10 Delectable Gifts for the Mom to Be at Baby Shower and How to Pamper the Yummy Mummy (2019)

10 Delectable Gifts for the Mom to Be at Baby Shower and How to Pamper the Yummy Mummy (2019)

From complimenting the expecting mother on her gorgeous glow to feeling her baby bump for those tiny kicks and knocking back some delicious food, baby showers can be such a hoot. Buy fun aside, it's a time to bring the soon-to-be mommy useful gifts that she can use when the baby comes or give her pampering goodies for her own use. Find here some wonderful baby shower gift ideas as well as tips on how to choose a gift.

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Gifts for the Mom are a Big Part of a Modern Baby Shower or a Traditional Godh Bharai

The thought of what to get as a gift for mom to be at baby shower can give someone a headache. It is regardless of whether you are the father, mother, brother, sister, family member, friend or neighbor. The bundle of joy needs a warm welcome after all. In most cases, you aren’t even aware of the sex of the baby. That is why you need to consider practical baby shower gifts that would be relevant. That is what this article is all about. It will discuss an ideal gift for mom to be at baby shower. From baby shower gifts for mom who has everything to a lifesaving gift for mom to be at baby shower. Keep reading for that and much more.

4 Handy Tips to Enable You to Choose Appropriate Gifts for a Mom to Be at Her Baby Shower

Determine How Much to Spend on the Baby Shower Gift

The first step is to know your budget. Once you do that, buying a gift for mom to be at baby shower will not leave you struggling financially. That way, you and the mom are happy and are comfortably waiting for the kid to arrive, eventually. It is also good to note that there are other occasions to come later. For that reason, you don’t have to spend everything.

Understanding the Best Baby Shower Gift a Mom to Be Needs

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You can study how the mother raises her children if that is not her first born. That way, you will have an idea of a gift for mom to be at a baby shower that would match her standards or style. For instance, there are those who love baby showers while others would go for bathtubs. For a first time mother, give her baby care essentials or something she can use for herself. Gifts that act as mementos of her pregnancy or help her keep a record of this precious time will also be much appreciated.

Know What to Give as a Guest at a Baby Shower

Once you do your research, it is time to jolt down the gifts that match what you can afford and what would make a great gift for mom to be at baby shower as the mother is concerned. If that is still hard, below is a list that will guide you. It has the relevant information that you need to settle for practical baby shower gifts.

Get Ideas From Friends Who are Parents on What to Buy for an Expecting Mother

Last but not least, you have to decide what to take. You can consult a friend too.That’s because in most cases, one cannot afford to buy all the top 10 gifts. That’s especially if you are looking for a baby shower gift for mom who has everything. That is where the details come in. Evaluate the features and benefits of each gift for mom to be at baby shower. It is one of the best way of breaking a tie between two or more gifts that you find best and practical baby shower gifts.

Top 10 Gifts for Mom to Be at Baby Shower

Trendy Diaper Bag

The first gift for mom to be at baby shower on our list is a trendy diaper bag. Handling diapers is never an easy job for any mother especially if she is missing a diaper bag. What exactly is the function of these diaper bags? These bags play a major role in keeping the babies’ diapers all organized.

My Milestones trendy diaper bag is the ultimate product to purchase. It is a box-shaped designed bag that has a stylish and elegant design which is eye-catching. The lavender checks are stylish and nice. It comes with a bottle holder and a nice additional pouch. In addition to that, it has two zip closures for perfect security. This item is currently available at amazon.com at a great price of Rs 2,017.

Baby Sling

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This is another saviour and it is a gift for mom to be at baby shower worth consideration. Every parent always loves to keep his or her baby close to her when they are traveling or having a walk in the park. However, in such cases, it is tiring and terrible when using the wrong baby slings to carry your baby. Mama Cuddle is the ultimate solution to perfect baby holding season. As the name suggests, it creates a cuddling moment between a mother and a child. This is made of pure cotton with soft fiber and which has strong slings to keep the baby in place. It is favorable for babies who are up to 11 kg. You can now get this baby sling as a present for a baby shower at a great price of Rs.1,999 from amazon.in.

Non-Contact Thermometer

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Do you want to make a mum smile because of a gift for mom to be at baby shower? If your answer is a nod, then you just have to get her a non-contact thermometer. This is one of the most important items that a mother must never miss. It is this item that dictates whether the baby is sick or healthy. Therefore, giving her this product dictates that you care for her child.

Omron non-contact thermometer is the best gift to give to every mother. This is a great item with a 3-in-1 measuring mode with an automatic on and off the system. It is also safe and great for babies. The product is currently available at amazon.in for Rs.1,440.

Door Sign: Don’t Knock or Ring Bell

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There is no worst thing for a mother than her baby crying all night or day long. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of a crying baby. To eliminate such disturbance for the baby, get him or her a door sign; don’t knock or ring a bell as the gift for mom to be at baby shower. This sign is meant to prevent disturbance of the baby in the nursery. It helps the baby have a nice knap every now and then.

Shhh! It’s Nap time, please do not knock or ring doorbell is the best product to purchase. It has clear instructions on what not to do. Therefore, relaying an excellent message to everyone. Get it from etsy.com at about Rs.1,375.

Nursing Covers

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Breastfeeding a baby in public is always shameful and embarrassing when you are missing a nursing cover. To mums, it feels like a part of their private parts is exposed. However, you can bring out a smile from a mum’s smile by getting her a nursing cover as a gift for mom to be at baby shower. Brotherbaby nursing cover is the best item to purchase. It has a great design which is visually appealing. It is a white cover made from Organic Muslin material.

