The Year of Pottery: 10 Ideas for Ceramic and Other Beautiful 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

The Year of Pottery: 10 Ideas for Ceramic and Other Beautiful 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Pottery and willow are the items associated with the ninth year of marriage so if you're a traditionalist you will love the gift ideas we've picked for you. For those with a more modern bent of mind there are some cool gadgets, fantastic personal care items and accessories to pamper your husband with on your 9th wedding anniversary.

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Tips on Getting the Perfect 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

A wedding anniversary is one of the most special days for a married couple. It is a day on which the couples recall their wedding day and make a new promise to be together with each passing year. Each year that comes and goes is a special one and celebrating 9 years of married life is indeed a long journey for the two souls. So if you are celebrating your 9th wedding anniversary here are some tips that will guide you to make his day more memorable. Pottery or things made from willow are best suited for your 9th wedding anniversary and they are the traditional gift items to be presented on a special day. If your partner is a nature lover, then he will love this gift item as pottery represents nature and simplicity and willow represents flexibility. So if you want to give your husband a surprise, go for these two.

  • Gift Him Something Inspired by His Childhood
    As you celebrate your 9th anniversary together, it is symbolic that you two have evolved together as a couple. You already know a lot about each other and this is when you can pop up a meaningful gift to your dearest husband. You can gift him with something that has a lot of sentimental meaning attached to it. Look back at his childhood to derive some inspiration. For instance, you can gift him something related to his hometown. If he is from Mumbai, you can take him out for a street food day out that reminds him of Mumbai. If he is from Delhi, maybe you can cook him some momos that will take him down the memory lane. Your gift can also be a trip to his hometown and he will definitely be touched by this gesture. Nostalgia will strike him and he will be grateful to you for making this day special.

  • Give Him Something that He Has Always Wanted
    He is your husband and nobody knows him better than you. There are many things that your partner always desired for but never bought it. It may be because it might be costly or it may not be of use at that particular time. But being a loving wife, it is your duty to remember his wishes and try to gift him any such thing which he always dreamt of. Taken the fact that he is not going to buy it for himself, you are the one who is supposed to buy him the gift. So, find out what it is that he wants to buy, maybe stalk his wishlist or if you already know what he wants then you can gift him just that to make his day special.

10 Amazing 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Husband

Beard Care Pack


Facial hair is the often the love for many men and so it’s great idea to surprise them with this beard care pack. The pack includes beard oil, bread wash, mooch wax, beard softener, and a pouch. These items are free from any harmful chemicals such as SLS and parabens. You can buy it from at just Rs.1,112 and give your bearded husband a wow surprise. He can use these products to take care of his beard and flaunt it. The beard grooming essentials are a must-have for any man. Gift this to him on your 9th wedding anniversary.

First Meeting Framed Memento

Dates are very important in a relationship and if your husband forgets any such dates which are very special, give him a personalised frame with your names on it with the date and time engraved in it. It’s a romantic product to capture the lifelong important date. Capture your wonderful moments in the photo frame that you can always cherish throughout your life. Give this as a token of your everlasting love to your husband on your anniversary. He will absolutely love this gorgeous gift, and may even be amused at the cheeky permanent reminder stuck on the wall! You can buy it from at just Rs.399.

Couple Charcoal Portrait

A portrait of the two is also a wonderful item to be gifted to him. Adorn the wall of your room with a hand-drawn charcoal-pencil portrait. It’s a 14 x 16 inch portrait with two faces in it. It is perfect for your bedroom and will always remind the two of you of the lovely bond that you share. Make your ninth marriage anniversary ultra special by gifting this beautiful portrait of the two of you. The portrait embodies love and your hubby will definitely admire all the effort that you have put it in. You can buy it from at just Rs.3,250.

Real Leather Handmade Notebook or Personal Diary

This leather diary and handmade notebook help in keeping all the personal notes in an elegant manner. It can be used to organise and plan all his important meetings, interviews and appointments. Your husband can write all the important things down in this personal diary. The diary also has a business card holder and credit card, holder. It has awesome built quality and a vintage classic look. The pages of the diary are thicker than usual and you can easily write on it with an ink pen without smudging it. The blank craft papers of the diary can be used for writing, sticking photos, and drawing. Buy it for Rs.552 from Snapdeal.

