Gift for My Husband When Baby is Born, Because New Dads Also Need Some TLC

Gift for My Husband When Baby is Born, Because New Dads Also Need Some TLC

Has your husband been over the moon and wracked with anxiety by turns while waiting for the baby to arrive? Parenthood is a huge deal but dads get overshadowed by the mother and baby. Thank him for standing by you with push presents and give him an encouraging nudge in the right direction with parenting gifts for dad when baby is born. Because he needs to be congratulated too.

It's a Milestone for Him Too!

As a mother, you are definitely in the limelight with all the excitement and fun directed to you—baby showers, push presents, pampering spas, and what not! With the arrival of the baby nearing, don't forget the everlasting support extended by your husband. All through the past few adventurous months, your darling husband has been by your side, attending to your crazy and impulsive cravings and acknowledging your fancy whims at odd hours. Now it’s time for you to make your husband feel extra special about his upcoming promotion to 'Daddy'! Here are some ideas to help you pick a thoughtful gift for your husband.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Gift for a New Dad

Selecting a super awesome gift for the daddy-to-be should not be a painstaking task for you. Save some sweat as our list will provide you with some easy tips to surprise your main man!

Plan in Advance

Gift giving should be fun and fulfilling, and it's possible with a little bit of advance planning. Take some time to think about your gift at least a month or two in advance; thus, you can be make sure you have all the time to focus on your health and well being as the countdown begins! Even take into account things like whether you want to give him the present at the hospital or when you come home with the baby. You will not likely be in a position to take care of the last minute details so entrust the gift to a friend or member of family to bring at the appropriate time.

Make the Most of E-Commerce

The internet is a treasure trove of gift ideas and solutions. Have a hassle-free shopping experience by ordering your gift online. Pregnancy can be tiring enough and you may hardly be looking forward to traipsing all over the market or a mall looking for a nice gift for your husband. Besides, many e-stores even offer options to personalise your gift. Browse from a wide selection of practical gifts, luxury items, or experiences.

Think Futuristic When Picking Out Gifts for a First Time Dad

Find a great utility gift for your husband—to do so, think of the times the new dad-to-be will be with the spending with the baby alone. It's a great idea to pick something that will make baby-sitting a less daunting task for him. Gone are the days when the responsibility of raising children fell solely to the mother, so take the effort and time to get your hubby ready for the job of a dad. You can even think of gifts he can use for the baby a few months down the line. Read on for a list of cool gift ideas.

10 Creative Gift Ideas for a New or First Time Daddy

Instant Polaroid Camera


An instant camera definitely tops our chart, and its cool, retro design is sure to grab everyone's attention! The Instax Mini 8 cam comes in a variety of colours (yes, there are masculine colour options, too!) and has an improved high-key mode, so you can take better portraits with a soft look. Now, isn't that a perfect present to capture all the picture-perfect moments: baby's first cry, first smile, first turn, ...the list is endless! You can order one at Amazon for Rs. 3,690.

Cologne for the New Dad

This is a gift that symbolizes freshness. Choose a gentle, pleasing fragrance that will leave your husband feeling fresh all day. You can select from a range of perfumes, colognes, after-shaves from The Body Shop's online store, priced at Rs.1,500 on average. The bestseller White Musk Sport Eau de Toilette is our personal favourite! The long lasting fragrance is a sporty fragrance with fresh citrus top notes of grapefruit and lemon with base notes of amber. A 100 ml bottle will cost you Rs.1,545 on the Body Shop website.

Kindle Paperwhite

This is one of our favourite picks because it is very thoughtful: a light device perfect for the husbands who love to read. The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a specialized night-reading mode with adjustable darkness. Now, doesn't that make it a perfect companion for the many long nights that are to come your way? Priced at Rs.10,999, the Paperwhite boasts a long-lasting battery life with a single charge lasting week, if not days! The price may seem a little steep but think about the thousands of books you can hold in one hand, while patting the baby to sleep with the other. Seems worth the deal, right? Grab one from Amazon.

Dad Established Tee or Cap

Let your husband make the announcement in style with a Daddy Established 2018 t-shirt or a cap. A light-weight cotton tee, with a classic fit, this apparel makes for a perfect gift for the new 2018 fathers. Don't be surprised if your husband flaunts this at every other family gathering for the rest of the year! You can get it on Amazon for Rs.1,300.

Personalised Wooden Photo Album

Keepsake gifts definitely are the best as they instantly bring a smile to your loved ones. This wooden scrapbook says Best Dad Ever on the cover and can hold up to thirty 10" x 6" images on solid black cardstock. Daddies love taking pictures so this one is sure to fill up soon, but you can be a little creative and add more pages since this wooden photo album is secured with adjustable binding rings. You can order this from for just Rs.449 (please note the product is currently on sale and the list price is Rs.1,499).