Apart from the cover, the package also includes a feeding apron. These covers are foldable, easy to carry and have an easy to adjust the strap. Cleaning this nursing cover is easy and fast for the mother. This is just the ultimate item to buy when going to a baby shower. The nursing cover is available at amazon.in at an affordable price of Rs.366.

Baby Feeding Pillow

If you are thinking about practical baby shower gifts, here is another option. This is the ultimate Elephant Pink Grey Nursing baby feeding pillow you can give to every single mum during a baby shower event. It is a multi-colored item that amazes every single child when he or she is feeding.

The pillow measures 27 by 25 inches which is a perfect size for both the mother and baby to handle. Its material of construction is a high-quality cotton material which is healthy and free from any substance that is unhealthy for the baby. The feeder is a Bacati brand which is a super reliable production company. When it comes to its cleanliness, the mother never has a hard time since it comes with an easy to zip cover which is easy to clean.

The fact that it does not risk the baby’s health issues makes it the ultimate item to purchase. In addition to that, fitting the baby feeding pillow is easy and fast. As a result of that, it does not waste the mum’s time. These baby feeding pillows have amazing pink, black, red and grey colored elephant designs. Consequently, the feeding pillow looks great is appealing to the baby and this encourages the baby to eat. You can now get this pillow at pepperfry.com at a great price of Rs.919.

Baby Car Seat

The Babyhug Convertible Safe Journey Car Set is yet another gift for mom to be at baby shower. It is one of the top items you can give to a mum during a baby shower. It shows a sign of concern to the baby when it comes to its security.

This is a two-colored 40 by 43 by 66 cm baby seat. The seat is uniquely designed to hold a maximum load of up to 25 kg. Hence your baby can use it for multiple year. Its blue and dark color is visually appealing to all who come across it. It is made in a very high safety standard that comfortably keep your baby safe. What makes it perfect is the fact that they have an easy to adjust multi-recline position which helps every mum to adapt to the most reliable position that she can for the baby. As a result of that, the baby can never face any danger.

In addition to that, it has side safety points, head impact safety point, and other five safety harness. For cleanliness, the seat’s cover is fast and easy to clean. Purchase this item at a manageable price of Rs.3,897 at firstcry.com.

Cotton Scottie Baby Knitted Baby Blanket

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Among our practical baby shower gifts is this great product. A baby cotton blanket is also another item that you can give at any baby shower to a mum. Considering the cotton material, this will show the security concerns you have for the lovely baby. This blanket is a multicolored cotton baby blanket with nice art and design. It is a cotton made item that is perfect for the baby's gently skin.

This is a Pluchi brand item measuring 40 by 30 inches and which is available in the market today as a one kid item. Show your love to the baby by giving him or her a pure cotton blanket that will keep it warm and comfortable. Owning this blanket is the perfect bedroom set up at all times for all babies. Its availability and price are perfect since it is reliable and affordable by almost everyone. Visit Amazon and get it at Rs.1,499 only.

Baby Bath Tub

We have yet another gift for mom to be at baby shower. It is no secret that having a bath is one of the most relaxing moments in your life. If it is that way when it comes to adults, you can imagine the positive effects it has on very young babies. A bath will definitely leave the baby happy and relaxed and its definitely every mum’s dream to see his or her baby happy.

These are simple bathtubs are perfectly fit for kids. Other than taking a bath, these baby bathtubs can be used to massage your baby every time he or she looks tired. It also has an easy to fold design which eases its management and storage. It has a perfect backrest which is slightly slanted to ensure the baby’s security. This item is currently available at firstcry.com at Rs.1,499.

Baby Mat

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It is always a mum’s dream to see his or her baby sleep comfortably at all times. However, the kind of mat you use will determine how well your baby sleeps. Thats why you need such a gift for mom to be at baby shower. If you get the best mat, it will guarantee an all-night long sleep for the baby. As a result of that, it is the perfect gift in every single baby shower event.

This is a quick change crip sheet from Polka Tots Production Company. It is a new born mat that is weather sheet and has an absorbent style. The item is available in a sky-blue color which is visually appealing. As a result of that, it is attractive to all who come across it. The mat is available in different sizes depending on the size of the crib. In addition to that, it is skin-friendly and a soft fabric for every new-born child. This mat is available at amazon.in at Rs.325.

Bonus: Take Her Out for Nutritious Snacks

It is always the joy of a mum or a pregnant woman to feel appreciated and loved by all the people around her. How exactly do you do that? There are many ways including a gift for mom to be at baby shower. However, we also have a baby shower for the mom who has everything.

Get a to-be mum different nutritious snacks that will add to her nutrients. It is a simple but the most appreciated deed you can do. That mother always feels appreciated and loved after such a generous deed. However, not all snacks available are okay for mums. Therefore, you should observe a lot of precautions when buying these snacks.

You can simply get her apples, eggs, veggies, chips, cheese, homemade trail mix and so forth. All these snacks are available in multiple Indian shops and groceries at a few hundred rupees.

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Work as a team to give the expecting mother useful gifts

Baby showers are usually attended by close friends, family and colleagues, most of whom are already acquainted with each other and on fairly good terms with the mommy to be. Ask her to make a list of things she wants, or use the gift registry if she has one. Divide the items among yourselves, pool in for expensive items and brainstorm for creative and useful things you can give the expecting mother that may not already be on her list. It will ensure she gets all that she wants, doesn't have to deal with extras or repeats and can even tick off some expensive purchases from her baby shopping list.