Thank Your Hubby for All His Attention and Care During Your Pregnancy: 10 Sweet Gifts for Husband After Delivery (2019)

Thank Your Hubby for All His Attention and Care During Your Pregnancy: 10 Sweet Gifts for Husband After Delivery (2019)

Everyone is so busy looking out for the the mom-to-be that the husband is often left out, and once the baby comes he is completely eclipsed. Show your man a little love for all the sweet and thoughtful ways he has been looking after you with a gift after delivery. Find here loads of ideas for gifts for new dad that can help him in his new role; also tips on how a new dad should help the new mom.

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7 Ways in Which a New Dad Can Help Out a New Mom

Well, congratulations guys, for becoming new parents. Being a new parent is a journey full of adventurous moments for both mom and dad. Mainly, it is considered hard for a new mother to adapt to this new change, but this new chapter isn’t easy for the new dad also. Especially, if you just had your first child, then this isn’t an easy ride. To adopt this change and be a good parent, both husband and wife have to help each in every possible way. Specifically, the new dad should help a new mom in every possible way because she is the one who has gone through the long painful process of the pregnancy and delivery. So, new dad should help a new mom in sorting out her daily chaos.

Cook for Her

Your wife has to look after the infant baby, she has to feed him, change his diaper and put him to nap. And, the cherry on the top, she has to repeat this process after every two hours, even in the middle of the night. So, you can help out by taking over the extra home chores from her like cook for her. Yep, give her break from the kitchen and cook her favorite meal for her. This way you can appreciate her for being a such an amazing and caring mom. Because every new mom deserves a little pampering, that’s why new dad should help new mom by cooking for her.

Send for Her a Relaxing Massage

Your wife has been in lots of stress and hormonal flux for the past nine months. From the day she found out about her pregnancy until the day of her delivery, she has gone through lots emotions and stress. So, now as the baby is born, you can give her some time to relax and enjoy motherhood. For this book your wife a massage session to relax and unwind her sore muscles. Your wife might hesitate to leave the baby, but you have to convince her and assure her that you will look after baby just fine. Don’t take offense if your wife behaves slightly paranoid and over protective about the baby as she is just struggling like you. Trust us, in the end, your wife will love you for little massage therapy.

Encourage Her to Take Help

This is a very common problem with all new moms, they all think that it’s their sole duty to look after the baby. And, in some cases, from the fear of being judged, they won’t ask for help. So, new dads should help a new mom in accepting the fact that there is nothing wrong with the extra help. He should tell her that she should ask for help from him and other family members whenever she wants. Because it’s okay to take help as much as possible. As raising a child is teamwork and taking little help won’t make her bad mom. So, clear all her doubts and encourage her to take help from other people.

Make Her Feel Attractive

Many women start finding themselves less attractive and less beautiful after the delivery. They start feeling less beautiful and that’s why they become dull. So, the biggest thing that the new dad should help new mom is with telling her how beautiful she is. The husband should appreciate their wife on every occasion, they should appreciate her caring nature, her hard work as a new mom and especially for being a such an awesome person. It's the husband’s duty to appreciate her wife, so that she won’t feel less attractive or unwanted after the delivery.

Don’t Pressure Her for Sexual Activities

Husbands need to understand this fact that their wives have gone through a very difficult time physically after delivery. Female body physically changes a lot post-pregnancy, so it’s very common that your wife doesn’t want to get involved in physical activities very soon. Moreover, the doctors also recommend avoiding sexual activities after delivery for at least six weeks. So, new dad should help new mom by understanding her physical needs, if your wife isn’t ready for sexual activities, then don’t pressure her. Tell her its okay and you will wait for her to come around, eventually, after some time, your wife will get back to being her normal self.

Help her Cope with Postpartum Depression

Numerous new mothers struggle a bit after delivery. They struggle with adjusting to their new body, they struggle with be a mom and moreover, they struggle to adapt to their new lifestyle. All this stuff is very common and can be easily dealt with little emotional support. So, new dad should help the new mom with her post-pregnancy struggles. New dads should regularly talk to their wives and ask about their mental health. New parents need to open up the gates of communication in their relationship so that they can freely talk about their struggles and problems. Because sleep deprivation and constant requirements of a new baby can take troll on both new dad and mom.

Help her in Daily Chores

Your wife has numerous responsibilities in the house like cooking, cleaning, laundry, buying groceries and looking after the other needs of the family. So, new dad should help the new mom by sharing some of her daily responsibilities. Apart from helping her with the home stuff, a husband should help wife in looking after herself. Like, giving her one hour to relax daily by looking after a baby for an hour. So, that your wife can have some me time.

Such a Helpful Husband Deserves a Reward in the Form of Nice Gifts After Delivery: 10 Gift Ideas for New Dad

Well, if your husband has been so caring then you are a very lucky woman. However, new dads also require some help and appreciation for being a such an awesome dad. That’s why you have to appreciate and thank your husband for buying gifts for a new dad. Just like new mom, buying gifts for husband after delivery is considered as nice and sweet gestures. Well, we know you new moms have already so much in your plate, so here are few gifts for new dad after delivery to pick up from.

