Looking for Valaikappu Gifts for Your Wife? 10 Highly Recommended Gifts and Tips for Moms-to-Be to Make Her Feel Extra Special (2020)

Looking for Valaikappu Gifts for Your Wife? 10 Highly Recommended Gifts and Tips for Moms-to-Be to Make Her Feel Extra Special (2020)

Give gifts to a pregnant wife is a wonderful way to express your assistance and your presence with her at the time of her pregnancy. But, choosing a Valaikappu gift for a pregnant lady is not an easy task for anyone because you need to give prime importance to the comfort of such a lady while choosing your gift. Here are some fabulous useful gifts for pregnant ladies who are functional and must be appreciated by your wife.

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How to Pick the Right Valaikappu Gift for Wife?

It Must Have a Personalised Touch

Pregnancy is such an important and sensitive phase of any woman’s life and while celebrating it, you must pick such Valaikappu gifts for the wife which are super personalised. Buying gifts as they are and handling them over to your wife indicates that you haven’t put any efforts in them. So, make sure that you go out of the way and out of the box to pick gifts which are to create memories and make a difference in her life.

Try to Pick More Relatable Gifts for Mother Rather Than for the Baby

One of the most common mistakes that most husband would do is to pick gifts for the baby and not for their wife. Gifts like baby clothes, baby shoes can be given by any other family member but you are her husband. You must think about her first. She is in such an amazing phase of her life and you must treat her like the queen of your life. And hence, prioritise her requirements and wishes over typical baby gifts.

A DIY Gift is Great Idea

When a woman can give you the joy of new life, you can at least do something creative for her. It is the time to ditch the typical gifts and go for some DIY ideas to make her feel special and the top priority of your life. It might seem tiring initially, but the thought of making her smile will motivate you for sure.

10 Best Valaikappu Gifts for Wife

1. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The third trimester is the trickiest for all the women and hence they require thoughtful gifts at this time. If you want to pick suitable Valaikappu gifts for new moms then you should pick this fully body U shaped pregnancy pillow for her.

Women suddenly put on a lot of weight in the final trimester because of the growing baby and hence back pain issues arise a lot. This pillow provides complete support to the women and also ensure great movement for the unborn baby. This pillow is something which can be used for both pre and post pregnancy timing to support the body of women completely. This pillow is made up of 100% cotton and has soft material for the support. This is a great gift for your pregnant wife and you can also consult a doctor before using it. Buy this pregnancy pillow from firstcry.com for Rs. 2,399.

2. Baby Care Basket

Source www.igp.com

It is important to stay prepared for the newborn baby and hence you can prefer more practical gifts for your wife. So, we picked a complete basket carrying all sorts of baby care products in it. This is something that every new mother would love to have by her side. These baby essentials are going to be very important for his/her care in the initial time as their skin is super sensitive and soft. This basket includes products like feeding bottle, baby shampoo, baby cream, baby comb and brush, baby oil with vitamin E, baby soap and much more.

A baby’s skin is quite fragile and hence proper care is required to keep them protected and safe from infections. This basket ensures the same and will serve your baby well. You can buy this baby care basket from igp.com for Rs. 1,509.

3. Baby Book Keepsake Journal

Source www.amazon.in

Planning for some amazing and super personalized Valaikappu gifts for a wife? You should better take a look at this baby book keepsake journal. This is a special scrapbook styled journal which is great to keep up with all the memories in baby’s first year. You can use it to keep a track of all the first moments of your baby like the first time they walked, the first time they uttered a word or the first time they crawled etc.

This unique journal works as a guide to record every precious memory of your baby’s first year. It has so many prompts in it to help you well. It is definitely something any new mother should have by her side. This thoughtful gift is perfect to give out to your wife at her Valaikappu and you can order it online from Amazon for Rs. 600.

4. Spa at Home Basket

Source www.amazon.in

The time period of pregnancy can be really hectic for women. It causes a great amount of physical as well as mental stress and can sometimes cause a great amount of anxiety for a pregnant woman. Hence, being a husband, it is your duty to take good care of your pregnant wife. So, why not to give her something very thoughtful for her Valaikappu? We picked this spa-at-home basket for her which is great to make her go total stress-free.

It might not be possible for her to visit a spa salon in her third trimester so why not to bring the spa to her doorsteps then. These spa products can suit all types of skin and it is comprised of products like body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, bath salts, body scrub, sponge etc. You can order it for her from Amazon for Rs. 1,799.

5. Kanjeevaram Pure Silk Tissue Saree

Source www.ajio.com

Treat the women in your life like the way she deserved to be treated, i.e. a queen. So, mark this special day by gifting her an exquisite piece of Kanjivaram saree. No matter what kind of clothing your wife wears, she cannot say no to a beautiful piece of Kanjivaram silk saree for sure.

We picked a handloom Kanjivaram pure silk tissue saree for your wife which looks every bit of royal as well as elegant. This saree has beautiful ethnic motifs on it in golden colours that suit well on the red backdrop of the saree. You can also get this saree ready beforehand so that your wife can wear it on her Valaikappu itself. She would be more than happy to wear something classic like this. This handwoven saree is available for purchase on ajio.com for Rs. 16,499.