Waterfall Incense Burner with Incense Cones

Gift your husband with an incense burner which he can utilize on his study table or in the office and every time he will burn the incense sticks, he will remember you. It comes with a set of 40 incense cones to provide you with a perfect smoke waterfall for your incense burner. It is made up of ceramic and measures 12.5 x 8.5 cm and weighs 500 gm. Adorned with little meditating monks in different postures, these incense burners have a sense of calm and peace to it and makes the vibes of the place really good. There are four different options to choose from and you can buy these from at just Rs.1,599 each.

Beating Heart Wall Clock

Your husband is as important to you as your heartbeat. Here is the special gift for your husband that will take his breath away. Give this gorgeous gift to your husband and show him how much you love him. The clock is based on the illusionary effect of moiré pattern that makes the heart beat every second just like its hand. The 12” diameter wall clock is a perfect gift for your spouse to tell them your heart beats every single second for them. Express your love with this amazing gift. You can buy it from at just Rs.4,199.

Fitbit Charge 2 Large

Another perfect and ideal gift for your husband is the Fitbit wristwatch. The Fitbit Charge 2 Large has a large OLED Screen with tap display, having pure pulse heart rate tracking with call, text and calendar alert. It is made of stainless steel and is Bluetooth enabled. It is a water resistant watch. It is the perfect present to keep your husband healthy. It also signifies how much you care about your hubby and his well being. Gift it to him on your hubby on your wedding anniversary. You can buy it from Flipkart at just Rs.12,995.

Black Personalised Bedsheet and Pillow Covers

If your husband is a die-hard romantic he will appreciate a gift like this. A Photo Quilt Cover on your bed on your anniversary featuring some of your favourite pictures will make your husband get teary eyed with nostalgia. It is a perfect anniversary present for your husband with 23 pictures and text that will define the intensity of your love for him. The bedsheet is 60 x 90 inches inches in size The material of the bedsheet is cotton. This is indeed a very intimate gift for your spouse and it will make him feel very special. You can buy it from at just Rs.6900.

Timebox Smart Speaker


Music has the power to attract people and it is the best way to show your feelings to someone. So here’s the Divoom Timebox Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock which is a portable speaker equipped with Bluetooth. It has a wonderful app-controlled pixel art feature. These speakers contain the alarm too to wake you up from your sleep. It can also be used for communication. Your hubby and you can use it during your house parties and also on family functions. It is portable and so you can carry it with yourself on your vacations as well. You can buy it from Amazon at just Rs.3,799.

D&Y Color Changing Magic Photo Mug, Personalised with Photo


Another personalised item to be gifted to your love. A D&Y color changing magic photo mug, personalised with photos of you two. It is a 330 ml black coffee mug which reveals the picture that is printed on the mug when any hot beverage is poured into it. You can choose your best picture that you can get printed on the mug. The personalised mug symbolizes your love and you can gift it to him on your 9th wedding anniversary. You can buy it from Amazon at just Rs.189.

Ideas to Celebrate Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

  • Treat Him Like Royalty for a Day
    Apart from gifting him material gifts, you can also give the day to him which will be only dedicated to you two. Your husband needs your attention, love, support, care and so your wedding anniversary is one such day when you can be with him and spend some quality time together. If you are a working lady, you can take leave from your office for a day and surprise him with unusual surprises that will make him go wow. It will surely need some work but it will be worth it.

  • Surprise Him by Dropping By His Office for Lunch
    Your husband loves to eat the food you cook. So it's the best way to surprise him by cooking his favorite meal for lunch and to visit his office to have lunch with him together. The lunch may include the meal that he loves a lot or something which you two can correlate with the memories in the past and while having the lunch together, you can recall that memory and share some love and quality time away from home and family. He will definitely be amazed to see you at work. Make sure you check his schedule in advance to ensure you're interrupting an important meeting or work commitment.

  • Visit the Places that Hold Significance for You as a Couple
    There may be many places where you two must have spend some time at the time of being newlyweds and places where you two have shared some of the best memories of your life. An anniversary is one such day to recall and re-celebrate that moment together where you two started the journey of your married life. Visit those places and get yourself lost in the aura of your newly wedded life.

  • Have a Private Dinner Under the Stars
    A day that started well should end well. A dinner with your partner is the best way to end the day on any occasion and your wedding anniversary has to be special and memorable. Plan a dinner on the rooftop of any good hotel under the stars or you can even plan it on your terrace. Make all the arrangements in advance and surprise him for the night. The cool breeze, the moonlight, the stars in the sky, scented candles, roses and the two of you are the perfect combination to wind-up your wedding anniversary.

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