this gift is that the rose would never fade away, and later on, you can put it up on a vase where the gold rose would keep on increasing the beauty of your household.

The gift is not very expensive either. You can buy the Webelkart Jaipurcrafts 24K Gold Rose With Gift Box for just Rs.268, and can easily use this gift as an accompaniment with other gifts. Gold rose is sure to give an extra oomph to all the gifts it is accompanied with. Buy this on Amazon.

Naughty Chef Apron


This naughty chef apron set is for a husband who loves to cook and has a sense of humour. It comes with with a an apron as well as a chef hat with ‘Husband on fire’ written over it. And the whole thing is priced at Rs.599 which makes it an affordable gift for a couple who love cooking and doing things together. Buy the Naughty Husband On Fire Funny Kitchen Chef Apron by Yaya Cafe on

Couple T-Shirts


One of the classic gifts that can be enjoyed by both the husband and wife together. If you want to wear your love for each other on your sleeve, then get these couple T-shirts. They are good quality which sends a clear message of the two of you belonging together and being a loving couple without coming off as obnoxious. It is a perfect birthday gift that the two of you can enjoy together. The Giftsmate Bow Mr Mrs Couple T-shirts for Husband and Wife with round neck is available in black and white. Buy the two shirts for Rs.999 on Amazon.

Super Pet

Many of us are really attached to our pets. So, if you have a pet in your house, then chances are that your husband loves it to pieces. So, what better way to commemorate the eternal love between the master and the pet by immortalising them in caricatures. Super pet provides you with an opportunity to commission an artist to draw a caricature of your husband and his pet in a way that would exhibit their love for each other. They can be portrayed as superheroes with the pet as his master’s loyal sidekick. The price for commissioning this artwork is around Rs.3,900 on Hence, this is a great and unique option for all pet lovers out there.

Gift giving is ultimately the an expression or a sign of your love and affection for your loved ones. On your husband’s birthday, he would get presents from many of his friends and relatives, but since you are his better half, you have the right to stand out from the crowd and give a gift that would truly be unique and personal to him. But, the best and ultimate gift for him that only you can give is the gift of love. And love is something that cannot have a price. Therefore, do not stress or worry if you do not have the budget to buy a fancy gift. At the end of the day, a gift that would come from your heart, irrespective of the price tag, would ultimately be the best gift that you could gift him.

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Make Him King for a Day

Make your man feel like the most important and loved person on his birthday. This is the one day ina year when everything is all about him. It's important to remember this when planning the day and buying gifts for him; set aside your own preferences and look for things he likes best. Are there certain foods and party ideas that he's crazy about but you aren't completely on board with? Indulge him. It will show him how much you care for him.