Feeling Left Behind in the Tech-World? Here are the Best Gadgets for Men in 2019 to Make You Feel Tech-Savvy Again!

Feeling Left Behind in the Tech-World? Here are the Best Gadgets for Men in 2019 to Make You Feel Tech-Savvy Again!

Are you looking for some really cool gadgets for yourself or planning on gifting some amazing tech-related gadgets to your male companions? You've stumbled upon the right place as we bring you our top 8 picks for best gadgets for men. And, as a bonus, also find some useful tips and tricks for getting the sweetest deals out online. Read on to find out more about it.

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Keep These Tips in Mind Before Buying Gadgets Online

Nothing beats the experience of getting to test and play with electronics at a store, but buying online – it has its conveniences too. What model you want – you have it at the tip of your fingertips without having to deal with all the hassle of going out to the store; plus online shopping also allows to compare prices to get the best deal.

No matter what electronics you plan on buying - laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and cameras – they will involve thousands of your hard-earned money, so, you will need to be careful about a few things before making a purchase online.

Buying from Reputed Websites

It comes as a no-brainer that you should buy your gadgets from those sites only that you trust and of course, they should have reliable customer reviews.

It’s recommended that you buy gadgets from those official sites only. Though on some occasions, you are going to see some brands that aren't sold on their website, they do list their accredited resellers – you can opt for those resellers.

Lastly, no matter what site you choose for buying the gadgets, do check out their contact details, so if you run into any trouble later either with the delivery or even the gadget itself, you can reach out to them for solutions.

Making Sure That the Website is Safe

No matter what site you decide to buy your gadgets from, take note as to whether the site is encrypted with SSL certificate or secure sockets layer, so that any data that you enter into that site, you will be sure that it won’t be vulnerable to the hackers.

Want to know how a site is encrypted with an SSL certificate?

Just look for a padded green lock on the left side of the URL in the address bar – and if you click on the green lock, a small window will pop up that will show you the information on the SSL certificate.

And also, take note to see as to whether the site is starting with ‘https’ rather than ‘Http'.

Checking Out the Functions of the Gadget Carefully

Don’t merely buy any gadget because of how looks good it looks on the photo, without knowing beforehand as to what it does – many people go for a device without giving it much thought to whether they'd use it in the long run or not.

Before buying a gadget, take a minute and think – do you really need the gadget? If your answer is yes, then, it pays to go for it; otherwise, what’s the use of buying one if you are only going to stash it in your storeroom?

Checking Out the Warranty

You are a buying a gadget, so, of course, you are going to get a warranty – you should make sure to get at least a service warranty which will let your item be repaired should you find any defects. That said, you can also get a replacement warranty for a limited time. Also, remember to check out the return policy of the store.

Taking Note of the Material

No matter what gadget you buy, always check if they are of premium quality – don’t end up purchasing any gadget of some unheard brand just because the gadget looked good on the outside (that’s one of the tactics the brands use to sell their products to unsuspecting customers).

Go for gadgets of a renowned brand. If you still want to buy gadgets from a new and unheard brand, head to their official website first, and look at their offerings. Go through their address, contact information and such, and if all seems well, search them on Google next. You are bound to find some reviews of that brand, and if all is well, then, you can opt for that brand; otherwise, it’s best to stay away from that brand.

8 Best Gadgets for Men who Love Being Tech Savvy!

Suunto Core Watch

Source Amazon

Dubbed as the ultimate masterpiece for the hiking enthusiast, this gadget comes with a variety of technologies featuring a storm alarm that helps keep mountaineers and hikers well ahead of weather conditions.

The gadget itself comes with an elastomer strap that can guarantee comfort no matter what the weather is. That said, the device also features a barometer, compass and altimeter functions, making it quite easy for the adventure-loving guys to make a decision, no matter where they are in the wild, or on the mountains.

Brought to you by the brand Suunto, this gadget is priced at Rs. 16,178 and can be purchased on Amazon.

Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Source boseindia.com

No one likes to tune into their favourite songs with the cacophony in the background!

Opt for these wireless headphones by Bose – with this gadget, you can enjoy your favourite songs peacefully as these come with advanced noise-cancelling technology. The best part about this gadget is that it comes with in-built Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. All you need to do is to choose either one of the voice assistant and play away from your songs.

As mentioned before, this gadget is wireless, meaning it runs on battery, and it gives you a whopping 20 long hours of battery life, just so, you can manage your whole day without any distractions.

Priced at Rs. 29,363, this gadget can be bought from boseindia.com.

Apple iPad

Source Amazon

Combing a high level of functionality and features and add to that, portability, the question is why you should include an iPad in your list!

The iPad can do many things that the laptop can do – right from checking out an email to working on documents or spreadsheets, playing games to streaming music to making music, the iPad is going to be your best portable friend that you won’t be able to live without.

It's sleek, has a quality build, longevity, and not to mention, affordable, so, why heave that heavy laptop on your back when you can carry your iPad in your hand?

