14 Thoughtful and Useful Valaikappu Gift Items the Mum-To-Be Will Love to Receive (2020)

14 Thoughtful and Useful Valaikappu Gift Items the Mum-To-Be Will Love to Receive (2020)

Invited to a baby shower or Valaikappu and wondering about the perfect gift to give? You are at the right place! BP Guide India's list has several amazing and interesting Valaikappu gift options (14 of them to be precise!) that are sure to make the room go “aww”! We also help you understand what the ceremony is all about and what to expect, so you can be there for your friend!

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14 Amazing Valaikappu Gift Items You Can Buy Online

If you have been looking out for relatable Valaikappu gift items, the list below will give you an exact idea of the beneficial gifts you can buy for a to-be-mommy and baby.

Tree of Life Stud Earrings

Jewellery makes for a fantastic gift. After all which woman does not like a sparkling gift? A woman can never have too much jewellery, ever, so gift the soon-to-be mommy a pair of earrings.

You can pick this classic pair of white rhodium-plated earrings from Swarovski priced at Rs.3,790. This pair of earrings with the symbolic Tree of Life are perfect for this occasion. The white earrings are embellished with a tactile mix of decorative elements showcasing a cross that symbolizes faith. The earrings are 6 cm long and can be paired with all styles of clothing and parties.

Stone Studded Set of Bangles

The most significant gift for Valaikappu is a set of bangles. Glass or metallic bangles are essential because the tinkling sound creates acoustic stimuli, which is good for the baby. This is a scientifically approved gift for Valaikappu.

You can buy a stone studded bangle set from Utsav Fashion for Rs.2,096. This a set of 4 golden alloy-based bangles. These can be clubbed with normal glass or metal bangles to enhance the look and match it with the saree colour.

Multicolour Metallic Combo Bangle Set

As we have already discussed the essence of bangles, here is a pack of multicolour metallic bangles for you. You can buy a pack 12 coloured bangles from Utsav Fashion priced at Rs.2,365.

These are plain bangles with no designs and can be worn matching with the saree colour. These metallic bangles are not as delicate as the glass bangles. Use a kada or studded bangles at the start or end of the set to augment the look. With the bangle set, you can always take a box of mithai or dry fruits. This will be a perfectly healthy and traditional gift.

Kanchipuram Saree

As Valaikappu is a South Indian baby shower ritual, a South Indian silk saree would be a beautiful gift for a to-be-mom. You can buy Kanchipuram saree from Utsav Fashion.

This magenta saree is woven with a leaf motif. The saree has a medium sized brown-black golden zari borden and a heavy black pallu. This saree comes with an unstitched silk blouse in magenta colour with golden borders on the neck and sleeve borders. This saree is priced at Rs.2,565. This saree will look great with gold accessories.

Stretch Marks Care Hamper

The pregnancy period is the most difficult as well as the best period in a woman's life. She might tend to forget to take care of herself but not the baby. Her health is as important as that of the baby.

As the trimesters keep passing by the baby bump increase leading to physical changes in a woman's body causing stretch marks and loose skin. To keep her skin healthy, you can pamper her with a moisturizer that will keep itching, dryness, and stretch marks at bay. You can buy the Stretch Marks bundle from the moms co.

The bundle consists of a 100-gm natural body butter that is toxin-free and a rich combination of cocoa and Shea butter. It has moisturising natural oils that help to increase the skin's natural elasticity and provided comfort to the stretching belly, hips, and breast and a 100 ml natural stretch oil that is non-greasy, has low fragrance and it is toxin free combination of 7 powerful oils. The products have natural oils like Sea buckthorn and Rosehip to keep the stretch marks in check. This combo is priced at Rs.799.

Complete Care Gift Set for Mom-to-Be

This is another mom-oriented product that will ensure her a healthy skin. The mom-to-be complete care gift set is available at The Moms for Rs.1,689. This set is priced consists of all-natural toxin-free products certified from Australia.

