Surprise Your Loved One with the Best Gifts on Their Birthday: Top 10 Gift Ideas for 50th Birthday

Surprise Your Loved One with the Best Gifts on Their Birthday: Top 10 Gift Ideas for 50th Birthday

The 50th birthday is a milestone in one's life. Therefore you need to find some very special gifts for a person who is celebrating their 50th and us at BP Guide will help you do just that! So Read on, to make your quinquagenarian's notable day a little more special

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What to Expect at the 50th Year Mark

50 is no longer what it used to be! The usual thought behind one turning 50 until now used to be all about getting old and eventually embracing the end of life as we know it. However, with changing times, the ideologies and feelings about how to live life have also changed. Turning 50 is now looked at another reason to celebrate and have fun.

Welcome the New Year with a New Mindset

Being uncertain or anxious is quite natural at this age, but if one accepts and welcomes the change gracefully, life would be whole new ball game altogether. You can help the birthday boy or girl recognize the infinite abundance in their life, the presence of their loved ones, reframe their thoughts of turning 50 to a more positive state of being and taking care of their overall well-being by engaging in healthy lifestyle activities and maintain a fitness regime.

The Road Ahead

Help them design the next leg of their journey by setting personal or professional goals for themselves, plan to indulge in new experiences. For instance, they may wish to explore higher education, travel the world, learn new crafts or be socially more involved. They could also look at exploring activities that challenge their brain and keep them active, such as exercising crossword puzzles, brain teasers, or Sudoku. Engaging in community services, participating in social events, practising random acts of kindness, volunteering at NGOs, are some areas that would influence them positively.

Tips on Choosing 50th Birthday Gifts

What Are the Traditional Options for a 50th Birthday?

Birthdays are always special, no matter what your age is. The 50th birthday is, therefore, that much more fun; an important milestone in every sense of the word. The 50th birthday calls for an extra special initiative in selecting a gift that’s different from the usual birthday gifts and will stay etched in the heart forever! By conventional norms, 50th birthday calls for a gift of Gold. When selecting for a man a pair of cufflinks in Gold, a wristwatch in gold plating or a pair of eyeglasses would be good choices. If selecting for a lady, indulge her with a beautiful Gold bracelet or a pair of earrings or even an elegant golden brooch.

Creative Ideas for Gifting

Despite what people think, the 50th birthday is all about starting a new life all over again! People this age have a notion that their options are diminishing the older they get, you can make a 50th birthday special for the birthday lad or lass by gifting something witty, something thoughtful, something useful or something touching or even all of it to inspire them to look at life from a whole new perspective. Let it be something that creatively inspires them to live life king-size.

For instance, a book ’50 things to do when you turn 50’ by Ronnie Sellers will make them laugh and rethink! Or tickets to a show/a concert/ a game with you or a person of their choice would be fun and something to look forward to; an experience could be one of the best gifts they’d ask for. The memory of a wild and fun day spent river rafting or skydiving would last forever in their hearts.

Common Birthday Gifting Ideas

Usually, both men and women this age are on the verge of retiring or have retired, which means they’d have a lot of free time to explore new interests, hobbies or partake new experiences. It would be a good idea to get an insight into what the birthday boy or girl is passionate about and get them a present related to it. The milestone 50 is also an unfortunate age for developing ailments and illnesses, after a hectic and long life when the body starts wearing down. Hence, it is the right time to remind the birthday boy or girl about their health is a priority; a book on making healthy and easy lifestyle changes re diet, fitness regime, alternative healing therapies or a workout equipment or registering them in a local club for yoga & meditation or something appropriate for their health would be an excellent idea.

