What to Gift an Expecting Mom: Here are 10 Things That Can Be Extremely Useful to a Woman During and After Her Pregnancy (2019)

What to Gift an Expecting Mom: Here are 10 Things That Can Be Extremely Useful to a Woman During and After Her Pregnancy (2019)

Looking for gifts for a soon to be mother? We have a host of great ideas, from pampering gifts for the expecting mother, useful things she can use when the baby arrives, goodies for the newborn as well as lots of tips on what to keep in mind when shopping for a pregnant lady. Show up at her baby shower with one of these and the expecting mother will be delighted with your present!

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Tips on Buying Gifts for an Expecting Mother

If you have a friend or relative who is soon going to be a new mommy, then being a good friend, you have got to give her a good gift, a gift that can help her during the pregnancy phase and make her feel comfortable. The process of motherhood brings so many different emotions and changes in the life of a mother. She needs proper care and relaxation for herself so that she can be prepared for the new journey.

Well, you can’t do much to ease out the stress and discomfort of the expecting mother, but you can indeed give her some gifts which can help her during the period of her pregnancy. So, if you are looking for the best gifts for a new mother around you, then you can try out the following areas first.

Buy Practical Gifts

Okay, a new mom is going to need lots of stuff for the baby like bottles, pacifiers and an endless supply of diapers. So, instead of gifting the new parents irrelevant things, buy them all these practical baby things. This will help out new parents big time as they won’t have to waste time and money on buying useful gifts while trying to find space for all the other less useful gifts they receive. Giving the expecting mother a large supply of diapers might sound a bit unemotional and strange, but trust us, your gesture will be highly appreciated by her once the baby comes.

Buy Seasonal Gifts According to When the Baby is to Come

While buying the baby shower gifts for your best friend, make sure to consider the prevailing season. Suppose, if your friend is going to have a baby in the summer season, then gifting her wool baby onesies is a bad idea. Because by the time baby will be able to wear them, by then the cloths will get smaller as baby’s growing pretty fast. So, your gift will never get to be used.

Thus try to buy the seasonal gifts for the baby and the new mother. For a summer baby buy cotton clothes, sun hats etc., whereas for a winter baby wool clothing, and wiry warm bedding is a good idea. Just consider the season when will be baby actually able to wear your gift before buying it.

Buy Unique Gifts

If you want to give a unique gift to a new mother which can leave a good remark on her life than you got to prep hard. You need to think of the gifts which can new parents share with their baby and enjoy it. Something like books to educate the new mother about the baby and guide her during the labor. You can pick gifts on the ground of keepsakes as well as a baby picture frame, baby jewellery etc. Just think beyond the pink and blue regular baby gift sets to make your gift unique and remarkable.

Buy Them Something You'd Recommended as a Parent

Well, if you are a mom or dad, then there is no harm in sharing your opinions with your friends. If you have some recommended brand of diapers or booster seats, then share them with the new parents. New parents, specially first time parents, need all the help and guidance from their peers regarding the baby. So, if you see something useful and helpful for the new expecting mom according to your experience, then go for it and gift your friend. They will definitely value your recommendations.

Buy Moderately Priced Gifts

The number one rule for buying baby shower gifts or general gifts for babies is that never go overboard. You don’t have to blow your budget to buy a nice gift for the baby or mother, because babies don’t want luxury, they want comfort. If your gift is soft and doesn’t harm the baby in any way, then the price never matters. Because if you are going to buy clothes for baby from the expensive designer store, the baby is eventually going to pee in them. So, you don’t have to go bankrupt to show your love for the baby, just provide comfort to the baby and that will be the best gift for the baby. And, if you want to make a new mother happy, then volunteering for the babysitting will be an ideal gift for her.

Buy Mum Oriented Gifts

Baby shower gifts should not be all focused on the baby, you need to consider the expecting mother in it as well. After giving birth, the new mother won’t have time to relax or go to a beauty salon, so gift her a box of scented baths and beauty products that she can use at home. These small gifts can help a new mother in unwinding and taking care of herself as well. Just buy something for the new mother which helps her after the baby is born.

Give Her Gift Vouchers

If after searching for a long time, you have no clue about the gifts for new expecting mother, then you can just gift her gift vouchers. The parents can use vouchers to buy whatever they required for themselves or the baby. You can give the new parents Amazon gift cards from where they can later order anything. Moreover, for the new mother, you can get her the gift vouchers for the spa which she can use anytime. This way you can give something which new parents actually want and will be useful for them as well.

10 Exceptional Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Well, if you have been searching online or actually looking in the market for the best gifts for babies, then you might know that how many good gift ideas are there. Moreover, there are so many choices for one gift item, like you will get different options and styles for the sippers. So, if you don’t have any experience with the babies and pregnancy, then these all options might confuse you very much. That’s why if you are now tired and can’t make up you're between the different baby shower gifts, then we have specially picked 10 exceptional gifts for the expecting mother and her newborn.