The set includes a 200-gm natural body butter that is a toxin-free combo of cocoa and Shea butter for skin elasticity and it a relief from itchiness and dry skin. There's a 100 ml natural stretch mark oil with seven oil and natural vitamin E oil to increase the skin's natural elasticity. There's also a 50-gm natural foot cream with Shea butter and peppermint essential oil that will nourish and hydrate her swollen feet. These products can be used during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding is a crucial yet challenging part of a mother’s life. Breastfeeding is a must for a baby’s adequate growth and development. It might be painful sometimes. Here are few **breastfeeding essentials for the mom-to-be* as her Valaikappu gift.

You can buy a natural breastfeeding cream from the themomsco.com that is priced at Rs.254. Then there's a 25-gm natural nipple butter that is a combination of lanolin-free and fragrance -free oils and waxes. This butter helps in soothing the sore and cracked nipples and is totally safe for the baby. Pick this combo for a healthy mom and child.

Adore Baby Neck & Head Support Pillow Piggy Design

Undoubtedly, a new born baby needs utmost care and attention, so utilities for the baby must be picked with great care, keeping in mind their tenderness. A baby head and neck support pillow are one of the ideal Valaikappu gift items.

You can buy a pillow from firstcry.com for Rs.3719. This is a cute purple support pillow. This pillow provides complete head and neck support and has an innovative design that makes it usable in situations such as a car journey or a stroller.

It has a pit in the middle to prevent flat head and helps to support the baby's head during sleep. It is softly padded for maximum comfort and gentleness. The pillow is made of recron fibre and is of size 80 x 50 cm. This pillow can be used for babies of 6 months and onwards, and it can be washed with hand or even the washing machine will do.

Pregnancy & Child Care Books

Every expecting mother needs to take the best care of herself as well as the baby equally. You can help in being the guiding source for the mother by gifting her a book about mothers and infants. You can buy this pregnancy and childcare book from firstcry.com for Rs.100. This book will surely guide her as to how to take care of her infant. The book has 176 pages and is of size 21.5 x 14 x 1 cm.

10,000 Selected Baby Names Book in English

All the to-be parents go through the strenuous task of selecting the best name for their baby. Few couples have the names decided already but might give it another shot hunting for some unique baby names.

In India, as disclosing the gender of the baby before birth is banned, they might have to look out for two names. In case, the baby's gender is known the hunt is always easier. You can gift a baby names book. Buy the Goodwill’s 10,000 baby names book authored by Shashi Jain from firstcry.com so that the couple can find the most suitable and special baby name with meanings. This book is priced at Rs.100.

Diaper Bag with Changing Mat & Bottle Holder

Once the baby is born, he/she will be travelling for a doctor's appointment or from one place to another. The mother must take many belongings of the baby with the utmost care and cannot afford to miss out on anything. Hence, you can think of giving a bag that can hold all the essentials.

Buy a diaper bag along with a changing mat and bottle holder from firstcry.com. This bag has one main compartment, one from the pocket and two side pockets. It has strong shoulder straps to carry it with comfort. It can be used for babies with 0-3 years. The set includes a bag, a diaper bag, a mat, a bottle holder, a lunch box holder, and a changing mat. This utility bag is priced at Rs.1,221.

Sunny Leafy Viscose Nursing Stole

While most mothers don’t feel shy about breastfeeding their babies, it is understandable if some of them feel awkward in a public space. This stole is a saviour for every breastfeeding mom on the go. Buy a nursing stole from momzjoy.com at Rs.1,999.

We recommend this printed one in pastel colours; it is made of a soft, lightweight viscose blend. The stole has buttons and can be wrapped around in different styles such as a jacket, a poncho, a knotted stole, or just a wrap around. This versatile stole is a free size and fits all.

Portable Baby Bed

With a new addition to the family, the new parents will want to take short holidays, visit friends and family across town. Short and long vacations may become a routine, but with a baby, even a shirt drive can become a bit of a journey. There are so many things that can be needed on short notice, like a bed. Babies need to sleep a lot and a comfortable yet portable bed that can be used at home as well as on the go can be a great gift.