Dad Literature

Giving knowledge to new dad would be an ideal gift for a new dad after delivery. The nice new dad literature will give heads up to the new dad and preview on what he will be dealing in. You can offer the marathon of all time classic dad movies to your husband like Three Men and a Baby, Father of the Bride, and Mr. Mom. But, one nice book always helps new dad in learning the whole process better, you can order books for new dad online from Amazon Kindle store. The top trending helping books for a new dad is Dad’s Playbook by Tom Limbert, or The Baby Owner’s Manual by Louis Borgenicht, M.D. and Joe Borgenicht, D.A.D, etc. Both are available on Amazon.

One-Handed Bottle Opener


When you have an infant at home, then your one hand is always busy. So, you can buy this one hand opener gift for a new dad. Now, your man can easily unscrew beer bottles or soda bottles with this one-handed opener while holding the baby with another hand. This gift will be very useful when you host parties at home after the new baby. With this, your husband can look after the baby and attend to guests also. This one-handed bottle opener can be ordered from Amazon for Rs.2,564.

Dad’s Survival Kit


You can show your creativity with this gift for the new dad. You can pull together all kind of useful and quirky items for the new dad and create your personal daddy’s survival kit. In your dad's survival kit, you can put things like a portable changing pad, diaper cream and lots of wipes and diapers. A cute “I love daddy” onesies for infant and other essentials require for a new baby can be part of your survival kit. All the items for dads survival kit can be ordered online from Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry and other websites at different rates.

Unisex Diaper Bag

Okay, so those bright pink and blue diaper bags won’t look cool with the manly image of your husband. So, that your husband can easily take the baby out and won’t look a fool with the girly diaper bags. That’s why order this brown color muscular diaper bag for your husband after delivery. This gift for new dad will be very helpful as it has numerous pockets where baby stuff can be placed plus this bag comes with a cloth where baby can be placed for changing diapers. This manly diaper bag is available on for Rs.1,116.

Dad Apparel


Your baby and baby daddy has a unique bond that you can show off with this adorable combo of “We Both Know Tees” by Bonorganik. Pair these with blue denim or shorts for a look that will make memories to cherish for a lifetime. This gift for new dad after delivery would be very affordable as whenever both of them go out in the matching outfits. You can order matching apparel for your baby and his daddy online. This particular outfit combo is available for Rs.999 only. Order it here.

Baby Wrap


It is said that infant bond connection with his parents by smelling and feeling their body heat. To help your husband to establish a special bond between infant and him, you should gift this full body baby wrap to him after delivery. This gift for new dad is very useful as he can bundle up baby around his body and this helps the lot in pacifying the baby. It also establishes a bond between baby and new dad. This baby wrap gift for new dad can be ordered from for Rs.6.500.

Washable Bluetooth Speaker


Well, if your husband has to work or have taken some important business call while cradling or burping the baby. Then, this washable Bluetooth speakers can be a very useful gift for a new dad. As baby’s throw up a lot so if the speaker is washable, then you can easily wash them to remove throw up the smell. Basically, if you have a baby, then using washable gadget is a good idea. This Philips washable Bluetooth speaker is available on Amazon for Rs.3,500.

Daddy’s Little Beard Puller Onesie


You can’t miss buying this cute romper for your baby. Buy this adorable “I stole my daddy’s heart” romper for your baby and make his daddy prouder and happier. This might be a gift for the baby, but its real impact can be seen through the eyes of a new dad. This cute gift for new dad can be ordered from Amazon for a mere Rs.399. It is very comfortable and soft clothing piece for a newborn baby.

Baby Carrier

This is a yet another important gift for new dad or mom. The baby sling carrier to easily carry baby from one place to another. As holding the baby in hands isn’t feasible for parents and baby both. This carrier comes with the 4 different styles of carriers - cradle style, chest facing, backpack and forward facing. This baby carrier keeps the baby securely tucked between the legs and lower back. You can order this baby carrier from for Rs.299.

New Daddy Customised Keychain


If your husband is a bit proud dad and won’t hesitate to flaunt about your baby at any given chance. Then, give him more reasons to talk about your new baby with this “I love dad” keychain. Your this gift for new dad after delivery seems bit small, but its impact is going to be very big and heartwarming. So, this I love you dad keychain can be ordered from Amazon store for Rs.300 only.

Send Him Out with His Friends

Okay, so if your husband looks after all your needs and the requirements of the infant, then he definitely deserves some me time. So, the best gift for new dad after delivery would sending him out with his friends where he can get drunk or do all guys stuff. For healthy parenting, you and your husband both have to look after each other’s needs and wishes, and that means taking turns to take time away for yourselves.

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