Pamper Hamper Gift Pack

Source www.amazon.in

The new mother deserves some extra pampering and caring, that’s why you should buy this jumbo pamper hamper gift set for the new mommy. This gift set will be useful for the mothers in their third trimester. To pamper the mothers this gift set includes pregnancy movies, an expecting mom's scrapbook/journal, nursing and feeding cover and comfy in-house footwear. All the stuff packed in this gift set is going to be very useful for the new mothers. This pampers for new yummy mummies can be ordered from Amazon store for merely ₹1,950.

Handmade Baby Photo Album

To help the new parents in capturing the lovely memories of their newborn, you can gift them this stunning photo album with cover and keepsake box. This is a perfect gift for the occasions like baby showers, christening gifts, new baby born welcome party, etc. This handcrafted photo album comes in the size of 10” by 6” with 10 pages and 20 sides. This frame can capture the 20 beautiful pictures of the baby. You can even personalize the gift according to the occasion. This gift for new parents can be ordered from firstcry.com for ₹1,500.

Mom Care Kit

A new mother is always in search of good health care products for the baby, so you can gift this baby care set to a new mother. In this baby gift set, all the essentials required by parents to look after their baby’s sensitive skin and hairs are packed. This gift set contains natural massage oil, lotion, hair oil powder, shampoo, diaper rash cream, etc. for the baby. It is a complete solution for the baby health care that a new mother is always looking for. To order this complete baby pampers as your baby shower gift, visit firstcry.com and spend ₹1,942.

Diaper Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Having lots of diapers always ready with yourself is the first baby lesson that every new parent should learn. So, to always carry the supply of diapers with the new parents, they required a nice and stylish diaper bag. This solid blue diaper bag looks very stylish and fashionable to carry.

New moms can put their babies essential stuff including the diapers in this stylish handbag. The bag is very spacious and has different compartments which make it easier for moms to put all their stuff in it. You can gift this stylish fashionable diaper bag to the new expecting mom by ordering it from amazon.in for ₹435.

Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy is an incredible journey for a new mother with lots of hopes and dreams. That’s why gift this incredible Mom diary to new mother in which she can record all the special moments of her pregnancy in it. This is a reference book where the new mother can store information about her doctor visits, track all the development period of their baby, etc. Every milestone of the baby can be recorded in this diary which can be reviewed later and can be kept as a keepsake. To gift this experience to the new mommy to be you have to visit firstcry.com and pay around ₹971.

Baby Slings

Mommy Cuddle is the all-in-one fashionable nursing tank top for the go-getter super confident mom with a cozy pouch for baby and nursing bra. A perfect breastfeeding top while carrying the newborn baby in public. This gift will be very useful for the new mother to carry a baby around or while breastfeeding the baby. This baby pouch is available in different sizes and is very comfortable to wear. This fashionable cuddly sling can be ordered from mommycuddle.com for ₹1,299.

Nursing Cover

To help new mommy while breastfeeding, you can present this soft cotton fabric to cover the baby. This ample size nursing cover will cover up both baby and the mother perfectly which will give a decent amount of privacy to breastfeed. It has adjustable with D ring neck strap and doesn’t fall off easily. It can also be used as the baby car cover as well, so this nursing cover is going to be very useful for new mother. This nursing cover can be ordered from tomtop.com for ₹332.

Maternity Dress

Source www.koovs.com

A new mother needs to look sexy and comfortable to feel confident. So, you can gift her a sexy looking dress to make her feel gorgeous. The beautiful pink maxi dress will look gorgeous on your friend, it will make your friend look stunning and feel beautiful. It is a very good gift for the new mommy, you can order a stylish maternity dress for your friend from koovs.com for ₹599.

Baby Monitors

To gift the new parent's something useful on the arrival of the new baby, you can present them the baby monitor. This baby monitor has strong audio quality and digital video display. Parents can pair this monitor with the four baby units, one parent unit (monitor) and one baby unit (camera). From firstcry.com, a baby monitor can be ordered for ₹6,793.

Breast Pump

Source www.amazon.in

For working women having breast pump is very essential and useful. With the portable and lightweight breast pump, within 20 minutes milk can be stored in it. Milk collection system with integrated and patented silicone diaphragm creates a barrier protecting pump and breast milk from potential viruses and bacteria. From Amazon, you can order this useful gift for ₹3,999.

Use Your Skills to Make Handmade Gifts for Her

If you want to present something personal and always remembered gift for the new baby, then you should make something with your hands. You can decorate the new baby’s nursery which will be a great help for the new parents. Moreover, if you are good with the art and craft, then you can make photo frames describing every phase of your friend's pregnancy.

Or, you can use your knitting talent to make socks, blankets, etc., woolen stuff for the baby. So, just think of a meaningful idea and use your creative talent to make the gifts for expecting mother.

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Pregnancy and motherhood are both important experiences for a woman, but what often happens is her position as a woman gets completely overshadowed by her role as a mother. Everything is about the baby. Her unborn child is all she thinks about too, often neglecting herself in the process. Sure she takes her vitamins and eats her greens, but a woman should also be pampered and feel good about herself. This realisation comes much later, long after the baby has arrived, when she suddenly glances at a mirror and cannot recognize the woman she sees. If you know an expecting lady like that, remind her she also owes a little love to herself and give her something that helps her look and feel beautiful.