The best part is that the iPad comes in four versions to suit your needs – iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro and can be purchased on their official online store.

Noise Slimmest Fast QI Wireless Charging Pad

Source gonoise.com

The gadget is designed specifically for Android devices - Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and iOS ones - Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. This gadget can help you charge your device wirelessly, which means you don't need to plug in your charger each time you want to charge your device; you simply have to put your phone on top of this wireless charging pad, and your phone will charge automatically.

This wireless charging pad is round and minimal in looks, with the top being covered in soft bi-cast leather, giving it a luxurious look.

It comes in four colours and is priced at Rs. 2,249. Buy this exclusively from gonoise.com.

Google Wifi System

Source Amazon

If in certain parts of the home, you are finding it hard to maintain your internet connection, the solution is right here – Google WiFi System.

It can be bought separately or as a set (it comes in a set of three), and you can place them strategically in your home in those places that don’t get an internet connection – it will work as a router and will give you full wireless internet coverage.

One device can cover up to 1,500 square feet of floor space! It's available on Amazon for Rs. 14,950 apiece.

UR Power Running Belt

Source ubuy.co.in

Brought to you by UR Power, this gadget or rather a waist bag is one which consists of several zippered pockets that you can use to store your items – keys, phone, cards, etc. – while you enjoy a good run or any other outdoor activity.

Made of water-resistant material, this belt also comes with two pockets that you can use to hold your water bottles. It's priced at Rs. 1,754 ubuy.co.in.

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets

Source ubuy.co.in

Don’t stare if you see someone wearing a paracord bracelet. Earning the reputation of being the ultimate tool for survivalists, the paracord bracelet looks just like any other fashionable bracelet.

But on second glance, this bracelet will prove you wrong – this tool features a fire scraper on one hand while the other side features a compass. As if that’s not enough, this bracelet also has a flint starter and a whistle. All this, and still one more left – this bracelet can also double as a knife.

Priced at Rs. 981 for a set of two, this bracelet can be bought from ubuy.co.in.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Source Amazon

You can’t call your home a ‘smart home’ if it doesn’t have Echo Dot installed. Brought to you by Amazon itself, this masterpiece is a means by which Alexa can control your smart devices at home.

Be it playing music, watching movies, playing video games, or even checking out the weather, everything is a breeze with this cool gadget. Using the device is even easier – all you need to do is to plug in the gadget, connect it to WiFi and register with the Alexa app.

It comes in three colours – black, grey and white, and is priced at Rs. 2,499 on Amazon and can be purchased exclusively on Amazon.

Make the Best Out of an Online Gadget Sale!

Buying a gadget is not easy, when it comes to buying one, either during the festive season or the end of the season – though, with a bit of planning, you can get the right deal for the gadget that you are eyeing to buy.

  • Get to know the prices
    If you are planning to buy a gadget from a particular store, don’t just buy it at first glance, just because they are offering a discount. The chances are that you are going to find the same gadget at a different store with a different discounted price. If any particular gadget has caught your eye, it is recommended that you should check the price of the gadget at different stores. Compare all of the prices and check out which one suits you best.

  • Avoid getting scammed
    Festive season and the end of season sale are the perfect opportunities for retailers to sell off their discounted or suspended items, and this is often not much of an issue in case of homewares, but when it comes to laptops, mobile phones, tablets and such, you may run into compatibility issues. Hence, it pays quite well for you to do your homework properly when it comes to buying gadgets which are available on a discounted price, and while, you may not want to buy the latest gadget, they should still be able to be easily repaired, when gone awry.

  • Checking out the gadgets' reviews
    Before you decide to buy a gadget, it’s recommended that you should check out its reviews – both online and offline. And yes, don’t get swayed by what the brand is saying, instead decide to buy the product based on real reviews of real people.

  • Looking out for the suitable warranties
    When buying any gadgets, always take note of warranties – they are a must; otherwise, you will have to shell out a whole lot of money to repair the product, just because you didn’t notice the absence of an extended warranty certificate.

  • Consider going for 'used' or 'refurbished' gadgets
    Just because you can’t afford the new gadget that you have been thinking about, it doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your plan of getting a new gadget altogether. You can go for either ‘used’ or ‘refurbished’ gadgets, and they are a great alternative for the pricey and newer one.

  • Avoid leaving your package on the doorstep
    Sometimes, your new gadget may land at your doorstep unattended when you are not at home. If possible, you can allow the package to be sent to your workplace or to a trusted person who will be at home during the delivery.
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Buy Expensive Gadgets from Official Online Stores Only

Our technology is getting smarter by the day and so are the criminals associated with it who want to lure you into giving away your money. If you're going to buy an expensive product online, be very vigilant and check every aspect of the website you're buying it from. Many fraudsters make a copy of the original site and direct you to their website. Once you've made a payment on these fake websites, it's almost impossible to get your money back. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably isn't! Be careful while you shop anything online.