10 Original and Interesting Gift Ideas for the Photographer Husband that Won't Empty Your Wallet (2018)

10 Original and Interesting Gift Ideas for the Photographer Husband that Won't Empty Your Wallet (2018)

Photographers are creative by nature and very much invested in their art. If your husband is a photographer then finding the perfect gift for him is no longer a challenge with our innovative gift guide. The equipment he uses may be crazy expensive but with the help of our gift list you can give him very useful photography tools and camera accessories all priced well under 5000 rupees.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Gift for a Photographer

Photography is a hobby that is in vogue right now. With cameras being prevalent, everyone is obsessed with being a photographer. But practising photography as a hobby is expensive and time-consuming. So, if you are looking to buy gifts for a photographer husband we would suggest you look for something that is interesting and useful. But before purchasing your gift, you need to consider certain factors.

Consider His Needs

As an amateur or a professional photographer, he might have very different needs when compared to others. If you are planning on a gift that is relevant to his profession, you might want to check with him to see if he requires that particular piece of equipment. One other important fact you need to remember is if he really requires that gadget you are planning on gifting. Just consider, that your photographer husband is a wildlife and nature photographer; In this case, getting him a lighting booth box studio is a waste of money. But you could get him a utility vest, which can help him carry stuff within the reach of your hands.

Photography Equipment is Expensive, Fix a Budget

Photography equipment can be expensive, especially if it’s of premium quality. Therefore while buying photography equipment, it is very easy to go beyond your budget. Always fix a budget and stay within that. If the gift you are looking to buy falls beyond your budget it might make things difficult for you. It is better if you look for something that fits in your budget. But do not compromise on the quality of the product since a faulty gadget will affect the quality of the pictures.

Get Appropriate Accessories

Photographers are gadget freaks, they love new equipment and accessories that would make their life easier and bring quality to their work. If you have decided on gifting him accessories like 50mm lens or camera bag, make sure you get the right one that fits on his camera. It would be a waste of money and good equipment if the gift is incompatible with his camera. But accessories like white balance filter would fit any type of camera. Whatever it is, read the information present carefully, to confirm the fact before committing to it. If you are unsure, take the help of his photographer friends or even the internet to make sure that it is indeed compatible with his camera.

Gift Cards are a Safe Bet if You're Not Sure What to Buy

Your husband might be an expert photographer, while you might know nothing about it. While there are many websites, that can help you in this regard, doubts can always creep in when it comes to buying a gift for your loved one. If that is the case, then get him a gift card which he can use on websites like Photopro.in or Amazon.in to buy something that he desires.

10 Awesome Gifts that will Drive Your Photographer Husband Crazy

Being with your photographer husband for a considerable amount of time, you would have known how crazy and particular he is about his different pieces of equipment. There is nothing like a nifty gadget to put a spring in his step. We have compiled, 10 ingenious gifts that would make your husband go crazy about you.

White Balance Lens Cap

Source www.amazon.in

The 58 mm JJC White Balance Lens Cap is a wonderful addition to your husband’s kit. It is inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot to figure out how to get it working. It is also big enough to cover any lens irrespective of any brand. The only condition is that the camera should have a white balance measurement. No more red, blue or green hues out of balance in pictures. Hold this in front of the camera and get the photograph balanced all in a minute’s time. It gives you an accurate white balance measurement for you to work with. This awesome gadget is available at amazon.in for ₹1,010.

Braided Camera Wrist Strap

Source www.amazon.in

Your photographer husband has to have his camera on him for a long time if he’s looking to click that one picture in the right lighting. Until you hold a camera for extended periods of time, you wouldn’t know how unforgiving the camera strap can be. Therefore most professional photographers are very particular about the kind of strap they use. This braided paracord camera strap priced at ₹299 is made for comfort and security. It helps carry the camera securely and avoid discomfort from the camera strap cutting into the flesh. The strap is made of the same material as the survival emergency strap of a parachute. This sturdy strap by Techlife can be bought from amazon.in.

Spider Camera Holster Belt

Source www.amazon.in

A life of a photographer isn’t that easy. Carrying one or two cameras at a time around the neck or shoulder is always about juggling. Get this for your husband and he is sure to be impressed. The Spider holster hangs from the belt and provides a hands-free option when needed. It leaves his hands free leaving him to do his job comfortably. It also takes the strain off the neck and back. It is compatible with all DSLRs and point and shoot camera too. It can carry weights up to 10 kg. Buy the Spider Holster from amazon.in for ₹2,029.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

If you are not interested in gadgets but would rather get your beloved photographer husband a cheesy gift to bring a smile to his face, then get him this coffee mug shaped like a camera lens. This fun and the cute gift may look like a lens but does nothing but let the world know that your husband is a photographer. The mug is made of stainless steel which also means it is BPA free. The lid is big enough to hold his snacks and when closed the tight fit prevents leakage which makes it ideal for travel. Buy this stylish mug for your camera geek at amazon.in for ₹399.

