So You Thing You're Tech-Savvy? Check Out These Cool Gadgets to Buy Online in 2019 and See How Up to Date You Are!

So You Thing You're Tech-Savvy? Check Out These Cool Gadgets to Buy Online in 2019 and See How Up to Date You Are!

With the ever-growing and ever-evolving technology, you should keep yourself updated with the latest tech available out there! Keeping that in mind, we're here with some of the coolest gadgets you can buy online and have them delivered right at your doorstep. Take a leap into the future of technology and read on to find out more.

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Why Should You Go for Gadgets?

Gadgets of today are there to make life easier, and no longer considered a novelty! We cannot think of completing our daily chores without the help of these cool gadgets. Whether it is a washing machine, air conditioner, or your TV, devices have proved themselves to be an integral part of our life.

Cool gadgets not only make our life more comfortable and accessible but also saves us money and precious time.

Helpful in Day-To-Day Life

Think of the time you wake up; you need an alarm clock so that you don’t be late for your morning work. Today we use gadgets in our daily life while we cook or listen to music. Electronic and communication devices are the most critical category which controls our lives.

Gadgets Bring Fun & Joy

Some gadgets, like webcams and video, connect people, families, and friends who stay far away. Some, like video games, add fun to our life while some, like vacuum cleaners, is space as well as time-savers in our daily lifestyle.

Cool Gadgets You Can Buy Online

1. Power Blender Bottle

Source Amazon

Power blenders are the new gadgets which are designed to produce super smooth shakes with just a touch of a single button. They are highly useful for the gym and outdoor activities. In the standard Protein Shakers, you are required to shake and mix your supplements manually, but this power blender makes the smoothest shake you can ever imagine, with just a touch of a button. The blender bottles come in the category of shaker cups, and it has now become one of the top-selling gadgets. It is a truth that when people tried to mix up drinks and shakes, they get a bit of residue of the powder at the bottom. It often happens to be a mess while pouring milk or the drink from blender to the glass.

The power button creates enough power so that the blade creates a vortex which allows pouring the smooth liquid in the desired supplement without any lump or mess. It is much slimmer than the average protein shakers and hence can be easily carried around the gym. It has powerful rechargeable batteries which comes with the machine with a high torque of 11,000 to 16,000 rpm and a 40” charging cable. The equipment is BPA free, leak-proof, and odour resistant.

It is made up of universal industry-leading food-grade material. It has a detachable base for easy cleaning and maintenance, you can clean it with pure water and a drop of detergent, activate the vortex, and you are good to go. You can charge it by removing the rubber tab on the motor base, and it needs to be charged for about an hour. Say goodbye to the lumpy supplement shakes and have a premium experience with this new age gadget. The price for this shaker is Rs. 1,599 and it's available on Amazon.

2. LED Light Coffee Mug


Jazz up your daily coffee or tea time with these flashing led light-up mugs. A quirky idea, these mugs liven up the concept of boring old cups by adding lights that blink. Just imagine that you are holding a luminous mug in your hand which gives you the effect of spinning of colourful lights in the mug and the beverage inside.

The Casotec automatic light has eye-catching LEDs, auto colour fading and flashing, which guarantees to build the party mood and accompanies as the perfect decoration for your party, discos, and bars. It is made of high quality, clear and safe acrylic with replaceable batteries. You can easily clean the mug as the bottom cap pops off for safe and easy cleaning.

This environment protection shine cup can hold water, beer, or any beverage. It will light up and flash right away as you pour liquid in it. This super cool LED beverage cups make great gifts idea for any occasion and also for any hard-to-shop party person. It is a pocket-friendly gadget available on Amazon for Rs. 125 only.

3. Telescopic Lens for Phone with Tripod Stand


If you are a regular cell phone photographer or a YouTuber or just someone who loves to click pictures, you must have been tired of the smartphone camera losing focus every time you need to shoot close-ups. Mobile phones are always with us yet sometimes we wish to have a pocket DSLR with us while taking some macro or close up shots.

This cool gadget is here to take away all your stress while giving crisp precision to all your zooms and thoughts. In this busy world, you will always want to keep a mobile telescopic lens which works with many other devices too. The lens type is 18x telescopic plus a 0.63 wide-angle, 15X macro and 198-degree fisheye lens. The material has glass optics with ABS. It works efficiently with iPhone, iPad, as well as most Android smartphones.

It comes with a lens and stands, and its magnification is 18x. The weight of the product is 0.3000 kg, and the product size is 11 x 4.00 x 8 cm. The package contains one 18x zoom telephoto lens, one .63x wide-angle macro lens, one 198-degree fisheye lens, one mini tripod, one remote shutter, two clip, one pouch bag, and one cleaning cloth. The price of this gadget is Rs. 1,383 at

4. Bluetooth Anti-Theft Alarm Device


Are you a sucker for losing your small valuables? Not anymore! The tracker can be easily chained to your valuable belongings, and it also works with a smartphone to prevent theft or loss. It can also be the remote control of your smartphone camera for a self-portrait. The tracker works through the tracking app, and it is a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy product. It also helps you search your car in the parking lot and provide a last seen pin-drop on map. It is a compact size, lightweight design, and low energy consumption device which is easy to use and an important item for your regular usage. It can be bought for Rs. 257 from

5. Boie USA Future Antimicrobial Toothbrush


Traditional toothbrushes are a kind of waste and not very environment-friendly these days. They are abrasive, wasteful, and dirty. The things that we use daily at least twice should be better than that and more useful too. This futuristic toothbrush is something different; it is clean, functional, and also environmentally friendly. Its bristles are antibacterial and are made from medical grade elastomer that is less abrasive than traditional ordinary toothbrushes.