Gift Ideas for 50th Birthday for a Mom, Dad or Sibling

Gear Fit 2 Pro Smartband

Every individual’s health and fitness regime is different and unique. Fitness trackers have become very trendy these days, as they’ve proven to be effective in helping people stay motivated to achieve their health goals. These devices encourage high levels of self-motivation in accomplishing fitness goals. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro-fitness band comes with a heart-rate monitor, steps tracker, distance and calorie count tracking functions. It helps keep track of different physical fitness methods such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, etc. With an inbuilt GPS tracker, it keeps an accurate record to compare & improve on the individual’s fitness level; the swim-proof feature ensures non-stop workouts when in water or during the rains, offering 5 ATM water resistance of up to 50 meters.

They can listen to their favourite playlist during workouts, all thanks to 4GB storage space; the device also offers multiple apps that facilitate fitness tracking and diet planning. The device is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and includes a band strap, a charging dock, start guide and user manual in the package. It is priced at Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart.

Electric Air Fryer

The older one gets, the less they can relish eating fried food, which tastes delicious but is bad for health. Electric Air Fryers cook crispy fried food without the unnecessary calories that come from the oil. The Glen Air Fryer can fry, grill, roast or bake using less or no oil, with the 2-liter capacity it exercises fast and efficient frying, has a vapor steam for crispy fry, is easy to clean and comes with a detachable basket. It also saves electricity with its 800watt feature and has a pre-set temperature of 180-200 degree Centigrade. It is priced at Rs. 3,995 on Amazon.

Knowledge Book by National Geographic

With over half a century’s life, an Individual who’s turning 50 would be expected to have a deeper understanding of the world and hence come across as someone who young people would turn to! Unfortunately, not all of us know quite as much as it seems like we should, and wish we could learn about human history a bit before we get asked about it. And that’s where this book comes in. The book extracts thousands of years of mankind’s most momentous thoughts and feats, describes how they are connected and why they are vital and bundles everything into a single, irresistibly readable volume.

The rich illustrated pages represent essential facts from all major fields of knowledge: science, technology, philosophy, art, religion, economics, and more. Filled with cross-referencing, fact boxes, and other helpful features, the book also features famous personalities in highlighted columns. It is priced at Rs.1,558 on Flipkart.

Donation for a Worthy Cause

Make your 50-year-old recipient feel warm and fuzzy on their birthday by donating to a credible cause in their name. It could also be a cause which is particularly close to their heart, anything from the local animal shelter to elderly care. GiveIndia is the country’s most credible donation platform that supports different causes in association with several NGOs all over India, focusing on a range of causes spanning from child welfare, education to disability, poverty, women empowerment and more. If you’d like to donate on the birthday boy or girl’s behalf, all you need to do is select a program that you wish to commit to supporting, and as soon as you pay the donation, you receive tax exemption receipt, with the money allotted to the program and NGO selected by you. You also get regular updates about the progression of the program you’ve supported and people assisted.

Name a Star

Imagine pointing to a tiny, sparkling dot in the sky and saying to your 50-year-old on their birthday, ‘that’s yours, the ____ star’. Even if they aren’t able to specifically know which one is named after them, they’re sure to be touched, and that’s all that matters. Just share their name, select their zodiac sign and a star will be picked for them automatically. The package entails a personalized certificate with their name and a constellation chart with the star’s location. You can also add a personal message for them on the certificate. Visit Oye Happy to book this lovely gift. It will cost around Rs. 1,950.

Phone Sanitizer

Personal device hygiene should not be overlooked by today’s touch-screen enthusiasts. Our phones have more germs on them than a usual public washroom. This smart cleansing machine may not remove the dirty stuff slurping up the data on their phone, but it will be sure to return germ-free swiping to their connected life. A high-tech sanitizer, it kills 99.99% of bacteria with UV light, and your birthday boy or girl can not only clean their phones but anything that can fit inside the case, from smartwatches, credit cards, keys to pacifiers. And it also charges while it cleans! PhoneSoap 3 fits all phones, including the larger phones such as the iPhone 8 Plus. It also has two charging ports on the back of the device, a USB and USB-C. It is priced at Rs. 4,397 on Amazon.