A Parenting Manual for New Dads

If there's a manual that all first-time fathers should have, this is it. The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp is a brilliant compilation of expert tips and parenting advice. The writer shares remarkable techniques that have been proven to soothe babies and put them to a sound sleep. It's garnered a lot of positive reviews (4.5 on Amazon) and praise from across the globe. It comes at an affordable price of Rs.745. Something you should consider adding to your cart!

WFH (Work From Home) Prep Gifts

With the impending paternal duties the new father must take on, it's likely that there will be more than a few occasions where he would need to work from home. Even if you don't have a dedicated office space at home, these quirky desk accessories will make WFH enjoyable for the expectant dad. Check out the cute portable milk-bottle power bank that will remind daddy to wrap up work soon and spend time with his little one. You can shop this on e-bay for Rs.1,986. Add to it gift basket with a customised printed coffee mug for as little as Rs.200 from VistaPrint, a desk organiser, and you are set!

A Coffee Subscription

Yes, you read that right! This is a perfect gift if your husband is a coffee-lover. Blue Tokai offers subscription to different coffee blends that will keep the coffee supply in check. You can even opt for their mixed bag subscription if you're the experimental types and would like to try different flavours. The subscriptions start from Rs.2,200. You can also avail a very interesting Bourbon-infused coffee blend a just Rs.1,375 (shop at This blend is made from 100 per cent Arabica beans, roasted in Tennessee. Now that’s what we call a coffee with a kick! Well, hello, long and sleepless nights!

Go Handsfree With Amazon Echo

"Alexa, put the baby to sleep." "Sure, here's a lullaby from your collection." That's how easy it will be with the Amazon Echo handsfree smart speaker. This device connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that can instantly become your home assistant: set alarms or reminders for the pediatrician's appointments, play music, make calls, find recipes, tell you a joke, or even source parenting tips from the web--all at the command of your voice! The Echo device is Amazon's latest and smartest product. You can get this virtual assistant for Rs.8,499. Oh, did we mention its skills and features are just getting better by the day?

Personalised Dad Comic Book

The first superhero your child will encounter is his or her father. Now, let's make that thought legendary, quite literally, by transforming the expectant dad into a comic superhero. Sounds bizarre? Check out this hardcover Mega Dad Personalised Comic Book, available at, that can be personalised with names of daddy dearest and your baby. This gift is certain to add a fun element to all upcoming bedtime storytelling sessions! At just Rs.2,647, dad will transform into the heroic 'Mega Dad'! Let the adventures begin!

Tips for Stress-Free Gift Shopping for Expecting Mothers

You'll be pretty busy on the D-day, so it is important that you think ahead and make your gift a success. Here are three simple tips to help you out.

Order From a Reliable Online Source

Now this may seem silly but it's very important that you opt for a reliable shopping site, especially if you are ordering at the last minute. Take a couple of minutes to check product and seller reviews and estimated shipping time while placing your order. If you receive your gift in time (read, before you run into labour), you can arrange to surprise your husband at the hospital. More on that below.

Let a Friend or Relative Know of Your Surprise Gift

Let a friend or relative in on your plan so they can remember to take the gift along when you're rushing to the hospital. Now it's ideal that you pick someone who is sure to be by your side at the hospital. Yes, a grandparent-to-be would be a good bet!

Not All DIY Gifts Are Time Consuming to Make

Planning at the last minute? Shipment delayed? Don't fret! Even if you're not the creative types, you can put together a simple DIY gift in no time. There are numerous websites that have fantastic ideas for DIY gifts that can be made in no time. Try for amazing DIY solutions for romantic gift ideas. Hop on for some great ideas even for the inexperienced crafters!

Don't Forget to Look After Yourself!

We hope these ideas and tips help you choose the perfect gift for the father-to-be. Go ahead, show some love and appreciation for all the efforts your husband has put in through to during this memorable phase. All the best, and please take care of yourself! Everything is secondary to yours and your baby's health. Which is why it's crucial you take care of gifts and other arrangements well in time so by the time your baby is ready to arrive, the last thing on your mind are small niggling details and unfinished chores.

From our editorial team

Make a Baby Care Plan

Often even nine months or over a year of planning isn't sufficient time to be prepared for a new baby. Many things can only be learnt when you have actually become parents, but the next best thing is to prepare as well as you can for all eventualities. Caring for a baby or young child can be exhausting so a good idea would be draw up a plan, assign duties and make arrangements for everything that's needed to care for the bay. Split the tasks between yourself, your husband, family and hire additional help if needed because you are going to need all the help you can get.