Of All the Reasons to Celebrate, What Better Than the Arrival of a Baby? 10 Valaikappu Gift Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of!

Of All the Reasons to Celebrate, What Better Than the Arrival of a Baby? 10 Valaikappu Gift Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of!

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Just when you thought the confusion of gift-giving etiquette was behind you once all your friends got married, those weddings have led to the next stress-inducing shopping event: Valaikappu. So if you're attending a Valaikappu soon, and want to add some options, read ahead!

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Everything You Need to Know About Valaikappu

Significance Behind Valaikappu

Valaikappu is a south Indian baby shower function that is celebrated with great joy. It is a prominent Hindu religious ceremony and is performed to bless the new mom. It is usually hosted by the parents of mom to be during her seventh month of pregnancy. It marks as the celebration of the women’s fertility. According to the cultural beliefs, it is held to bless the mom to be with good health, and to keep the evil spirits away from her.

Why It Is Important?

Baby shower ceremonies in India have specific religious and cultural importance. It’s said that when expecting lady listen to the sounds of bangles, get guidance from elders and listen to prayers, then her mind is purified. It is important to keep the mind of the expecting mommy free from any worries because tensions will have an impact on the baby too. So, this function is organized in order to guide the mother so that she can take better care of herself and her baby after birth.

How Valaikappu Is Celebrated?

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In this South Indian baby shower function, family, as well as friends (especially women folks) of the mom to be, are invited in the home. So ladies gather up and then a pot is filled with some grass as well as water. Then it is covered up by a few mango leaves, and then coconut is placed on it. Finally, the prayers are recited, and then the pregnant women take a bath with the water (as after prayers the water becomes holy) that was filled into the steel pot. After that, she is dressed in one of the new sarees bought for this occasion. Then the elderly ladies of that family one by one put bangles to the expecting mommy and bless her for safe delivery., and give gift items to her. After that other ladies present the gifts that they have brought. Also, the husband gives saffron to her wife to bless her so that she can have a safe and normal delivery on time. At last, the expecting mother gives tamboolam to all the ladies present.

Ultimate List to Help You Pick Right Valaikappu Gift for to Be Mother

BP Guide presents you a series of ultimate valaikappu gift ideas, which will surely save you a lot of time. No doubt that there are so many gifts which you can give on godh bharai ceremony, but listed here are the first-class gift items for seemantham! So, read on and pick one of the unique seemantham gifts to give to the expecting mommy.

Multicolour Glass Bangles Studded with Zircon Style

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Enchanting bangles are considered to be one of the best valaikappu gifts, so you can count on these colourful bangles that are incredibly embellished with zircon stone as your gift. These bangles are made of the finest quality glass and come in a set of different colours. This bangle set contains 16 bangles in each of the nine colour set. These are available in different inches, viz, 2.6 inches to 2.8 inches. So, you have an option to select the length accordingly. These bangles go well with any ethnic dress and its alluring design makes it a must-have in any woman's collection. This wonderful bangle set can be purchased from Amazon site at Rs. 849 only.

Leaf Design Beige Mysore Silk Saree

Another amazing gift that you can give to the expecting mom is this designer saree. Made from the optimum quality Mysore silk, this graceful saree will last long for years and is one of the top valaikappu gift options. It showcases the ultimate fusion of pink and beige colours that makes this saree an extremely classic feminine piece. Featuring double side border, this saree comes with blouse. It is available at Rs. 5,988 only, and you can get it from Sundari Silks site.

Moreover, you can buy a blouse too from this site - a plain blouse that cost Rs. 450 while an embroidered blouse costs Rs.1,000. There is also an option of pico and fall, which can be done at Rs. 75 only. This designer saree will surely amaze the expecting mum on her godh bharai ceremony.

Baby Grooming Kit

Cutting the nails of little cutie pies is pretty difficult! This baby grooming kit will certainly lend a hand to the mother. There is no doubt that this item will be the perfect gift for the expecting mother. This pack consists of a nail clipper, scissor, soft-tipped nose tweezer and nail file. It is stored tightly in an elegant case and packed in a designer box. All of these items are made of top quality material that offers them high durability. It can be purchased from Flipkart site for Rs. 219 only. It makes a great gift for the valaikappu ceremony.

Bangle Holder Peacock Feather Design

Bangles are a treasured part of a woman's jewellery collection and a bangle holder is a thoughtful gift for the baby shower function. This majestic bangle holder with peacock feather design has a unique charm that makes it the useful accessory that every woman should have. This box measures 7.5 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. It comes in a total of 5 assorted colours, and you can pick the one that allures your eyes. This bangle holder is made in the cylindrical shape and has three different compartments. You can buy this item at just Rs. 105 from Wed Tree site.

Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

This is one of the best valaikappu gifts because the expecting mom can use it either before or after pregnancy. Every pregnant woman gets stretch marks, and in order to offer her comfort, you can give this box of cocoa butter that is specially made for stretch marks. It helps in improving the elasticity of the skin and smoothes the marks. It even tones the skin and reduces the possibility of developing the stretch marks. It contains vitamin E, lavender extracts, shea butter, almond oil, argan oil, pure cocoa, collagen and bio c-elastane. This tummy butter is safe to use as it is dermatologist tested. You can shop this box of 125 grams tummy treatment formula from First Cry site at Rs. 541.50 only.

Plain Pregnancy Pillow

Mommy needs comfort! Is not it! This pregnancy pillow is a comfy and amazing gift for valaikappu function. It ]osts Rs. 1,575 and you can get it from Flipkart website. This pillow is made of the finest quality soft cotton and is filled with polyester fabric that retains its fluffiness. It measures 129 cm in height and 91 cm in width. With its two contoured legs, this pregnancy pillow with give utmost comfort to the pregnant women and relieves lower back pain. Not to mention, its soothing cryan blue hue offers calm and peace to the mum to be!

Marble Lord Ganesh Idol

You can present this adorable Lord Ganesh Idol to the expecting mum to give her your blessings on valaikappu . Featuring charming craftsmanship, it showcases intricate detailing work. This figurine is decorated with rhinestone and charming hues. It is composed of the finest quality marble and has divine appeal. It measures 2.5 inches, and you can purchase it from Shopclues site at Rs. 189 only. Receiving this Lord Ganesh Idol will surely make the mommy feel truly blessed. If you like you can even team it up with any other valaikappu gifts that are mentioned here in order to give a combo gift to the lady.

Navy Blue Diaper Bag with Changing Mat

This is certainly the best gift that will ease the mother after the baby is born. Travelling anywhere with the baby whether to the doctor or just a trip to mall can become tricky, but this navy blue diaper bag with changing mat will come to her rescue. It has three bottle holder within, front and back pocket, pouch compartment in the front of the bag, one main compartment, robust shoulder strap and comes with a matching changing mat that measures 48.5 cm in length and 28 cm in width. This diaper bag measures 37.5 L x 17.5 W x 28 H cm. This bag will hold the important kid’s essentials easily! You can buy it from First Cry website at just Rs. 1,036.

Cotton Bedding Set

No doubt, mum will love to receive this super-cute cotton bedding set! It consists of two bolsters, one pillow and one mattress. Made from the top quality cotton and polyester, this bedding set is very durable. It weighs 500 g and will arrive as a vacuum sealed pack in compact size. It measures 74 cm length, 53 cm width, and it's pillow cover measures 7 inches length and 11 inches width. This bedding set has soothing blue and white colour along with a charming animal print. The best part will be, this set will maximize the comfort of the baby and the mommy as well. Is not it a great product? Shop it from Flipkart website at Rs. 599 only!

Baby Mittens Set

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Mittens are a great way to protect baby hands especially if the weather is chilly. This cute set consists of six mittens, and each of them is of different designs as well as colours. It is made of the premium quality hosiery cotton that makes them soft and durable. The length of these mittens are 4 inches, and they can be tied on the baby’s arm which is a plus point as it will not block the passage of air. You can buy it from the Amazon site at Rs. 299 only.

Quick Valaikappu Gift Ideas Which You Can Count on Last Minute

It may happen that you do not get time to buy a gift for Valaikappu function due to your busy life! Or it may happen that the ordered gift has not arrived! Well, at such times, counting on these quick gifts will be the only option! Fret not; these last-minute gifts will go well on baby shower function.

Flower Bouquet

Who does not like to receive beautiful fresh flowers! You just have to run to the nearest flower shop or gallery and pick the bouquet with colourful and refreshing flowers! Receiving flowers with mesmerizing aroma on a baby shower ceremony will surely delight and rejuvenate the mommy. So, you can consider this amazing option.

Delicious Sweets

Utterly yummy sweets are readily available at the sweets shop, and you can choose the one that you think the expecting mommy will love to munch on. It is always a wonderful idea to buy a seemantham sweets box with different delish types of sweets. You can also consider giving chocolate box on baby shower ceremony as, during pregnancy, women crave to eat chocolates, and also it’s good for health at such times.

Fruit Basket

Presenting a basket full of fresh fruits on valaikappu ceremony will also be a great option. Choose fruits such as mangoes, oranges, pears, guava, pomegranate, and apples as these are healthy for a pregnant lady. Make sure you do not include papaya, bananas, grapes, pineapple and watermelons, which not only cause sharp discomfort but may also affect the fetus.

So, you have an ultimate guide to valaikappu gift ideas! Now, you just have to pick one of the top seemantham gifts to present it to mom to be! Make sure you along with other ladies make this day very special and hassle-free for her.

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Avoid Inviting Too Many People

It is quite easy for the guest list to get out of hand. If you have to consider moving the valaikappu from your home to a venue, you might have too many people coming. The ideal guest list will be comprised of friends and family who know the mom-to-be very well. This is not the time to invite the childhood neighbour that you haven’t seen since you were six. If the person doesn’t know a few embarrassing facts about the guest of honour, it’s probably a good indication that they don’t know her well enough to come to the baby shower.