Mini Espresso Coffee Machine

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, the Press pump Espresso Coffee Machine is portable and lightweight. It can prepare a rich and creamy espresso shot topped with thick cream under 2 mins! The original pump has been specially engineered to provide programmed extraction, producing up to 16 Bar pressure. At the push of a button, their favourite coffee can be obtained. It is also leak proof and claims of a durable seal that ensures long-lasting use. All of its parts can be easily disseminated and cleaned effectively. The machine is made from high-quality material, FDA approved and is lead-free. It is priced at Rs. 4,876 on

FireCel - Hand Warmer/Charger/Flashlight

This multi-tool designed by Celestron comes from a series of rechargeable electronic tools which are water-resistant, dustproof, crush-proof and fall-tested. A rugged and ergonomic 3-in-1 tool including a hand warmer, portable power bank and 4 modes LED flashlight, the design of this multi-purpose device allows for comfortable use in both the hands and a pocket, while also maximizing the contact points for heat transfer.

The hand warmer is good for a full day of heat- up to 8 hours, at temperatures up to 114°F. The 6000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery can charge smartphones, tablets, sports cameras, MP3 players and other USB-powered devices. The integrated 4-mode LED flashlight features both white and red LEDs, which are apt for adventures that call for preserving night vision, like astronomy. It is priced at Rs. 5,104 on Amazon.

Premium Massage Bed Mat

Ergonomically designed to conform to one’s body’s natural posture, this massaging mat is lightweight and ideal for a full body massage, designed to offer stress relieving massage by soothing heat, emitting from the mat to loosen up knotted muscles, provide comfort and ease to sore back and stiff neck, reducing pain and inducing relaxation. It comes at an appropriate size and can be placed comfortably on most beds or couches. The massage mat comes with a 9 turbo massager. The mat is firm, comfy and its remote control allows you to select the area you want the heat or message directed at. The mat is priced at Rs. 3,224 at

50th Birthday Wish Jar

With this 50th birthday wish jar, the birthday boy or girl will forever remember their birthday! A unique and thoughtful keepsake from their loved ones, filled with notes of love, memories and moments shared is something they will hold special and close to their heart. The jar comes with 100 wish tickets, a pen, rewritable twine hung plaque and a decorative lid, all carefully packed in a protective gift box. To use the jar, all that needs to be done is, to place it at the birthday party with blank tickets and pens, where the guests can easily find them and fill out their wishes or memories of the birthday boy or girl to enjoy later. Once the tickets are filled, they can be put back in the jar and gifted back to the birthday person. The product measures 4.5 x 8.3 x 4.5 inches and is priced at Rs. 1,247 on Amazon.

Ideas for How to Celebrate this Milestone Birthday

Celebrating 50 Years of Life

Planning a milestone birthday doesn’t need to be a strenuous event. There are a lot of unique and creative ideas that can be explored to celebrate this joyous occasion. If you’re looking at celebrating this milestone the traditional way, then it needs to be something that’s appropriate for all. Whatever the theme of the party is, it can be kick-started with a toast to the birthday individual with his or her favourite drink. Celebrate their age with a young décor, bright balloons, a photo booth with props and funky adornments, fun saying, perhaps call in a live band, have the guests dressed up in fancy costumes or according to the pre-decided theme.

Party of a Lifetime

There’s no better way, but to highlight the 50th year with an assortment of memorabilia that signifies the number. For instance, a clothesline with 50 pictures of the birthday baby, 50 words describing him or her hanging like streamers or balloons from the ceiling, a table set with 50 framed pictures of them with their loved ones, 50 helium balloons resplendent in colors of their choice right at the entrance of the party venue, a playlist of their 50 favorite songs and a selection of 50 different finger foods would really make the birthday a big hit with the guest of honor and guests alike.

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50 is the new 40

Don't let the 50 year old in your life feel old. 50 is like the new 40, therefore a person turning 50 should not start feeling like they are approaching the end of their life. A 50-year-old can now dress the way they want, go to parties and travel the world if they like. It's 2018, so it's time to say goodbye to age-old traditions and taboos and start embracing life anew at 50. Get it on Amazon(