Lighting Booth Box Studio

Source www.amazon.in

A good picture requires a lot of arrangements in regards to lighting and angles. Lighting plays an important part in capturing a good photograph. But getting an ideal lighting condition everywhere is not always possible. This is where the lighting booth box studio from amazon.in comes into the picture. This portable box can be set up anywhere that his work takes him. This all in one lighting box studio comes with 2 LED lights. The lights have magnetic tips and can be affixed anywhere in the box according to his requirement. Buy it for ₹4,599.

Optical Lens Cleaner Pen

Source www.amazon.in

The most important requirement when it comes to taking a clear, blur-free picture is a clean lens. The proper method is to clean with a lens solution and a tissue, however, if he is in the mid of a shoot it would not be ideal to whip out the solution and the tissue to clean it. The lens cleaner pen priced at ₹360 is a lifesaver in such occasions. The lens cleaner pen has a soft bristled brush on one end which can be used to clean the dust off the lens and the crevices and on the other end is a microfiber carbon tip which cleans the lens the in the same way as a tissue. You do not need a solution to clean smudges and fingerprints off the lens. You can purchase this handy pen on amazon.in.


Source www.amazon.in

A Gorillapod is another clever tool that is very important for photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, because of its flexible legs and strong grips. The feet of the pod is rubberized which makes it cling to any surface it is placed on. It is flexible, portable and lightweight which makes it a perfect travel companion. Though it is very compact and lightweight, it can hold up to 2 kgs. The legs are made of ABS plastic which makes is strong enough to hold the weight of a DSLR. It also includes a mobile attachment for holding your smartphones. The gorilla pod by Yantralay School of Gadgets is available on amazon.in for ₹649.

Photographer's Wristband

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for something that reflects his personality and passion, the photographer's wristband is the one. The lens marking on the wristband adds a touch of originality. You can also use it on your camera lens, in case the markings have started to rub off or the wear and tear have caused the lens to be loose. These bands are tight enough to hold the lens secure and the aperture and the zoom markings make the job easier. The photographer's wristband is available with amazon.in for ₹1,479.

Break Photographer Series Watch

Source www.amazon.in

How about a gifting your man a watch which is as stylish and unique as him? The photographer series of watches is inspired by a camera and is currently quite popular in the photographic community. This waterproof watch can be used while swimming as well. The photographer series of watches are made of the finest materials. They come with a tough alloy watch case, strong durable straps and a hard glass face cover. These watches have 2 years of battery life and replaceable batteries. Your photographer husband is sure to love this new trendy accessory. Buy this watch for your shutterbug husband from amazon.in for ₹1,749.

Photographer Utility Vest

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband is a nature photographer, get him the photographer utility vest which can hold small items safe without it of being lost. The vest is made of the finest of the materials making this very reliable and versatile. It has 4 pockets in the front with 5 D rings to carry heavier stuff easily. The multiple pockets in the vest leave the hands free comfortable enough to take quality pictures without having to juggle. The photographer utility vest is available with amazon.in for ₹1,999.

Three Ways to Support Your Photographer Husband

If your husband has taken up photography as a career choice rather than a hobby, know this; He will soon need your help in certain areas of his career especially the business part. Photographers are artists and are well known for ignoring the business part which is very important if he is to take it as a career choice.

Though it is going to be very difficult to leave someone else in control of his administration and most importantly his camera, he has to do this at some point in his career. The length and the volume of the jobs would play an important part in this decision. That way he can be more into the creative process not having to worry about the fringe decisions related to the equipment and administration.

Without prior knowledge, it would be very difficult for you to get involved. But if you do want to support your husband, it'd better if you are patient and ready to get your hands dirty.

Equipment Prep and Maintenance

Ready to help your husband out? The first thing you would have to learn is how to the handle the equipment of course. Get him to teach you about all the technicalities, including lighting the set, the different lenses and the camera itself. That way you can help him prep for any shoot that he goes to. You can take the cleaning and the care of the equipment so that the morning of the shoot he gets to be carefree and concentrate on the shoot itself, not worried about the equipment.

Every equipment needs regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. You can check with your husband about the maintenance needs of his camera and send it for maintenance and servicing. This would reduce a huge burden from his end and leave him free for his creative ventures.


This another key area where you can help your husband. You wouldn’t have to spend more than 3 hours a week and it involves you being on top of the bills and the scheduling. You can even tweak the current system to suit yourself and take complete control of it. The administration is an important part of the business and crucial as well. When it's in trusted hands, it’d be easier for him to concentrate on his craft.

Listen to Him

You might not be interested or not much knowledgeable about photography, lighting or anything related to it, but being there and listening to him helps him in ways you’d never understand. You can also offer your opinion but do not take it personally if it is not accepted. It is going to take time if he is to accept your views and take it seriously. Listen to him when he talks about his goals, his rants and his dreams. There would be one day when no idea gets implemented without your input and in the meantime stay patient and learn to help him in the sidelines.

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Show your interest in your husbands career or hobby

You may not be a photographer yourself, but that doesn't mean that you can't show your support towards your husband's passion. While buying gifts for him, always lean towards photographic equipment and accessories. Keep your eye out for new lenses and other gadgets releasing on the market by researching online.