6. Gold Ganesha Pendant

Usually, the pregnancy gifts for wife are all about showering and pampering her with all your care and love. And to represent the same we have chosen a very unique and precious gift for her. This one is a 22KT gold Ganesha pendant. Lord Ganesha is seen as the symbol of prosperity and happiness and this is why it is going to be the most suitable gift for her pregnancy. The designing of this pendant is really simple yet very pretty and she can wear it in a chain easily.

This pendant is high polished and has a loop for the suspension. It can be worn on daily basis without worrying about any withering. This is definitely something any wife would love to receive from her husband on her Valaikappu. Buy this gorgeous Ganesha pendant from tanishq.co.in for Rs. 42,100.

7. Custom Baby Body Suit

Source ilogo.in

The feeling of having a baby very soon is something which cannot be put into words. It is something which is a matter of great joy for any couple. So, when you are celebrating the pregnancy of your wife, make sure to buy something really unique and personalized from your side. And this is why you should really consider a customized bodysuit for your future baby. The best part about this bodysuit is that you can print any message you want on it.

Decide the colour, text or any image you want to get printed on it. You can actually create something amazing out of it to present to your wife on her Valaikappu for the remembrance. Not only you will be giving her something useful but very memorable too. Get a customised body suit from ilogo.in for Rs. 338.

8. Rocking Chair for Complete Comfort

We always advocate practical and thoughtful gifts over other ones and hence we have done the same with Valaikappu gifts for the wife too. Women after delivering the baby go through great changes in their body and hence they must be taken care of totally. Their backs must have total support and usual chairs are not good enough for it. So, give your wife a very comfortable rocking chair for the Valaikappu ceremony.

She can use it both before and after having a baby as it will support her back amazingly and she can easily put the baby to sleep while relaxing on it. This rocking chair has cushion seat and cushion support for the back as well and it is way comfortable than any normal chair. It looks quite gorgeous too. You can order it online from pepperfry.com for Rs. 16,299.

9. Hire House Help for Your Wife

Source classy.am

The major struggle in a couple’s life comes after having a baby especially when they are the only two people there to take care of the baby. Amidst this mess, your wife cannot handle everything on her own and requires great help all the time. So, Valaikappu i.e. the third trimester of her pregnancy is just the perfect time to hire an all-time maid for her.

Your wife really needs to take good care of her as well as the baby and it is impossible to do house chores at this time. So, hiring a maid would make it a lot easier for your wife and she will be able to do one thing at a time. It is quite practical and very supportive move towards your wife and she will appreciate it a lot too.

10. Get a Paternity Leave from Your Work

The third trimester is such a significant time for both the baby as well as the mother. It is a phase where a woman needs her husband the most especially for mental and emotional support. So, rather than buying anything grand for her, you should think about giving her your time. Paternity leaves are still a struggle in India and hence you are supposed to plan your leaves very carefully at this time.

Make sure to be with your wife just before and after the pregnancy to support her throughout each and everything. She can be happier than ever in your presence and as a father and husband, it is your duty to keep your wife and baby happy. So, take leaves even if it requires to take paid leaves and be there for her whenever she needs you.

Guidelines on How to Prepare for the Baby

All the amazing Valaikappu gifts to buy from different shopping portals that we mentioned here are more practical in approach. However, if you want to make a difference as a husband then you should go for the bonus ideas that we have curated for you here. These are way more special and unusual for a mother and you should definitely give them a shot.

1. Opt for Pregnancy Related Books

By picking pregnancy related books we do not mean to guide her about what should be eaten, how to take care of her etc. You must have consulted a good doctor for it. However, one mistake that most couples do is that they forget the part where the baby comes. Give her the kind of books which can mentally prepare her for this drastic change in her life. Many new age moms go through depression and postpartum stress after their deliveries and you must prepare her for the same.

2. Plan a Babymoon If Her Doctor Allows

If your wife is going through a normal pregnancy and it does not involve any sort of complications then you can plan a babymoon for her. Many new couples are opting for it to get rid of the stress and anxiety.
She totally deserves this break from her regular life. In fact, babymoon becomes must for a first time mother as her life won’t be the same afterwards and this break will work as a great source of refreshing vibes for her. But make sure to consult her doctor before planning anything.

3. Get a Photo Shoot Done

Valaikappu is organized in the third trimester of the pregnancy which means her bump will be in all glory at this time. You must make most out of it by planning a surprise photoshoot for her. This has even become a trend and you can find many couples going for it. A pregnancy photoshoot will create the memories that you two will be able to cherish for the rest of your lives. You can find more creative ideas for it online too.

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Enjoy Your Soon to Arrive New Baby.

Perhaps you could think of something that is all about her since your new baby will be The centre of attention very soon. I am sure she will urge you to consider something for the baby or nursery, but perhaps you could honour her with a gift that would suit her interests and individual personality.

If you really want to relate the gift to a first baby idea, then you can either gift her whatever she has mentioned that she really wants for the new baby experience, or give her something that will help with the new baby arrival. You could always do something like establishing a savings account or stock market portfolio, portraits from a professional photographer or paying for travel for her parents or friends visit to help her out.