This Penguin themed bed-in-a-bag is an excellent buy. The neutral theme will suit a baby boy as much as it does a baby girl and folds up neatly into a bag with adjustable shoulder straps. It includes a plastic changing mat that also fits into the bag. The bed itself is lined with soft, good quality organic cotton and a foam lining for comfort, and fitted with bolsters on either side for safety and support. Buy this light-weight bed for Rs.2,990 on fancyfluff.com.

Persian Berry Maternity & Nursing Flap Dress

It is crucial that every expecting mum wears comfortable clothing at her casual outings. An expectant mother’s closet is bound to change or periodically get updated throughout her pregnancy as her body size and shape gradually changes. Therefore, maternity clothing is a good idea as a gift and will likely be well received.

Consider gifting a casual flap dress for a comfortable and cool look. You can buy a nursing dress from momzjoy.com. The Miami yellow coloured floral maternity dress can be used during pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy, as it has concealed zips for convenient nursing under the flaps. It is made of soft viscose fabric and the dress covers the curves beautifully for a relaxing fit. You can buy this nursing dress with flaps for Rs. 3.199.

If In Doubt, Select a Safe Gift - Gift Cards!

Special E-Gift Card

Gifts are given to make one feel special and loved! If you do not have an idea of a gift even after reading this guide of best Valaikappu gift items, you can always give a gift card. Lifafas have become old and boring; try the e-gift cards for a change. Buy a gift card from momzjoy.com. To shop using this gift card, however, ordered need to be prepaid—cash on delivery does not work with this card. Also, the items bought through these gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged. If the balance available on this gift card is lesser than the product, value the customer can be prompted for a second payment method.

What Is Valaikappu?

Valaikappu, a ceremony held for to-be-moms, a kind of traditional baby shower observed mainly by Hindus from Tamil Nadu. It is a traditional and playful ceremony celebrated in South Indian states.

It is like a baby shower or so-called Godh Bharai ceremony. The maternal family hosts this ceremony for the wellbeing of the to-be-mom and her child; this is scheduled on a day considered auspicious as per the religious calendar. In Tamil, Valaikappu means bangles and bracelets. Thus, the expectant mother is dressed up well with beautiful jewellery. All the ladies in attendance sing songs and apply haldi-kumkum to the mother-to-be.

The Essence of Baby Shower

A baby shower is hosted in the second or the third trimester of pregnancy. Traditionally, a baby shower was seen as a get-together where other women—experienced mothers or otherwise—come together and spend time with the expectant mother, sharing tips and best practices about health and wellbeing for the mother as well as the baby.

Over the years, a baby shower has evolved into a party full of fun and frolic, where the mom-to-be shares the space with her friends and family. She is pampered with tons of gifts and blessings and wishes for the upcoming baby. A baby shower may be a westernized concept, but the same ceremony is also held in almost all parts of India, perhaps with different names, such as Seemantham, Oti Bharan, Godh Bharai, and Saaadhroshi.

What Happens During a Valaikappu Ceremony?

On the auspicious day of Valaikappu, the friends and family of the mom-to-be are invited. A kalasam, i.e., a steel pot is filled with water and grass and covered with mango leaves and a coconut. After prayers are recited, the expecting mother takes a bath with the holy water contained in the pot and she is then dressed in a brand-new saree and ornaments. The elder ladies in the family then take turns to gift the woman red or green bangles, and betel leaves and nut (as haldi-kumkum) along with fruits, sweets, and a blouse piece or other gifts.

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The soon-to-be-parents are sure to be caught up getting ready for the baby that's coming, so they will appreciate something that will make them smile. You can give something that makes them feel good. For example you can make a hamper for the mother filled with her favourite things - snacks, books, healthy nuts, trinkets. You can even add helpful baby books and DVDs to the hamper, making it a fun and useful gift.