You also get interchangeable heads that are double in length than nylon bristles. It has S-shaped ergonomic handle that is ultra-thin to hold. It removes plaque and bacteria from teeth and gums without much effort. Plaque is soft and easy to remove, so there is no need to brush our teeth aggressively, which can lead to tooth enamel erosion or receding gums. These future toothbrushes help to reduce the use of plastics as these have durable medical graded elastomer, which is recyclable. With the interchangeable heads, the lifespan of the plastic handle also increases.

As the bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places, dentists recommend keeping toothbrushes out of place to keep the nasty bacteria away from toothbrushes. This toothbrush is antibacterial, and by adding silver ions onto the polymer matrix, it has created an effective anti-microbial action which inhibits the growth of bacteria. This ergonomically designed toothbrush will cost you Rs. 1,300 on

6. Sleep Phones

When you need to listen to your favourite music, whether it's rock or meditative chants, you long for a device other than those bulky headphones or uncomfortable earphones while in a lying down position. These Sleep Phones are designed especially for sleeping. You can now fall asleep faster, longer, and wake up refreshed.

These headphones sit over the ear, which makes a comfortable option for side sleepers — a luxuriously soft headband made from exclusive fabric which contains padded, thin, and removable speakers. The speakers can play any music, audiobooks, meditation, white noise, or talk radio. These Sleep Phones plug with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack; they also have a wireless option which can connect to Bluetooth enabled devices.

These devices are washable, hypoallergenic, and have the highest standard of batteries. It comes with a one-year limited warranty and can be used not only during sleeping but also while you travel, commute, work out, ride a bike, walk or jog. The product is available in a corded and wireless version with a wide variety of colours and different kinds of fabrics. You can customise and experience happiness like never before. It comes in different sizes too, extra small, medium and extra-large, and the price of this product is around Rs. 6,800 and above, as per location and customisation. Buy these from

7. Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer


If you work late and live on your coffee cup, you must be facing the problem of getting your laptop heat up and your coffee cooling down! Now here comes the technology as a blessing when you get this small and clever idea of a little pad which sits under your cup. You plug it on into any USB port, and it will keep your drink warm until your work is done. The Mug Warmer won't heat your drink, but it will help keep it warmer for a longer time. It also makes an excellent coaster for your coffee or tea mug, and you can use it to gift your loved ones. It comes in dimensions 213 mm x 125 mm x 29 mm and can keep drinks warm at 50 degrees C. Buy it from for Rs. 799.

8. Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb


Technology has a significant hold on our life, and of course, it makes life smart and comfortable. If you are coming late at home or need some extra attention around your house, the use of smart bulb to your living space can help you avoid tumbling in the dark which a traditional light switch can never provide. Smart bulbs are like your regular light bulbs only which can be controlled by Bluetooth, voice and mobile apps, while giving you the effectiveness of a regular light bulb.

If you are thinking of making your home a smart one, these light bulbs are a great way to start. These are easy to install and can make your home automated with just a single effort. These bulbs can be connected with wireless devices and directly in your home Wi-Fi.

They will immediately function as a normal bulb with a Wi-Fi connection. You can also download an app for the particular branded product and follow the instruction given with that to install.

This MI LED Smart Bulb can be location-enabled for seamless pairing and gives almost 11 years long life. You can control it with Alexa and Google assistance. It also has adjustable colours and can provide 16 million colours! Get your smart bulb from Mi Store for Rs. 1,299.

9. Robotic Suitcase


This high tech world is full of surprises, and this Robotic Suitcase is one such example of that! The suitcase uses artificial intelligence to track your location, roll itself alongside as you walk, leaving you hands-free for talking over phone or multi-tasking. It has cool features such as an autonomous mode, obstacle avoidance, find me function, and a co-smart lock. It is a carry on size robotic suitcase that stays with you like your pet all the time and makes your travel more enjoyable. It is a bit on the costlier side, priced Rs. 31,047 onwards, and it is still in the development stage as a crowdfunding project on

10. Smart Lunch Box


Who won’t love a cute panda-looking lunch box for regular use? And it becomes more enjoyable if you bring a cool smart lunch box with you every time you are outside home. The product is beautiful to look at, and it has a stainless steel with copper printed or coated finished body. It keeps the food fresh and warm for a longer period. It is made from both FDA and BPA free plastic. The latches are of stainless steel, and the vessel is copper-plated stainless steel. The capacity of this smart lunch box is 600 ml, with dimensions 13 cm x 16 cm x 11.5 cm. It comes in various colours and designs and is priced at Rs. 1,913 on

Increase the Lifespan of Your Gadgets!

The life span of the gadgets are becoming shorter, and the manufacturers alone can't be blamed for that. You can also do a favour to the environment by taking the initiative to make your gadgets long-lasting. The earlier your products die, the earlier more waste, pollution, and higher consumption of energy take place. Take care of a few basic rules while using gadgets, and they will give better performance and will last a bit longer than you expect:

  • Charge on time: If you want to increase the number of the discharge cycle, it is recommended to charge the battery of the gadget before it gets below around 15-20 percent.

  • Temperature matters: ‘Stress’ in the battery can be lowered by preventing quick heat up and avoid using the device while it's charging, which we generally do regarding our cell phones or tablets.

  • Keep the device clean: Make sure that the device is clean from outside as well as inside too. You can use compressed air technology to clean out the settled dust.
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